Jeff and his Coworker Liz Pt. 02

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We’d finished up round 3 and Liz had left my house. It was late at night and I knew I was going to be up late, not being able to turn off my mind from thinking about what the hell just happened. Luckily a good movie was just starting and I plopped down on the couch to watch it. Next thing I knew it was morning and I woke up with a raging hard on. I hopped in the shower and as the hot water rained down on me, I conjured up the very recent and very real images of Liz and her body and her scent. It took no more than a few long strokes before I splattered a load on the shower floor.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, and as much as I was dying to text Liz, I resisted, knowing that despite what happened she was still married with kids. I figured if she wanted to chat she could text or call me and she hadn’t.

At work on Monday I arrived just as Liz was pulling in but I pretended to be on my phone and I let her go in without me. I didn’t want things to be awkward so I figured avoiding her would accomplish that. I watched as she sashayed toward the door in a black skirt and dark sweater over a white dressy shirt. I thought about how it felt to have those legs wrapped around me. When I got into my office, I had a sticky note on my keyboard that read:


Need to talk. Lunch?


I emailed Liz on the work email with only “12pm, your car” in the subject line. The rest of my morning was spent with my mind racing. Obviously she needed to let me know what happened between us was a mistake and couldn’t happen again. That made sense logically but the problem was I was craving more of her sweet pussy. I wanted to grip her beautiful ass again while I filled her up with my throbbing meat. But now I feared that not only was that not going to be an option again, but our friendship was now in jeopardy.

At 12pm I headed out to the lot and Liz was sitting in her car already. I hopped in and she drove us out of the lot without a word. She drove down the road and pulled into the lot of a nearby park, and then she drove around the back where there were just storage sheds and no sign of any people. She shut the engine and turned to me.

“Jeff, I needed to talk to you. I had wanted to tell you that what happened the other night was great but couldn’t happen again. I know…”

“I figured as much. Well that sucks but I get it.”

“You didn’t let me finish. I did plan to tell you that but the truth is you and your thick cock are all I could think about all weekend. My husband never made me feel the way you did. You touched me in all the right places at all the right times. My pussy was so filled up by you, as if it was meant for your cock. I know he’s been fucking around on me when Sinop Escort he’s on his road trips. I found proof but didn’t have the nerve to confront him. Or maybe I was worried what would happen with the kids.”

“Jesus, Liz. I can’t believe you’re telling me all of this. I felt the same way. Your body deserves to be treated the way I did the other night. You’re beautiful and sexy as fuck.

Why would he mess around on you?”

“No idea. But he did. So why shouldn’t I?”

“Not that I’ll complain but is this just to get back at him?”

“Jeff you know it is way more than that. We’ve become so close so fast. I feel like we get each other so well.”

“So now what?” I asked Liz.

“Well why do you think I wore a skirt today, silly?”

With that, she undid her seatbelt and climbed over the console into my seat, straddling me. Her breath smelled like spearmint gum and I swear I could already smell her treasure. Liz grabbed my hands and placed them on her chest while she used her hands to unzip my Dockers. When she had me unzipped, I giggled as she struggled to pry loose my now hardening dick. She finally got it freed and didn’t bother with my boxers before sliding her panties aside and sliding down on me. Her pussy was already sopping wet with desire which made it easy for me to slip inside her. There wasn’t much room in her front seat to get any more creative than an up and down thrust which was totally fine for me. I let her do the work, riding up and down on my thickness as I slid my hands under her shirt and fondled her chest through her dress shirt. There wasn’t time to try to figure out how to undo her shirt to get to her tits so I was content to rub her tits through her shirt.

The only sound we heard was the squishing sound of our juices as our bodies writhed together. I knew she was close to orgasm based on the look on her face and the way she clasped her legs around me. I was close too and I began to wonder how I was going to get Liz off of me before I came. As Liz shuddered around me and rode me even harder, I felt the familiar onset of my own orgasm and I told Liz she needed to get off of me immediately.

I looked at her face and was about to tell her again to get off NOW when she ground her hair covered cunt onto my cock and kept it there. She stopped her up and down motion and was clamped down on me, forcing my cock to explode inside her. I panicked as I was shooting my load and pushed her off to the side, letting at least one or two spurts land on her black skirt.

“What the fuck??” “You just forced me to cum inside of you, why would you do that??”

“Calm down, Jeff, I am on the pill. And to be honest I really love the feel of a Sinop Escort Bayan hot load of cum shooting deep into me.”

“The pill? Is that foolproof?” I was kind of freaked out.

“It is basically foolproof yes. I can’t believe you’re so freaked by this. Haven’t you ever blown your load into a lucky girl’s pussy before?”

The truth was I hadn’t had too many encounters where I would have even had that opportunity but I didn’t want to confess that at the moment. However I did have a few times where it almost happened.


I realized I was caught up in my thoughts and staring at Liz blankly.

“I’ve had a few times where I came pretty close, no pun intended.”

Liz laughed and showed me her killer smile to go with those glowing eyes.

“Tell me about them, Jeff.”

“I thought most women didn’t want to hear about exploits guys had with other women?”

“I’m not most women. I love hearing the gory details and I want to hear what happened with you.”

“Uh, ok I guess. Well I can think of two times offhand. One was a few years ago I had met a girl online and we ended up back at her place and in her bed. She was still dressed in jeans and her bra and I was in my boxers and she was stroking my cock and…Are you sure you want to hear this??”


“Ok so she was stroking me while I rubbed her boobs through her bra and when I got close I asked where she wanted me to cum and she said in her hands was fine. I withstood a few more pumps from her small hand and I let loose one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot. It shot so far and so hard and fast that it couldn’t be contained by her hands and shot up into her face and hair even though we were basically laying side by side with our heads next to each other. She freaked out with how much I shot and the mess I made and I was mortified but then I thought about how that was much better than if I did that inside her.”

“Wow.” Liz said. “So hot. I wouldn’t have been pissed at you, I would have loved that. My husband never really shot big loads so to get soaked in it would be so nasty and awesome.”

I laughed. As I spoke, Liz remained on top of me, straddling me with her beautiful legs.


“And what?”

“You said there were two times you were going to tell me about.”

“Geez, you don’t miss a thing. Ok, so the other time was when I was set up on a blind date two years ago. It was a friend of my buddy’s girlfriend. Apparently she had broken up with her boyfriend, and I was not dating my ex yet so I begrudgingly agreed to go mostly out of boredom. We went out as a group to get dinner, and then at the bar afterwards, this girl got a little aggressive Escort Sinop after some wine and was all over me. Well my friend and his girl left and before I knew it, I was in a cab back to this girl’s apartment. We got inside and she immediately stripped naked I think before the door was even fully closed. Her body was insane, big full tits and a big round butt, pretty face as well. Her tits were the kind that just looked so heavy, and they heaved up and down with each of the girl’s movements. Well anyway we go right to the bed, and I’m totally into it also and we start having sex and I start getting close to cumming. I mean her massive rack was bouncing in my face and her pussy was squeezing my cock and I told her she needs to get off of me right now. Instead, she grinded down harder and I threw her off of me and exploded onto her stomach and chest (and her bed and pillow).”

“I flipped out asking her why she’d do that and almost have me, a stranger, cum inside her. She just smiled and didn’t really say much else but I was so mad I got dressed and went home.”

Liz replied. “Damn Jeff, sounds like you’ve had some fun. By the way, can I help you with that?”

“With what”

“That!” She pointed down to my rock hard dick sticking straight up through my boxers and between her straddled legs.

I didn’t even realize what my own sexual encounter stories were doing to get me so excited, but Liz sure noticed.

I smiled. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, how about this?” And she slid back over to her seat before leaning over into my lap and taking my fat and throbbing cock head into her mouth. I stared at her as her tongue swirled around it, barely taking me any deeper into her mouth. She was teasing the fuck out of me.

I grabbed her head from above and slowly pushed her further down, and she took the hint. She slid her mouth down further around my cock, taking in more and more and slipping one of her hands under my balls to play with them while she sucked me.

It felt incredible and I started to lift my but up and down to feed my dick into her face while also doing my best to reach into her shirt to get my hands on whatever cleavage I could. I wasn’t the most experienced blow job recipient out there but I could kind of tell that Liz didn’t do this very often, and while it felt great having her hot breath on my cock, i reached down and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it into her mouth, trying to get closer as I knew we had to get back real soon or we’d be in deep shit.

She started to pull off of my cock but I kept her head down on it and stroked it a few more times before announcing again that I was going to shoot. Liz held her hair back and dove her face down onto my cock as far as she could and swallowed every drop of my second load in her car as my body shuddered and winded down from orgasm. She then sat back up and looked at me and smiled.

“We better get back,” Liz said. “But something tells me lunch hour is going to be more fun from now on!”

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