Jeff Naked in School 5

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Friday, September 3, 2005

Hunter wanted to jack me off again in the locker room, but I suggested we wait until class. I wouldn’t want to disappoint our audience two days in a row. We made our way to the classroom and sat down on the desk. Hunter grasped my cock in his hand and began stroking as I did the same to him. We mutually increased our speed as waves of pleasure coursed through our bodies. I turned to look at Hunter, and we kissed. He put his free hand to my face as we continued masturbating one another. Finally we came, painting one another’s bodies with our semen.

English class was otherwise unremarkable, as was history. We had the same substitute again in German. He asked me to demonstrate various forms of movement. I must have been quite amusing to look at jogging in place and doing jumping jacks with my cock bobbing in time to my movements, and the class rewarded my efforts with laughter and applause.

When German class ended, I headed over to the lunch room. I got there in plenty of time, as I was getting fewer requests than I had earlier in the week. I got my food and sat down, soon to be joined by Craig.

“Hi,” he said, as he sat down next to me.

“So have you thought anymore about the program?” I asked.

“Every time I do I get scared at the thought of all of those people seeing me naked.”

“It might help if you started going naked around the house to get used to it. It sucks that you can’t go naked around town.”

“I might try that,” he replied, “it sure would piss off my sister, though. Do you think it would be possible to go through the program without people realizing I’m … you know, gay?”

“It depends, do you have a crush on any guy you see regularly in school?”


“Do you ever get erections when you’re looking at him?”

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat “sometimes.”

“That’s going to happen a lot more when you’re naked. But don’t worry too much. escort kocaeli Coming out of the closet is actually really liberating. You feel like you don’t have to hide yourself from people anymore, and you can be a lot less guarded with your friends.”

Craig nodded, “I guess you’re right, it felt really good to get that off my chest with you guys. The problem is, I’m friends with the guy I like, and I’m pretty sure that he’s straight. I’m worried that telling him I like him like that would make it awkward between us.”

“Who is it?” David asked.

“Ron, actually,” replied Craig.

“Actually, has anyone seen Ron?” I asked

“Oh, that reminds me,” David said, “Ron gave me this note for you.”

I opened the note, it said: “meet me in the bathroom on the English hallway at 2:45.”

At the appointed time, I excused myself from class and headed to the bathroom. Ron was pretending to use the urinal. I walked up to the one next to him.

“He does have a spy,” Ron whispered


“One of Vern Junior’s friends is reporting back to him about who talks to you and Hunter. I caught holy hell over it last night.”

“I’m sorry, what happened?”

“When I got home, my mom asked me if I’d been talking to you. I lied, and then she said that Reverend Neale himself called and dressed her down about it. Then I got mad and told her what I really thought about Reverend Neale. Then she asked if I was gay and I stormed up to my room. I stayed there until Dad came upstairs with his belt.”

“Christ, do you know who the spy is?”

“No, someone who’s friends with Junior, I guess.”

“I’ll see if Hunter’s mom can do anything about it.”

I went back class. Pretty soon it was time for the meet. I walked over to the pool. The bleachers were full. I could see my mom and Derrick in the front row. I waved to them as I went over to the benches where the team sat. I noticed that a camera crew from the local news station kocaeli anal yapan escort was also in attendance. They must have come to see how a naked team would do.

The relay was one of the first events. I dove into the water and swam with all my might. When I got out of the pool, I could see that we had won the relay. Hunter kissed me as I went back to the bench.

“Way to go, champ,” he said. Hunter did even better in the backstroke, when he finished Coach Overholt jumped up.

“He’s broken the school record!” he yelled.

All in all, it was one of the best matches in St. Mary’s history, and we blew the other team out of the water. It turned out that swimming naked was a pretty good idea after all.

After the match, we showered quickly and got dressed while the rest of the team held an impromptu orgy in the showers. I wore a white polo shirt and khaki shorts with my nicest flip-flops. Hunter stayed barefoot except for an ankle bracelet and put on a striped button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of navy blue shorts.

Mrs. Weems drove us to the restaurant, and we sat down at a booth. I took Hunter’s hand in mine across the table.

“You know, I think this might be the first time I’ve seen you clothed,” I told him.

“I hope you’re not losing interest” he responded.

“Actually, I think that shirt looks cute on you.”

“Thanks, I hoped you’d like it.”

Mrs. Assad walked over to our table. “You boys must be hungry from all that swimming,” she said, “how about a plate of hummus to start off with, on the house.”

“Gee, thanks,” we both said.

“Don’t mention it,” she responded, “we’re all very proud of you guys on the team. Without you two blazing the trail, those kids would still be wearing swimsuits, and the team wouldn’t have done nearly as well. I was thinking of putting a team photo up on the wall, but it’d probably violate izmit yabancı escort one of those crazy public decency ordinances the city put through.”

The hummus was delicious, as was our dinner. I ordered a lamb kebab with tabbouleh and Hunter had beef kibbeh. We talked for a long time. This was actually one of the first times we’d been alone together and not having sex. After we finished, Hunter called his mom to come pick us up.

“Good news,” she announced, “I’ve just got the report Mrs. Bremer’s sending to the state.”

“What’s it say?” Hunter asked.

“She found that the students doing the naked in school program were better adjusted sexually than the rest of the students, and many of them reported feeling more at home with their bodies than before the program started.”

“So what does the report mean?” I asked.

“It means that it will be impossible for the state to shut down the program without it being an obvious sop to the religious right, and hopefully, that they’ll reconsider the ban in public schools.”

The mood on the ride home was ebullient. Hunter hadn’t said anything, but I could tell that the inspections were worrying him. When we got to his house, he introduced me to his aunt and uncle and cousins, and we played board games for a while.

After the board game was done, Hunter suggested that we head up to bed.

“But it’s only nine o’clock,” Logan argued.

“I said we should go to bed,” Hunter responded, “not that we should go to sleep.”

I followed him eagerly to his bedroom, where he pulled me on top of him in a 69 position on the bed. We took one another’s dicks into our mouths. The combined feeling of his tongue stimulating my penis and taste of his cock in his mouth was overwhelming. I let out a muffled squeal of joy as I began to work on him. Soon I could feel an orgasm welling up within me. I pulled off for a minute to warn Hunter, and he gave me a thumbs up sign. I came into his mouth and he did the same to me. I switched positions and kissed him, our semen mingling together in our mouths.

We stayed up late into the night talking to one another, and finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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