Jeffrey Shares His Toy

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It had been a very long day. My life as a wife and mother left me very little time for myself. But today, I’d had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with my on line Dom. When we’d finished, I checked my email and found that I had mail from my husband Jeff. He had just completed a terrible day and he told me all about it. As I read, I felt sorry for him. I wanted to touch him and hold him and comfort him. Jeff’s email concluded with the words that he knew thrilled me to my very core. “After the kids are in bed, you are to go to our room. Strip, shave, bathe and get into your position. Stay there until I get home.”

I did as I was told and waited breathlessly. Finally, I heard the garage door and Jeff’s heavy footsteps on the stairs. Without a word, he slipped quietly into our room. I lifted my head to look at him. The first words out of his mouth were, “you’re not in position!”

“Sweetheart,” I said softly. “I thought maybe you needed a hug right now more than you needed me to be in position. I’m sorry you had such a rotten day.” I kissed him softly and pressed myself against his hard body.

“I’m sorry too. I’m very glad to be home. But…” he held me at arm’s length. “The fact remains that you’re out of position, my whore. Obey me now!”

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered, flying into my “slut” position. My face was against the carpeted floor. My round, firm ass was high in the air. My legs were spread. I carefully reached back and pried open my ass cheeks as the carpet rubbed against my taut nipples.

“That’s right, whore. That’s what I want to see when I come into the room!” Jeff slapped my ass and then spit on my puckered hole.

“I’m going to go get ready for bed. Don’t move,” my husband ordered. I heard him in the bathroom brushing his teeth and changing clothes. When he came back to the room, he gathered my leash in his fist.

“Bed, girl!” he commanded. I got on the bed and watched as Jeff stretched out his lanky frame.

“Now,” he said, spreading his arm out. “Come here and tell me about your day.” So I did. I lay in his arm with my head on his chest and told him about the various adventures of our children. At first, he didn’t touch me at all other than stroking my hair as my head lay on his chest. Once the kid-topics were exhausted, we moved on. “Did you play with Chad today?” Jeff asked.

Chad was my on-line Dom. I’d met him in a BDSM chat room almost 8 years ago. Since that time, we’d played frequently on line and on the phone. Jeff and Chad had collaborated several times to give me evenings I’d never forget and when Jeff was away on his frequent business trips, I was Chad’s alone. He never failed to give me the rough use and raw sex that I needed so desperately.

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered. “I did.”

“Tell me,” Jeff commanded. That was the rule. Jeff never minded if I played with Chad as long as I gave him the details when I was finished. A few times I had made the mistake of leaving out details that were particularly embarrassing or humiliating. But then Jeff and Chad began to regularly compare notes and I’d learned quickly that honesty was ALWAYS the best policy.

And this was a time that I particularly owed Jeff the details.

Over the weekend Chad and Jeff had been talking and joking with each other.

“How much would I have to pay for an afternoon with your whore wife, Jeff?” Chad had asked.

“I don’t know what the going rate is,” Jeff replied. “Well,” Chad said hesitantly. “With the divorce and all, I’m a little strapped for cash. But set a price and I’ll do my best to meet it.”

“Is a dollar too much?” my husband asked seriously.

“A dollar?” Chad was incredulous.

“Too much?” Jeff asked. “How about 50 cents?”

“I can do a dollar,” Chad replied. “But are you sure that’s all you want?”

“Sure,” Jeff said, leering at me as I blushed furiously. “She’s just a cheap cunt. A dollar is more than enough for the afternoon.”

“Thanks!” Chad said enthusiastically. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“And I’m looking forward to her report afterward,” Jeff said with a laugh. “That ought to be worth at LEAST a dollar.”

Jeff intended to get his money’s worth and so I began to tell him xslot every detail of my time with Chad on the phone. As I spoke, Jeff’s hand began to wander down my back. He pinched my ass. Then he started to yank on my long, brown hair. “Details, Courtney! I want details!”

“He stuffed my cunt with the big black dildo,” I said breathlessly. “And then he made me display myself.”

“Good,” Jeff said. “Any whore who fucks a black dildo should be displayed.” He yanked on my hair again. “What else?” I continued on for quite a while, detailing my afternoon.

“What else?” Jeff barked.

“I cut a switch,” I whispered quietly.

“Did you whip your whore body for Chad?” Jeff demanded. “With a switch?”

“Yes Sir,” I said. “He whipped my cunt with the switch but then we ran out of time and he didn’t get to switch my ass. Jeffrey?”

“Yes, slut?”

“Please whip me. Please whip me for Chad!”

”Well,” Jeff grinned broadly. “Since you asked so nicely. Go get on my desk. You know the position. I have a few things to get prepared.”

With my leash in my mouth, I crawled quickly down the hall to Jeff’s in home office. With my bare feet still on the floor, I reached forward and grabbed the opposite end of Jeff’s desk. And then I waited.

He entered and I heard rather than saw him begin to get excited. He walked several circles around the desk before ever talking to me. He did, however, talk to Chad as if he was there. “Very nice, Chad. Excellent job. You outdid yourself this time, Bro!”

When he did talk to me it was to tell me to display myself. Although I knew the command, I didn’t obey immediately. Jeff grabbed my clit and pinched it hard. I screamed and he slapped me across the face. “When I give you an order, cunt, you do it immediately. No hesitation! Got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied quietly.

“Tell me what Sir Chad did to you, slave.”

“Jeff! I told you when we were in our room!” I braced myself for the slap that never came. Instead I felt his fingers tugging my clit and I knew what was coming. It was a stupid black binder-type paperclip. Sure enough. Jeff snapped it on to my clit and I fought for control.

“WHAT DID SIR CHAD DO TO YOU, CUNTSLAVE? Start talking and maybe I’ll take the clip off.” I started talking. Or at least I started babbling. I told Jeff about Chad switching my cunt and making me fuck the big black dildo. I told him about the clothes pins on my tits. I told him about the hanger and the clothes pins. I told him about fucking a plastic clothes hanger, the doorknob, the belt, the crop handle and one of my high heeled shoes (to represent the Mistress we still hadn’t found to help me explore my bi fantasies.) I told Jeff how humiliated I was when Chad made me watch myself in the mirror as I fucked various objects and took the huge black dildo down my throat.

As I told Jeff all these things, he did remove the clit clamp. Then he began smacking my cunt and inner thighs with his belt. Sometimes he hit my stomach and tits too. Any time I relaxed my position, the stupid clamp went back on my clit. My entire cunt burned like fire so I tried very hard to remain, unmoving, in the display position. Jeff only had to remind me once.

As I lay on the desk, Jeff unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “You know what to do!” he barked. I tried to sit up but he yanked my leash. “I didn’t tell you to sit up, cunt!”

So I tilted my head back so Jeff could rub his cock and balls all over my face – something he’s always enjoyed. I stuck my tongue out but it ended up being Jeff just using my face rather than me actively sucking or licking him. I thought he was going to cum but he stopped, backed away from the desk and tried to catch his breath.

“You want me to cum, don’t you cunt? You want me to cum so I’ll go to bed and let you off the hook. That’s what you want, isn’t? ISN’T IT, COURTNEY SLUT?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered meekly.

“NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!” In a flash he had picked up his belt and was smacking my cunt with abandon. “You deserve this, Courtney. Cunt. Whore. Piece of meat. Slave. I sold you. I sold you to Chad for a fucking dollar, you piece of shit whore.” When he got xslot Giriş tired, he stopped whipping me. “How many was that?” He asked calmly as the bottom of my world dropped out from under me. How many? Aw…shit! “Jeff!” I started to cry in earnest.

“I’ll let you off the hook, cunt. Get into your slut position and spread your legs wide. I’m going to whip that filthy cunt. If you can manage to count 13 for me we’ll be finished.”

“13? That’s it?” I thought. “Piece of cake!” “Yes, Sir,” I said. I barely got the words out before the first blow exploded. It was NOT Jeff’s belt. It was the bull whip.

“ONE!” I screamed. The next three came in quick succession. “Two, three, four!” I clinched

my teeth and waited for more. I could feel Jeff dragging the tongue of the whip over my ass and thighs and cunt. “Five, six, seven!” I screamed again as the sadistic whip found my clit. Tears were pouring down my face now. I was begging Jeff to stop in a voice that didn’t even sound like mine. I felt Jeff’s hot breath by my ear.

“Calm down, Courtney. Breathe. Come on, Babe. You can do this. Take it for me, Court. You can do it, slave. You’re more than halfway there. Take it.” His voice was smooth and reassuring and calmed me down instantly. “Are you ready, slave Courtney?” The stern

tone was back in Jeff’s voice.

“Yes, Sir,” I croaked. “8! 9! 10! 11!” I screamed the numbers as the blows came hard and fast, savagely laying my cunt raw.

“Two more, cunt. Just two more. You can do it. Two more. Do you remember your safe word, Courtney?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you’ll use it if you need it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Courtney, open your eyes.”

I did so and watched Jeff drag the whip across my tits, my neck, my face, down my belly. He shoved the handle of the whip into my cunt in one quick thrust. Jeff laughed at the ease in which the handle slid up my cunt. “You are such a whore, Courtney. You’ll fuck anything for me, won’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” I tried in vain not to hump the whip handle but I couldn’t help myself.

“You’ll suck what you’re told to, won’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Jeff fucked my cunt hard for about a minute, slamming the handle in and out of me. “Bullwhip fucking little whore! Cunt.” He yelled before he yanked the whip out almost as swiftly as he had inserted it.

He brought it to my lips. “Clean my whip, you nasty little cunt.” I did. I started sucking my juices from the handle. Jeff pinched my clit. “Open your eyes, whore! Look at me!”

He let me suck it for about another minute before he began fucking my mouth with it. I was gagging and sputtering but trying so hard to take the whip down my throat. Mercifully, he stopped. Jeff stared at me for a long time, his blue eyes piercing me with passion and


“Beg me. Beg me to whip your cunt, Courtney.”

“Please, Jeff.”

“That’s an extra one. We’re up to 3 now.”

“Please, Sir Jeffrey. Please whip your piece of shit whore cunt.”

“Whore cunt? That isn’t what your label says, Courtney. That’s four. Try again.” I forgot what Chad had made me write on myself earlier. After I’d told him my fantasy of being used by multiple women in my old college sorority, Chad had ordered me to take a wide black marker and write on my stomach “BI WHORE CUNT” with an arrow pointing downward.

“Leave it there, Courtney,” Chad ordered. “Do not shower until you’ve showed your markings to Jeff.”

“Please, Sir Jeff. Please whip my piece of shit BI whore cunt. Please!”

“COUNT! Begin with 11!” He demanded as he reached back and brought the whip down hard on my cunt.

“11! Thank you, Sir! Please give me more!”

“BEG PROPERLY!” Jeff screamed.

“Please, Sir Jeffrey. Please whip my piece of shit Bi whore cunt. Whip it hard! Please!”


I tugged my labia and opened myself up for Jeff. The next thing I remember was hearing my screams bouncing off the walls after the whip caught me square on the clit. It took me a minute but I finally got the word out. “12!”


“Please, Sir Jeff. Please whip my piece of shit Bi whore cunt. Please hurt me!”

13! xslot Güncel Giriş This one landed just above my clit and it hurt like hell.

“Relax, Courtney,” Jeff said, giving me the command to let go of my labia. I let go and instinctively put my hands over my cunt.

“Move them, Courtney or so help me, we’ll be here all night!” I knew better than to challenge Jeff on that fact because I knew he’d win. I moved my hands and began begging without him having to prompt me. I thought I saw a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He laid the last blow diagonally across my cunt. I screamed and cried but I did not count. When he did it again in the other direction, I finally remembered what I was supposed to do.

“14!” I screamed. “Thank you, Sir Jeffrey. Thank you.”

I started to sob then. Jeff ran his fingers over my throbbing cunt. He kissed my clit and my stomach. He licked my bellybutton and up my ribcage. He sucked both of my nipples before licking the tears off my chin and my cheeks.

“Good girl, Courtney. Good girl. I’m proud of you, slave. You took it for me, my little pain whore. Good girl!” Then he kissed me. Deeply. Possessively. When he broke the kiss, he told me to get up. I did and stood there shaking as he moved about the office making preparations.

“Please, Jeff Sir! Please don’t fuck my cunt. It’s too sore! Please don’t!” I cried, covering myself with my hands.

He said nothing, just completed what he was doing. He placed a cushion from his office couch on the desk. It’s a very rough tweed-type fabric. He got my shoe but did nothing with it.

“Lean over my desk, Courtney.” I did as I was told. Even without moving I could tell that the cushion was going to rub my cunt raw when Jeff fucked me. “Maybe it will be OK though,” I remember thinking. “With him in my cunt, I won’t be able to slide around too much.” He tied my legs to the desk legs and handcuffed my wrists behind my head. He bit my ass and said “Courtney, your wet little cunt has been fucked enough tonight.”

I could practically hear the “Hallelujah Chorus” ringing out in my

brain. Maybe he’d just fuck my ass with my shoe, tell me I was a bi-whore and be done with it.


I felt Jeffrey pry my cheeks open with his rough hands. I squirmed. He spit on my asshole. I shivered. I felt the head of his cock pressing against me and I practically jumped out of my skin.

“This,” he said shoving his cock into my tight ass. “Is” *shove* “not” *shove* “for” *shove* “you” *shove*! “THIS” *SHOVE* “IS” *SHOVE* “FOR MY” *SHOVE* “PLEASURE!” By the time Jeff finished he was buried in my ass. He began spanking my ass with the sole of my shoe as he fucked me ruthlessly.

With each thrust, my cunt scraped against the rough fabric of the couch cushion. Jeff continued to spit on my asshole every so often.

“OPEN YOUR EYES!” He screamed at me. I did and had a perfect view in the mirror. I couldn’t see my face but out of the corner of my eye, I could see bruises on my ass and thighs where Jeff had bitten me. I could see the welts where Chad had switched me. I could see red splotches where he had spanked me with my shoe. I could see Jeff’s fingernails digging into me, his hands gripping me. I could see his cock slamming into me. I could see spit.

Jeff yanked my hair and pulled my head backward. “What are you, Courtney? TELL ME!”

“I’m your whore, your slut, your cunt, your slave, your bi meat…” I started. Jeff joined me then in telling me exactly what I was. He was pounding me hard. Smacking my ass with my shoe. I’m not sure which one of us became incoherent first but before long, we were both screaming and both cumming very, very hard.

Jeff collapsed on me then. I could feel his chest heaving against my back. “Oh God, Court,” he panted. “You’re perfect. Perfect.”

He untied me then and carried me in his arms to the couch. I sat on his lap and we had snuggles and he rocked me back and forth, telling me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me.

We had a snack and then took a shower together before tumbling into bed. As we were falling asleep Jeff held me in his arms and stroked my hair and my back. Just as I was about to drift off, Jeff said, “You know, I never gave you permission to cum.” I hit him with my pillow and he laughed. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was Jeff’s voice in my ear. “I love you, Courtney. Forever. Goodnight, Little one.”

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