Jeff’s Tale

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Big Dicks

“We have got to do this again sometime. Thank you for lunch.”

“Now that we’ve exchanged information, we can hook up whenever. I still can’t believe how much you’ve changed since high school.”

I had just run into this girl that I was real cool with back in high school while on my way to lunch, so I asked her to join me. Damn if I can remember her name, though. She was a real tomboy back then; she played basketball with me and some buddies of mine. I remember her being kind of cute, but she was so boyish acting that none of us ever tried to get with her. Plus she was way too skinny. She was just 2 inches shorter than me at 5’11”, but she was all muscle and bone, weighing about 125lbs. Now her brown sugar-complexion was filled out nicely with some very nice curves. She looked to be about 165 lbs. I vaguely remember her being rather flat-chested back then too, but having that baby 2 years ago did wonders for her figure. She looked to be at least a D-cup now. She is definitely not boyish now. She’s actually pretty damn sexy.

“So you work in the 1 Nationwide building?” I ask her. “How many floors does it have?”

She tells me that it has 40 floors and she works on the 36th floor.

“It has a glass elevator that you can ride on and look out over all of downtown Columbus, too”, she states. “Would you like to ride?”

We step inside the building’s lobby and a rush of cold air from the air conditioning meets us. It’s damn near 95 degrees outside and our clothes are stuck to our skin. The cold air causes her nipples to become erect, which I can see through her thin, white work shirt.

I give her a sideways glance with a smirk on my face. “I’ve wanted to ride since high school,” I lie. “But you never gave me the time of day.” I wonder to myself if that wasn’t too much to drop on her too soon. I don’t even know if this chick has a man. But, now that I’ve said it, I want to see how she responds.

“So, you wanted to get with me, huh? Why didn’t you ever say so?” She asks me this as we stroll across the lobby to the glass elevator she mentioned.

“Truth is I didn’t want ensest porno you to try and beat me up for treating you like a girl. You know how you were back in the day. You’d jump in anyone’s face that looked at you sideways, let alone acted like they wanted to get with you.” We both laugh at that.

She pushes the button for the elevator and turns to me with a thoughtful expression on her face. “That’s true. You know I didn’t play back then. But you know what? I had the biggest crush on you back in school. You were the only one I would have let get close to me.” The door to the elevator finally opens. As we step in, I’m looking at her to see if she is serious or not. “Can I get close to you now?” I ask her.

The doors shut behind us. She presses the button for the 40th floor, and inserts her key into a lock that reads “No Stops”.

“What’s that?” I ask her.

“This makes sure the elevator goes straight to the destination without picking up other passengers at different floors.”

With that, she presses my back to the door. I can just see the city start to fall beneath us as the elevator slowly ascends. She slides her hands up to my face and lifts her lips to mine. I lean down to meet her in a soft kiss. She sticks out her tongue and traces the outline of my lips and then continues the kiss. I began to slide my hands up her hips and around to her back side, but she grips my arms at the wrist and holds them to my side, whispering “not yet” in my ear just as she starts to suck on the lobe. She starts a slow path from my ear to my chin with her tongue and lips and then begins to move down to my throat. As she licks and sucks on my neck, her hands are busily unbuttoning my shirt. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion to me. I glance up to see that we are just getting to the 5th floor.

She starts to lick her way down my chest, stopping briefly to flick my nipples with her tongue and nipping them with her teeth. Now her hands are busily undoing my belt, then unbuttoning my pants. She dips at the knees as she slides her hands into my boxers, pulling them with my pants fake agent porno down to my ankles.

My dick is already hard from the attention she’s given with her tongue to my upper body.

“You look so tasty. This could be the perfect dessert after a wonderful lunch. May I sample it? Never mind,” she states, “I’ll just help myself.”

She places her hands on my hips as she kneels there in front of me. The elevator is just crossing the 15th floor as she slowly runs her tongue around the head of my dick. She then uses the flat of her tongue to lick and massage the underside of my shaft, moving all the way up to the base and back down to the tip.

“Suck it,” I whisper to her.

She licks her lips and wraps them around my swollen member, hollowing out her cheeks as she inhales me into her warm mouth. I can feel her tongue fluttering along the underside of me as she slowly pulls me out of her mouth.

She starts in on a nicely paced rhythm, conscious of the fact that we have very little time. The elevator is already up to the 25th floor.

I feel her hand on the base of my cock as her other hand massages my ass cheeks. She uses that same hand to pull me into her mouth as she brings her head towards me. She puts me as far into her mouth as she can take me, and uses her other hand to cover the exposed part of my cock. Keeping her hand wrapped around my dick and pressed to her lips, she begins to pick up the pace. With her hand and mouth working my dick, it almost feels like I’m all the way in her mouth. I hear her moaning and making slurping noises. All the while I’m just looking out over the city, watching everything get smaller and smaller as we rise to the top of the building, willing my legs not to buckle from the intense pleasure of this woman going down on me.

I glance up and see that we are approaching the 38th floor. “Damn! We are almost to the top.” I let out a frustrated moan. “This shit was getting real good.”

She strokes me with her hand and tells me not to move. When we get to the 40th floor, she presses the “L” button and uses her fake cop porno key again. The doors don’t even open.

“Shall we finish?” she asks, eyes filled with lust. I see that she’s gotten her shirt and bra open. I was so caught up in the blow job she was giving me that I hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m so glad you wore a skirt today,” I tell her. “Turn around.”

She quickly moves to the window with her back to me. Placing her hands on the hand rail there, she leans forward with her legs slightly spread.

We are already passing the 35th floor as I lift up her skirt. Not wanting to waste any time, I slide her thong to the side, rather than take it off. Using my finger, I slide into her pussy finding it already very wet and ready for me. I grip her hips and place my cock at her cunt opening. In one forceful thrust, I am buried to the hilt in her tight hole.

“Mmmmm” she moans as I settle into rapid pace.

“Yes! Fuck me! Oh that feels so good.” She is throwing her ass back to meet every thrust I give her. “Harder. Ooohhh! Just like that. Yes!”

I put my hands on her shoulders, using them to pull her back onto my dick even harder. Now I’m pounding my dick in her as she grunts and moans. Again I pick up the pace.

“Oh shit!” Damn, now her head is hitting the window, but neither of us cares as I see the city street seemingly rise up to meet us. I look over my shoulder and see that we are on the 10th floor.

“Oooohhhh damn! I’m cumming!” She begins to arch her back as I feel the walls of her cunt begin to squeeze and milk my dick in a pulsing grip. I keep the rhythm steady as I feel my nuts begin to tighten. I’m just a few strokes from cumming myself. The windows are now fogged up from the heavy breathing in the small space, despite the AC.

Just as she is coming down from her mind numbing

orgasm, I feel myself explode deep inside her quivering cunt. “Oh shit! Hell yeah!” I grunt as I pump a few more times into her.

Both of us are breathing harder than a runner at the end of a marathon.

“Damn, baby, that shit was so good!” she smiles over her shoulder.

I lean forward to kiss her neck as my now soft member slides out of her.

Just then, the elevator stops, and the door slides open. We look over our shoulders to see about 20 or so people waiting to get on the glass elevator…

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