Jennifer’s Secret Passion

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I grew up in a fair size town in southern Georgia until I moved and went to college. My father was and still is a Baptist preacher. He would probably die of a heart attack if he knew half the things I did while I grew up and am still doing. I listened and behaved as a young kid but I became more stubborn and independent when I became a teenager. I wanted to wear clothes like the rest of the kids in town but when I started getting breast and a figure, my father became way over protective. He refused to let me wear shorts anymore and would not allow me to wear skirts or dresses above my knees.

One warm summer Sunday morning he made me change to a longer skirt. He made me so mad that when I yanked my skirt down I tore my underwear a little. I was putting on another skirt when I noticed the tear so after putting on the skirt I removed my underwear. I threw them across the room at the hamper. I thought to myself that I ought to not wear any underwear just to spite my father. I had never gone without panties before but I was so mad I decided to do it. All during church services I kept thinking about my lack of underwear and I found that it was kind of wild and wicked and I liked it. I was still afraid that he would some how find out, so the first thing I did was put on a clean pair when we returned home.

The very next Sunday he again made me change. As I changed I remember going pantyless the previous Sunday and decided to again to go without. That day I remained pantyless until I went to bed. For the next couple of years, this became a regular habit with me. I rarely wore any underwear to church anymore. And since one of my chores around the house was the laundry, I could get away with not having any dirty panties to wash. I didn’t wear panties anymore, except when I really needed to. My father still watched me closely so I still had to wear a bra out of the house. But many a days around the house, I wore just t-shirt and sweat pants.

I had a close friend, Helen, which lived about a half-mile from my house. I had told her how mean I thought my father was acting and how I wish I could wear some shorter dresses like everyone else wore. She told me that since we were the same size, I could wear some of her clothes if I wanted. I could wear some of her short skirts and dresses until I could buy some of my own. She also said I could leave the clothes I bought at her house as long as she could wear them if she wanted. We made a deal! We would spend almost every Saturday together; I would go to her house and change into whatever I wanted to wear. Whether it was a short skirt or dress, or short-shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. I even started to go braless a lot. I loved it when the boys noticed my hard nipples. And the more the boy’s noticed, the harder they seemed to get. And they seemed to stay hard almost all the time. At first I wore underwear under my shorter skirt or dresses, but after a few weeks. I started to go without panties. For months I would remove them and put them in my purse when Helen wasn’t looking. It was very exciting. My nipples remained hard almost all the time from the thrill of knowing that if I wasn’t careful, somebody might see my bare bottom.

The first time I knew that someone had actually seen up my skirt it was because I tripped on a shirt someone had left on the floor at ‘Wal-mart’. As I picked myself off the floor, I noticed my skirt was up almost to my waist. I looked up and there was a man about 30 looking at my bare bottom. As I stood up, I took a deep breath and smoothed down my skirt. I looked at the man again and he asked if I was all right, I said I was and thanked him for his concern. I smiled at him as I walked past him. My heart was beating fast and I had stomach had butterflies in it from knowing that a complete stranger had just seen my pussy. I reached under my skirt and my pussy was dripping wet. I headed straight for the restrooms where I masturbated to climax for the first time out of my bedroom. Helen didn’t see me fall but she seen me rushing for the restroom. She asked if I was all right and I told her I had to pee real bad. I ended up buying a real thin short white tank top that day. I knew I wanted to wear it next Saturday. I figured my nipples could be seen without much of a problem when I wore it.

I got home I time for supper after changing into my jeans at Helens’. As I walked home I thought back on the guy looking at my pussy and then I noticed how my jeans were rubbing my pantyless pussy in a different way than normal. I started to walk slower and squeezing my legs together while walking. I actually had an orgasm as I walked down the road. That night I had a problem getting to sleep. My mind kept going back to my flashing, my masturbating and my exciting walk home. Then I noticed my hand was on my pussy, I just kept slowing rubbing myself until I came. Then I slept like a baby.

Next Saturday Helen couldn’t believe I was going to wear that thin white tank top and a pair of tight short-shorts I had bought a couple weeks earlier. She said that she could make out Escort bayan my nipples through the top and that the shorts were so tight it looked like I didn’t have any underwear on. I looked straight into her eyes and said, “I don’t.” Her mouth dropped open and asked me if I was kidding, I said no. She said she still didn’t believe me so I unzipped the shorts and showed her. Since she was also wearing shorts and a loose t-shirt, I dared her to remove her undergarments and to try it. After a few minutes of daring her and calling her a chicken, she gave in and took off her bra and panties. She admitted to going braless a few times but never pantyless. By early afternoon, she said that it wasn’t bad at all and that she would probably do it again. She doesn’t know it yet but in a couple of weeks, she will be wearing a dress without any thing underneath.

That afternoon we had made plans to our schools baseball game. I was looking forward to showing off in my new top. Little did I know that halfway though the game a rainstorm hit and I got drenched. Helen remarked that my top was completely see-thru. At first I placed my arms over my breast to hide them. There were about fifty of us under a big tent waiting for it to slack off. There were only 6 to 7 girls there. I noticed a lot of guys were watching me to see if they could see anything showing. I started to shake as I slowly lowered my arms. I then hear someone say to somebody else to check out the girl in the wet shirt. I just took a deep breath and push my tits out further. All the guys near me started to talk to me and look right at my tits. I found myself enjoying all the attention and stares. After about 30 min., one of the boys said my shirt was drying out. I said I was sorry and would they like it if I got it wet again. Helen was shocked when I said it but all the guys said sure. So I turned around and walked back into the rain, I stood still a second and then stated to rub the rain into my shirt. I made sure to give everyone a good look as I rubbed my tits and the crotch of my wet shorts. I walked back under the tent and shook my hair out, wetting everyone around me.

On the way home, Helen said she couldn’t believe I did such a thing. I said I didn’t believe it either but that it was so much fun, I couldn’t stop. She asked me if I would ever do something like that again. I told her I honestly didn’t know. It was a lot of fun being looked at but that I didn’t get wet on purpose to begin with. She said that when I was rubbing my wet shirt, she thought for a moment that I was going to raise my shirt up and show my bare tits. I said that for a moment, I almost did. He mouth opened wide and we started to laugh. I asked Helen to go without underwear a couple more days that week. She said she would and that she would she me next Saturday.

It rained hard that next Saturday. I talked to Helen on the phone and she told me she only wore panties twice last week and that was when she wore a dress to work. She asked if I had ever gone without panties under a dress and I told her many times. I dared her to not wear any panties under her longer dresses that week. She said she would think about it. When I talked to Helen a few days later she told me that she wore only her dress and shoes to her part-time job that day. She works as a cashier at a small grocery store nearby. She told me that all she does is stand so she knew she would be safe. It was also a very warm day that day and the A/C wasn’t working to good in the store and she thought it might be a bit cooler with less clothes on. She said actually enjoyed being naked under her dress and nobody else knowing about it. But she said the best part was that there was a little 6-inch fan under the counter to help keep her cool and it felt good every time it blew up her dress. She said that as long as she had that part-time job there, she would only wear dresses to work without anything on underneath.

Saturday came and it was a warm sunny day. I told Helen I wanted to wear one of her short sundresses and I wanted her to wear one too. She let me pick first, I picked out a light yellow, mid-thigh length halter dress that tied behind the neck using thin white strings. Helen chose a mid-thigh length blue and white flowery tank dress. I removed all my clothes and put on the yellow dress only! Helen asked if that was all I was going to wear and I told her it was and I hoped she would do the same. She said that she was getting use to wearing knee length dresses without panties and didn’t know if she was ready to wear short dresses yet. I finally coaxed her into it. I told her I wanted to go to a mall in Valdosta and shop. She said that sounded like fun so off we went.

As we were going down the highway I got a wild idea and pulled my dress from under my behind and left just enough skirt up front to just cover my bush. Helen asked what in the world I was doing. I started giggling and I told her I wanted to give the truckers a little leg to look at. She surprised me when she said that maybe she should do the same. Bayan escort I told her to go ahead if she dared, she did. I could see a little hair showing just past the hem. I didn’t dare tell her that dress was higher than she thought because I didn’t want to scare her out of showing off. I told her when we parked the car. She said that it was too late to do anything about it now and got out of the car. I started to get out and just as I was just starting to swing my legs around when I saw a guy walking behind the cars coming our way. I thought about my skirt and started to pull it down but decided to purposely give the guy a look at my legs. Just as he got to the next car, I swung my legs around. He turned to walk between our car and one we parked next to. He stopped in his tracks as he looked at my bare legs and hip, I looked down as I slid out the seat and my entire bush came into view. I stood up almost in shock at what I had just done. I was trembling as I closed the door, brushing down my dress as I walked away from him. Helen couldn’t see what happen because of the open door. She said the guy was still standing there with his mouth open and asked what had happen. I told her as we walked away, she broke out laughing and said she couldn’t believe I had done such a thing and asked me why I did it. I said I didn’t know but it felt like a fun thing to do at the time.

Well, we entered the mall and walked around window-shopping for about an hour. It felt strange walking around almost naked in public but I was enjoying it too much to stop. We came upon a shoe store that was having a half price sale and decided to go inside a found a cute pair of heeled sandals I liked and the price was good too, so I decided to buy them. A cute young guy asked if he could help and I showed him what shoe I wanted, he said he’d get it and be right back. He returned a couple minutes later and asked if he could help me put it on. I said sure and sat down. The cold seat on my bare behind reminded me of my lack of underwear. I started to stand up and tell him never mind but then I got a tingle in my pussy; it wanted to have some fun. I made sure my knees were together when the guy knelt in front of me. He picked up one of my feet and removed the shoe and put on the new one. As he picked up the other foot I let my legs separate a few inches. I looked at Helen and she had her hand across her mouth hiding a giggle. That gave me more confidence and as he put on the other shoe, I spread my legs a couple more inches. As he was just finishing hooking the strap around my ankle, he looked up and seen between my legs. He stopped and then looked at my face; I smiled at him and spread my legs further apart, giving him a good look at my pussy. I lowed my foot and said I liked them and could I wear them out the store. He swallowed and said sure. I lifted my skirt to give him a full look before I stood up and paid for them.

I was still trembling as I left the store, giving the guy a little wave as I left. Helen was about to bust a gut. She said that was the funniest thing she had seen in a long time. She said she bet the guy was probably in the bathroom jerking-off already. She said that she would never have the guts to do what I just did and that she didn’t know I was going to do it. I said that I hadn’t planned to do it either, that it just sort of happened and that it was a lot of fun. I told her that was the first time I had actually allowed someone to get a good look up my dress at my pussy. And that if it felt that good all the time, that it probably would not be my last.

We left the mall and started our hour ride back home. Helen said that since I like showing off so much, she dared me to bare my tits and ride back topless. I smiled and said good idea and untied the straps and pulled down the top of my dress. I thought about removing it altogether but decided to wait for another day to do that. About a dozen truckers saw my tits before we got to Helen’s house. I was so worked up from my exposure at the shoe store and on the highway that I wanted to play with myself but couldn’t because of being next to Helen. I would just have to wait I got back to the privacy of my bedroom.

During my senior year of high school, my father finally let me have a part time job. I got on as a secretary/girl Friday with an attorney in town. My grades were good in school and it was a field I was interested in, so I enjoyed the job. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to college now to be an attorney. My father is so proud of me. He still doesn’t know how much of an exhibitionist I’ve become.

I also became pretty good at sewing that I even made a few outfits of my own design. The one I wore the most was a skirt with 6-inch bands around the skirt that could be added or removed by buttons. I could make from just below the crotch or to the ground. My father even approved of it. I made it in three colors. One day I decided to leave it about 6-inchs above my knees and go home like that. My father had seen me come in the house and asked why I was wearing it Escort so short. I told him I spilled some coffee on the bottom piece and decided to remove it. He didn’t say anything else.

I also made a little bikini that tied on the sides. It was out of white cotton and had no lining so I knew it would show through when wet. It also rode so low that I had to shave my bush a little up front and a little ass crack could be seen in the back. I still have it but have only had the opportunity to wear it a couple of times. I wanted to try it out one hot afternoon, so I put on my old one piece and an old big t-shirt and told my mother I was going down to the creek to cool off. I rolled my little bikini in my towel and left. There is a creek about a ½ mile through the woods behind our house I’d been to many times in my life. When I got there, there was nobody around so I stripped off the old one piece and put on my little white bikini. The water felt great and the bikini was as transparent as I hoped it would be.

I was so absorbed in my fantasies that I didn’t hear two boys arrive. I was lying in the water at the edge of the creek when I seen them on the other side looking at me. I didn’t know them but I did recognize one of them from around school. I had my first chance to show-off in my new bikini and was wanted to make the best of it. I waved at them and told them the water felt great and to come on in. Both boys were wearing tight cutoff jeans. I sat up as they entered the water. Both of them were looking at my wet top. I stood up and walked over to them, giving them a chance to see my string bottom, and introduced myself. Their names were Jim and Carl.

We swam and floated a while and every time one of the boys stood up I noticed both of them had erections. I started splashing them and we ended up dunking each other. Jim accidentally grabbed on of my breast and immediately started to apologize. I told him it was all right and not to worry even if it happen again. Well it did, both Carl and Jim kept getting handfuls and each time lasted a little bit long. I was enjoying having my tits felt up. Then I wanted to be seen naked and to see them naked. I asked the guys if they had ever gone skinny-dipping before. One said he had and the other hadn’t, I told them that I had come down here alone a done it a few times but never with boys and wondered if they would like to join me. I don’t think they believed me so I took of my top and asked them again. They quickly unzipped and dropped their shorts and stood there in their wet briefs. I looked at their bulges as I untied my bottoms letting them drop into the water. I told them to take off their underwear too, they did. Since this was my first time being completely naked in front of male eyes, I slowly bent over and picked up my bottoms and walked out of the creek giving those boys a good look at my ass.

I put my suit on some branches to dry. I walked back to them looking at their hard-ons, those were they first hard-ons I had ever seen. I walked up to them and turned around asking them what the though of my body. I told them that now there was no swimsuit in the way if they wanted to grab my tits. They both reached out at the same time to grab a tit and I took hold off both their dicks. Jim immediately shot off in my hand. He was embarrassed about doing it, but I told him now to worry I though it was cool. After a couple minutes of squeezing and stroking, Carl shot off also. I loved the power I had over these guys. They did whatever I wanted to do that afternoon. I didn’t let them screw me but I did let them bring me off with their fingers. I even jerked them both off again. I even tasted cum for the first time. I had heard other girls talking about giving head, so I want to give it a try, wasn’t bad. We must have been down at the creek 3 hrs or so before we left. I just put my t-shirt back on and walked home like that. That was the first time a male had ever looked on my naked body or touched breast and pussy. I really liked it and knew I was hooked and I wanted to do it again soon.

The first time I had sex, it was with a guy I worked with, his name was Charles. I had just turned 18, graduated high school, and started working full time at my job until college started. This guy was real cute. He and I had been flirting the last couple months. I guess I started it all when I let him see up my skirt one afternoon. I was sorting some papers in a back office alone when he walked in to get a file. I was wearing one of my little stretch skirts and since I was sitting at a big table alone, I wasn’t caring about how I sat. The skirt was almost to my crotch. He went to the other side of the table to get a file from the cabinet and it happened to be in the bottom drawer. I saw him as he turned to look at me under the table and he dropped the file when he saw me sitting there pantyless and with my legs spread. I didn’t want to stop the show so I asked if I could help him pick up the papers. I got up and walked around the table to in front of him and squatted down with my knees apart. His eyes shot to my crotch and my bare pussy. He thanked me and I went back to my work as if nothing happened. But after he left in touched myself and discovered my pussy was wet one again. I flashed him a few more times and flirted with him regularly.

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