Jenny Ch. 02

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Please read Chapter one first, as it lays out the foundations of this story.


Jenny Summers awoke in her armchair, it was late morning. She touched her face and felt the salt left by her tears, shed for the lover she had for just one night. At sixty nine she had never expected to lose her virginity, but she had and spectacularly. Her lover had broken in to steal her property, but had left with her heart. They had made love quickly, hastily, passionately, slept and this morning he had gone.

After waking and showering Gary had left to pick up his clothes, promising to come back. That had been many hours ago and she knew now it had been a hasty lie by him to leave and not return. She held back a new wave of tears, rose and went upstairs to the bathroom. She washed and dried her face, looking at the two large bath towels laying on the floor. She scooped them up and moved them into the wash basket and went to her room. Without pausing she made the bed, removing the last images of her wanton night. She went to her dressing table and massaged in some face cream. It was supposedly good for removing the signs of aging. She looked in the mirror and smiled at the fresh faced woman she saw reflected back at her.

The doorbell rang and her heart fluttered, she leapt up and ran to the stairs, before pausing and walking deliberately slowly. Reaching the door she opened it to see a smiling Gary with two suitcases. His face dropped as she stood there expressionless.

“Shit… err, is this not what you wanted. Have you changed your mind..?”

“No, no…” her head twitched and tears began to fall, he reached out to her and pulled her into a bear hug.

“I thought you weren’t coming back, I thought…” her chest heaved as the tears rolled down her face, “I thought you had left me…”

He held her and hugged her tears out, kissing her hair, stroking her, whispering to her, about his love, his desire. She nodded and held him fast. Slowly she calmed and they separated, hands held tightly he reached for a suitcase, she the other. Together they struggled through the doorway, giggling at the absurdity of the manoeuvre.

Inside with the door closed they kissed, desperately, hungrily, hands roaming over each other. Soon they were in their bedroom, their bed, naked, thrusting against each other, rutting out their passion. Skin to skin, grunting, groaning, sighing, gasping, his small but adequate prick rasping in and out of her. Like liquid silk her vagina grasped and pulled at him, urging his cock to release his seed into her. She screamed in agony/pleasure as an orgasm ripped through her, he pushed into her even harder and felt his balls explode, a second later a stream of cum discharged into her. He felt his body shaking, she was shuddering through another orgasm. They collapsed on the bed kissing, licking rubbing. Although spent their bodies continued with their orgasmic death throes, they rolled apart grunting as their groins separated. He felt cum still pumping out, just as she felt her vaginal muscles and anus pulsing in time, seeking further pleasure.

“Ohhhh, that was so good, I can’t…”

“Shhhh, don’t talk, here.”

His fingers found hers, they touched and held firm. panting they lay side by side, calming. Eventually he rolled over and kissed her gently, her arm wrapping itself round his neck. She grinned as he kissed her,

“Do it again, I want to do it again, can we do it again, please?”

“Jesus Beylikdüzü escort Jenny, I probably need a minute or two to get my breath back, you’re unbelievable, that was… I can’t describe it. I have never had sex like that before.”

“Want more, do it again, please,” she grinned.

“OK, but no willy, fingers or tongue.”

“Tongue, how?”

“You mimed a BJ, so you must know what I mean by tongue?”

“Tell me?”

“Well basically, I go down on you.”

“What’s that about?” she giggled.

“OK, let me show you, lay back and open your legs, good, now enjoy and I’ll see you in a few minutes.” he grinned, kissed her lips and began a slow exploration of her torso with his tongue.

Reaching her navel he kissed and sucked on her little pucker. Moving on he reached her bushy mound and kissed and licked his way down to her cleft. She was wide open still exited by their recent lovemaking. He moved in and sucked her two outer labia one by one, then used his tongue on her inner lips, sliding it into her open vagina, she tensed then relaxed a long low whistle escaping her lips.

“Are you sure about this, it must be pretty messy down… ohhh my God!”

His tongue flicked over her bud and she shuddered with pure pleasure. She pushed her arms to her sides, palms flat on the bed, She tried to move down the bed to allow him more access, widening her legs. He grinned and moved his tongue down to beneath her pussy but before her anus. She screamed and flexed her legs, drawing her knees up towards her body. He slipped in between her legs and kissed her cheeks. She pulled her legs up, trapping her meaty labia between them, so he leaned in and kissed and licked them slowly and deliberately. Her legs parted and he moved between them again, licking, kissing his way to her bud again. Slipping two fingers into her hole he took her cherry bud between his lips and sucked gently. He felt her feet on his back as she tried to propel herself off the bed. She shuddered and shivered, crying out and as her body’s responses pushed her off the scale.

Moving back up beside her he kissed her lips, her tongue licked his face.

“Is that what I taste like?”

“Mmmmm, enjoy that?”

“Very much, you ready for a little more traditional sex now?” She reached out and was happy to feel his cock was hard again.

“That excites you?”

“Yes, now come here,” he reached for her pulling her into an embrace. They coupled, but this time the sex was slower, easier, more loving. Finally after a mutually satisfying climax they lay back on the bed.

Later they rose and showered together. Drying each other they dressed. After a snack meal they unpacked Gary’s possessions, putting his clothes into the wardrobe and drawers of the spare room. Jenny noticed a small framed photograph in one of the cases. It showed Gary with an attractive woman of his own age with two small children. A second woman, presumably the woman’s mother, such was the resemblance, looked at him with nothing approaching enthusiasm. Jenny smiled and placed it on the bedside table, on what would be Gary’s side of the bed. Gary came back for more clothes, saw what she had done and blushed. She nodded at the picture,

“She’s very beautiful, your wife I assume, the children and her mother?”

“Taken two years ago, Sue’s now living with Gloria, that’s her mother and the boys seem to like it.”

“Gloria not a fan then?”

“Gloria’s Beylikdüzü escort OK, she takes a bit of getting used to but her hearts in the right place.”

“Isn’t it a little unusual for a man to say that about his Mother in Law?”

“Whatever else happened, whatever she thought about me, she never ever forced Sue to leave me. Sue did that for her own reasons, most of which were the right decisions at the time.”

“How often do you see the boys?”

“Not often enough, about every month or so. I’ve not been the best Dad to them.”

“Are you supporting Sue?”

“Whenever I can, whatever I can. Sue obviously needs money to bring them up. Gloria’s retired, so Sue works and I give her what I can.”

“Do you owe her money now?”

“I owe Sue in more ways than you’d realise, she’s never pressed me for money, but she waits and takes what I can give her with good grace. She’s never stopped me seeing the boys, but it is difficult to find somewhere I can take them which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

“Would Sue let them come here?”

“Wait, whoa, why would you do that?”

“Because I love you?”

“God, we’ve known each other barely twenty four hours and you can say that.”

“Can’t you?”

“I… look I love being with you, the sex is totally mind blowing, I want to make this work, but…”

“You don’t love me?”

“I can’t let go that quickly, I’m scared of hurting you, being hurt, I don’t know. I find you attractive, scary, beautiful, frightening.” He shrugged, then grinned, “Yes I guess I love you too.”

“Well that was like squeezing blood out of a stone. You don’t like doing emotions do you?”

“What guy does, I could ask Sue if the boys can meet me here. Do you want to meet them?”

“Now that is scary and kind of weird too. I suspect it’s usually the older woman who has the kids?” She grinned, watching the smile play over his lips.

“I think you should meet Sue too, she’d like you.”

“And Gloria?”

“Not sure about that, you just never know.”

“Well why not get them round, say tuesday next week, a meal and family time, I can make myself scarce if you like.”

“No, if they come round, they meet you as my partner, not as my landlady.”

“Done, now fuck me again.”

“Looks like a lady, talks like a whore, I’m loving it.” He slapped his hand across her pert bottom.

She yelped and jumped in the air. He ran from the room, feeling her inches behind him. Next second he was flat on the floor as she jumped on his back. She rolled him over and had his belt unbuckled and whipped off him. Using her foot she pushed him onto his face. The belt made a whooshing sound, then he felt the tip hit him square on his left cheek and he yelled in pain.

“Goose, gander, now get naked buster, I need a good shagging.” He saw her clothes landing beside him and rolled over, tearing his trouser fly open and scrabbling out of them by wiggling and weaving on the floor. His pants were down round his knees, his cock bobbling at attention with his exertions. Suddenly a warm wet mouth wrapped around his pole as Jenny tried to fellate him. His cock stiffened further and his balls tightened.

“Whoa, whoa, stop that now, please, it’s too exciting and I’m on a hair trigger here.” he moved his hands gently to her face, prising her succulent lips from his member. Grinning she squatted over his face, inviting him to lick or kiss Escort Beylikdüzü her. He did both, feeling her wiggling with excitement. She scrabbled her way back down his body and sank onto his cock in one swift downward plunge. He grunted and moved his hands to her breasts. She sighed and began to move up and down his shaft. Grinning he slowly moved to enhance her pleasure and his own. Minutes later they reached the plateau and a second later were plunging headlong downhill to their climaxes.

Later in bed they wrapped themselves together and slept peacefully until the sun began to tickle their faces with its warming fingers. They slowly woke and enjoyed a quiet moment of reflection, feeling each other’s bodies with light touches of their hands. they sat up almost together, kissed, then Gary slid out of bed. Without dressing he went downstairs, shortly Jenny smelt tea and toast wafting upstairs. Grinning she threw the sheets back and enjoyed the sight of her own naked body. Gary returned and later they drank cold tea and toast.

After a shower and hot tea and toast, Gary stood and reached for her hand.

“I’m going out in a few minutes, I have to find a job, you can come too or not as you please.”

“If I come, it’ll look as if you’ve bought your Mum along for support, no I think I’ll wait here. I have some books I need to catch up with.”

“You don’t look old enough to be my mother, but OK, I understand. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but if I get anywhere I’ll text you and let you know.”

“I trust you, do what you have too, I’ll be waiting here, when you get back.” She grinned, stood and kissed him. He nodded and dispappeared upstairs. She heard the bathroom door close.

Five minutes later he bounded down and grabbed his coat.

“See you later, alligator.” he shouted

“In a while, crocodile,” she responded, hearing the door shut after him.

Jenny settled into her book, transported back to the mid Eighteenth Century, to a time in England’s history when it ruled the world, or so it seemed. Later she would emerge from this world and realise she was hungry. Looking at her watch she realised it was nearly two in the afternoon. Smiling she went to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich and some tea. After clearing up she remembered she hadn’t cleaned her teeth that morning, shuddering in horror she walked to the stairs to rectify the situation.

Later she put her book down and made more tea. In side she felt calm and satisfied, but she kept thinking of Gary and his firm masculine frame, those powerful arms, the squat length of his hard cock, she felt her nipples hardening.

“You dirty old lady,” she whispered, her hand covering her left breast an gently squeezing it. She felt her pussy warming, moisture forming as she became more aroused.

“Jenny Summers, you’re acting like a sex starved teenager,” she whimpered, her hand caressing her nipple, as it pushed against the fabric of her bra and blouse.

She moaned and slipped her right hand between her thighs, cupping her mound and mashing it together. She stretched out on the sofa, lost in a fantasy of her and Gary coupling, feeling his lips on her bud, his gentle fingers, sliding in and out of her. She felt the climax washing over her, arching her back, stretching her legs, forcing her head against cushioned the arm rest.

“Gary, Oh God, Gary make me come, pleassse.”

“Fucking hell, couldn’t you wait for me?”

She felt his mouth on hers and realised he’d returned whilst she was lost in her own world. Her hands left her body to snake round his neck and drag him down to her, he stooped further and they kissed passionately as her orgasm played itself out.

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