Jenny Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Conclusion

“And so, that’s that.” Sandy Calloway finished her speech to the six young men of the frat house she had visited. The college it was located at was only a dozen blocks from the hotel where her and the rest of her school’s cheerleading squad were staying as they competed in an interstate competition. That made the frat house the perfect place for the next step in her humiliation of Jenny Sadow, the slut who dared to steal her boyfriend.

Johnny Trenton, the twenty-two year old who ran the fraternity, nodded. “That’s quite a story. I particularly liked the video.” The other five men shouted their own approval of the tape. “I’m sure we’d love to help you with your plan, but you’re sure she’s into this willingly? Besides, this Jenny looks pretty young. Can she even handle six cocks at once?”

Sandy waved off his suspicion. “Trust me, she’s as big a slut as they come. And of course she can handle six cocks; she’s a cheerleader. If she couldn’t take a gang bang she wouldn’t be a cheerleader, just some lowly gymnast. And remember, I want all of this captured on camera.”

“Alright, alright. We’ll have everything set for tomorrow. Leave us the name of the hotel you’re staying at so we can get in touch with you if anything comes up.”

Sandy left the hotel info and left, happy that tomorrow half a dozen frat boys would use and abuse Jenny like the cheap whore that she was.

Johnny watched the redheaded cheerleader leave and sighed. She was a total bitch from what he saw of her, but she hot too. Six feet tall, about 135 pounds by his guess, with decent muscle for an eighteen year old. Sandy looked like she could command a guy by force if she wanted to. The curly red hair that hung passed her shoulders, the pink tint to her cheeks, and her bright green eyes said that commanding a guy by force was not something she had to worry about. Desire alone would get him jumping. Sandy’s massive breasts would fuel any man, though Johnny wondered if they actually impeded her ability to cheerlead. They looked big enough to be danger once they started bouncing.

The other five men seemed pretty anxious about tomorrow’s opportunity. He hoped they wouldn’t be too disappointed with the change he was planning to make. Johnny looked down at the slip of paper that had the hotel info on it and smiled.


“Its you!” Jenny squealed in surprise, not expecting to see who she did when she opened the door. It was the college boy she had let feel her up in exchange for the bottle of alcohol that had caused her so much trouble.

Johnny stepped into the cheerleader’s small hotel room and shut the door behind him. “Shh. Don’t go yelling to loud. I don’t want Sandy to know I’m hear.”

“Sandy? How do you know her?”

“Let me explain.” He went through the story of Sandy showing up at the fraternity he led and how she had arranged for Jenny to be their entertainment for tomorrow. As Johnny went on, he could see Jenny becoming more and more terrified at what Sandy had been planning. The proposed gang bang turned her face red, but she seemed most worried about the six men seeing the tape. He could understand that. Aside from the humiliation of knowing half a dozen college boys had watched her masturbate, there was the threat of Jenny drinking in the video. That would land her in hot water if any of her coaches or teachers found out.

“Why are you telling me all of this? Don’t you think I’ve got problems enough as it is?”

A few tears began to well up in Jenny’s eyes, so Johnny led her over to one of the chairs in the room. He then pulled over another one so he could sit next to her. “No, no. You misunderstand me. I’m not here to worry you. I’m here to help you. Ever since I met you a couple days ago, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I kept regretting I just let you walk away from me. When I recognized you in the tape Sandy brought, I knew I had to come help you.”

“No one can help me. Not while Sandy has that tape of me.”

“Just trust me. I talked with my cousin; he’s getting a biochemistry degree at my school at the end of the semester. He says he can help us out.”

Jenny looked at him suspiciously. “Help us do what?”

Johnny brought his lips up to Jenny’s and kissed them lightly. “Just trust me. Come with Sandy to the frat house tomorrow and I’ll take care of everything.” Johnny got up then, and was gone as quickly as he had arrived. Jenny smiled after him. At least it was a chance.


It was eight o’clock the following night that Sandy arrived at Jenny’s room. Jenny had just enough time to shower up and eat supper beforehand. The day had been longer than usual because their team had to compete in two rounds, winning both of them. Jenny was glad for that because it kept the thought of what was going to happen later from her mind.

Sandy glared at Jenny contemptuously. “I hope you showered up well, my slut. I’m going to need you clean for our game today. At least Beylikdüzü escort you’re dressed for the occasion.” Jenny, having barely enough time to dry off from her shower before her tormentor showed up, had only a long white towel wrapped around her. “I brought you your outfit for tonight.”

Sandy threw a plastic bag on the room’s bed. Jenny opened it cautiously. First was a pair of slutty looking silver stilettos. After she removed those, she pulled out a red dress. There was nothing else in the bag. Jenny looked over at Sandy expectantly. The redhead waved a finger mockingly at her. “Don’t worry, you won’t need panties were we’re going. Now try on your dress.”

Jenny stripped off her towel and worked herself into the red dress. It was a tight fit that left absolutely nothing up to the imagination. The bottom didn’t even make it halfway down her thigh, so bending over or opening her legs even slightly would put her on display to the world. The top of the dress was strapless and barely came up passed her nipples, which had betrayed her and become hard. The tight material of the dress clung greedily against her breasts. This caused the dress to rub up against her nipples with any movement, making the two little nubs all that much harder. In short, she would have looked like less of a whore if she just paraded around naked instead.

Sandy smirked at the dress. “It looks just like I imagined, my slut. Now let’s hurry along. Its a ways to our destination and we’re walking. After all, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss the chance to see you in all your glory.”


The trek to the frat house carried its own humiliations for Jenny. Since it was only a little passed eight at night, there were still plenty of people on the street to gawk at her. One boy of about nineteen who was with three other guys of the same age actually pinched her ass. Jenny swung around angrily and slapped his hand away, but the sudden movement caused her dangerously placed top to slip and reveal her breasts. It was only the tightness of the dress on her that kept it from falling completely.

The boys hooted at her as she squeaked and tried to pull the bodice of the dress back into place. Sandy grabber her by the wrist, though, and glared at her. “Its not nice to go around hitting boys. I think you should show you’re sorry by letting feel those tits you seem to want to tease him with so much. His friends should get in a feel too for having to witness your slutty ways.” The four boys cheered for Sandy and formed a line in front of the exposed cheerleader. Two other men not far away ran to join the line.

Each one took a turn groping her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Some bent down to get a taste of each nub. As each man got his fill of her, the next would take up where the previous left off. Unfortunately for her, everyone just kept getting back on at the end of the line. There was no way to end it! To make it worse, passersby kept glaring at her and murmuring under their breath. More than once Jenny could hear them saying “Look at that dirty slut!”

Jenny felt completely exposed and abused, but the wetness forming inside her made her worry that she was enjoying it too much. Still, she was relieved when Sandy finally told everyone they had to stop. Sandy allowed her to pull her top back up, but was not done with her yet. She lifted the hem of Jenny’s dress and exposed the abused girl’s vagina to them. The group didn’t even have time to register what had happened before Sandy had three fingers inserted into it. When she pulled them out several seconds later, the three fingers glistened with wetness.

“Looks like she really enjoyed your help. Go on, my slut, tell them how thankful you are.”

Jenny fought back her tears and tried to do as she was commanded. “Th… thank you.”

Sandy glared at her. “For what?”

Jenny knew what kind of answer her tormentor wanted, and she knew she’d have no choice but to give it. “Thank you for treating me like the filthy whore that I am.” The men cheered.

Sandy nodded encouragingly. “Now let’s get going. You’ve got a big night ahead of you.”


Things were as Sandy had arranged them at the frat house. She had figured having all six men around might cause Jenny to bolt, so only Johnny was upstairs. The other five were in the basement, where a pool table set in the center of the room was in perfect range of a hidden camera. Once Jenny was more set to the fact that she was going to get fucked, Sandy intended to have Johnny lead downstairs and show her how fucked she really was.

Their time at the frat house started off with the two girls and Johnny sharing some drinks. Sandy thought a slightly drunk Jenny would put on a better show than a sober one. Johnny and Sandy both had three drinks, which either could easily handle due to their size. Jenny had three as well, but Sandy made her top it off with two shots of whiskey. Being only five foot four and one-hundred five pounds, the alcohol Beylikdüzü escort had a more visible effect on Jenny. It was not enough to get her drunk, but at least a bit tipsy.

Satisfied with the result, Sandy whispered to the frat boy that it was time to bring Jenny downstairs. Johnny nodded and told Sandy to head down, as he’d likely have to help the slightly intoxicated cheerleader down the stairs. Sandy nodded and left.

When they were alone, Johnny smiled at Jenny and hugged her to him. “My cousin, the biochemistry student I had talked to you about, had just the thing for us. It was a nice little aphrodisiac he knew of. He said one teaspoon was enough to work wonders. I put in Sandy’s drink, so we should get a bit of entertainment shortly. The magic touch, so to speak.” Johnny waved his spoon around like a magic wand, hoping to get a laugh out of Jenny.

Jenny did laugh, but then surprised him with a question. “That’s not the spoon you used, is it?” When Johnny nodded, she laughed harder. “That’s a tablespoon, dumb ass. Teaspoons are the small ones.”



‘What’s taking them so long?” though Sandy as she waited in the basement with the other five young men. They were along one wall of the room so they’d be off camera until Jenny came down. ‘They’d better not keep me waiting down here with these five sex freaks… five young sex freaks… five hot sex freaks.’ Sandy gave herself a mental shake. It was no time to be thinking about sex. ‘Or is this the perfect time?’ she questioned. She was the one who’s boyfriend was stolen. Why should Jenny be rewarded with a round of good hard sex? If anyone deserved an orgasm, it was her!

Having achieved what her aphrodisiac-clouded mind thought was perfect sense, Sandy unbuttoned her white blouse and let it fall to the floor. All five sets of eyes were locked completely onto her. When Sandy’s hands slipped behind her back and unclipped her bra, the five men all gasped. It would have taken a man both hands to cup just one of those breathtaking globes, which were as firm as any other part of the athletic eighteen year-old’s body.

Sandy quickly removed her shoes and knee-length plaid skirt. When she stripped off her last piece of clothing, a tiny pair of white panties, the men were treated to another sight. No gardener could hope to so skillfully trim a bush. The five frat boys needed no aphrodisiac with Sandy standing there naked.

Sandy glided over to the pool table and positioned herself on the corner of it with her legs spread. She pointed to three of the five men. “You three, strip and get over here! Now!”

None of the men could resist the combination of lust and fear that the cheerleader inspired, so they quickly did as they were told. Sandy and the five young men were so wrapped up in each other that no one noticed Jenny and Johnny quietly slip into the room and take up position behind a pile of boxes not far from where the forgotten camera lay recording.

From their hiding spot, the two new arrivals were able to watch as Sandy shouted orders at the three men she had picked out. The smallest of the three, a nineteen year old freshman, climbed up on the table with Sandy and knelt down. The horny cheerleader turned on her side and took his penis into her mouth. The other two frat boys, a pair of twenty year-old twins, lifted one of Sandy’s legs. With the girl spread wide open, they were given access to her pussy and ass. Each twin picked a hole and filled it with his cock. A loud moan sprung up from the back of Sandy’s throat as all three men began penetrating her.

After a moment, the four people worked themselves into a steady rhythm. One of Sandy’s free hands found its way to the man she was deep throating and started massaging his balls. Her other hand worked its way down to her clit and started rubbing, careful to keep time with the cock that was buried in here nearby. Each man needed only one hand to keep balance, so their free hands wandered as well. The frat boy at her mouth and pussy had gone straight for her breasts, giving her hard pink nipples the attention they were begging for. The man at her ass was running a hand up and down the smooth flesh of her thigh.

“This slut’s so tight. Thank god she’s got a river down here or I wouldn’t fit.” Sandy knew the twin at her pussy was right. She could feel her pussy wetter than it ever had been before as her body received the kind of attention it had always craved but never gotten. Having all of her holes filled was driving her wild.

“Girl, I’m gonna cum.” moaned the man at her mouth. Sandy began moving her tongue more quickly, eager for a taste of the cum she had earned. She did not have long to wait because another few thrusts of her mouth brought him over the edge. The cock throbbed in her mouth and then began unloading shot after shot of semen into her throat. Sandy was disappointed that, because he was positioned so deep, she had to swallow right away to avoid choking. She wanted the change to get Escort Beylikdüzü a good taste first.

With the man at her mouth done, she pushed him away and watched the twins going at her body. “God, you two feel so good in me. Hurry and use me like a whore!” To encourage them, she started bucking her hips so each thrust would take her even harder. She could feel a powerful and much needed orgasm building inside of her and she had to have it.

It took no time at all for Sandy to lose control of her body. The furious pounding the twins were giving her brought her right to her orgasm. “Ohhh uhhhh uhhhh gghhuuuhhhhh!” The sensation of her inner muscles contracting around their cocks was too much for the twins and they each began filling her with their cum. The feeling of the hot, sticky liquid being pumped into her body prolonged Sandy’s orgasm. She moaned and thrashed in her surge of pleasure as her ass and pussy milked every last drop of cum from the twins.

When they were done, the twins flopped down on the ground until they could catch their breath. Sandy, however, did not miss a second before squirming onto the center of the pool table. Then she waved over the fourth frat boy, who quickly stripped and climbed up onto the table with her. He wasted no time in positioning himself on top of her and settling in between her thighs.

“Oh yes, ummm. Fuck me hard!” Sandy wrapped her arms and legs tightly around the man as her hungry pussy devoured his penis. While the man gave Sandy the pounding she was asking for, he buried his face between her breasts. She encouraged him by putting one hand behind his head and guiding his mouth down over one of her nipples. Sandy shivered with the stimulation it gave her.

Between the assault being made on Sandy’s massive breasts and the already high stimulation of her vagina, the cheerleader needed little time to climax again. A deep grunt from the frat boy on top of her told her he was ready too and they both began to cum. Their pelvises produced a wet, slapping sound as each pounded against one another as hard as they could. When the man was done and rolled off her, Sandy sat up with a grin. She could taste cum in her mouth, had it dripping from her pussy and ass, and was swooning after two orgasms, but she could still feel the fire burning inside her. She wanted more.

Fortunately for Sandy, she did not have to wait for the fifth frat boy to strip. Turned on by what he had seen her do and the smell of sex filling the room, he was already naked and waiting. Sandy could see she was going to be rewarded with a cock that must have been nine inches long and too thick for her to close her fist around. The cheerleader turned over and got onto her hands and knees, presenting herself in anticipation of the monster that was about to impale her.

The man climbed up onto the pool table and got on his knees behind her. Instead of immediately plowing into Sandy, he teased her by running his head along the lips of her vagina and poking gently at her clit. Sandy wiggled her butt at him to tease back. When neither could stand it any longer, he spread her pussy open with two fingers and drove himself inside her. A shudder of pleasure rippled through the cheerleader as her pussy stretched to accommodate the largest cock it had ever taken.

While he went at Sandy, the frat boy brought his hands under her and started massaging her breasts, which were jiggling madly as her body got pounded. He toyed with her nipples with just the right amount of softness and firmness. Sandy knew she wouldn’t last long. Sure enough, it took only a dozen more expertly aimed thrusts to send her into her third orgasm. It was not enough for the man behind her, though, and he kept humping her at a steady pace.

Sandy had already felt her pussy building halfway to another climax when the frat boy tensed. She could feel the hot liquid pouring deep inside her, but it was not enough to earn her the fourth orgasm. Sandy whimpered in need, but the man simply sighed and laid himself out on the floor next to the pool table. She looked around the room, but the other four men were in no better condition. Each was red-faced and panting for breath after the workout she had given them. Not willing to give up on her relief, Sandy repositioned herself on her knees and went to work on herself. She used her left hand to tease her pussy lips and clit while all four fingers of her right hand disappeared inside of her. Her right hand immerged just long enough for her to taste the mixture of her own juices and the cum of the three men who had filled her before disappearing again, this time to give release to her aching pussy.

“Ummm, mmhuuu, uhhhh.” As she masturbated, Sandy bounced up and down, pretending there was a man under her to ride. She reveled in the feel of her body shaking, especially the feeling stimulated in her flopping tits. It took little time to bring herself to her fourth orgasm. “Oh! Oh! Ahhh! Gghhaaa!” Pleasure washed through Sandy as her pussy spasmed in its largest orgasm of the night. “Aaaahhh! Aaahhh! Ahhh!” To Sandy, it seemed like forever until the fire between her thighs ended. When her orgasm finally started to ebb, she collapsed. Sandy lay sprawled out on top of the pool table and fell asleep in exhaustion.

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