Jenny Seals the Deal Pt. 02

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After a steamy appetizer of flirtation and kissing, Deana and Jenny arrive at Deana’s home to release all of their sexual energy.

Deana’s firm hold pulled Jenny from the seat of the limousine. She leaned back drawing jenny close and kissing her deeply.

“Let’s go inside, Doll.” Deana whispered.

Jenny nodded and kissed Deana again.

They stepped out onto a driveway closely trimmed with fir trees. The house was two stories with a Victorian style to it. It was the stuff of magazines. As they walked the cobblestone path to Deana’s front door, Jenny marveled at the home’s size and beauty. As beautiful as it was, Jenny’s focus was not on architecture tonight.

Deana fumbled for her keys and, finding them, unlocked the large white door. Before they had fully crossed the threshold, Deana grabbed Jenny and pulled her in close.

“I wanted you from the second that I saw you.” Deana softly spoke into Jenny’s ear. Jenny’s tummy began to feel the butterflies again. She was putty in Deana’s hands, now.

Jenny moaned and kissed Deana’s lips. She leaned back against the foyer wall. Deana grasped her tiny wrists and pressed them against the wall. Jenny’s felt her heartbeat throughout her body. Her senses were so alive. Deana sucked and nibbled Jenny’s lips. The taste of Jenny’s sweet mouth drove her to sexual insanity. Deana’s fingernails slid down the baby soft skin of Jenny’s arms; barely touching, lightly tracing, teasing Jenny into submission.

Jenny sighed and gave herself over to Deana. She needed no more instruction. She knew her place. Deana read her movements and kissed Jenny’s neck. With her right arm, Deana grasped Jenny’s hair and pulled her head back. She seized Jenny’s tongue with her lips and sucked and licked while Jenny obediently acquiesced to her sexual dominance..

“Come with me, Doll.” Deana whispered. She took Jenny by the hand and they walked up a flight of stairs. They walked into a large, well decorated room. The bed was so high that there was a platform with steps to ascend to the welcoming sheets. Deana led Jenny to the platform and and pointed with her upturned hand. She was wordlessly instructing Jenny to mount the platform. Jenny looked for a split second. It felt so surreal. Her first time with a woman, a beautiful, sexy, wealthy woman…That understood that she wanted to be taken?

“Up.” Deana whispered.

“Yeah, I was…” Jenny began with a nervous smile.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Deana corrected.

The smile fell from Jenny’s face. The shock of the words from so sweet a woman struck her as frightening…Exciting.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Jenny repeated.

“You are a good girl, aren’t you, Jenny?” Deana asked in a near growl.

“Y-Yes, Ma’am.” Jenny sputtered.

Deana snapped her fingers and pointed up the stairs to the platform. Jenny nearly lept up the three steps. She felt Deana’s searching hands glide up her calves, lightly contacting her skin. Deana traced the back of Jenny’s thighs, lifting her skirt to reveal tight, firm glutes and panties that were obviously wet.

“What is this?” Deana teased. “It looks as if you are excited, Doll.”

Jenny looked back to see Deana on her knees. Deana saw her look and swatted Jenny’s cute little ass.

“Eyes forward, Doll…And bend over.” Even as she finished the last word she pushed Jenny forward on the bed. Jenny spilled onto the soft sheets, her legs spreading wide and her face landing in the perfumed fabric. Jenny felt her panties being pulled down. She shivered with anticipation.

Deana saw the soft of Jenny’s ass still red from the punishment meted eryaman escort out a moment earlier. She kissed the spot tenderly. Jenny never felt the gesture. She did feel the next gestrue. Deana slid her tongue under the band of Jenny’s slim cut tangas and bit down on the thin material. She slid Jennys panties down to her knees then kissed her way back up to the wet, sweet treasure between Jenny’s quivering thighs.

Play time was over. Deana was hungry.

Jenny felt Deana’s lips seize her vulva in a kiss that made her body tense sharply. The thrill of erotic sensation launched through her bloodstream like a wave of epinephrine. Deana’s tongue danced against the slippery smooth lips of Jenny’s pussy. Subconsciously, Jenny moved forward as Deana nuzzled her feminine treat. Deana corrected her lover’s error by grabbing the front of her thighs and pulling back hard. Jenny felt Deana’s face and mouth against her shaven flesh. The intensity made her sigh. Her sighs turned to moans. Those beautiful moans morphed into cries of new and powerful pleasure.

Deana suckled Jenny’s clitoris, all the making small circles against the swollen member with her tongue. It was too intense for Jenny to take for very long. She came with the passionate fire of two sexless years.

“Oh! Ah! Okay! It’s sensitive.” Jenny pleaded.

Deana’s mouth never left the wet, sweet morsel. Instead, Deana’s mouth savaged Jenny’s helpless pussy with a renewed vigor.

Jenny cried out again. Her flexed inward, then her back arched and she came with a sound that was too close to crying.

Deana stood smiling. She disrobed completely while watching Jenny lie face down, breathing heavily.

“Doll, roll over.” Deana commanded softly.

Jenny rolled over obediently. She saw the expectant look on Deana’s face.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. Yes, Ma’am.” Jenny quickly amended.

“I have wanted these,” Deana said, grabbing Jenny’s perky breasts. She sucked and nibbled Jenny’s erect nipples. She teased the hardened flesh until Jenny squealed. Deana was all business. She slid her fingers down the taught abs of her sweet lovers trembling core and found her love button, still engorged.

“Please, it’s really sensitive.” Jenny implored as her knees tensed together.

“I know, Doll, but you see, I want it. So, you’ll just have to take it until I am satisfied.” Deana returned, smiling sweetly.

Jenny released the tension in her thighs with all of her will. The instant that Deana’s fingers touched her clit she nearly jumped. Her body tightened and she bit her bottom lip.

“Ungh!” She moaned.

“Doll, I’m going to need you to give me those lips, too.” Deana said, smiling wryly.

Jenny opened her tensed eyes and looked up and Deana. Jenny saw the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen. She saw the most powerful object of attraction that she had ever known…And she was leaning down to kiss her. She felt the contact of Deana’s perfect lips. She felt the intense friction of Deana’s fingers. She felt Deana mount her, pushing aside her thighs with her hips. The kiss was soft but searching. It was passionate but gentle. Jenny was confused by the irony of so gentle a physical connection, while being utterly dominated.

Even as Deana lay atop her surrendered body, she rubbed Jenny’s much abused clit. The sighs that Jenny breathed into Deana’s ear told her that she was ready. Deana slid two fingers into Jenny’s treasure box and find her pleasure point. She kissed and fingered her into another orgasm. Deana then grabbed a pillow, sincan escort pulled it close and told Jenny to sleep.

The alcohol, the nerves and the sex had been too much. Poor Jenny was asleep before she could understand just how tired she was.

It was eight-thirty when Jenny woke up. The bed was so comfortable that it seemed to hug her entire form. Indeed, she looked down to see that Deana’s arm was hugging her form. Deana was asleep behind her. Her breath was hot against her neck. She turned slightly, trying not to wake her.

“Damn!” She thought to herself, “She looks amazing in the mornings, too?”

A sharp pain of inadequacy hit her heart. She gingerly slid toward the side of the bed.

“You okay, Doll?” Deana said in a slightly groggy but sexy growl.

“I am…Yes, Ma’am.” Jenny amended quickly.

“You are adorable. You were so good last night!” Deana’s groggy growl made Jenny want seconds.

Jenny smiled, in spite of herself.

“You’ve never been truly submissive before, have you, my Jenny Doll?”

“No, Ma’am.” Jenny answered.

“Well, we are going to have you here until the shoot in a few days…And that may take a while. So, I will be teaching you. The first order of business is a shower.” Deana spoke in an authoritative manner. There was no false bravado. There wasn’t even a hard edge, just a knowledge that she now owned Jenny and Jenny would submit. There were no chains. There were no bindings but the feeling that Jenny had for Deana.

Deana rose and took Jenny’s hand. She led her to the shower and then left her there. When Jenny emerged from the shower, completely refreshed, she found a note that instructed her to use all that was placed there for her. Beside the note was a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, a warm towel and robe. She dried herself and put on the thick, fluffy robe. It was luxurious. She quickly brushed her teeth and rinsed, checked herself for blemishes and straightened herself up. She walked into the bedroom again to find Deana drying her hair and smiling. The room was a little to cool.

“Are you hungry?” Deana asked in a cheerful tone?

“No, Ma’am.” Jenny responded with a smile.

“Are you sure?” Deana looked at with an arched brow.

“Yes, Ma’am, I am sure.”

Deana removed the robe from her body, took the towel from her long black hair and stode over to Jenny.

“You won’t be needing this…” Deana said, releasing Jenny from the warm embrace of the robe.

She leaned in and kissed Jenny’s soft, full lips. Her arms enfolded her lover, hands tracing her body. She gripped Jenny’s cute little ass with the voracious sexual appetite that one might expect from a woman that had not just fucked like an athlete the night before. Jenny cooed into Deana’s full, sweet kisses. It felt good to be taken again. Jenny, too, felt her lover’s svelte body. Deana guided Jenny’s hands down to her ass.

“You have my permission to touch whatever you would like.” Deana whispered softly into Jenny’s ear. Jenny cupped the perfect curves of Deana’s ass in her hands. It was muscular and firm but soft and supple. She was no longer jealous. She wasn’t even thinking about her inadequacies, now. The two were locked in an embrace for a period of time that seemed lost to Jenny’s measurements.

Deana pulled back for a moment then smiled and said, “Come on over here, Doll.”

They climbed onto that wonderful bed again. Deana’s naked body was tanned and beautifully contrasted upon those stark white sheets. Her small triangle tuft of raven hair etlik escort was equally striking against her tanned, smooth skin. Her stomach rippled, her breasts were high and firm.

“How can you want me?” Jenny spoke with wonder.

“Doll, you are beautiful. You are stunning. That sweet, soft heart of yours just needs to be set free. I can help you with that. But…First, I will need to conquer you. I will need to own you.” Deana spoke in a way that was sincere and sweet, yet matter-of-fact. “Now come kiss me.”

Deana spread her thighs wide and beckoned with her arms. Jenny climber on top of her smiling Mistress and gently eased her body down against her. Their lips expressed everything that needed to be spoken,without so much as a single word leaving their mouths. That sense of timelessness returned to Jenny as they held each other.


“Yes, Ma’am?” Jenny spoke with an oddly hopeful tone.|

” I want you to kiss me right here.” Deana circled her left nipple with her pointer finger.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Jenny said as she leaned in to kiss and suckle Deana’s darkened nipples.

The sensation was a powerful one. It somehow removed any fears that she had about being with a woman. It was only natural. I was reasonable that beauty would connect with the beautiful. The soft should obviously please the gentle. She looked up into the eyes of her smiling lover. This felt right.

Deana looked so pleased, so impassioned that it thrilled Jenny to wetness. Deana’s hands massaged Jenny’s back, slid up to her shoulders, massaged for a moment, then pushed Jenny down the slope of her body. Jenny now faced Deana’s flat, muscular rectus abdominis. She kissed and licked her tight tummy with every bit of attentiveness as she had used on her breasts. Deana allowed her to linger there only a minute before she pushed her lower. Now Deana indicated her inner left thigh with her pointer finger. Jenny looked into Deana’s eyes,

“Yes, Ma’am.”She said submissively.

In the next instant, Deana was swept into a vortex of sexual ecstasy and carnal pleasure. Jenny lapped up her sweet juices and sucked and licked with the hunger of nearly a decade of appetite. Jenny had never known that it could be so nice. She had never known that sex could be so responsive, so freeing. There was no gruff, unreasonable fury. There was no empty gesture. There was just her and Deana…And Deana’s pussy was so nice! The fact that a woman would want her was still so titillating! The realization that she was eating another woman’s pussy was so naughty but nice! The fact that she was now owned by that woman was so comforting. She could lay this situation out in her mind without incriminating herself. She could just enjoy.

Deana began thrusting her hips in small circular movements. She began to breathe heavily. The movements became more powerful, faster. Deana moaned and released in an orgasm that sprayed into the mouth of her thirsty servant. Deana sighed and laughed.

“Oh, Doll! You are a good girl. Now, do it again!”

Jenny began licking the dripping wetness from her Mistress’ thighs and ass. Deana gasped as her servant’s tongue teased her puckering ass. Jenny read this as an invitation for more. She pressed forward, turning her head slightly to get between her Mistress’ tight gluteals. The more she licked and sucked and teased, the more Deana moaned and sighed. The more that Deana sighed, the wetter that Jenny got. Deana pulled her knees upward giving Jenny full access to her pleasure. Jenny made love to her Mistress’ ass until cum cascaded down her face. She then returned to her pussy. She licked Deana clean and felt her pulling her back up. The two kissed and held each other close for over an hour before Deana spoke again.

“Doll, I believe that you have sealed the deal. Your company can film our commercials from now on. My only stipulation is that I will only deal with you. You belong to me, now.”

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