Jen’s Birthday Pt. 04

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Stacey awoke just as the first diffuse light of day began to work its way in through her bedroom window. As she blinked her eyes into consciousness she could sense John sleeping behind her. As she turned over to look at him she became acutely aware of her very full and aching breasts, which had swelled with milk in the night. She winced in pain when her large breasts shifted and settled heavily one on top of the other as she rolled on her other side.

With her breasts coming to a rest she felt a bit of relief, but quickly they began to ache once again. After the vigor of the events of the previous evening and without having to wake in the night to feed her baby she had slept better than she had in a long time she mused, but now she was paying the price for that blissful seven hours of continuous sleep. Breathing deliberately so as to minimize the movement of her chest as best she could she remembered it had been many hours since John had sucked all the milk from her breasts while slowly fucking her after he had returned to their room the night before.

She remembered how hot it was to hear Jen and Jill screaming out their orgasms nearly simultaneously in the room next door while John slowly pistoned in and out of her cunt and sucked deeply on her nipples. It seemed a long time ago now. She resolved that she must relieve the burden on her breasts and decided to go take a shower and express as much milk as she could under the warm spray of the water.

Slowly Stacey rolled over and swung her legs off the bed and pushed herself to a seated position at the edge of the bed. As she did so she could feel every movement of her heavy breasts. Once they had settled in front of her she marveled at how large they were. She looked down at her pink nipples and they were swollen and erect in the morning chill and she could see milk oozing from the left one. Determined to get some relief she pushed herself off the bed and grabbed one of John’s t-shirts from their suitcase and made for the door, lamenting that they had not drawn the bedroom with the en suite bathroom. She quietly opened the door and made for the bathroom that was off the kitchen and living room.

Just as she arrived at the bathroom door she was startled by a quiet “good morning” from the kitchen.

Stacey looked over to see Jen making coffee wearing a little chemise that barely covered her ass.

“Good morning,” she replied.

“How did you sleep?” Jen continued.

“Well, but my breasts are very full! I desperately need to get rid of some milk!”

“May I help?” Jen asked as she walked across the dining room to where Stacey stood.

“I was going to take a warm shower and try and express as much as I could.”

Jen looked down at Stacey’s large breasts pushing against the t-shirt. The outline of her large erect nipples could easily be discerned even in the dull morning light. Dark wet circles on the shirt surrounded each nipple as milk oozed from her.

“I’d really like to help you!” Jen breathed.

Jen felt dizzy with excitement about the prospect of drinking Stacey’s milk from her breasts. Jen reached out and grabbed Stacey’s hand and guided her to the sofa across the room.

“Well, okay. If you want.”

As Stacey sat she became conscious that the t-shirt she was wearing rode up and her cunt was now visible, but she was distracted by Jen pulling the thin chemise she was wearing off revealing her sexy body. Jen then leaned in and kissed Stacey softly on the mouth. Jen reached down and slowly, delicately, pulled the t-shirt up and over Stacey’s swollen breasts. For a few moments Jen stared at the large pink nipples and caressed the underside of Stacey’s breasts, which greatly heightened the anticipation that both women felt. Finally Jen leaned in and took Stacey’s left nipple into her mouth and gently sucked.

At first just a few drops of milk slid across her tongue, but soon copious amounts of the sweet fluid began to fill her mouth. Stacey moaned deeply as she felt her milk begin to flow into Jen’s mouth. After sucking for several minutes on the left breast Jen switched to Stacey’s right nipple. Quickly the milk began to flow from that breast as well, and Jen drank eagerly. After several minutes on that breast Jen returned to the left one. Stacey was softly moaning and seemed to already be much more comfortable. Jen was dizzy with excitement as more milk filled her mouth. She felt very aroused and could feel her own nipples aching for attention. While she continued to suck Jen reached down and began to touch her vagina.

First, Jen slid her fingers up and down the folds of her very wet labia and then pushed them inside. After gathering much of the slippery fluid on her fingers she began rubbing her clit. As she masturbated herself to new levels of arousal, Jen slowly moved her other hand up Stacey’s leg until she reached her hairy cunt and began rubbing her clit as she still sucked on her left breast. Then Jen caught some movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head slightly to look, while being careful not to break the bayan escort suction on Stacey’s swollen nipple. She saw Jill standing at the end of the sofa watching them. She was wearing only an unbuttoned red flannel shirt that revealed the inner half of her sexy breasts, but concealed her nipples. Lower Jen could see that Jill was not wearing any panties and the dark tuft of hair covering her cunt was easily visible in the growing morning light.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Jill said.

Somewhat startled as she had not realized Jill was present, Stacey stammered, “My, my breasts were very full, she’s helping me.”

Momentarily letting Stacey’s nipple fall from her mouth Jen panted, “Please help us! There is so much milk!!”

Jill looked at Stacey’s right breast, which was heaving up and down with Stacey’s impassioned breathing. A small trickle of milk flowed from her nipple across the round contours of her breast and onto her belly. Jill lowered herself to the sofa and took Stacey’s right nipple into her mouth and sucked deeply. She was rewarded with a steady stream of milk. Jill removed her flannel shirt from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Now as she sucked on Stacey’s nipple, Jill’s breasts dragged seductively across Stacey’s thigh very close to where Jen was massaging her clit. Jill began squeezing Stacey’s breast with her hands, which caused even more milk to shoot into her mouth. Jill’s clit began to ache for attention and she slipped a hand down between her legs and began caressing wet cunt lips. Stacey’s breathing continued to quicken as Jen rubbed her clit and both women sucked her breasts. When Jen had finally emptied Stacey’s left breast she released it and moved up and kissed her passionately while at the same time increasing the pressure and speed with which she was rubbing Stacey’s clit. Within seconds Stacey succumbed and began writhing in orgasm. Jill stayed fixed to her right nipple through her orgasm and received several ample squirts of milk into her mouth timed with Stacey’s orgasmic convulsions.

Wild with excitement, Jen released Stacey’s clit and swung her left leg over Stacey lap and Jill’s head onto the sofa and positioned her cunt very close to Stacey’s face and began vigorously rubbing her clit. Emerging from her orgasm Stacey sensed Jen’s urgency and she leaned forward and kissed the folds of Jen’s wet cunt lips while Jen rubbed the hard nub of her clit. Jen moaned with pleasure and quickened the pace of her masturbation even further. Encouraged, Stacey began sliding her tongue up and down the length of Jen’s cunt, which immediately thrust Jen over the edge and she began shaking as her orgasm overtook her.

Jill caressed Jen’s leg and ass with her free hand while she continued to use the other to squeeze milk from Stacey’s tit. After a minute or two, and having mostly caught her breath, Jen slid off the sofa and positioned herself on the floor behind Jill. Jill could sense her behind her, but could not tell what she was doing. Stacey had a good view and could see that Jen was on her knees very close to Jill’s ass and was intently watching Jill rub her clit. Finally, not getting much milk from Stacey’s breast anymore and very curious about what Jen was doing Jill released Stacey’s nipple. But before she could turn to look at what Jen was up to Stacey leaned forward grabbed Jill’s face and began kissing her passionately.

At about this moment Jen began caressing Jill’s ass softly. Jill was desperate for the attention and began rubbing her clit harder. Then Jill could feel Jen’s breath on her ass and cunt. She was very close. Now Jen’s hands lightly caressed Jill’s legs and feet. Stacey began fondling Jill’s breasts and nipples. Jill could feel Jen drawing even closer to her backside and she expected Jen might put her mouth on her cunt. She waited with anticipation, but she could only feel Jen’s breath sweeping across her backside when she exhaled. Finally she felt some light kisses on her bum. The sensation pushed her closer to her own orgasm and she continued to rub herself harder.

Suddenly she felt the flick of Jen’s wet tongue across her asshole, which sent a shock of electricity through her. Followed by another flick, and then another. Jill was spiraling out of control. Stacey pinched Jill’s nipples and swirled her tongue in her mouth. And then Jen began kissing Jill’s asshole, softly at first, but then she swirled her tongue all around it. Jill moaned deeply and began to shudder as her orgasm shot through her in waves. Stacey and Jen let their hands travel all over Jill’s body as the spasms of pleasure washed over her. Unable to hold herself up any longer Jill collapsed on Stacey’s lap while she struggled to regain her breath.

As the girls cuddled together on the couch Stacey breathed, “That was so fucking hot!”

After a few minutes of soft caresses, Jen suggested, “We should probably wake the boys.”

“Who needs em,” Stacey joked.

“Let’s tease them when we wake them, but don’t let them cum. I want them to be very worked up later tonight!” Jen continued.

“What do you have planned?” Jill asked.

“Oh you’ll just have to wait and see. Jill, you go wake up John. Stacey, you wake up Jack. And I’ll wake up Jeff.”

Jill and Stacey were a bit surprised at first as they assumed they would be waking and teasing their own husband, but quickly agreed.

“I’ll set the timer on the stove for 20 minutes. When it goes off we will all return here and describe what happened,” Jen went on.

Jen slipped quietly into Jeff’s room. After closing the door behind her she stood and watched him sleeping soundly. He was clearly still naked under the thin sheet that was over him. She could see that he was already hard as she could easily make out the outline of his rigid cock against the sheet. As she began to move forward she noticed Jill’s sandals at the foot of the bed and she immediately made for them. She slipped on the strappy heals, which fit her quite well.

For a few seconds she stood there watching Jeff’s cock slowly rise and fall as he breathed. She felt very sexy standing over him completely naked save Jill’s shoes. Then she thought she heard a noise from the room next door and while she listened intently she wondered what Jill and John and Stacey and Jack were up to. Hearing nothing she renewed her focus on Jeff. After watching him for a few more seconds she saw his cock twitch and she was curious to know what he might be dreaming about.

Jen walked across the room toward the bathroom door where Jill’s dress she wore the night before was in a pile on the floor. The sexy clicking of heels across the hard wood floor echoed in the room, which caused Jeff to stir. As he groggily opened his eyes he strained to focus on the sexy form across the room. His senses were greeted with Jen’s sexy ass as she bent over to pick up the dress off the floor. Jeff scanned her long legs down to the sexy heels on her feet and then back to her ass. At first he thought it was Jill, but as his eyes strained in the half lit room to catch a glimpse of Jill’s cunt as she bent over he noticed that the pink folds lacked Jill’s luscious dark pubic hair and he quickly realized it was Jen standing before him. Jen stood up and pulled Jill’s dress on allowing Jeff to see her small hard nipples for a split second before the thin material covered them.

Looking toward Jeff Jen could see he was now awake and watching her. “Good morning.” she said seductively as she moved toward the edge of the bed.

“Wow, good morning! You look very hot!” Jeff moaned.

“Would you like to fuck me in Jill’s dress?”


Jen whipped the sheet off Jeff and moved onto the bed and took the entirety of Jeff’s cock into her mouth. Jeff gasped with pleasure as she sucked him. And then just as suddenly she released him and spun on top of him kissing him deeply on the mouth. Pulling up the dress and straddling him she reached down and pushed the head of his cock into her very slick cunt. Jeff began fucking her slow and hard while caressing her bare bottom with both hands. He could feel her juices coating him and running down his balls. He quickened his pace and began squeezing Jen’s little breasts through Jill’s dress. He was desperate to cum.

But sensing his urgency Jen slide off him and began slowly stroking his cock, explaining, “I’m not going to let you cum yet. We girls intend to tease you all day before we let you have us tonight.” Jeff groaned in disappointment. But before he could utter a word, Jen pulled the strap of Jill’s dress off her shoulder uncovering her left breast and lowered it to Jeff’s mouth. He sucked deeply on her nipple and as much of her small breast as he could fit in his mouth. Jen moaned softly and while still slowly stroking Jeff’s cock began to describe to him in graphic detail what had transpired between herself, Stacey and Jill that morning. Jeff was overwhelmed with arousal picturing in his mind the sexy scene Jen was painting for him. He alternately sucked on Jen’s breast and begged to hear more details.

Finally coming to the end of her tale Jen asked, “Would you like to know where Jill is now?”

“Yes, where is she?” Jeff panted franticly after removing his mouth from her breast.

“She is in the next room waking up John. Would you like to see what she is doing?”


Jen lightly caressed his balls and kissed him deeply. And then she rolled off the bed, stood, and held out her hand. Jeff grabbed it and hauled himself off the bed. Jen then led him toward the door with her left breast still exposed and heels clicking across the floor. Once they arrived at the door to the bedroom next door they found it slightly agar. Jen slowly swung it open and they peered inside.

Jill was on her hands and knees hovering over John wearing only her unbuttoned flannel shirt. Through her long sexy legs Jen and Jeff could see that she was rubbing her right breast on the tip of his large and very erect penis. In slow circles she traced her hard nipple across John’s thick and twitching cockhead. Jen gave Jeff an almost wicked smile as she grabbed his cock and began lightly stroking it as they both returned their gaze to Jill and John.

Jill’s ass wiggled seductively as she alternated between rubbing her left and right nipple against John’s cock and balls. Jeff felt as though he might pass out from arousal as John squirmed with Jill’s teasing. Then Jill bent down and began licking the tip of John’s cock. Jeff was laser focused on the scene in front of him and was leaning through the open doorway in an effort to see more and get closer to his wife’s beautiful body when Jen slowly pulled the door closed causing him to retreat. Before he could issue a complaint she turned and led him to the door to the next bedroom.

Finding the door shut Jen slowly opened it with her right hand while she playfully caressed Jeff’s cock with her left. Both eagerly peered in through the door opening. Jack was sprawled naked on the bed with Stacey straddling his head while facing his feet, and the now mostly open door. Stacey gave Jen and Jeff a smile while she allowed Jack to lick the folds of her cunt and gently stroked Jack’s cock, which stood very erect in front of her.

Very turned on by the sight of her husband licking Stacey’s cunt Jen turned and led Jeff back to his bedroom. Once there she dropped to her knees and seductively licked and stroked Jeff’s cock. As she began to feel him building toward climax she stopped and stood, kissing him enthusiastically on the mouth. She then plopped herself down in the middle of the bed and spread her legs.

“Lick me!” she growled.

Jeff dove between her legs and began vigorously licking her pussy while she moaned and thrashed about. As he licked at her slick bare pussy and clit he fingered her and rubbed her g-spot. Within minutes Jen climaxed with a howl.

Jeff then climbed up onto the bed and lined his rigid cock up with her wet slippery cunt. But just has he was about to enter her the kitchen timer could be heard ringing and still catching her breath Jen spun out from under Jeff and stood.

“Time is up I am afraid, love,” she said as she leaned down and kissed him softly.

“Why don’t you get dressed and come out for breakfast,” Jen said as she pulled Jill’s dress off herself and threw it on the bed.

She kicked Jill’s heels off as she walked toward the door and left completely naked as Jeff collapsed in frustration on the bed.

In the kitchen the three ladies compared notes on their activities while they toasted bagels and began dispensing coffee and juice for all. Once the boys arrived they all had breakfast and chatted. They decided they would pack a lunch and go for a hike after breakfast. It was not until breakfast was over did the ladies retire to get dressed.

While they were getting dressed the boys packed a lunch. When the ladies arrived they set out for several hours in the woods of a nearby national forest. Much of the hike wound through a pleasant forest interspersed with small fields full of song birds. The weather was exceedingly pleasant and they all enjoyed the warm sun and light breezes. Eventually they climbed a rocky topped hill and sat in the warm sun to have a picnic. The three couples ate and chatted and occasionally flirted.

As they were packing up to leave John asked, “So what is the plan for tonight?”

Jen responded, “I thought we’d go to that little bistro we passed by for dinner and then maybe we could go back to the condo and watch a movie or play some games. Did everyone have a good time last night?”

Everyone answered enthusiastically in the affirmative.

“Should we start back?” Jen offered.

All agreed and they packed up their remaining picnic items and started back down the trail as a group.

As they hiked back toward the parking lot where they had parked Jen’s minivan they continued to chat and flirt. Eventually the group had segregated into pairs with Jack and John in the lead followed by Jill and Jeff with Stacey and Jen pulling up the rear.

As Stacey scrambled down some rocks Jen saw her wince and asked, “Are you doing alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine. My damn breasts are really full again and they are ache if I jostle them.”

“Maybe I can help you again. That was so hot this morning!”

“Yes that was HOT! I certainly would not mind it if you could help me relieve some of the fullness.”

Jen spied a small spur trail ahead to the left and grabbed hold of Stacey’s hand and led her toward the turn off. The small trail led through some alder trees and then around a rocky outcrop that jutted about fifteen feet into the air. When they reached the outcrop Jen stopped and pulled Stacey around to the opposite side of the craggy pinnacle. Then Jen turned and faced Stacey and started slowly caressing the sides of her enormous breasts through Stacey’s tight fitting yellow t-shirt. Stacey quivered at Jen ran her fingers along the underside of her sensitive breasts. Jen backed Stacey up toward the rock outcrop and suggested that she hop up and sit on a ledge. Once Stacey was sitting up on the ledge her breasts were now the perfect height for Jen to reach with her mouth and she leaned in and softly kissed her breasts through Stacey’s t-shirt and bra.

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