Jess and I

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Well hear I am, never thought I would be here writing to you about something that actually happen to me. To start with I guess you could say I am bi,
Yet my story involves no man. Just myself and a woman every man should be so lucky to hold. Will call her Jess for now. Jess and I started talking over the internet
through craigslist. Yeah I hear you all, anyway she was someone to talk to. And I could talk to her about anything. Because frankly I would never come face to face
with her anyway. I enjoy wearing panties and tights and leggings, and I love pussy and women. I personaly have never seen a pussy that I wouldn’t eat. I also
love to have a woman finger my pspot, it’s just hard to find one that will talk about it much less do it for you. When Jess and I started talking is right after
a nasty break up with a very nasty woman. That relationship was hard on me and only lasted 3 years, The one before that was 20 years. So if I refer to them
I’ll refer to them as 3 and 20. I’ve enjoyed wearing things that fit tight all my life, and the 20 knew this, and we dabbled in me wearing silk things made
for men. But it wasn’t the same. She did however join me in my liking of ass play. We would make love with a vibrator in my ass, with the right power she
would enjoy the vibrations that flowed thru my cock and into her pussy. It’s like having a living vibrator hitting her gspot. And she loved it. It all slowly
faded away from our time together, yet became more and more entangled in my life. Now lets time travel to the 3 relationship. Ist year sex was out of this world. She turned
me on to wearing tights, panties and leggings. We would shop together and thats how I got most of my stuff. Now I can order anything I want off the internet.
Now Jess loved the feel of my ass and leggs in that tight material. Our sex life was the best I’ve ever had and we would spend entire weekends laid up pleasing
each others bodies. She loved to rub on my ass leggs and cock, until she could no longer handle it. Then it was time for the cloths to come off. I would start at her
size 42 breast. sucking and licking every inch of her suculant monds of pleasure. sucking and kissing my way to one of the most sexiest pussies I’ve ever
had the pleasure to taste. Eating pussy is my passion, nothing better. working my hot wet tongue and slippery lips trying hard not to miss one inch of her skin.
Finally a woman who loved her pussy eaten as much as I loved to eat. Working my teasing tongue down to her inner thigh on her right leg. Kissing and nibbling half way down her leg.
Jumping all at once and with out warning I take a toe or 2 into my hot wet awaiting mouth. Licking from the heel to the tips of her toes, driving her absolutly mad.
Turning my attention back to her other foot and took as many of her toes into my mouth as I could, which made her beg me to please lick her pussy. Ignorning
her cries of guideance towards her clit. I slowed down my nibbling not missing anything, listening to her body and letting her moans guide my way. As I moved my hot wet tongue
within mere inches from her clit. Moving from oneside to the other as I slowly drag my wet tongue gently over her clit. Her body tightens up and she lets out a gasp,
wanting, needing, and demanding more she grabs the back of my head and draws my face into her pussy. My tongue goes to work dancing and doing circles around your hard little
clit. I spread her lips and sucked her clit as if I would never have another. Her pussy was sweet teasting and a joy to suck. I made love to her pussy with my mouth.
As my tongue bathed her entire pussy her body tenses up she let out a moan the neighobor down the street could have heard. As the first of her orgasmn hit her body. Usually
ending up with her pushing my head away saying she could not handle another one. Then we would make sweet passionate love together. And every time we made love it
was always better than the time before. As time went by we talked about doing all kinds of stuff together, and before the cancer finally got her down. We almost
finished her sexual bucket list. Well she ask me one night about pegging. I told her simply turns you into the man and I the woman, and to shorting this some.
We bought a strap on, It is purple and jelly and does not resemble a cock. The first night we got it she couldn’t wait to try it out. So I dressed up in my body stocking
with an open crotch and some lace panties and tight black mini skirt, which turned her on even more. I was in the kitchen when she came up from behind me and
started nibbling on my neck and shoulders. Which was really turning me on ever so much. I felt her push the dildo into the crack of my ass and started sliding
it back and forth across my tinder asshole. I guide the tip of her she cock into my tight little asshole, I jumped as it popped into my asshole, and she almost
cried. Reasuring her she did not hurt me she finally began pusshing the 8 inch dildo into my hot tight little asshole. It felt better than I expected and
I began to push back as she thrusted into me. She grabbed my hips and burried the 8in dildo deep into my hot little hole. She was really getting into, giving me all
8 inches on every thrust. She was moaning and having herself a grand time as she made love to my ass. I couldn’t get enough and from then on out we added that to our weekly
love making. She really loved it when I would get on top and she could watch the dildo disappear deep into my tight hot ass. There is nothing sexier than a woman making
sweet passionate love to me as I would her, so gentle so giving, and oh so passionate.
It’s not as good as I would like but it gets better. let me know if you would like to hear more, or just fade away into the night with my memories.

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