Jessi , Her Niece

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I am the youngest of five children, all girls. My oldest sister got pregnant very young, and I was 7 when my oldest niece, Holly, was born. She and I have always been close, a number of people have commented that we are very similar people. Four years ago she and her whole family moved back east when her dad got a new job. She and I have stayed in touch, by email and the occasional phone call.

Holly was always very cute, very tall (6’1″ last time I saw her) and willowy with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. But she was 14 then, all knees and elbows, waiting impatiently for her body to catch up to her fertile mind.

Then one day I got a phone call from my sister. Holly had just turned 18, was graduating in two months, and was considering Stanford (I live near San Francisco). She was coming out there the following month to visit the campus. Could I maybe pick her up at the airport and could she maybe stay with me? (Just like my sister, asking those questions that you really CAN’T say no to…)

But I love my sister, and especially Holly, so I said, “Sure, I’d be glad to do it.”

We figured out the details, even added an extra day so my niece and I could have a whole day to spend together. My sister put Holly on the phone, she sounded very excited, almost hyper. “Thanks, Aunt Jessi, I can’t believe it! You are such a sweetie!”

We emailed back and forth until the big day, she kept telling me how much she missed me, how glad she would be to see me. When the big morning finally arrived, I drove to the airport to pick her up. We had arranged to meet by baggage claim.

I was standing there, scanning the milling people for the Holly I remembered. Suddenly, soft hands were over my eyes from behind and a familiar voice whispered into my ear, “Hi, Aunt Jessi!”

I turned around and looked up to see the same beautiful face I expected, but her long blonde hair had been cut very short, in a very cute style that framed her face. I put my arms around her and hugged her close. I could feel that her body, indeed, had matured quite nicely. Her high firm breasts pressed into mine, and her hands slid down my back to hold me tight.

“Hi, Holly!!! I’m so glad you made it okay!”

Holly was wearing a shortie white top and hip hugger jeans, so several inches of her stomach was exposed. The white looked very nice against her tan skin, and she looked absolutely yummy. Her breasts were not large, but looked full, and her erect nipples were visible against her top, poking through the thin fabric and sports bra she wore underneath. Her hips were slim but well-rounded, and her legs looked long and muscular in her jeans.

I suppose should explain my situation. I am bisexual, although lately I have found myself less and less attracted to men and much more to women. I have been bi since my best friend seduced me the summer we were 16, although I had been attracted to girls as long as I could remember. I broke up with my last boyfriend almost a year ago (after three years!), after I found out he was cheating on me with his secretary. Since I broke up with him, I have been exploring my bisexuality and loving it, and I have not been with a man since then.

Holly and I had talked about this in some of our emails. At one point she asked me straight out what it was like to be with a girl, and I tried to explain it to her as best I could. She had never really had a serious boyfriend as far as I knew, but there were a couple of years where we didn’t talk that often, so I didn’t know for sure.

The fact that my first thought about Holly was “she looked yummy” bothered me a little bit I mean, she was my niece! But then she stepped back and looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes. “Wow, Aunt Jessi, you look so incredible! I hope I look as good as you some day!”

I was dressed in a simple sun dress and sandals. I had opted for comfort over fashion, although I knew that the dress looked good on me. I spend a lot of hours riding my mountain bike to keep my figure trim and my ass tight.

“Well, thanks, Holly. but if you call me ‘Aunt Jessi’ once more, I am going to thrash you… Just call me Jessi, okay?”

“You and what army?” she snorted. “I can take you any way I want to, Jessi…”

My mind was racing, imagining the ways I wanted her to take me, but I knew her remark was innocent so I let it pass.

“Let’s just say I have some tricks up my sleeve if you get out of line…”

Holly had carried her bag on, so we headed back to my place. She jabbered in the car all the way back to my apartment, about an hour’s ride. She talked about school (she was a straight “A” student), the sports she played (All-State in basketball and volleyball), her friends, her part-time job, her family. Conspicuously absent was any mention of a boy friend…

We got back to my place and I asked if she was tired, or if she wanted to do something right then. She said, “The only thing I want to do now is take a shower, I hate the feeling I get when I’m travelling, like I am all slimy or something!”

I showed her where Escort Göztepe the bathroom was, and soon I heard the shower running. I was sitting on my couch, wondering what might be in store, remembering how sexy her body was and how good it felt next to mine.

Suddenly my daze was broken by Holly’s voice, “Jessi, could you bring me a towel? I forgot to get one.”

I went and got a towel and opened the bathroom door a crack. Holly laughed and said, “Open the door all the way, I need the steam to clear so I can see the mirror.”

She was standing there nude. Her breasts were small but very round. Her areolae were pink and about the size of quarters, but her nipples were very erect. Her body was tan all over, with no lines at all. Between her legs was a tiny strip of blonde hair, she had obviously shaved the rest off. I couldn’t help it, I stared at her. She had grown into a beautiful sexy woman.

“Earth to Jessi!” Holly laughed.

I started at the sound of her voice, then regained my senses a little and handed her the towel.

“So do you like what you see? Am I the kind of girl you go for, Jessi?”

“Oh, God, Holly, I’m sorry for staring. I had no idea you had grown into such an incredibly sexy young woman. And yes, I do go for taller women, especially cute blondes…”

She cooed, “Mmmmmm… Thank you, Jessi, you are so sexy yourself. Would you dry me off?”

I took the towel back then stepped into the cramped bathroom and began to dry her off. When my hands cupped her breasts through the towel, she moaned softly and leaned back into me. I pinched her little nipples through the towel, and I could feel her arching her hips back against mine. As I dried her smooth stomach, she lay her head back on my shoulder. My towel-covered hands slid further down her flat belly, and she opened her thighs as the towel dipped between them.

She turned her head, and began to moan softly into my ear and run her tongue around the inside. When she sucked my ear lobe into her mouth, I lost it. I dropped the towel and slid my hand between her legs. My finger ran down her slit, and I could feel that she was very wet. When my fingertip slid inside her, she moaned louder.

“Oh, yesssss… Yes, Jessi, yessssss… You have no idea how long I have wanted this…” she moaned into my ear.

My finger was sliding in and out of her pussy, and teasing her clit. I could feel her juices running down my fingers, and I brought my hand to my mouth to taste her. I licked my finger, then she took my hand and sucked it.

“You don’t seem to be getting any drier, Holly…” I smiled at her.

She looked down at me and smiled, “That’s all your fault, I have been wet since I saw you in the airport this morning. I actually stood and watched you for a couple of minutes, just standing there, looking sooo sexy.”

I stepped back and handed her the towel. “Why don’t you finish this yourself, then we can talk about it, okay?”

Holly smiled and said, “Sure, I’m used to finishing myself…”

She leaned against the shower door with her legs spread wide and began to finger herself. She was looking at me, scanning my body. Her tongue was darting in and out of her lips as she frigged herself, I could hear her breathing getting faster and more shallow. Her nipples were sticking out, proud and hard. Her finger was disppearing into her wet pussy, then sliding back out to rub across her erect clit.

“Please, Jessi, show me… Show me that sexy body..” she said, with obvious want in her voice.

“What the hell…” I thought to myself, “Can’t get in any more trouble than I already am!”

I reached down and slid my dress over my head. I undid my bra and let my breasts swing free. Holly moaned softly. When I slid my thong off to reveal my shaved mound, she cooed, “Ooooh, Jessi, that’s beautiful. You never told me you shaved!”

“You never asked, baby…”

Holly had one hand pinching her nipple while she fingered herself with the other. I could tell by her pants and moans that she was getting close, so I decided to try and push her over…

“You like me, baby? You want to fuck your sexy Aunt Jessi? Suck your aunt’s sweet pussy while she sucks you, too? You want that, baby?”

Holly moaned, “Yesssssss!!! God yes, that’s what I want, Jessi! I want to lick you and you to lick me. I want you SOOOOO bad!”

With that, Holly shoved her finger as deep inside herself as she could, and came. I could hear her pants, and see her juices running out of her pussy. I stepped close and whispered into her ear, “Go ahead, baby, cum for Aunt Jessi. It is SOOOO hot, hearing you cum for me, seeing how much you want me…”

I took her breast in my hand and was rolling the nipple between my fingers, pinching and twisting it. Holly was arching her hips against her hand, and when she felt my hand on her nipple she moaned.

She kept cumming and cumming, I could not believe what I was seeing. My 18 year old niece, cumming like a freight train in my bathroom.

Finally she collapsed, sliding Caddebostan escort down the wet wall to sit on the floor. Her legs were splayed wide apart, her sex was wide open. Her lips were puffy and swollen, and her whole mound was glistening with her juices.

I could not help it, I had to taste her. I kneeled between her legs and started licking her. When my tongue ran across her clit, she moaned and put her hands in my hair. I slid my tongue deep inside her, and she slid down so she was laying on her back. I gently spread her lips with my fingers, and began to suck her pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy until I was rewarded with more of her sweet cum, then she pulled my face to hers for a sweet kiss.

I know she could taste herself on my lips and tongue, and I willingly shared her juices. We kissed tenderly at first, our kisses gradually getting hotter and harder, and I could feel that I was very wet. First watching her, then licking her, had my juices flowing down my legs. Her hands were exploring my body, and feeling her large soft hands cupping my ass was incredible.

She rolled over so she was on top of me, and kneeled betwen my thighs. She pressed her mound forward into mine, and then leaned in to kiss me again. Our mouths were wide open, tongues dancing together wildly. She began grinding her pussy into mine, and I wrapped my legs around her waist and moaned, “Ohhhhh, Holly, just like that… Fuck me, baby, fuck me just lke that…”

She smiled down at me and said, “Yeah, baby, gonna fuck you so good… You’re my slut, aren’t you, Jessi? I could tell you wanted me, almost from the first moment at the airport.”

“Yes, Holly… I want you, I’m your slut, you get me so fucking hot… Please, baby, fuck me now, make me cum… I need you…” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth, but I did feel that way, and I was not ashamed to tell this girl everything, this young girl (my niece for God’s sake!) who had me so turned on.

Holly began thrusting her hips into mine, and I could feel our clits rubbing together. I was arching my hips up to meet hers, fucking her back. I could feel my juices were literally running out of my pussy, out onto the tile floor of the bathroom, making it more slippery, making it feel better as we fucked.

We were grinding our hips together, fucking each other hard and fast. This was NOT “making love”, this was definitely “fucking.” And I loved it, feeling this young hottie between my legs, fucking me, kissing me with her soft mouth, my hands clasping her tight ass, pulling her hips tight into mine.

I could feel myself getting close, so I broke our kiss and began to moan into Holly’s ear. “Oh, God, Holly, yessss…. Fuck me, Holly… Fuck me, baby… Make me cum, baby…”

Our hips were sliding around all over the wet floor. I felt my orgasm bulding, and arched myself hard against Holly’s mound. I moaned, “Ohhhhhhh…” and erupted. I could feel my pussy spasming, and Holly continued to grind herself against me. When my breathing slowed down a little, she started kissing her way down my stomach. When she got between my thighs, she opened my lips with her fingers then sucked my clit into her mouth. She began fucking mme with her finger and sucking my clit, and it was not long before I came again, hard, and she licked me until I stopped her…

“No more, baby, stop for now…”

She looked up at me and smiled. The image was incredible, this gorgeous young girl’s face between my legs, smiling up at me, wanting only to give me pleasure.

“So do we need another shower now?” I asked.

Holly laughed and said, “Let’s just dress comfy and wait to shower until later, okay?”

We dressed in long t-shirts and sat on the couch. I had to find out where my sexy niece had learned to make love to another girl like that.

“You know I am on the basketball and volleyball teams, right?”

“Yeah, is it true what they say about girl basketball players?”

“Well, Jessi, I can’t say about all of them, but there are a few of them that are for sure into girls.”

“So do you have a steady girl friend, then, Holly?”

“Nope, none of us does that. You know how mean high school kids can be if they think you are gay, and besides, it’s more fun to just all play with each other. There are five of us girls that love to get together and play. And I don’t mean basketball…” she added with a wink.

“God, that sounds heavenly. Five sexy girls, all that soft flesh, those hard nipples, five wet pussies… Yummm, makes me wet again thinking about it!”

“I know, it’s a good thing my mom hasn’t figured out that when we have a ‘team meeting’ on Friday night at someone’s house, it’s a very special meeting…”

“When did you start being with girls? You certainly know how to make a girl feel good…”

“So do you , Jessi… Well, it was my freshman year. I’ve always been good at basketball, so I was the only freshman girl on varsity. One of the older girls was my first. She was amazing, she had this lonnnng tongue that Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan could make you feel like you were getting fucked by a guy. And kissing her… mmmmmmmm… And like I said in the bathroom, I’ve been fantasizing about being with you ever since I found out you liked girls. And to find out that you wanted me, I was sopping wet all the way back from the airport. I’m surprised you couldn’t smell me.”

“I think I was trying too hard to be nonchalant, to act like I didn’t want you as badly as I did. I mean, what would your mom think?”

“Who cares what mom thinks? I mean, she and Dad fight all the time, and I am beginning to think she might have a girl friend, too. She and our next door neighbor spend a LOT of time together, if you catch my drift.”

“Wow, my rigid big sister Angie, a girl friend? Now THAT surprises me!”

“Well, I guess she thinks it isn’t cheating if it isn’t with a guy. Plus I think Dad has a woman on the side. Not that Mom and Dad ever have sex any more, anyway. My room is next to theirs and I can hear through the walls when they do it. Which is less and less these days… But I used to masturbate in my room, listening to them through the wall. It made me hot, hearing her moaning and crying. I think my dad is good with his tongue…” She giggled.

“Oooooh, Holly, aren’t you the nasty girl? So were you imagining your Dad, licking you?”

“Not even, I was fantasizing about being in a hot 69 with another girl, licking her as she sucked my clit. I have never been interested in guys, really. They just seem so stupid to me…”

“Smart girl… I have never gotten anything but ‘fucked over’ by the guys I have fucked. With women, it’s so different. So soft, so tender, so unhurried. That’s the big difference to me, how soft and tender everything is…”

“Mmmmmm… I know what you mean, Jessi. I have kissed a couple of guys, and it just didn’t do anything for me. That, and they all seem to think that if you kiss them, you should fuck them. And I was definitely not ready for that…”

“Totally… I gave a guy my virginity when I was 15, and he dropped me like a week later. But of course all of his friends started calling, thinking that I was easy and they could fuck me. It took over a year of saying ‘No!’ before those guys stopped coming around. If I had it to do over, I would have waited.”

“Jessi, I’m still a virgin… Does that make me a freak?”

“A freak, Holly? No way, I think it makes you principled and intelligent.”

Holly threw her arms around me and held me close. “Thanks, Aunt Jessi! You always know just the right thing to say!”

I flipped her around so she was laying across my lap. I flipped her shirt up, exposing her bare butt.

“What did I say about calling me that? Do I need to spank your sexy little butt, Holly?”

She was squirming around, but I had a firm hold. I took my hand and slapped her butt.

Holly instantly relaxed, and I heard a soft moan escape her lips. She settled down in my lap, with her mound pressed against my thigh. I can take a cue, so I raised my hand again.

Holly moaned again, and it was obvious that she was aroused. When I gave her another she started moving her hips forward and back, rubbing herself against my thigh. I could feel her wetness begining to seep out as she rubbed herself against me.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you, Holly? Are you a bad girl that needs to be spanked?”

“Yes, ma’am” was her instant reply. I began to wonder about her girl friends. Were they dommes, or maybe one domme with several subs?

“Very well, Holly, you have been a bad girl…”

“Thank you, ma’am…”

“Thank you, ma’am…” I have always thought that if I were either, that I would be submissive. I love my girl friends to take charge, and not just sexually. I love it when she has an evening all figured out, so all I have to do is be there and please her.

“Thank you, ma’am…” Holly was moaning, less softly now, and her legs were opening. I could definitely smell her arousal. And I was beginning to get turned on as well. This girl was intoxicating to me…

On that last stroke, I left my hand on her soft ass. I ran my fingers down her crack, and I could feel her juices running out of her. When my hand brushed across her ass, she squealed and pushed back with her hips. I slid a fingertip into her pussy, and she was indeed soaking wet. I slid my finger in deeper, and she was incredibly hot, tight and wet. She spread her legs wide, and I worked my finger into her until it was buried. I started sliding it in and out, fucking her with it. Her hips were grinding on my thigh, and she was soaking my t-shirt.

I took my fingertip and pressed it against her ass. She moaned, “Yesssssssss…” I returned my finger to her pussy, then added a second finger, sliding them in and out, fucking her hot little pussy with my fingers.

Holly’s wetness was everywhere, and I take advantage of it. She is moving in time with the fingers in her pussy. I wet a finger of my other hand and press it into her ass, she is surprised yet the feeling drives her wild. Holly presses her hips backward against my hand, pushing deeper and harder. I have one hand in her pussy, the other in her ass, my fingers can feel each other through the membranes separating her two holes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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