Jessica’s Forfeit

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Jessica crept silently out of bed early in the morning, leaving Steve sleeping peacefully she padded naked down to the den where his computer was.

Nervously she logged into the site “My Asian Wife Jessica”. Today was the day they had set and she desperately needed to know the outcome.

She had scoffed when he first set the site up, He planned to show her off to appreciative guys ( and girls ) on the net and invite them to write stories about her. She had laughed saying he would get no more than four or five .

A friendly argument had begun and the outcome was that she had accepted his challenge that if by the 10th June there were any more than ten members then she would spend a week as a travelling masseuse with everything that was implied within that .

Today was the tenth of June . Hesitantly she scrolled down the screen to where the number of members was stored . Her heart stopped NINETEEN, it couldn’t be Steve must have faked it . She clicked on members and then onto the profiles, She realised sadly that there had been no tampering with the figures, no created members to get the numbers up, the profiles were all months old or at least enough of them to destroy the figure of ten which she had been so confident he wouldn’t achieve.

She switched everything off and busied herself in the kitchen Steve would be getting up soon, perhaps he would have forgotten all about it.

Steve got up shortly afterwards and after a coffee and a chat went off into his den. She paced the floor nervously . When he did emerge he didn’t say a word just kissed her said he was nipping into town for some things he needed and was away. He must have forgotten!

A couple of hours later he was back carrying a carrier bag from one of the electrical shops in town .

He sat down and grinning up at her said “well, want to see what I’ve bought?”

“Yeah sure ” she said puzzled

First of all he pulled from the bag a new mobile phone

“Why “she said “We already have one “

“Oh but this one will only be in use for a week ” he laughed “After that we wont want any more calls of the type we will be getting ”

She stared ” What do you mean?”

“Oh didn’t I tell you? today is the tenth and the club has far more members than ten, in fact we have nineteen so I’m afraid its forfeit time Darling!”

“What!! ” She squealed, you couldn’t, you wouldn’t, what about my safety?”

“Oh I’ve thought of that too” he said reaching into the bag again and producing a baby alarm “You have the transmitter with you in your purse and I’m sat outside in the car with the receiver, that way I can hear EVERYTHING that happens plus if you get real problems I can come and bang on the door and if really necessary break it down “

She sat silently desperately trying to think of a way out of this ” But the expense of all of this, Look everything is still in its box I’m sure if you went back you could get a refund ….” her voice trailed away at the sight of his laughing shaking head

“Your fees will cover the cost, anyway I’ve already lodged the advert ” He handed over a slip of paper from the local paper detailing the advert which was to run from Monday 12 June 2000

“Exotic Asian beauty offers gentle massages to weary businessmen, ladies and couples in the comfort of your home or hotel . Full discretion is assured. Telephone Jessica now for your appointment to be pampered . Full satisfaction guaranteed”

“But Steve” she said desperate to make him see sense “This would mommys girl porno make me the next thing to a whore accepting money for sex “

“Who said anything about money for sex? The price we will quote is for your services as an exotic Asian masseuse, you wont ask for or accept anything beyond that, however you do guarantee FULL SATISFACTION so it will be your natural love for sex, your sluttish inclinations and knowing that I am listening to every word, every rustle and every moan that will inspire you to give that satisfaction”

Jessica stared at him, She knew Steve well enough by now to know that his mind was made up and she had to admit the idea quite excited her, it scared her too but she definitely felt the urge of excitement

“So what are you planning to charge for this “Exotic Asian massage ” she smiled

“Oh well youre only doing it for one week and we want to recover the costs so it will have to be cheap enough to attract plenty of ….clients so I think $50 “

“Id make more walking the streets”

“True but we’ve already agreed that you’re not that kind of girl havent we?”

“And what shall I wear?” giving away to Steve that she had, in her own mind accepted the situation

“Well you want to arrive in a dress or skirt and blouse which you can slip out of easily, after all you will be using body oils and powder and you don’t want them splashed all over and beneath I think a white thong and high heels should be enough”

“When this is over I want a new outfit “

” No problem ….out of the profits so the more bookings you accept the better the outfit will be!” laughed Steve

The paper was on the streets on Monday afternoon and by 6pm Jessica had accepted nine bookings over the following two days with the first at 7pm

Despite her fears Jessica had begun preparing herself shortly after the first call. Fistly with bathing and shaving her pussy so that it was smooth, then she brushed out her long dark hair.

Next she selected what to waer, she opted for hold up black stockings and a strapless tight dress the lenth of which she could adjust to her mood. For underwear she chose a sheer black thong and had decided to wear knee length boots.

As her first appointment was in a hotel she wore a long coat over the top and carried a briefcase containing her oils, powder, and the transmitter from the baby alarm. steve had modified the receiver section so that he could listen via ear phones rather than over the speakers, this meant that he could sit in the hotel bar while she was upstairs rather than out in the car park

They walked into the hotel reception and immediately headed to the bar. Peter ( the client ) had given Jessica his room number and she was to go straight there. Steve and she made sure the baby alarm was switched on and working then Jessica made her way to the lift.

Knocking on the door Jessica’s heart was pounding, to her relief Peter was clearly more nervous than her, especially when his eyes took in the Asian beauty stood in his doorway. ” Oh …hello” he mumbled “you’d er better come in” frantically he looked both ways down the passageway to see if anyone had seen this gorgeous girl entering his room.

Jessica felt suddenly calm and in control as he closed the door. Waiting for him to turn around she slowly took her coat off revelling in the obvious appreciation as his eyes took in the way she looked.

“Hi Peter as you’ll have guessed I’m Jessica, and I’m here to help you unwind and relax”

Peter momsbangteens porno looked as though he was never going to relax

“Look” said Jessica ” Why don’t you have a shower while I get things organised in here”

Gratefully he turned towards the bathroom “Oh before you do can we get the fee out of the way then we can relax and enjoy ourselves?”

He grabbed his wallet and thrust $50 in her hand “I’ll er ” he pointed to the bathroom

“I’ll be waiting ” she smiled

Once she heard the water running she set about organising the room, first she switched off the overhead light and lit a side lamp. Next she closed the curtains and switched on the radio to a station playing gentle classical music

Next she pulled the quilt off the big double bed and set it down on a chair. She looked around the room one last time to see if anything else needed changing. Across the room was a large mirror almost parallel to the bed, she realised the voyeuristic element which could be gained from that so pulled the bed a little away from the wall so it was parallel with the mirror.

Peter was still in the bathroom so she went to the door “Ready whenever you are Peter”

The shower stopped, there was the sound of movement and a flushed Peter emerged with a towel around his waist.

“Feel better ” she asked guiding him to the bed ” Now take off the towel and lie on your stomach”

“The towel? ” he asked

“You do want a full body massage don’t you?” I’m going to take off my dress” Her hands fell to the hem and lifted it over her head slowly allowing his eyes to take in her stockings, reaching high up her thighs, her tiny thong its gusset now firmly embedded between her pussy lips. As the dress rose higher and higher her firm flat stomach appeared followed by her large equally firm breasts

She finally flung the dress to one side to find him staring open mouthed his towel still in place but now with a substantial erection forcing its way against the material

“Your turn ” she smiled

Hastily he tore the towel away and turned around to lie on his stomach, he had some difficulty with his erection and ended up forcing it down between his thighs where Jessica could see it still throbbing as it continued to grow.

Jessica brought out the bottle of oil and poured some on her hand and brought it down onto his shoulders, he trembled an instant as he felt the soft contact of her hand on his skin

As her hands warmed the cool oil and gently caressed across him he began to relax a little, she was standing beside him and when he turned his head to face her he was rewarded with the view, inches away from him of the thong barely concealing her pussy undulating as her body moved with the massage she was performing on him .

By raising his eyes a little he could see her firm and large breasts swaying invitingly a little to the side and above him.

He felt he could detect the heavenly female aroma emanating from deep between her thighs, by now her hands were at the base of his spine, his cock twitched he moved a little to make himself more comfortable, parting his thighs as he did so

Jessica noticed the movement and could clearly see his erect cock looking up at her as she began to stroke his bum cheeks, deliberately she let her fingers glide over the hot shaft, and was rewarded with seeing it pulse more violently.

Quickly she finished the backs of his legs ” Time to turn over Peter” she said in a soft voice which was more monsters of cock porno of an invitation than a request

“Are you enjoying it up to now ” she asked

He nodded vigorously “Oh yes….its wonderful”

“Is there anything you would like me to do to make it more pleasurable, you still seem a little……tense” she smiled, lightly running her fingers across his stiff shaft

He didn’t answer, just gazed at her thong which was now even more hidden by her swollen pussy lips

“Oh, do you feel at a bit of a disadvantage you being naked and me with this on, that’s not a problem you should have said” She bent a little at the waist with her back to the mirror as she rolled the tiny thong down her legs, knowing full well he was watching the peach which had appeared in the mirror as he looked at the top of her thighs.

“ there an extra fee to pay for you doing that?” he asked nervously

“No not at all you have already paid me and remember the advert said ‘Full satisfaction guaranteed’ now lets see the best way to rub your chest and stomach”

Jessica climbed onto the bed and knelt astride Peters face so that she was facing his feet, she resumed massaging him from just below his shoulders, seemingly oblivious to the fact that this position not only opened her pussy wide but also gave him a magnificent view deep inside where her bronzed shin became pink and then darker as he peered deeper and deeper inside, he resisted the temptation to explore with his fingers.

Her hands moved lower and lower and she bent forward to allow for that so that by peering down his body Peter could see her magnificent ass and pussy moving away from him and back again as she moved .

His cock was now fully alert and at first she allowed her long black hair to graze over it and the stuck out her tongue so that as she moved it tasted the precum which was now glistening on his tip.

As she began on his thighs her head fell lower and lower to his body and when her mouth was close to his cock she opened it wide before closing her lips over the shaft. Still she rubbed his legs, the movement of her body causing her mouth to ride up and down on his shaft as though she was sucking him in the normal way.

She felt his cock begin to stiffen as though it were about to explode so quickly she applied her fingers to the base and squeezed till the moment passed.

“Only your shoulders to do now” she said climbing off the bed to his great disappointment until he realised she was getting into a similar position above his hips and facing him .

She bent forward to reach his shoulders, feeling as she did so his cock desperately twitching seeking the entry point of her pussy. A little wiggle and she had captured his tip between her pussy lips . A movement of her hips and he was deeply impaled. She smiled “Is that more comfortable?”

She placed her hands on his shoulders but really all pretence of applying a massage now was history, his cock had filled her and all the teasing and stimulation she had given him had left with a craving to bring him off into a climactic eruption and she began riding up and down on his stiff pole pulling her hands atop her tits with the nipples standing proud and solid

Peter immediately began thrusting harder into her as she bounced on him, his hands squeezing her tits, she moaned, she yelled, she bucked, and then the eruption began within her, gently at first and building up, hotter and hotter smoother and smoother, sweeter and sweeter until at last she screamed loud feeling as she did so the hot wet eruption coming from his cock and shooting deep inside her.

A little later when, freshly showered and dressed respectably once again she rejoined a grinning Steve she said, “Good bet Steve, what time is my next appointment??”

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