Jilly and Myranda Ch. 02

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Jilly and I spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s bodies. I learned more in a single night about the way my body responded, than I had in a lifetime of having sex with men. I felt more alive in that one night, than I could ever remember. I knew this was just the beginning of my exploration into my sexuality, the only question was where I wanted to go from there.

I knew that I liked being with a woman, but the plain truth of it was that although sex with a woman is great. There’s just something missing. You never really get that feeling of completion that you get when you’ve held a man inside you, felt him pulse and throb in you, felt the explosion as he erupts inside you and you feel that warmness spread as he bathes your insides with that life giving gift that only a man can give a woman.

It was about a week after this realization that I met Ric. He wasn’t one of those classically good looking guys. Ric was the dangerous type, the kind with boyish good looks with animal magnetism that could stop a girl in her tracks. I know it certainly did me. He’s the kind of guy that I’m always attracted to. 6’1″ tall, hard body that he carefully maintains, and I would find out later…the kind of cock that all the women talk about, and drool over.

He was a great lover, touching in all the right places, saying all the right things, and believe me, he knew what to say to get me hot. We’d talked a few times, gone out on dates, until finally that moment arrived. The one we both knew we’d been leading up to, and let me say…it was the kind of thing every woman dreams of.

I walked into his place that night. It had been a long day at the office and I was ready to just unwind. The place was aglow with soft candle light, and I smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen…so I did what anyone Escort Ankara would do, I followed my nose. I only had to follow it to the dining room though, because it too was bathed in candle light. The glass table had rose petals sprinkled all over it, there was a bottle of wine chilling on ice, and the most scrumptious meal I’d ever seen laid out before my eyes. But where was Ric?

I took off my heels and walked through the house in my bare feet. I was halfway down the hall when I heard the shower in Ric’s room running. I take off my suit jacket. As I lay it across the bed, I catch a glimpse of Ric in the mirror and smile to myself. He reminds me of a Pagan God as he stands in the glass enclosed marble palace that he calls a shower. Water running down over his smooth muscular body, and I can’t resist.

As I slowly walk to the shower, I undress..leaving a trial of clothes behind me..and as I reach the shower door I stand there in all my glory. I reach for the door and quietly pull it open, hoping it doesn’t make a sound. I grab the soap as I climb in the shower and begin to lather up my hands with the spray that’s bouncing off of Ric’s body. With my soapy hands I finally touch his back as he stands letting the hot water roll down his body…

“What the…..Myranda?”

“You aren’t the only one that can pull together a surprise Rick”

His eyes rake over me, taking in everything…from my naked cunt, to my 38D tit’s. The round mounds with upturned nipples that are already hard with anticipation are my crowning glory, and since Jilly and I…I loved to show them off.

“My God, you’re beautiful Myranda.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself stud.”

With that, his lips crash down onto mine and I lose myself in that liquid world. Our tongues dueling a battle that we both can Ankara Escort only lose. I run my hands down his chest, pausing and he sensitive nubs of his nipples, lazily circling them with my soapy fingers, working my way down his rock hard chest, to his rapidly growing cock…It’s then that I realize that he’s completely hairless! As my hand engulfs his silky smooth hardness, I feel him moan against my lips and I smile…I can’t help myself. I remove my hand from him and press my water slackened body against him. Loving the feel of my nipples rubbing against his chest, and the feel of that 8 inch cock rubbing against my pussy.

“Oh Myranda, I’ve been dreaming about this.”

At this he turns me around and pushes me underneath the spray, rinsing both of us off, and pins me up against the shower wall. Neither of us want to waste time on four play…His hands are roaming all over my body as his lips capture my nipple and suck into his mouth…gently raking his teeth over and and biting hard enough to make me moan with pleasurable pain…

He grabs my ass and rakes me up his body, pressing his rock hard dick against my hungry pussy….

“Ric, please….I need you..I need you now!”

I barely get the last word out before I feel him pushing against my tight pussy…my legs automatically go around him to gather him in closer. He’s teasing me, rolling his hips around, brushing the lips of my pussy with that monster….why won’t he give me what I need?!

“Open your eyes Myranda.”

As I open my eyes and look into his, he thrusts himself deep inside me. Pinning me even harder up against the cool marble with his cock..sliding me down a little and pulling my hips to him, he starts a slow steady rhythm…gliding that glorious cock in and out of my pussy….stretching me to take Ankara Escort Bayan all of him.

“Oh Ric…God baby, you’re stretching me…”

“You’re so tight Myranda, your pussy is gripping me…I feel it milking me baby.”

“Oh yes! It’s milking you…I want your cum deep inside me.”

He reaches around me and turns the water off…carrying me to his bedroom we fall soaking wet onto the bed, he’s still inside me…filling me…stretching me, going deeper than anyone ever has.

I can’t help myself, I begin to move….grinding myself against him. Trying to get him even deeper..our pace quickens as we drive each other on…both seeking the ultimate release….

“Rick, Yes….fuck me baby…..you feel so good….fuck me harder. Cum inside me…”

“I’ll come inside you…You want it harder??? How about this??”

With that he began slamming himself into me fucking me so hard I thought I was going to go straight through the mattress into the floor. Not that I mind…it was awesome…we were like animals moaning in unison….both enjoying being driven by the others passion.

“Mandy…I’m gonna cum baby…cum with me”

“Eric…yes cum in me baby….fill me up with it….”

We tensed together, our bodies straining against one another. I felt him throb inside me, and then we came together…my cum washing over his cock as his splashed up inside me….soaking us both…

“God that was wonderful. We have to do that again later….”

“Definately….Can I ask you something Myranda?”

“Sure babe…go ahead.”

“What is your fantasy? If you could live out any one thing with me, what would it be?”

At that moment an image of Jilly’s and Ric’s bodies tangled with mine passed through my head, and I was certain what my answer would be.

“That all depends on you sweetheart…how do you feel about being with two women?”

“Are you kidding? That would be great….but the problem is finding someone to go through with it.”

“Ric, I think it’s time that I told you something.”

To Be Continued……

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