Jimbo , Dan At It Again

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Chapter One

I was at home one day, just sitting there, watching the T.V. It was quite boring and I was feeling a little ‘giddy.’ I decided to call Dan to see if he wanted to ‘play’ around some. To my surprise the doorbell rang right when I was about to pick up the phone to call Dan.

When I came to the door, there was Dan, standing there with a hard on as big as a fresh ripe cucumber.

“Hey sexy, I was just about to call you…you know what I mean.”

Dan, “Sorry that I didn’t call before I stopped by baby, I couldn’t help myself but to come see you. That time we fucked in Rink Dink Gym locker room was incredible. I miss the sex baby…so now I’m here, ready for round two.”

I couldn’t help myself, I allowed Dan into my house. My cock started to fill with blood. I had to get some fast.

“So…what do you want to do first?” I said.

“Maybe a little fondling, then some hard core ass” Dan said.

“Bring it on baby!” I yelled.

Dan came over to me, he started to unzip his pants. He looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t help but rush over to him and help him out of his clothes. I ripped his pants off, took off mines and started to stroke his big, hard manhood. Dan moaned and called out my name with pleasure.

“Jimbo fuck me baby, do me from behind, lets get this started you fucking stud!” Dan moaned.

So I stopped sucking his lovely cock. I went behind him, slapped my swollen cock on his ass and slid it in slowly.

“Ooh Ahh, yes baby,” Dan moaned.

I wasn’t getting into the sex just yet. Even though his ass felt extremely fantastic, I had to pace myself or I’d blow up too fast and the fun would be over.

As time went by, I began to work Dan’s anus faster and faster. Until my nuts were slapping up against his ass twice a second.

“Yes Jimbo, oh baby yes, press against my prostate gland!” Dan yelled.

I could see that Dan was enjoying himself, and so was I.

I began to get tired of working Dan’s ass so fast, so I slowed down. I could see that Dan was dissapointed in me for slowing the pace down, but I’m not a machine, I become tired like anyone else.

“Jimbo! Don’t stop baby! You were taking me to heaven! Don’t stop damnit!”

“Sorry Dan, I can’t go much faster anymore, I’m getting real tired.”

“Fine! Take your dick out of my ass! Right now! If you won’t fuck me fast then don’t fuck me at all!” Dan yelled.

“No, no I’ll try to go faster, please don’t be upset with me Dan.”

“Fine.” Dan said istanbul escort in a pissed off manner.

So I sped up, as fast as I could, and I saw that Dan was starting to like it again. But, just when Dan started moaning my name again, I became tired and I completely stopped. We had already been having sex for two hours and I couldn’t do it anymore.

Dan yelled, “What the fuck are you doing! I thought you said you’d try harder! I am not satisfied so I’m leaving”

Jimbo, “Well I can’t fuck you forever! It was taking you too long to cum. If you want to leave then fine! I’m not putting up with your shit!”

Dan yelled, “My shit? You’re the one that can’t keep up with my pace. It’s your shit because you’re the one that wanted to fuck me knowing my pace. Maybe you should work your hand for a few hours, you just might master fucking your hand rather than fucking a real man!”

At that moment, I was pissed beyond belief. I took my cock out of his ass and punched him.


Dan screamed, “You fucking bitch! It’s over! Don’t even think to call me bitch!

Jimbo yelled, “We were NEVER together. So fuck off!”

Dan yelled while putting his clothes on, “You aren’t a good fuck anyways. My hand could do the job better than you!”

Jimbo shouts, “Oh really! Thats why you were screaming my name! Get the fuck out of my house!”

Dan said, “You don’t have to tell me twice!” and slammed the door behind him.

Chapter 2

The next day, I couldn’t think straight. I felt really bad for not pleasing my sexual partner. I picked up the phone to call Dan.

Phone, “Ring…Ring…”

Dan’s answering machine, “Hey you’ve reached Dan the man, I’m not here right now, or I might be having sex with my boyfriend Timmy. So leave a message and I’ll get back to you!”

I hung up the phone after the tone went off. I just didn’t know what to do, so I hopped in my Mercedes Benz and took a ride.

While I was driving I came across a bar. The name of the bar was Drunkies Play House. I decided it wouldn’t harm to check it out.

As I walked into the bar I saw tons of people dancing on the floor. The music was really loud, and there were nude females shaking their asses all over.

I took a seat at the bar.

Bar Tender, “What can I get you sir?”

“I’ll have a Rum with Coke.”

I started drinking shot after shot, until I was completely buzzed. A young woman approached me.

“Hi! I’m Candy and you’re hott! Who are you?”

“I’m şişli escort J-J-J-Jimbo, yeah thats right and thanks.”

“Aww, hi Jimbo, wanna have some fun?”

I saw her, and I thought, “Dan would kill me if he found out I was messing with a female, besides I’m gay anyways”

“Uhm, well I don’t know,” Jimbo said.

“Aww come on, I promise you’ll like it!” Candy said.

I didn’t know why I was feeling this attraction toward her, I mean I’ve never been with a female, I felt a bit scared.

“Okay Candy.”

I could barely walk, I felt lightheaded and giddy once again.

“Yeah baby, I’ll take you to the Play House room.” Candy said smiling.

She took me to a place where there were people moaning and having sex in little rooms. I became more scared, I couldn’t believe I was about to get laid by a female. We found a room, it was darkened and had a black light on the ceiling.

She took her clothes off and laid down on the bed.

“Come here baby, don’t you want some sweet pussy?”

I didn’t know what to think, I was stunned for about a half a minute, just looking at her pussy amazed. I had never seen a vagina in real life and I didn’t know what to do with it. I also noticed that my dick was become thickened and was filling with blood fast. I took my clothes off and went over to Candy.

“Can we do anal first?” I asked.

“Sure! I was hoping you’d be up for it!” Candy said with pleasure.

She flipped on to her big bouncy breasts. I looked at her unfimiliar ass. It was pinkish. I stroked my cock a few times to get me going. I slapped my cock on her ass and slid it in slowly.

Candy, “Ssssss mmm baby work it.”

After about 30 minutes…

Candy, “Mmm baby work my pussy now.”

I became really scared when she said that. After all I’d never fucked a pussy before.

“O-ok” I said.

I took my cock out of her ass and slid it into her pussy. It felt warm and juicy. I liked this feeling and I wanted more of it and more often.

While I was trying to fuck her pussy there were some thoughts going through my mind, “Does this make me Bisexual?” “Do I ever want to fuck men again?” I didn’t know what I wanted, I just knew that the fucking I was doing felt amazing.

“Oh Jimbo, yes, yes, uhhhhhh baby! I’m about to orgasm!”

I had never experienced an orgasm, so I sped up and pushed my cock in harder. She started trembling and she closed her eyes tight. Her moans grew louder with every stroke. This lasted for about 7 seconds. mecidiyeköy escort I knew that when a guy cums he stops, so I figured it was the same with females.

I pulled my cock out.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had!” I moaned.

“But we aren’t finished baby, I want you to cum in my eyes and mouth.” Candy said.

She made me get on my knees. She put my cock in her mouth and began to work my cock with her tongue, hands and lips. She spat on my cock at times.

I moaned “Oh, holy shit baby, yes!”

It took her about 5 minutes before I nut all over her entire face. That was the best moment of my life. No man had ever made me feel that way.

Candy, “Mmm yummy cum! Looks like we’re done here! You can leave, and if you want to call me for sexual favors heres my number…”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind” I said.

She handed me a card. It read:

‘Hi I’m Candy! I love men! I love women! I love to fuck! I love to Suck! If you ever need me, call me! At, 1764.548.2647! I give every hot man a free sex trial, but after you get my free sex trial, you have to pay $35 dollars every ten minutes! Thanks alot! Keep me in mind guys and gals!’

I didn’t know she was a whore, I actually wanted to get to know her better, but after I read the card I put my things on and left the bar.

Chapter Three

When I left the bar, I felt like trash. I was still drunk but I had just fucked a whore. I felt terrible about myself. I wanted to be back with Dan. I wanted to make it up to him. I was also thinking about the sex I had just had with Candy. She made me feel terrific. Maybe it was just because she’s a female. I thought to myself “maybe I should try women for a while, I might enjoy it.” Thats what I decided to do. I wabbled across the street to my car and I tried to drive off. It wasn’t that bad considering I only lived three blocks away.

When I came home, I slumped onto the couch and doze off. I was awakened by the phone.

Phone, “Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!”

I decided to let my answering maching pick up.

Answering maching, “Hey sup? This is Jimbo and I’m not available right now! Be sure to leave a message after the beep! *BEEP*”

Voice, “Hey man…I’m really sorry about what happened. I know you have to be at home. Come on, please pick up. I’m really sorry. Will you forgive me? Well I’ll let you go Jimbo. Please give me a call back. This is your lover-well I hope you still love me. Sorry for the things I said. Your lover, Dan” *Click*

I had a feeling in my gut that it was going to be him. I didn’t want to talk to him for a while. I wanted to start from a clean, fresh, new slate.

To be continued…

Hope you liked my story so far, but I’m not finished.

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