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WARNING! This story is that of a Romance between Brother and Sister. There is very little sex mentioned. That which is would not be considered as ‘erotic’. Should this type of tale not be to your taste then I hope you shall consider reading some of my other efforts. Many thanks Wirdsmiff

“Joanne!” I called out loudly.

I had spotted her instantly, the very image of her Mother. Tall, elegant, composed. Her Mother had worn her hair in a high ponytail with a small ruck-sac on her back which enhanced her beautiful breasts. The tight T did nothing to detract from the perfect image. The short skirt was not too short so as to look slutty but short enough to make a very good job of showing off her long, toned legs. Long white socks and sensible travelling shoes rounded off her outfit perfectly.

There were two major differences between Mother and Daughter; the Daughter now wore a computer bag on her back and the other? I had kissed, hugged and waved as my 18 year old Sister walked off into the Departures Lounge to catch a flight to Berlin, to study and, subsequently, build a new life. 25 years later her 18 year old Daughter was arriving, from Berlin. She’s to study at the University a few miles from my home.

“Uncle Jonathon!” came the happy cry as my Niece located the sound of my voice, recognised me instantly and headed my way followed by, “Excuse me. May I get past please? Oops sorry,” as she pushed her laden baggage trolley across the natural flow of the arriving passengers.

“Uncle Jonathon!”

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me in tight for a big hug and an enormous, sensuous, long kiss. I held her as tightly. Eventually we eased apart and I’m certain sure those nearby had the very strong impression that the ‘Uncle’ bit was simply for public consumption.

“That’s from Mum,” she grinned delightedly, “Make sure you give Uncle Jonathon a big, proper kiss and the best ever hug and say ‘I love you’ from me. So, Uncle Jonathon ‘I love you’ and… so does my Mum!” she giggled delightedly.

“And I love you Joanne… and your Mum. Tell her ‘Thank You’ from me when you call her to say you’ve arrived safe and sound.”

“I already did,” she chuckled.

“You’ve already told her that I said, ‘tell her, thank you’?

“No silly! I’ve already told her ‘Thank You’ for telling me to ‘Make sure you give Uncle Jonathon a big, proper kiss and the best ever hug and say ‘I love you’. I’ve told her I’m here and I’ll tell her you said to thank her once we’re at yours.”

“Little Minx!” I laughed.

“And don’t you just love it?” she whispered in my ear as she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek, “I love you Uncle Jonathon.” she added quietly but firmly as we parted for the second time…

=== === ===

I’m 10 years older than my Sister. When I drove her to the Airport I was already married to Kate and had a 9, nearly 10 year old son, Joseph. Kate was already pregnant when we married. My parents were delighted to have a Grandson but less delighted about the circumstances. It had been a quick and simple service as required by the circumstances.

Sandra doted on her little Nephew but could not get on with her new Sister-in-law one little bit. She visited only when I was home, as did my Parents. I worked away a great deal of the time. When Kate decided she wanted to return to work and that Joseph would attend a full time nursery school my Parents instantly stepped in with an offer to look after him. I accepted without hesitation. Kate was happy in the certain knowledge that he would be very well cared for. She was possibly uncomfortable with the fact that her Son would most certainly be instilled with the family ethics of ‘hard work’, family, ‘doing one’s best’ and keeping ‘one’s word’. Kate always seemed able to do the minimum required in each of those traits, unless it was for her own benefit.

As they say, fuck in haste, regret at leisure.

=== === ===

My Parents were happy, my Sister was happy, my Son was very happy and my wife seemed much more cheerful. With everybody at home happy I continued to work hard and build my reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’ in the industry. As my Sister grew older we became closer and closer until it was closer than siblings should really be. I started to spend more ‘at home’ time with my Parents, Son and Sister than I did with my wife. Whilst my wife made no comments one way or another and nothing actually happened between my Sister and I the internal pressures for both Sandra and I were enormous.

By the time she was eighteen Sandra was stunningly attractive in every sense of the word. Beautiful, intelligent, entertaining and caring. What more could a guy ask? Simple — please don’t be my Sister!

Sandra had inherited our Mother’s gift for languages. Somehow she managed to pick them up easily and was acceptably fluent in a few short months. I had inherited my Father’s business acumen and drive.

My Sister and I decided that there was little chance of a future for ‘us’. marsbahis güvenilirmi I was married, she wasn’t and our Parents would never consent to an incestuous relationship even if I were single. We decided that it was best for everybody concerned that we were not together… as far apart as possible.

She found a perfect post for herself in Berlin. Even I had to agree that the job might have been created especially for her. She applied and got the job. She would move to Berlin and, ultimately, built a new life for herself. I would fill my mind with work hoping to leave little space for thoughts of the love of my life.

It was very carefully planned. Joseph was going on a school trip to Paris. My wife was going to Benidorm with a few friends, each to his/her own. I was off to Malta on a short contract. I’d asked my wife if she’d like to accompany me for a couple of weeks. She preferred Benidorm. The idea was that Joseph didn’t end up sobbing his heart out as he watched as his Aunt walked out of his life, even if he didn’t realise it.

Everything went like clockwork. We told Joseph that Sandra had got an exciting new job in another country. He was ten and knew about exciting jobs in other countries, he’d grown up with me away most of his life and his Grandparents looking after him most of the time. In the early days Grandma was often on her own while Grandpa was also away. Joseph was already taking an interest in following in mine and his Grandfather’s footsteps.

Aunty Sandy and he said their goodbyes before he left for Paris.

My wife left in a taxi to meet her friends, at the Airport, the day after our Son left. I flew to Norway for three days to present my data to my clients. I returned on the Friday afternoon and got in the way while my Sister packed. Early the next morning I drove the love of my life to the airport for her early morning flight. We kissed and cuddled until the very last minute. I watched as she walk out of my life forever.

I sobbed hard enough for both Joseph and myself all the way home. I showered, composed myself, rang my parents to be told Sandra was airborne and made a second call for a taxi. The taxi dropped me at the same Airport and the same terminal where I had said goodbye to my beloved Sister earlier that same day. I didn’t rush to enter the building, it held bad memories. I checked my baggage and headed for South Terminal to kill some time before I had to go to the Departure Lounge. It was crazy, she would have landed in Berlin before I even left home for the second time that day.

She rang Mother now and then sending her love to me. I sent mine back, via my Mother and the next call. We didn’t communicate personally. No plans were ever made to meet nor visit.

=== === ===

From an early age Joseph had been excited about the work my Father and I did, as I had been at his age. We’d both spend hours explaining what we did and how tedious it really was but, as it was with me, he wasn’t swayed. We started to show him what we did and how to do it. It didn’t faze him and he grasped the concept quickly.

He was 16 and on a long planned, extended trip to Scandinavia when his Grandfather died. It was known it was going to happen, soon. Dad said that Joseph should still go on the trip and fill his head with good memories rather than sad ones. They said their goodbyes and Joseph left. Dad died two days later.

I had also said my goodbyes as a big contract was offered in deep and darkest China it was going to run at least 6 months. ‘My memory will last forever, Son. Our business will continue to grow, if you don’t take your eye off the ball. I accepted the contract with a heavy heart. If I’d not then I know my Dad wouldn’t have been a happy man when he passed.

=== === ===

She came home for our Father’s funeral. My wife didn’t attend, there was no love lost between my wife and my parents. Mum and my Sister said the final goodbyes for Joseph and I. She would stay a few days to make sure Mum was alright before returning to Berlin. Mum rang me at my hotel to tell me ‘it was done’.

“Your Sister is here, would you like to say hello?”

Our Mother thought that we had had a massive falling out and that the exchange of ‘Sends Love’ messages were just us acknowledging our family bond. I heard the phone change hands.

“Hello Darling, Love you!”

“I know you do my Sweet. Love you too. Pity you are so far away.”

“It is… a great pity. Maybe next time?”

“Let’s hope so. I’m going to pass you back to Mother before I tear up. Love you Brother of mine.”

Before I could answer Mother was back on the line.

“You two alright again now?” she asked gleefully.

“We’ve always been alright Mum it’s just the reality of life and living got in the way. Gotta go Mum, it’s 2 in the morning local time here and I’ve an important meeting at 8 o’clock. Love you Mum, Love you Sister of mine,” I said hoping she could hear.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep and spent the night marsbahis yeni giriş trying to go through the papers for the morning.

=== === ===

The following year Mum died, same as Dad, Cancer, Mum’s passing aided and abetted by a broken heart. Same Hospice. I was working from home, between contracts and using the lull to take a break and keep a close check on Mother.

Joseph, now 17, was in Namibia. A Charity thing supported by the local Scouts. The organisation asked if he wanted to defer his trip. He’d said no, he wanted to remember his Grandmother alive rather than dead, it had made it much easier for him when his Grandfather had passed. He said his goodbyes before he left.

My wife took little interest in what was going on in her husbands family. She’d booked a holiday with her friends as soon as it was confirmed that Joseph was going to be away. To be honest I’d never had any interest in her family, ever, so I couldn’t complain.

As the final stages approached I moved temporarily into Mother’s house. It was a short walk to the Hospice. I tidied it up a bit and organised my Sister’s old bedroom, just in case she knew and was able to come at short notice. I was in my old bedroom.

It was pure luck that I was at the house when Sandra made one of her infrequent phone calls. I told her what was happening. That she would come, was a certainty. This was the ‘next time’. I had no idea what might happen. I picked her up at the Airport the following afternoon, we kissed and hugged briefly then raced to the Hospice. Mum was delighted to see us both together again.

We visited together for the first couple of days so that Mum could see us together. It cheered her up. After that we took turns making sure we both spent time together with her before one of us departed. She was never left alone and the other could be there in minutes if necessary.

She passed early evening while we were both present, change over time. Afterwards we returned to our Parent’s house and talked and talked and talked. Neither of us wanted to go to bed, alone and didn’t want to waste time by being apart. I had travelled the world adding to the reputation of the family business. She loved her work and was moving rapidly up the promotion ladder. Neither of us even suggested that with both parents passed we might be able to settle down together. I was married. Nothing had changed.

The following night she said that, after 7 years she had found a man. She didn’t love him as she loved me but he made her tingle nearly as much and felt that he might be the next best thing. I didn’t probe. I told her I was happy for her and if things didn’t work out she would be welcomed home with open arms. Still neither of us wanted to go to bed, and be alone. I was married and she had a man of her own. We told ourselves that we couldn’t go to bed together. That desire was why we had parted. The nights were long and difficult as we talked and snuggled and dozed.

We came to an essential and deeply traumatic arrangement whereby one of us would sleep while the other didn’t, while we organised the funeral together. Not sleeping was exhausting the both of us.

It was done! The following morning I would drive my Sister to the Airport and she would walk out of my life, again!

I couldn’t sleep try as I might. I wasn’t even close when, about 2 o’clock, my bedroom door swung slowly open.

“Jonathon, you awake?”

“Yes, can’t you sleep either?”

“No, not even close. Jonathon will you… will you make love to me, please?”

We didn’t fuck. There was no eating of cunt or sucking of cock. We made love like a Brother and Sister shouldn’t until it was time to get up. We showered together and giggled like naughty school children. I drove her to the Airport and we kissed and cuddled and promised to love each other forever, until the last possible minute. She had to run but made time to turn and wave.

“I love you Jonathon! Remember me!”

I shouted my reply but I doubt she heard. She was gone.

=== === ===

The years seemed to pass slowly. Joseph was 22 and working with some friends of mine and his Grandad’s in Oslo, putting to use that which we’d taught him. I was in Turin on a contract that would last about 3 months.

My Wedding Anniversary was upcoming. I didn’t bother with Valentines but tried to make an effort for Anniversaries. A Friday, unfortunately it coincided with a major Football match. I didn’t do Football. I also hated crowds of unruly drunks. I decided to go home, surprise my wife and take her out to dinner.

It was I that had the surprise! I arrived home late evening Friday, the house was in darkness Letting myself in, I was about to turn the hall light on when I heard music and voices. She was in the conservatory with friends, I thought. I then realised there were no extra cars in the driveway. Slipping off my shoes I mounted the stairs in the darkness, made my way to the back of the house and peered down into the conservatory marsbahis giriş below.

My wife was on her knees on the conservatory floor, one cock in her throat and another in her cunt. All participants were naked. It was reminiscent of the time she conceived my Son. Two differences, it was her parents lounge and only one cock, mine. I’d spent the afternoon and most of the evening filling both holes.

The very sturdy coffee table she had insisted we needed, it is just perfect Darling!, was fitted with a padded top. One of her friends, a frequent visitor to the house, was laying on her back with her legs held high by the naked male fucking her cunt while another naked male was tickling her tonsils with his cock. A third woman, also known to me was sitting on a cock while another fucked her face.

I wasn’t in the least upset nor angry, freedom beckoned. Pulling my ‘phone from my pocket I eased the window open wider, who looks up through a conservatory roof at night? I filmed half a dozen 30 second videos of the activity below before zooming in and taking close-up shots of the individual actions. Carefully closing the window to its previous position I went to the second bedroom and repeated the process, from a different angle. I had to stand on the toilet pan to take my shots from the master bed en-suite but they were probably the best, they showed the entire length of the conservatory and another naked woman, also known to me, sucking and stroking two cocks simultaneously.

Using the mini Mag-Lite on my keyring I made a quick sweep of the master bedroom. Three tidy piles of everyday wear for females, including undies. I took a couple of quick photos and went to check the other bedrooms for the men’s clothes. I found none. I returned downstairs.

In the dining room I discovered eight of the ten dining chairs had male clothing neatly placed on the seat squab and jackets hanging on the chair back. I could see the action quite clearly through the open patio doors but nobody was interested in looking into the darkness with all that naked flesh to be enjoyed. Removing the wallet from the first jacket I took it into the hallway and photographed everything that could help identify the owner. Returning the wallet I repeated the process for the other seven. After taking further photos and videos through all the ground floor windows I slipped my shoes back on, picked up my overnight case and left.

At my parents house, still used as the company registered office and my base when working from home, I reviewed my evidences. It was all useable and clearly date and time stamped. I sent it all to my cloud, copied it to the office computer and then to a memory stick. I left it all on my ‘phone. I slept very well that night.

At around the same time on the Saturday evening I returned to my house armed with camera, selfie stick and mini tripod in my overnight case. Again the house was in darkness. Again there was an orgy taking place in the conservatory and again I recorded the activity for at least an hour. There was the same number of men but all different to the previous evening. Two of the women were different but were known to me. I made sure I had face shots and all the identity details of the men.

On the Sunday evening it was the same but with more participants. All five women were present, helping my wife entertain two men at a time. I repeated the processes of the previous nights and left them to it. On our 23rd Wedding Anniversary weekend my naked wife had entertained 26 naked men, expertly!

Both lawyers, hers and mine advised her to ‘walk away’ and consider herself lucky. She decided to fight, it was her right!

Her lawyer suggested, with little conviction, that the Mother had nurtured and raised my Son. Mine produced the diarised journals that my Mother had kept of each and every visit, in detail. Nappy changes and food taken, the lot including school visits to set up his formal education and consult with his teachers. The next pitch was that she had helped pay for the general upkeep of the house and maintenance. A ludicrous claim and my brief produced the full set of Bank Statements for the joint account which clearly showed that she had never paid into the account since it’s inception. It did show that she had made frequent, large, cash withdrawals.

My brief then made a counter claim for a large percentage of her business. Arguing that I alone had financed both the setting up, supplied the premises and financed all the activities. Cross referenced to the dates in the Diaries with payments into one of my Wife’s personal accounts. They were not insignificant. There were no payments out of her accounts. I was therefore supplying private child care, via my parents, so that she could go about her business, providing the premises, albeit unwittingly, furniture and all the food, drink and sundries for her orgy’s and other nefarious activities. There was even a payment into her own account, for a significant sum of money, for the orgy that led to the action.

Further cross referencing proved that on each expenditure for ‘party food’ I was out of the country and Joseph was either on holiday, school trip, cub or scout trip, away with Grandparents or simply spending the weekend with his Grandparents.

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