Joe , Karen Ch. 06

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Well, Joe finally saw my submission to the site(Joe & Karen Ch. 5) when he went online and posted his entry to the Halloween contest(Ben & Jerry’s Halloween Surprise). Needless to say it got him very hot and bothered when he read it, not that that’s very hard to do. He jokingly said that I, “Owe Andrew one,” and suggested that if anything like that happens in the future I should break out our digital video camera instead of the binoculars, God knows he spent enough money on the thing. The goofball even set it up on a tripod and stuck it in our bedroom closet so it will be ready! We’ve used it quite a bit with the kids and on vacation, though, and we even made a couple sex tapes that turned out pretty good.

Anyway, after my little venture into voyeurism I found myself looking out the window of our bedroom every time I passed it. I saw Andrew and his folks in the back yard once in a while but nothing like I saw that one day. I guess I was hoping to see something sexy again and was a little disappointed every time I didn’t. Had I turned into some kind of peeping perv after only one chance encounter? All I know is that it was very exciting, watching someone like that when they didn’t know they were being watched.

One Friday Joe packed the kids in the old SUV and headed up to the mountains to do come camping. It was a guys-only, male bonding kind of trip, which was fine with me because I don’t like camping. I was picking up a bit that afternoon and when I passed my bedroom window I looked out and saw Andrew heading out to the pool with a towel and the usual poolside equipment. I ducked to the corner of the window where I had stood when I watched him before and waited to see what would happen next.

Andrew set his book and drink down next to a lounge chair and laid his towel out onto the chair. No magazine this time but who knows, maybe I’d still get to see something. My hopes of seeing anything interesting plummeted when I saw Andrew’s stepsister Sheri walk out moments later. Their parents were both previously divorced and each brought one child to the new marriage when they had joined a few years ago. While I had always found Andrew to be a very polite, nice young man, his stepsister had always rubbed me the wrong way. She was always very brusk, almost to the point of rudeness. I suppose she gets away with it in a lot of circumstances because she is quite beautiful. Her mother is Hispanic so Sheri has the raven hair and tanned skin that comes with it.

Sheri walked out onto the deck in her tiny yellow thong bikini and set her things up at a lounge chair next to Andrew’s. Just seeing her kind of annoyed me because I recalled the couple of brief encounters I’d had with her and they were not fond memories. She grabbed a bottle of tanning oil and handed it to Andrew as she lay down on her lounge chair on her stomach. I imagine that she had pretty much ordered him to put oil on her back, because that’s pretty much how she treats everyone.

With nothing much else to do I just stood there watching Andrew squirt oil out onto his sister’s back and smear it around. He worked it around and slid his hand under the string that was tied across Sheri’s back and then moved down the lounge chair and sat next to her legs. He grabbed the tanning oil bottle and squirted a line of oil up one of Sheri’s legs, across her butt, then down the other and sat the bottle down. Andrew began spreading the oil over her legs, covering the backs and sides with both hands, and worked his way up to her butt. When his hands reached her bare bottom, with only a string running between her cheeks and around to the sides of her hips, Andrew smeared the oil over them, lightly massaging them as he did.

As I watched it struck me that Andrew was spending a little more time on his sister’s butt than would appear necessary. It was well-oiled but he continued to massage her cheeks, running his hands over them and between her upper thighs as his hands passed over them. Sheri was just lying there so she must not have had a problem with it. After a few moments on Sheri’s butt, she rolled over and Andrew again grabbed the tanning oil bottle and squirted it out on the tops of her legs. This struck me as odd, seeing as how Sheri may have needed Andrew to do her back but she could obviously do the front herself.

Andrew worked the oil over Sheri’s legs and moved up her body, then poured some oil out over her stomach and chest. He worked the oil around and when his hands moved up from her stomach to her chest they pushed the triangles of her top up as her oiled her bare mounds. It appeared that I was finally getting what I was hoping for as he massaged Sheri’s small, perky breasts. The tanned skin surrounding her white peaks made quite a contrasts and I could see her breasts quite clearly when Andrew’s hands weren’t covering them.

So this is how it was in their family. I think if they had actually been brother and sister, with both the same mom and dad, I think this would have grossed me out, but they were only step-siblings. I watched in amazement as Andrew played with and tweaked Sheri’s Escort bayan nipples and thoroughly massaged her breasts. Sheri then sat up, reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. Andrew then laid down on his lounge chair on his stomach and Sheri grabbed the oil. She spread oil out over Andrew’s legs and then sat down on his butt to apply oil to his upper torso.

Sheri covered Andrew’s back in oil, at times leaning down and sliding her slick breasts over his oil-covered back. I could see her pointy nipples jutting out from her pert mounds from way up where I was when she would sit back up. She then had Andrew roll over and she sat next to him, applying oil to his chest. The bulge in Andrew’s swim trunks showed that he was obviously enjoying the proceedings. I was so preoccupied with what I was seeing, and with my hand between my legs playing with my wet pussy, that I had forgotten to get the video camera to film what I was seeing(as Joe had suggested).

When I realized that I could be taping the scene down by the pool I ran to the closet and grabbed the camera and tripod. I set it up in the corner of the window where I was standing, out sight from below, and fired it up. The zoom on the video camera was very powerful, and the viewscreen was a good size, so once I aimed the camera down at the pool and focused it, I had a view just as good as I had with my binoculars before. Better even, since my hands were free to play with myself while I watched the screen.

I grabbed a chair from the corner of the room and quickly moved it over next to the camera, off to the side where I couldn’t be seen but could see the viewscreen clearly. I slipped off my shorts and panties as I sat back in the chair with one leg slung over the cushiony arm of the chair. I had zoomed the camera in quite a bit and the two of them filled the viewscreen. Sheri had moved down to Andrew’s legs by the time I had gotten everything set up and his legs glistened in the sunlight.

Sheri slid her hands over his thighs, and on one pass, her right hand disappeared into Andrew’s pant leg. Given the movement of Sheri’s arm, and that her hand was in his trunks, I assumed she was stroking her brother’s hard cock inside. Andrew reached up and played with her bare breasts as she continued to stroke him. After a moment, Sheri removed her hand and Andrew pushed his trunks down and off. I was once again staring at my neighbor’s hard member as it pointed upward. It was good to see it again. I had been fantasizing about his masturbating by the pool ever since I saw it happen, and now I was going to get to see him put his hard dick to some good use.

Sheri squirted some oil out onto her palm and began sliding her slick fist up and down her brother’s erect pole. She jerked him for quite a few strokes and then stood up. She then untied the sides of her string bikini, letting it fall to the deck, and she straddled the lounge chair. He dark, neatly-trimmed, pubic hair stood out against the light skin of the small triangle of untanned flesh. Andrew grabbed the base of his cock and pointed it upward as his sister lowered herself down onto it.

Sheri slid down on Andrew’s cock and began ride him. I continued to rub my swollen nub as I imagined that I was the one who had lowered myself down onto Andrew’s cock. She ground down on him and moved up and down as he played with her breasts. Sheri bucked and bucked on him, and sat up, reaching behind to brace herself on his thighs, as she appeared to ride herself to orgasm. Andrew grabbed onto Sheri’s hips and shoved his cock into his sister harder and harder as she moved up and down to meet his thrusts. I brought myself off as I watched Andrew fuck Sheri and continued to watch as I came down from my orgasm.

As I watched on, Sheri quickly moved off of Andrew. After Sheri lifted herself off of his dick, moving down slightly to sit between his legs on the lounge chair, she grabbed his pole and began jerking him off and Andrew shot his load as his sister pumped his swollen cock. As intense as my first voyeurism encounter, this one was even better. And I got it all on camera so I could watch it again anytime I wanted to.

After Andrew and Sheri both came they jumped into the pool and laid out in the sun to catch some rays. Andrew put his trunks back on but Sheri remained naked as she tanned. I couldn’t stand there watching the two of them all day so I left the camera running as I went about my day. Later that night I hooked the camera up to the TV in our bedroom and scanned through the footage but nothing else had happened. I wound up going back to the beginning of the footage and I watched the sex scene again. I once again played with myself until I came while I watched Andrew and Sheri. Damn it was hot watching them screw! If I thought I was some kind of pervert for always looking out the window before, now after seeing the neighbor’s kids screwing, I was definitely hooked!

The next day I fought the urge to watch the video again. I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it and I stuck by my guns. I did find Bayan escort it hard to focus on whatever I was doing throughout the day, though, and continually wanted to touch myself when I thought of the hot forbidden sex I saw. As the afternoon wore on I decided to have a couple drinks to take the edge off. I was horny as hell with Joe nowhere around. Damn I wished he was home.

As I puttered around the house and sipped mixed drinks Joe’s comments that I “owed Andrew one” echoed through my head. I began to wonder if I could go through with some kind of set-up where I would let Andrew see me naked. I’ve never been much of an exhibitionist and it really isn’t in my nature but I began to think of Andrew getting all worked up after watching me and jerking off again. Hell, maybe I’d even be able to catch him doing it and get it on film this time. I’m sure the alcohol played a role in my deciding to go for it but so did my horniness. The more I thought about it, the more the idea turned me on.

I began to think of ways that Andrew would be able see me but it had to seem totally natural. The only window he had a view of from the back yard is our bedroom window, the same one I’d been spying on him from, so I determined that it would be the place where I would put on my “show.” I devised a sort of plan where I would make sure he was down by the pool, get his attention, and then go through the bedroom changing my clothes.

The anticipation of my strip show made me wet before I even started. I continued to sip mixed drinks as I hung out in my bedroom, waiting for the right time. As the sun began to set in late afternoon I looked out and saw Andrew out by the pool. He had that little net thing on the end of the long metal pole(since I’ve never had a pool I have no idea what it’s called) and was fishing leaves out of the pool. I gulped down the last bit of liquid courage I had in my glass and put my plan into motion. It was a warm afternoon and I already had my bedroom windows open, using the ceiling fan for circulation. I figured if it was music coming from a stereo that had gotten my attention when I caught Andrew masturbating, I would use the same method to get him to look up to my window. I turned the stereo in my room on, loudly enough to be heard next door I hoped, and walked closer to the window to ensure I would be seen. I acted like I had a purpose, moving about the room, as I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. I then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and slid them down and off.

I knew I was visible from next door because I was pretty close to our large bedroom window. I’m pretty sure Andrew could see everything above my thighs where I was standing and I stopped in front of the window for his viewing pleasure. I was facing a large mirror on the wall adjacent to the window and I looked at myself, clad only in brad and panties, as I stood there. I began to run my hands over my breasts lightly, almost absent-mindedly, trying not to act like I was purposely putting on a show(which was hard to do!). I looked down at my breasts for a moment and then reached behind me to undo my bra. After unhooking the clasps I pulled the straps down over my shoulders and took it off.

I stood there looking at my topless form in the mirror, again running my hands over my breasts lightly, looking as if I was in a daze I’m sure. That was my purpose, to seem like I was just off in my own thoughts, looking in a mirror(which he couldn’t see of course), in the privacy of my own home. I wanted to peek out the window to make sure Andrew was looking but I dare not do it. I was afraid he would see me look out and I thought everything would be ruined, so I just kept no doing what I was doing, hoping he was looking. I then slipped my panties off and tossed them aside.

I could feel the wind from the ceiling fan moving the cool air between my legs. I shivered with goosebumps for a moment as the air hit my moist pussy, but it didn’t last. Like I said, it was a warm day and the setting sun made me room even warmer. I was pretty worked up, wondering if Andrew had an erection as he stood there watching me, if he was watching at all, my pussy just got wetter. I reached down and touched it briefly and wanted to play with my now-hard clit but I didn’t necessarily want to masturbate for Andrew. I just wanted to give him something to fantasize about without giving him the show he gave me(don’t ask me why, just my logic).

It was at this point, with me standing naked near the window, that I realized that my plan didn’t go any further that this. What was I supposed to do now? I was really beginning to feel the heat of the day and I remembered that our neighbors had told Joe and me that we were welcome to use their pool any time. A cool dip sounded very good at this point. And I was enjoying putting on a show for Andrew. I decided to grab my skimpy bikini, the one that I have NEVER worn around anyone else, and had only put on when I was tanning in my own back yard, and go next door to give Andrew a closer look at my bod. I was really getting off on my venture Escort into exhibitionism and my libido, and the alcohol, had made me want to continue my show. What harm could a little flirting with my young neighbor stud do, I asked myself.

I walked over to the dresser drawer where I keep my swimsuits and dug out my bikini. It isn’t as revealing as Sheri’s thong bikini, but given that fact that I have a much fuller figure than Sheri does, it’s quite sexy and shows a lot of what I’ve got. As I was tying the strings of the bikini I thought to myself that Andrew was sure to enjoy the view. I put on a short terry cloth beach robe and went downstairs. I then grabbed a small cooler and put some ice and beer in it to bring with me. I figured I’d use it as a sort of payment for Andrew’s letting use the pool.

I poured myself another mixed drink and headed for the neighbor’s gate. I knocked on the gate and opened it, announcing, “Hello, anybody home?” Andrew invited me into the yard and I walked in, shutting the gate behind me. He had finished cleaning the pool and was standing in the back yard in only his swimming trunks. I told him it was a rather hot day and I thought I’d take up his folks on their offer of using the pool. I added that I brought some beer to share but I had forgotten to bring a towel. Andrew said that was no problem and that I could use one of theirs, taking the cooler from me. Andrew grabbed a nearby towel and said I could use it and he grabbed a beer from the cooler.

I put my drink down and grabbed the towel. I then faced away from Andrew and leaned over to put the towel on a nearby lounge chair, making sure to bend over enough so that my short robe rode up. I gave Andrew a nice long look at my rear before standing up and untying the belt on my robe. I undid the belt and peeled back my robe, showing off my bikini-clad body in all its glory. I was certain that Andrew was drinking in the view of my voluptuous body when I heard a voice come from the doorway of his home.

“You know Karen, you really should close your blinds when you’re in your room changing.” I froze at the sound of Sheri’s voice. OH SHIT! I assume that Andrew must have seen the strip show I put on, but it appeared that Sheri had seen me too. “Were those blinds open,” I stammered, “I hope you didn’t see much, I’m so embarrassed.” I was scrambling for what to say, trying to act like I had accidentally given my neighbors a show instead of doing it intentionally. I hadn’t seen Sheri when I started my show. Damn! Why hadn’t I looked out the window again at some point?

“Oh, come now, Karen. Judging by the look on your face I don’t think you knew I was here. I saw how you bent over when you put the towel down, practically sticking you ass in my brother’s face. I think you wanted Andrew to see you up there,” she said as she walked over to me. She was wearing the same bikini I had seen her in when she screwed her brother the day before. “Tell me brother, in the whole time they’ve been living next door to our house, have you ever seen our neighbors changing in their bedroom,” she asked. “Now that you mention it, no. The blinds are always closed in their room,” replied Andrew, “I’m always hoping to catch a glimpse but I never did. Sheri continued, “Now, she comes over, dressed in the skimpiest swimsuit I’ve ever seen her wear, with beer for you.” Sheri walked in a circle around me, looking me up and down as she went. She was obviously checking me out.

“Have you ever seen her wear this bikini, Andrew,” she asked him. “No, she always wears one-piece suits. Nothing this hot,” he responded. “This is ridiculous” I protested meekly, not knowing what to say, “I’m a married woman…” “It doesn’t appear that Joe’s anywhere around,” she interrupted, stopping behind me, “Andrew, I think Mrs. Robinson is trying to seduce you,” she added, now talking with her mouth right by my ear. I “got” Sheri’s reference to The Graduate but was surprised someone as young as she would know about that line.

I was still standing there frozen, not knowing what to say or do. Part of me wanted to run screaming but another part of me wanted to tell them that I had seen them screwing the day before and how hot it got me. I could feel Sheri’s warm breath on my ear as she continued to goad me on(the little bitch!), “I think Karen wanted to get her young stud neighbor all hot and bothered, then come over and fuck his brains out.” A jolt of electricity shot through me as I felt Sheri’s perky tits press against my back through her bikini top. She reached up and began to lightly run her soft hands over my shoulders and continued to speak to her brother.

“I think Karen came down to give you a closer look at these,” she said as her hands moved down my arms and slid over to my breasts. My nipples hardened as she ran her fingers over the fabric covering my breasts, and she made light contact with my stiff nubs. What the hell do I do now, I asked myself. I was still unable to move. “She’s got great tits. Why don’t you come feel,” she coaxed as she moved her hand to the back of my neck. She untied my bikini top and it fell down, exposing my large breasts to Andrew. She then untied the back of my top and it fell to the ground. I could feel my breathing quicken as Andrew moved in front of me. I closed my eyes as Andrew’s strong hands reached up and massaged my bare breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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