Jogging and Sex

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I was out on a jog through the park this morning trying to get myself back into shape when I spotted an extremely attractive brunette in front of me on the running path. She looked to be in her early or mid-30s, about 5-foot-6, long straight light brown hair past her shoulders, a great figure, and a very nice ass to watch while I jogged. She was wearing black spandex pants and a bright red t-shirt.

Instead of staying behind and enjoying the view I opted to pick up the pace and start jogging next to her, knowing that if I stayed behind her any longer I’d begin to get a hard-on which would have made jogging impossible. I decided to strike up a conversation with this beauty.

“Hi, I’m Gary it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Hi I’m Beth and yes, it is a great day.”

Getting the chance to look at her from the side and see her face, I noticed she had stunning blue eyes and very nice breasts, I’m guessing a C cup, that seemed to bounce slightly with each stride.

“I’m out here trying to get myself back into shape,” I said while trying to conceal the fact the pace was starting to make me winded. I’m 45 years old, 5-foot-8 with a bit of a gut, thin arms, dark brown hair, and a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.

“You look like you don’t have too much further to go, you’re looking good,” she quipped.

“Thank you, you look great yourself.”

“I wish my husband felt that way. He’s told me more than once I’ve put on weight and don’t have the same hot body he married 10 years ago,” she said while looking at me more closely.

“He’s nuts. I’m willing to bet you’ve gotten better looking with age as I can’t imagine you were hotter 10 years ago than you are now.”

“That’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever said to me,” she said while grinning.

Then she hit me with a comment that shocked me.

“Would you be interested in fucking? My husband seems to have lost interest you’re obviously very attracted to me”

“I don’t think I could cheat on my wife,” I said while staring at her breasts. “But I’ve never been propositioned by someone as hot as you. I hope I can resist the temptation.”

A minute later we stopped at a water fountain near the rest rooms for a drink of water. She told me to go first.

As I bent down to get a drink I felt her breasts press against my back and one of her hands rubbing my cock, making it start to stiffen and she ran her tongue on my neck and whispered in my ear, “are you sure you don’t want me? I want you. Just say the word and I’m yours.”

“You’re hot and I want you,” I said as I turned around, making no attempt to hide my hard-on. “You’re making it tough to resist you. But I’m trying to think with my head and my heart, not my cock. If I was the kind of guy that easily cheated on his wife we’d already be in the rest room fucking each other’s brains out. But that’s not me. You’ll have to do better than that to tempt me and hopefully I can continue to resist.”

Although I said that, I knew my ability to resist was fading. After nodding her head in response, she moved in front of me to get a drink. When she bent over to get a drink I pressed my pelvis and hard-on against her ass through our clothes, grabbed her breasts through her shirt and said, “but this is the effect you’re having on me”

“That feels good, but I wish it was inside me, with my pussy squeezing it tight. Are you sure you don’t want to fuck me? I’m already wet for you. I want to have my pussy wrapped around that cock making it slick with my juices while I ride it hard.”

I love dirty talk during sex, probably from watching too much porn, but my wife doesn’t like to talk dirty. But with Beth talking that way looking as hot as she does and the last of my resistance was gone.

“If we’re going to fuck, do you have a condom and how would you want it?”

Her face broke into a huge grin, “let’s go buy a box, get back to my place, and see how many we can use in the next few hours”

After a quick trip to the store we were back at her place.

She took off her shirt, revealing a black sports bra.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me, hurry up and get undressed,” she growled.

She then took off the bra revealing a beautiful set of breasts and then took off her pants and panties. She looked magnificent naked.

“What are you waiting for?” she squealed. “Get naked so we can start fucking”

I quickly stripped and once naked she pushed me onto my back and gave me a slow and sensual hand job, putting her tits in my face so I could lick them. Then she moved them down and wrapped them around my cock, rubbing them up and down, doing everything she could to get me harder.

“I can’t wait to feel this inside me,” she cooed. “It looks like the perfect size.”

After rolling a condom on me, she put her hands on chest, swung a leg over my body, and quickly lowered herself onto my cock.

“I hope you’re ready for some power-fucking because I need it bad,” she purred.

There was no going slow with her, she started riding me hard and fast. student sex parties porno I grabbed her hips and started thrusting my hips up every time she came down so my cock would go even deeper. We were working like a well-oiled machine. The sound of skin slapping against skin was echoing in the room with her moans of pleasure.

I couldn’t sit up, so I pulled her back down so I could start sucking her tits as she rode. I quickly progressed from licking and sucking to nibbling and biting – leaving hickeys and teeth marks on her areolae and on fleshy part of the tits. I couldn’t take much more and warned her I was getting close.

“Good,” she said while looking me in the eye and smiling. “I want you to shoot hard so I feel your cock twitching inside me.”

With that I thrust up hard, groaned and came harder than I ever did with my wife. She shrieked with pleasure as her body shook in orgasm.

She laid on top of me, plunging her tongue between my lips.

“That was amazing, I hope you can get it up again quickly because I still need it bad,” she said when our kiss broke.

As I laid there catching my breath, she peeled off the condom and licked my cock clean, teasing it with her tongue, twirling her tongue around the head. She then ran her tongue up and down the shaft before licking my balls.

“C’mon baby, I need you hard again,” she panted while she licked and sucked my balls and stroking my cock.

Between her tongue, hand, and encouragement it didn’t take long for me to get hard again. She put a condom on me and bent over the arm of the couch.

“Give it to me good lover boy,” she said while looking over her shoulder and licking her lips. “I need to feel that hard cock pounding me good.”

With that I grabbed her hips and slammed into her in one thrust. Like her, I didn’t start slow, I was pounding into her pussy as hard and fast as I could from the first stroke.

“Your cock feels so hard and so good, I love it!” she shouted.

I reached one hand around so I could rub her clit but found her hand already there, so I moved mine up to those perfect breasts. I squeezed them tight and pulled her up so she could lean back and kiss me while I plowed into her. Our tongues met and she reached an arm up around my neck and panted obscenities about how good it felt. Those panted obscenities were music to my ears. After several minutes I told her I was getting winded and needed to change positions.

With that she got on the floor, rolled over onto her back, started rubbing her pussy and with a huge grin on her face said, “come get me big boy.”

I laid down on top of her, slid inside her, and started fucking her missionary with a slow, steady stroke so I could catch my breath. She wrapped her legs around my lower back and started to thrust her hips up to me and begged me to go faster. She groaned into my ear and realizing I like the dirty talk started using every profane phrase she could think of about how it felt to fuck that way.

It didn’t take much of that for me to fire my second load of the day while buried deep inside her pussy. After she took off the condom and cleaned me up with her mouth again, she asked if she thought I could get it up one more time.

Breathing hard I told her I might be able to but needed time to catch my breath and recover.

We laid together naked, kissing for several minutes as she licked my neck and ear while I kissed and licked her cheek and neck. Some thoughts of guilt passed through my mind; that I was the type of SOB that would cheat on a loving wife and how hurt she would be if she found out. However, in this moment of lust and mind-blowing sex, my cock had taken control and was doing the thinking instead of my head or heart so those thoughts of guilt were quickly pushed out of my mind.

Five or ten minutes later, when I felt like I caught my breath, we got into a 69 and her pussy tasted sweet despite how much time my condom-covered cock had spent there. I feasted for 10 minutes or more while she gave me one of the greatest blowjobs I’d ever experienced, she kept bringing me to the brink and easing back. I ran my tongue and fingers all over those juicy lips, sliding them into the folds and rubbing her clit.

“You better stop now or else I’m going to shoot in your mouth,” I warned.

“You don’t know how hard you’re making this for me,” she whined. “I really want you to shoot in my mouth so I can taste you, but what you’re doing down there has made my pussy hungry for your cock again.”

With that she stood up and faced me. I got up, slid another condom on and backed her onto the kitchen table, making it scrape on the floor, and lifted her legs up and entered her with one quick thrust. I leaned forward as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist. The table was scraping the floor slightly with each of my thrusts and I was getting worried we might scratch up the floor and/or break the table with how wild we were; her pushing her hips up to meet me submissive cuckolds porno as I pumped into her. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed passionately before I couldn’t hold back anymore and with one final thrust pushed into her as far as I could, the table moving a few inches across the floor, and held still as I came. We smiled at each other breathless saying how amazing it was.

She licked me clean again and then we said our goodbyes as she asked for a repeat performance soon.

Thankfully my wife was working late and wasn’t home when I got in later than usual from the jog. Although I was feeling guilty, I didn’t say a word about what happened because I didn’t want to hurt her.

The guilt increased as she came home in a naughty mood saying she had a rough day and was hoping for some great sex to relax her. While we made love I was a little more aggressive than usual, thrusting a little harder and faster than the tempo we usually use.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” I replied. “I guess I’m noticing anew just how sexy you are and it’s turning me on.”

Thankfully she believed me and responded by matching my physical enthusiasm and was more vocal in her moans and telling me what she wanted than usual. I didn’t want to admit that while I was fucking her I was thinking about Beth. I was making mental comparisons as to pussy tightness, physical enthusiasm, moaning style, and more. Without a condom and thanks to all the action earlier in the day I felt like I lasted longer than usual as well, which made my wife really happy, especially when I fired my load inside her.

“Baby, thank you, this is just what the doctor ordered,” she said as we laid together hugging, her head on my shoulder, my cum dripping out of her pussy.

“You were wonderful too,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek.

My guilt involved three things. One was the fact that I had become one of those SOB husbands that cheated on their wife. The second was that in the heat of the moment with my wife having the most passionate, spontaneous, intense sex we’ve had in months, I was thinking about Beth. The last was the fact that I knew deep down that I had to have Beth again and if given the opportunity I would fuck her every chance I got.

My wife and I eventually drifted off to sleep, laying naked next to each other.

The next day I was out jogging and ran into Beth again. She had a big smile on her face.

“Guess what?” she said.

“I don’t know”

“My husband fucked me senseless last night,” she eagerly told me. “He saw the kitchen floor scratched up and asked what happened. I told him about what happened with us, showed him the condoms, got naked and showed the bite marks and my pussy lips as proof. He looked at my naked body, puffy pussy lips, out of control hair, the bite marks and hicekys you left on my tits and told me he didn’t realize I was still this hot.

“While he was fucking me he asked if he was good as you were. I told him ‘no, Gary’s cock was smaller but he knew how to use it better.’ This made him jealous so he fucked me harder and in more positions, trying to top you. We fucked on and off for four hours straight – oral, pussy, anal, doggy, missionary, you name it, we did it, taking a few breathers to recover. He came four times, which is more than he’s done in years, covering me in cum because he refused to cum inside me. I lost track of how many orgasms I had. My pussy is feeling a little sore and might need a break today. But if I get turned on again craving cock, who knows what will happen, I might just give it another good workout.”

“How about I kiss it and make it better?” I said with a grin.

“You dirty boy. Here in the open?”

“No, over in the woods, in the rest room, or back at your place.”

“How about back at my place? I’m afraid of getting caught out here in public.”

Ten minutes later we were back at her place and naked.

She was sat spread eagle on the kitchen table while I sat in a chair in front of her. I was licking her sweet pussy, sliding my tongue between her folds loving her taste, sucking those lips into my mouth. I reached up and squeezed those perfect breasts as I mashed my face and tongue against her. She pushed my hands away and moved hers down on top of my head. As my mouth and tongue found her clit again she began sighing with pleasure and held my head in place. I slid one, then two fingers inside her and slowly finger-fucked her while lapping at her clit and outer lips.

She slid her feet up my legs and was giving me a foot job while I ate her. She was driving me crazy as she used the balls and arches of her feet to rub and stroke my hardening cock. While doing this, she was also doing the dirty talk between sighs of pleasure, using profanities to tell me how much she wanted my cock and how good my tongue and fingers felt. I was in heaven and soon her sighs of pleasure had turned into shrieks of joy as she came, covering my face in her juices. I kept taboo heat porno licking and we went on like this for what seemed like forever.

“I didn’t get to taste your cum yesterday and need to do it now,” she moaned.

With that we got into a 69 on the floor. Her mouth had me in heaven and I was lost in the taste of her pussy when all of a sudden we heard a male voice shout out, “what the hell is going on here!? Honey stay on all fours like that and if you’re Gary move in front of her”

I did as I was told and moved in front of her and placed my hands on her head as she resumed sucking me. I could see who was shouting now. The guy was 6-foot-6, short black hair, built like a tank, and had an anchor with Beth’s name under it tattooed on his left arm. He looked like he could kick my ass with just one punch.

“You hot, horny, cheating slut get ready for your punishment.”

I saw him take some baby oil and start fingering her asshole. Sliding one, then two fingers in and she started saying, “oh god, please go easy, it’s still tender from last night.” He didn’t respond. He stood up and pulled his pants down revealing a hard-on that was a good 3 inches longer and probably two inches thicker than mine.

He started to ease it into her ass slowly, pausing every so often so she could adjust to its size. Once he was all the way in he started to thrust into her harder. His thrusts forced her mouth onto my cock harder.

Much to my disappointment, she released my dick from her mouth. The disappointment was short-lived as almost immediately she started stroking me hard and fast saying, “cum on me baby, I need to see you shoot, I want to taste your cum.” After a few more strokes and watching them fuck I lost it and started shooting, the first two shots hit her face and tits before she lowered her mouth onto my cock for the rest of my load. He groaned he was getting ready to shoot and with that she whipped around and wrapped her tits around his cock and he shot hard with his cum flying over her tits and landing all over her face and hair.

She laughed and said, “Thank you boys. How do I look?”

“Like the hot sex maniac I married,” her husband said.

“Like a woman that knows how to satisfy her men,” I added.

“Good, because you two haven’t satisfied me yet,” she said excitedly as she proceeded to start sucking and stroking us back to hardness. She alternated between us, sucking one while stroking the other, then switching. At times she would stroke both of us and alternate whose balls she would suck and lick. It looked like a scene out of a porno and it seemed like she was loving the fact she had two cocks to play with and didn’t want to stop playing with either.

Once we were both hard she had her husband lie down on the floor and she straddled him and started to ride him slowly. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me saying “your average, thin cock is a better fit for my ass and I want some dp, think you can handle me back there?”

My grin and hard-on were the answer she wanted as I slipped on a condom and got behind her. I grabbed onto her hips to steady her, took some baby oil and poured it onto my cock. Then I lined it up and slowly pushed my way into her tightest hole. The feeling was indescribable as it was my first time having anal and my first time involved in a dp. I started to thrust into her and I could feel her husband’s cock through the thin membrane inside her as she surrendered herself to us. Her moans and sighs of pleasure were music to my ears. Knowing I get off on the dirty talk she threw in a few grunts of “fuck me harder” and “I love having cocks in my ass and pussy.” I managed to find the right rhythm so that we were both deep inside her at the same time. She was babbling like a mad woman about how good it felt and leaned forward and kissed her husband passionately as I leaned over to slam into her harder and grab onto those magnificent tits.

“I want to feel both of your cocks twitching inside me as you cum,” she grunted.

A few minutes later I thrust myself as deep as I could and just stayed there as I exploded, my cock twitching as I shot stream after stream into the condom. Seconds later I felt her husband go off inside her as well. After I pulled out she peeled off my condom, licked my cum out saying it was yummy and licked me clean while her husband watched.

She then straddled her husband’s face saying “Honey have some of your cream pie while I feast on your cock.”

At that point I knew I should head out so they could enjoy each other without my being a third wheel. But I couldn’t resist watching them as she lowered her body onto him for the 69 she wanted. I focused on her deep- throating him. The look of pure lust on her face, especially in her eyes, as she ran her tongue over his cock before slowly taking it in her mouth had me stroking my own cock. She must’ve seen this out of the corner of her eye and was motioning for me to come over and was pointing at her backside.

I just smiled and shook my head no. She intensified the rate at which she was bobbing up and down on his cock while reaching down to play with his balls. I started stroking myself faster to match her pace. He must’ve been doing something right because she was suddenly moaning loudly against his cock. He was starting to moan as well. All of this was pushing me to the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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