Johnny’s Conquest: Lucky in AC

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Johnny has known JD ever since the second grade. So when it was time for him to get married, Johnny was named the best man. While JD’s future wife and her bridesmaids each had their own countdown to the wedding date, the guys were looking for a different event: The Bachelor Party.

Johnny and JD would be meeting the rest of the groomsmen at The Regal Casino in Atlantic City. The entire group would be Johnny, JD, their friend Adam, JD’s Cousin Blake, and the bride’s brother Rick. There was no real plan for the evening. Everyone was planning on drinking, gambling, more drinking, probably a strip club, some more drinking, then all of the single guys in the group would hopefully get laid in some fashion.

After everyone arrived in the late afternoon, they all settled in to the hotel room they were crammed in, popped open the first beers of the night, and decided to find somewhere to eat. Upon walking around the casino floor, Johnny decided to kill some time by playing video poker. Only three hands into his play, he earned a four of a kind and jumped ahead $500 for the night.

“Holy crap!” proclaimed JD, who was watching over Johnny’s shoulders. “I guess you’ll be the lucky one tonight.”

“I hope this isn’t the last time I get lucky.”

Johnny took his cash voucher and tucked it into his pocket. He and JD joined the rest of the group on their search for food. While walking across the casino floor, they all took notice of the model standing alone in the floor with a small stack of fliers in her hands.

“Hey guys! You here for a bachelor party by chance?”

“We are” replied Adam. “It happens to be for this fat bastard.”

“That’s cool. Well I want to give you guys these, then. The casino has a club called H20, it’s the one with the pool in the middle of it. These are some passes for the VIP level, enjoy!”

“Why thank you very much. Will you be there by chance?”

“Well you’ll just have to go and find out!”

The group walked away and Adam felt he scored some major points with the model.

“I was smooth, right guys?”

“Oh yeah, very smooth” said Johnny.

“Think I’ll fuck her tonight?”

“That’s shooting a little high, isn’t it?”

“Maybe. But this is why we gamble. Go big or go home, fellas.”

The gang eventually found a spot for dinner, ate, then spent to early evening having drinks on the casino floor before going back to the room to get ready for the nights real festivities.

Everyone was planning on looking their best. Johnny decided to dress nicer than he usually would considering the special occasion. He put on a dark green dress shirt, rolled the sleeves up a quarter of a way up his arm, tied a grey tie, put on a grey vest with matching pants, his grey Adidas sneakers and a green, grey, and black plaid tweed hat to finish off the outfit.

“You look awesome” commented JD.

“I feel awesome. So what’s the plan tonight boys?”

“Do we actually want to go to that club?” asked Blake.

“My model may be there” said Adam.

“JD, you make the call” replied Johnny. “This is your night brother.”

“I saw we at least check it out. If it sucks, we’ll go somewhere else. We’re VIPs there, after all.”

They all took the elevator down to the casino floor, all feeling like they were the reincarnation of the Rat Pack. When they made the walk from the elevator to the club, they could feel the eyes of all the women in the casino looking at them. The amount of beer they already had in their system was probably adding to that feeling, but that was not going to stop them from having a good time.

After waiting in line to get inside, they flashed their VIP passes and had their cover charge waved. They were motioned towards steps to the upper VIP area, but Johnny instead bee lined to the closing bar.

“You have that much of an itch already?” asked JD.

“If there is going to be any stretch of time where I have to listen to house music or techno in this place, I’m going to want to be lubed up.”

After finally making their way to the VIP room, they saw what looked like a different cliques of people either hitting on each other or trying to hit on each other. There were a few gaming tables set up which some of the guys decided to partake in.

Johnny on the other hand decided to sit back with JD to see if there were anyone he wanted to try to work his charm on. What eventually caught his eye was the group of people in the corner. There were three guys, all talking to a small blonde in a tiny blue dress. She looked to be about 5’3 with small breasts but, from what he could see from the angle he was at, had a good ass. She seemed to be tossing back drinks, which was way three different guys were trying their hardest.

But Johnny was not interested in her, but he friend. She was about 5’6 and was on the bigger and curvier side. She knew not to try to wear a dress as tight as her friend because hers seemed to fit just right for her body size. Like most curvy women, her breasts seemed to be on the larger side with teach that-bitch porno Johnny could already imagine what he could be with them. She was on the edge of the group, taking sips from her drink, seemingly waiting to receive as much attention as her friend.

“See that girl, JD? The one in the black and white dress in that group over there?”

“The one with all the bros?”

“Yeah, she’s clearly with that tiny blonde in the blue dress, right? Well all the guys here are going to the friend because A, she seems to be tossing it back more so everyone probably thinks she’ll be an easy lay, and B, she has more of the “sexy” body type.”

“You can say that.”

“Well no one is going up to her, so if I go up to her my chances are much better because there’s less competition and if I’m the first one, the confidence boost alone probably makes it a sure thing. The quality may not be as good, but I’ve had GREAT experiences with curvy girls.”

“Curves make the world go round.”

“Exactly!” So if you don’t mind, I am going to try to get lucky.


“Thank you.”

The two shook hands, Johnny gave himself a quick look over, grabbed his drink and headed over. The friend looked disinterested and almost annoyed at all the attention her girlfriend was getting. A half smile instantly came over her face just by Johnny approaching her.

“Hey is everything okay?” asked Johnny.

“Um…yeah, why?”

Johnny leaned in to speak closer to her ear so that only she could hear him and be able to feel his breath on her neck.

“You look almost in peril since those guys should be talking to you instead of her.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because I saw you from across the room and think you’re one of the best looking women here.”

She laughed and blushed at Johnny’s flattery. “Is that the line you’re going to try to use on me?”

“Well you at least laughed. Even if it was at me, I’d rather get that reaction better than no reaction.”

“So if I said I thought you were a jackass for even trying to talk to me, that’d be ok with you?”

Wow, Johnny was not expecting this. He decided to drop the suave act and instead act more like himself, see how that would work.

“Man, ‘jackass’ is a little harsh. If you said ‘dumbass’ that would be one thing but…man. I was simply making sure you realize your friend over their shouldn’t be the only one getting attention. But if you don’t want any, I guess I’ll just be over there with my friends. If you change your mind, you’re welcomed to come over and have a drink bought for you. If not, good night, gorgeous.”

A look of regret and despair washed over her face as Johnny walked away. Despite the façade she was trying to portray, she really was upset that her friend was getting all of the attention and was grateful that anyone, especially someone like Johnny, would pay attention to her.

Around fifteen minutes later, Johnny and JD had been joined by more of the group when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Hi, I feel like we got off on the wrong foot.”

“Wrong foot? I’m not sure we got off on any foot.”

“My name’s Naomi.”

“Johnny, let me get you that drink.”

“Thank you!”

She already seemed five times as more pleasant as she was early. She led the way to the closest bartender as Johnny got his first full glance of her. While the dress she had on hugged her body, it was still flattering. She was definitely full figured as her hips led to a big ass. When she turned around, Johnny got a glimpse of why he enjoyed being with full figured women from time to time. If he had to guess her breasts size, he would guess between 32-36E, though they could have been as high as an F-Cup. She had them in full display for everyone to see, but it appears that Johnny was the only one taking notice.

After they each got a drink, they stood close to each other to better hear themselves and Naomi started her apology.

“Sorry for my attitude earlier. My friend Kristal can be, well she can be herself sometime.”

“It’s no problem, you’re here now and that’s all that matters. So this isn’t the first occurrence of something like this?”

“No she does this anytime we come out here.”

“How often is that?”

“Every few months. We both live in Jersey and he dad is a lawyer. His firm gets rooms comped and he gives them to her. And whenever we go, she wears a skimpy of clothes she can and gets as much attention as she can.”

“I guess she just wants a wide range of people to choose from?”

“That’s the thing, she never hooks up with anyone, she just likes the attention.”

“Oh well that’s good…I guess. So if you don’t like it when she does this, why do you keep coming out?”

“Because it’s a free weekend in Atlantic City and if I’m lucky a hot guy will come spend time with me. Lucky me.”

They both took sips from their drinks as they eyed each other up and down.

“Well if both of you strike out, at least you two teamskeet porno still have each other” joked Johnny.

“Yeah, we really only did that once or twice.”

“What was that now?”

“Oh nothing. Hey they’re going down to the dance floor let’s go!”

Never one to be a dancer, Johnny reluctantly followed Naomi down to the dance floor. The only thing that kept his legs moving was the thought of possible titty fucking and cumming over her enormous tits. The blood flow from that imagery helped his legs move as well as begin to stiffen his cock. When they got to the dance floor, they shuffled up next to Kristal, who was dancing by herself.

“Where did all of her friends go?” said Johnny into Naomi’s ear.

“She probably got bored of them already. Oh wait, there’s one!”

In the corner of the room, Johnny could see one of Kristal’s potential suitors, almost scouting her as if she was a deer on the opening day of hunting season. While he had an intense look on his face she could not have looked any more bored.

“Oh this will be over shortly” said Naomi.

“Does this happen often?”

“Only when we go to these kinds of places. Casinos, nightclubs, I’m usually the one on the side while she gets the attention.”

“Well that’s not happening this night. You know what?”


“I’m just going to go for this.”

Johnny put his hands around her waist and pulled her in for the kiss. Naomi seemed shocked at first as she kept her lips closed. When their mid-sections touched and she felt his hard-on poking out of his pants, she got more into it. They exchanged tongues and wrapped their hands tight around each other. Johnny could feel her tits press against his chest and could not help but slide a hand under them and cop a quick feel. They both pulled away and each took a deep breath.

“Oh Wow” said a breathless Naomi.

“Sorry. Was that uncalled for?”

“Oh God, no. Just wasn’t expecting it. I was hoping for it.”

“Thank god. Never want to offend a beautiful woman like yourself.”

Naomi once again blushed, than her eyes quickly dashed down to Johnny’s erection poking out from his pants. Johnny noticed and glanced down as well and attempted to cover up.

“Oh I guess that’s a little noticeable.”

“No it’s ok. It’s very ok. Um…”


Naomi leaned in so her mouth was right next to Johnny’s ear. “Can we go back to my room?”

“Of course we can, darling. Lead the way.”

Naomi smiled and exchanged more kisses with Johnny. This time, she got him back for feeling her up by grabbing his package through his pants. When they were done, she looked over her shoulder to see Kristal slamming her last drinking and motioning to Naomi.

“Oh I think Kristal is done too. That’s her sign she wants to leave. Care if she walks back with us?”

“No not at all.” Johnny was wondering if the drunk friend will end up cock blocking him, but Naomi quelled his fears.

“Don’t worry about her. Our suite has two different rooms so we can still be alone.”

“Perfect! I’ll meet you by the door.”

Johnny left Naomi to corral Kristal. He checked his phone and saw a few messages from his fellow bachelor party mates. They all wanted to know where he was, so he picked the most recent message and tell him not to wait up for him. He looked up to see Naomi pulling Kristal by the hand then motioning to the door.

Kristal was drunk, but still coherent. The trip back to their hotel room consisted of small talk, Kristal rambling about how unimpressed she was with her previous potential suitors, and Naomi giving Johnny looks that screamed “Fuck me.”

The girls’ suite was definitely the best Johnny had ever seen. There were clothes spread across the first room, which had a pull-out soda. Johnny did the honorable thing and pulled the bed out for Kristal. He wondered why it wasn’t pulled out already. Was Kristal so sure she’d be spending the night in another room? Were they going to share a bed? Just how close of friends were they?

Kristal got on the phone and ordered room service for herself as Naomi and Johnny slid into their room for the night.

“I need to get out of this dress. Quick unzip me?”


Johnny unzipped the dress, but it stayed on for the moment. Naomi went into the bathroom closet, and pulled down two bathrobes.

“I think the plan is for us to steal these later, but you can put one on if you feel like it.”

“Trying to get me naked already?”

“Figured it would make you more comfortable. That’s my plan.” She hit the bathroom light on. “Oh and feel free to kill the lights in this room. We don’t need to give Kris too much of a show.”

Naomi closed the door behind her. She wasn’t being as playful as she was in the club, but Johnny had made it this far, so he figured the deal was sealed already. She walked over and killed the lights to the bedroom. Kristal was entertaining herself with her phone, still in her club clothes in the other room. With the tecavuz porno lights off, the room’s window provided enough of a glow to illuminate the room enough. The aura of Atlantic City had him feeling lucky so he stripped all the way down and put the bathrobe on. He could hear the sink running in the bathroom so he went up and put his ear to the door. He could hear the sound of Naomi brushing her teeth, so knowing that she was decent, he opened the door and joined her in the bathroom.

“Oh…hi” said Naomi through her toothbrush. Johnny could only see her bathrobe, but thought he caught the glimpse of her black bra strap, implying that she was still in her underwear.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked while walked up behind her. As she finished brushing, Johnny slid behind her and put his arms around her waist. He pushed his hard dick up against her ass. Loving the feeling of him pushing up against her, Naomi put her arm around his head an opened up her robe. She had an all black bra and panty combination on, a classic look that caused Johnny’s dick to swell even more. He ran his hands down her body, getting two handfuls of her enormous breasts.

“Good God how big are these” he playfully whispered.

“38DD” she playfully whispered back.

Johnny pulled off her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor.

“God you’re so sexy.”

With all the attention that Kristal was getting from everyone else, Johnny thought it would be nice to give Naomi all of the attention he could. While pecking her neck and shoulders with kisses, he slid a hand down the front of her panties and started rubbing her clit. The move caused a whimper of pleasure to come out of Naomi’s mouth. The whimpers became louder and louder and Johnny moved his fingers from rubbing her clit to sliding inside of her pussy.

“Oh my God…” were the only words Naomi could form.

“I want to see these” said Johnny as he pulled his hand out of Naomi’s slit. He unhooked her bra and pulled it off her. By the time he started rubbing both breasts, teasing her nipples as he did it, Naomi slid out of her panties.

“Want to head into the bed?” asked Johnny.

“I want to suck you cock.”

“Oh well then. Lead the way.”

Before leaving the bathroom, Naomi ripped off Johnny’s robe and latched a hand around his hard shaft. She pulled him into the next room but before she could throw him onto the bed, Johnny spun her around and put his fingers back inside her.

“I wasn’t finished with you yet.”

He stuck two fingers inside her and curled them, making sure to brush by her clit every time he pulled out. Naomi’s eyes started rolling into the back of her head and clutched the bed sheets with her hands.

“Oh my God! Baby, how are you so good at that?!?”

He pushed his fingers deep inside her snatch and started licking her clit.

“Holy shit! No one’s…ever made me cum…from this!”

Johnny’s started finger banging her harder and harder until he felt her pussy twitch and cum all over his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and gave her a few moments to collect herself.

“You ok, darling?”

“Get on your back.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You don’t need to call me ma’am” joked Naomi. “I’m just going to suck your cock.”

Johnny propped his head on the pillows as Naomi slid down under the bed sheets. She put her mouth around his hard and started sucking and Johnny couldn’t believe the feeling. Whether it was the force she was sucking, how wet her mouth was, or how her tongue rubbed against the head of his cock, but it was one of the best, if not, the best blowjob he had ever received.

“Holy fuck!” moaned Johnny. Every time he exclaimed something, Naomi would suck harder. Before he knew it, he could feel himself getting ready to cum. He had never cum this early during a sex session, but then again, he never had his dick sucked like this.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” Johnny pried his cock out of Naomi’s mouth and shot a load of cum into the air onto his pelvis.

“Oh fuck, no one’s made me cum from just a blowjob. Jesus Christ that was amazing.”

“Well why’d you make me stop?”

“What do you mean? You were making me cum.”

“I know. I was going to swallow you.”

“Oh…I’ll remember that for next time.”

While Johnny recovered, Naomi slid up and exchanged passionate kisses with him. She straddled him and arched her back.

“You can play with my tits. You can do whatever you want.”

They spent the next couple of minutes making out and fondling each other. Naomi would reach down and stroke him, waiting for his dick to get hard again. When it did, she took a deep breath and asked Johnny an all important question.

“So I know we did just meet, but, well, we’ve done everything else and I want you to have sex with me.”

“I want to have sex with you.”

“Is that why you haven’t left yet?”

“That and because the bed’s comfy. Think Kristal would mind if we did it above the covers?”

“I don’t care what she thinks right now. Just get inside me.”

“Wow, I thought you were being all innocent for a second.”

“Yeah…fuck being innocent. Fuck the shit out of me.”

Johnny got up and stood at the end of his bed. He grabbed Naomi around the thighs and pulled her to the end of the bed.

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