Jonathan’s Angel

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He knew it the first time he spoke with her. She was warm, witty, softly spoken, smart as whip and had a smoldering sexiness about her that he had never experienced before.

He was transfixed by her every word. She was a lady, was articulate in the way she presented her views, he was spellbound by the way she approached various subjects. He was, to put it simply, in love. Well, as much in love as anyone could be, given the circumstances. You see, she was an online acquaintance. That new comer to the modern age of technology, the computer online chat, had put him in touch with the woman of his dreams. As any onliner knows, this is a common thing, this temporary escape from reality, the freedom to choose and be anyone you like for an hour or a day or however long it takes to grasp that experience you are looking for, and then move on to something else. In Jonathan’s case though, it was considerably more than that. He was truly in love, he longed to see her name flash across his screen, he treasured the moments that he had with her. Sometimes they were brief, sometimes long and languishing, but there were never enough conversations with her, he always wanted more.

She was intriguing. She made herself that way by being interested in a most varied array of subjects, but it was her naiveté, her bubbly outlook on life, her exuberance that gripped his imagination. He thought about her for hours on end. Thought of taking her in his arms, holding her tightly against him. Smelling her warmth and sweetness. He longed for her day and night. There was only one thing that stopped him from seeking her out and making his fantasies a reality. She was married. So for Jonathan, his fantasy would never be a reality. It would only ever be just another online dream.

It was Christmas time, mid December; the store was packed with people. For Jonathan, it was going to be a good month, people were buying like crazy. Not like the other years, this one was rocking and rolling right into his bottom line figures. His bonus depended on it, and he was working hard to make it happen in a big way. The retail store he managed was doing a booming business, mostly due to his innovative ideas, and warm and charming personality. He truly loved talking with all of his customers, saying good morning, asking about spouses, taking special care of those who needed it. He was a good manager, and people genuinely liked him. Not only his patrons, but his employees as well. He met his current girlfriend that way. She was a friend of one of the girls that worked for him. She had extolled all of his good qualities in a conversation with her best friend Madeline, Maddy for short, and after a few brief encounters, and a little coaxing from Joyce, his employee, he asked her out. Maddy was a little wild, cute, and fun to be with, just what Jonathan needed at the moment. Someone to take his mind off his online Angel. He enjoyed being with her, taking her out, she was good company.

He was busy gauging some racking equipment, trying to decide how to make more room in his already overcrowded store, when all of a sudden he was almost knocked off his feet. Two tiny arms encompassed his waist, the person no bigger than his chest, had a deathlike grip on him. Without ever having laid eyes on her before, he knew it was his Angel. He didn’t even have to look at her to know she was everything he had been thinking about. Just the scent of her hair in his nostrils was enough to take him right to the edge, he had to gently grip her by the shoulders, and push her slowly away so that she could not feel his rock hard cock. In those few seconds when he realized who she was, with her pressed up against him like that, he had become fully aroused and even started to ooze. He was thankful that he always wore a suit jacket when he was working on the floor or he would have been very embarrassed indeed.

As he gently stepped back from her, he got the first good look at his Angel. She was more than he had ever hoped for, very petite, long golden flowing locks, down a little past her waist, a beautiful heart shaped face, gorgeous large blue eyes, her pink soft lips flashed him a full beautiful smile. She even had the voice of an Angel, as she sung out his name melodiously, “Jonathan”, she uttered breathlessly, “it’s me, Angie.” Just as breathlessly he answered, “I know.” She giggled, and turned from him, and grabbed a man who was standing close by, by the hand and presented him to Jonathan. “Jonathan, I want you to meet my husband, Glenn.” At this point, he was more than a little conscious of his hard cock, but he put his hand out to shake Glenn’s hand and received a firm friendly grip in return. He sized him up too as well, good looking, about 6 feet tall, already Jonathan was a little jealous, he had always wanted that extra inch to make himself 6 feet, but he never made it, he had remained 5’11’. You could see how a woman like Angie would go for a guy like Glenn. They were a good match, and although he would have liked to have taken Angie right there, on the spot and made love to her, he was glad she was with someone she loved.

Since Angie had told Glenn so much about Jonathan, they had decided to stop in the store to meet him and take him to lunch. He didn’t need any coaxing, and the three of them left to a small nearby restaurant. He sat directly across from her, he tried not to be conspicuous, but every chance he got he stole long glances her way, or looked at her intently Antalya Escort as she spoke during the conversation. He wanted to capture her every movement in his mind, her every gesture, even the way she crinkled her nose when she laughed. God but she was beautiful. Glenn was a lucky man. He needed to remember all of this for a very long time, they did not live close by, and just happened to be in his town on other business. He wished he had a photographic memory, he wished he had a photo. On a whim, as they passed the local variety store on the way back from the restaurant, they passed one of those photo booths. He asked if they could get their pictures taken together, both Angie and Glenn readily agreed. They were 3 for $5.00, they each got one as a souvenir of their meeting, he got the one with just Angie and him together. He walked them to their car, and again shook Glenn’s hand, and embraced Angie briefly as they said good-bye. It was the best of days, it was the worst of days.

Three weeks later, after the holidays, he got a call from Angie at the store. She was having a small dinner party at her house, and would he like to attend and bring a friend with him? He readily agreed to the invitation for both himself and Maddy. It was to be this coming Friday evening. He was extremely excited by the prospect of seeing his Angel again.

When he got home he thought about it some more, and before long he found himself in his rented room, masturbating with the picture in front of him. His cock started to fill out his boxers as he thought about the sweet smelling aroma of her hair. He could feel the warm blood filling his dick and his seed awakening as his cock grew to its full 7 inch length. When he adjusted his shorts, the angry red head of his now completely hard rod was visible and pushing its way out of captivity. He slid them down his legs, and pushed them off the bed with his feet. He opened his legs wide, and stared at the picture, imagining how it would feel with her riding atop him. He reached down and grabbed his hard cock in his strong hand, wrapping the fingers around it tightly and squeezed, slowly drawing his fist up to the head. As he did that, a small pool of clear fluid developed on the tip. He swiped his finger across the head and placed it to his lips, his tongue lashing out and tasting a tiny portion of the sweet salty flavor. He longed for it to be her tongue tasting his hot juice. His right hand gripped the thick, vein engorged shaft, and moved up and down slowly as his left hand began to squeeze the roundness of the now purple head. How good it felt, and he moved his hand down briefly to squeeze and feel the heaviness in his balls, boiling with his hot load. He started to squeeze and twist them working up the pressure, while still pumping his hard pulsating cock. The blood was rushing faster to the fat swollen head and when he was sure he couldn’t take any more, he grabbed the head and squeezed shooting a thick, warm load of cum all over his chest, and as soon as that hit another shot hit him almost in the same place. The rest ran over his fist and cock. He only wished she were the recipient of his now spent love juices.

A soft knock at the door broke the spell that he was under, and he quickly grabbed a pair of jeans to answer it . It was the landlord, Mrs. Jenkins, an elderly widow who rented a room to help subsidize her social security check. She had tears in her eyes, when she told Jonathan that at the beginning of the following month, he would have to move, her daughter needed a place to stay, and she had to ask him to leave. Although he was a little angry that he had to leave, his heart went out to the old woman, he really liked her, and tried to help her by doing small odd jobs around the house. She repaid the kindness by always managing to have something warm and good for him to eat when he came home from work at night. They were the perfect compliment to each other, and they both shared in the sorrow of his having to vacate.

When he heard his name on the loudspeaker at the store to pick up the outside line on Saturday, he hoped it would be an answer to one of the many phone inquiries he had made for rooms and apartments. He was almost shocked to hear his Angel’s voice on the other end. And the voice he heard was not angelic either, but rather perturbed. “I suppose you have a perfectly good explanation,” she began rhetorically, “because I will only be accepting death or childbirth today. And since I am talking to you, and I seriously doubt you have given birth in the last 24 hours, then I believe we do have a failure to communicate here.” It was then that he realized that he had forgotten all about the dinner party, all about his Angel. He began by imploring her to accept his humble and inadequate apologies, and then proceeded to relate his eviction tale to her. Of course she immediately understood, and told him that he could make it up to her and her husband by joining them for dinner, just leftovers from the previous evening, but still good and plentiful. He agreed without hesitation.

He walked up to the little house on the corner, his Angel’s house, and stood looking at it for a moment before proceeding. She lived here, she slept here, she ate here, she loved here. The house showed her touch from the beautifully filled flower boxes in the windows, to the welcome mat at the front door. It was adorned with angels with cherubic faces, it made him feel welcomed, made Antalya Escort Bayan him feel safe.

She opened the door as he came to it, he was right on time, the perfect guest she had said. She closed the door behind him, and just beyond the small entrance foyer stood Glenn, his hand outstretched for that familiar warm, firm handshake. The evening was quite uneventful; the three of them had much in common, from politics to favorite authors, from music to gardening. They had similar senses of humor, and they all got along quite fittingly. And then they hit him with a bolt of lightning. They asked him if he would consider moving into their home until he found a place of his own. He would be asked to pay the same amount he was paying now, for basically the same services. The situation had been discussed between Angel and her husband, and they needed the extra cash, and he needed a place to stay. It was simple, it was decided, he would move in the beginning of the month.

Maddy became his outlet for the sex that he could not have with Angel, she was sexy and teasing and she loved to make him cum. He adored her, he didn’t love her, but he adored her. He brought her to Angel’s house quite often, the four of them played cards, watched movies, or just had lengthy conversations. When he took her home at night, more often than not she would give him a blow job in the car before she went inside. Some evenings he would lick her hot, wet pussy till she came in the back seat. But she wasn’t Angel, and as much as he tried, he could not get her out of his mind. One night the three of them, Glenn, Angel, and Jonathan were home. Glenn was watching football, Jonathan seated in the adjoining room, reading a book, and Angie was feeling a little amorous. She tried to snuggle up to Glenn, and he shrugged away from her saying “Go bother Jonathan.” With a sarcastic “Well then I will,” trailing her, she bounded into the accompanying room and landed right square in the middle of Jonathan’s lap. She surprised the hell out of him, and then their eyes locked, and in that very second they both knew. They just knew. He very gently slid her off his lap, and picked up his book, and stuck his face in it. She went off somewhere to do something else.

The next few days were torture for him, he tried to avoid her completely, and by doing that he knew it was very obvious, but he didn’t know what else to do. She made up his mind for him. One morning, Jonathan heard the door slam, it was Glenn heading out to work at 5 am, he always left the same time everyday. He turned from his side to his back to go back to sleep, and then heard the door open softly. It could only be one person, Angel. She stood by the side of the bed for a moment, listening to his breathing, then she said, “You can’t fool me Jonathan, you are not sleeping, I can tell by your breathing.” And with that, she climbed up on the bed with him, pulled down the blankets to expose him in just his shorts, and placing her petite pussy squarely on his growing manhood, she straddled him.

She was an angelic vision in a white lace see through nightgown. Her golden curls, framed her face, and tumbled down her back in a waterfall of softness. Her tiny hands were placed on his chest palms face down, pressing into him and she slowly ground her pussy around in small circles on top of his hard boxer covered cock. He was almost in shock, it was his dream come true, at least he hoped it was not a dream. But he could feel the wetness of her sweet pussy begin to penetrate through his shorts, and he knew it was not a dream. She crossed her arms in front of her, reached down and grabbed the hem of her nightie and pulled it slowly upward. His eyes traveled from her perfectly trimmed golden pubic hair upward to her tiny waist, to her perfect upturned, hard nippled breasts. Oh God she was a sight to behold. He was right all along, she was an Angel. A perfect one. He didn’t know where to begin, but she did not wait for him. That morning she was an animal. He had never seen her move so fast, she had always been such a lady, so refined, so careful about doing things. But not that morning. She lifted herself from his rock hard cock, and fairly ripped his shorts off. They were both naked now, and she was so wet, and he was not even inside her yet. She bent down and kissed him passionately, he took her in his arms and held her tightly, just as he had imagined just a few weeks earlier. She continued to grind her swollen pussy over his cock, and then she sat up, lifting her body up in the air, and took both of her hands, gripped his blazing member, and began to sit squarely down on it. Her eyes were glazed; she let go of his cock, and moved her pussy slowly down the throbbing mass of manhood. Her breath was coming in gasps, as she rode up and down his hard cock, his hands held hers as she used them for leverage slamming her soaking wet pussy down on him again and again, her pussy was gripping and releasing him over and over, he never felt anything so wonderful, and then she screamed, literally screamed as she came, so many hot, wet waves of release flooded his cock. He was soaked. She buried her face in his shoulder and cried. He could feel her warm, wet tears on his skin. And then his own orgasm began, he had felt that familiar boiling in his balls and the movement and churning of the blood pumping through his cock, but this was incredible. He exploded with such force that he almost knocked his Angel from Escort Antalya atop him onto the floor. When the last load was shed, he too lay gasping for breath, and although he did not cry, he knew how she felt. It was an overwhelming feeling washing over them of penned up release. He held her for almost an hour before they even spoke.

When they did, it was soft murmurs, soft touches, and soft kisses. They did not speak of anything consequential, just of how much they had longed to be together, but never letting the other know. He wanted to make love to her and she let him. She hungered for him, she wanted him, she needed him. He began by taking her beautiful angelic face in his hands and touching his lips to her soft pinks cheeks. She smelled every bit as good as she did in his imagination, even better. He traced her features with his finger, taking as much of her into his mind as he could. He kissed her soft pink lips gently, and they parted slightly to let the tip of his tongue inside her mouth. He began to probe it more deeply and she opened her mouth to him with warm welcome, and he accepted graciously. Her tongue moved to touch his, to feel the strength of his. She was so perfectly proportioned, so tiny, yet so sexy and open with him. This was a side of her he had never seen; she seemed to lose herself in her own sexuality. It was a part of her he would grow to cherish. His fingers trailed through her beautiful hair, while his mouth moved on top of hers, tasting her saliva as she tasted his. He could feel the heat begin to rise from his balls again, pushing and pumping the blood back into his cock. In a matter of minutes, he was hard again, and pressing into the soft skin of her thigh. Her hands were around his neck, and fingers were running through the back of his hair. He loved how she felt so close to him, so warm and tender. She felt the same way. They wanted to be inside each other, that familiar, that intimate. His warm lips trailed down her soft face, and his fingers moved her hair to the side to expose her neck to his desirous mouth. He kissed her softly, tenderly there, her nipples grew erect from the sensuality of his kisses. He moved one hand slowly down her chest to cup one of her breasts. He moved his thumb across the hardened nipple slowly in a back and forth motion, and making her arch her back so that he would make more contact with her. He took her hint, and began a circular motion around the nipple, just grazing the tip on occasion but using more pressure this time. She was starting to moan softly. His hard cock was pressed against her hip, and as he pushed gently into her, she pushed back at him, moving slightly with his rhythm,. grinding her hip into his hot meat.

He was becoming excited by the prospect of eating her hot, juicy pussy. She had told him one time, she had never had that experience before, and he wanted to be the first. He was so enchanted with her that he tried to lick her entire upper body; he wanted to devour everything that was her. He moved slowly down her chest till he got to her perfectly upturned breasts. He pressed his lips to one and placed a wet, warm kiss on it, and then the other. Slowly he covered one sweet nipple with his lips and sucked gently until the encompassing aureole disappeared into his mouth. She arched her back again, this time groaning loudly. His other hand cupped around the breast, rolled her hard nipple between his thumb and finger, furthering her excitement. Her hands started to move down his chest, and her fingers started playing with his hard nipples. He loved the sensation; nobody had ever done that to him before. He wanted more. He began to tweak one nipple while gently biting the other, she in turn, began to pinch his quickly and let then let them go. She pressed her hip into his manhood harder and he could feel the precum squeezing out of the opening in his cock, her hip was becoming moist and sticky against him. He shifted his hand from her breast, and slowly, lightly moved his fingertips to her exquisite mound. He parted her legs gently, pushing first one inner thigh outward, then the other. She began to moan incessantly. He placed one finger at the bottom of her soft beautiful pussy, right between the two lips, but just at the surface, just enough to wet his finger with he love potion, and slowly dragged it upward to the top of her mound. He brought it up to his nose and breathed in her scent first, like addressing a fine wine. Then he took the tip of this tongue, and licked off just a hint of her juice, as if too much too soon would be unbearable. Then he opened his lips and slide the entire finger into his waiting mouth. He savored the sweet flavor of her, she was all he had dreamed of. Just that small taste was enough to place him immediately between her legs. His swollen hard, fat, wet cock, lay under him as he placed her knees over his shoulders and back as he opened her slit with his trembling fingers. She too was shivering at the thought of his face between her legs, licking her private parts. No one had ever done that before. She was glad it was going to be Jonathan. Her tiny hands gripped the bed sheets, the crumpled sheets filling her hands. She never felt so vulnerable, yet so thoroughly wanted. He held her beautiful blonde lips open with his fingers and gently pushed his tongue inside starting at the top, and then moving downward, increasing the pressure, and the depth as he went lower. Oh how wonderfully sweet she tasted. He could hear her groaning louder the deeper his tongue went. He pushed his thumbs into her slit deeper, and opened her up wider. He could see how amazingly wet she was becoming and he tried to keep up with her juices by licking and swallowing as soon as he loaded his tongue with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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