Journey of Discovery Ch. 02

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I peered through the murky window of the train to try to get my bearings on where I was. It was now quite dark outside, although it was possible to make out the steep bank of overgrown vegetation immediately across the adjacent tracks. It gave me no indication of where I was, however, although I could determine that the train was dawdling along at a lazy pace. Perhaps I had missed an announcement? I turned down my music to listen out for an update and glanced around the carriage for signs of reaction from my fellow passengers.

The giggling teens were both looking at me as I turned my head towards them. The chubby redhead immediately dipped her head, the red blush of her cheeks clearly evident. The cute Indian, however, held my gaze for a moment or two, a faint, flirtatious smile appearing on her dark lips. I smiled back fully in response…breaking the spell completely! She ducked her head towards that of her friend and the two whispered and giggled conspiratorially. I blushed at my own foolishness. Attempting to flirt with a girl young enough to be my daughter!!! How ridiculous!! That said…she was very cute and I’d always had an attraction towards Indian women.

My already hard penis throbbed again at the momentary thought of enjoying the attention of such a young and attractive woman. Her friend wasn’t especially attractive, though nor was she ugly, not by any means. I briefly allowed my imagination to wander to thoughts of what illicit naughtiness these two cheeky minxes might get up to together in their rooms at home…when their parents are downstairs innocently assuming the girls are listening to music and flicking endlessly through fashion magazines. Could they be intimately involved? Have they enjoyed the pleasure of one another’s naked bodies…one so toned and dusky, the other curvaceous and pale…both so soft and virginal!!! I laughed to myself at the preposterousness of my fantasy!

I turned to the book-reading business woman. She was still absorbed by her book, a novel by Jill Mansell, I noticed. It was not as intellectual as I would have guessed from her professional attire, so it intrigued me. It seems this apparently serious woman has a frivolous side! I wondered what else this could mean. Her outfit was careful chosen, that much was clear…elegant and fashionable certainly…but a closer inspection revealed a lacy detail around the buttons of her blouse and, more intriguingly, a clearly defined seam on her tights. Were they tights? Or stockings perhaps? Holdups or suspenders?!!

My earlier encounter with my girlfriend’s holdups sprang immediately to my mind…remembering the texture of the lacy elastic tops and the softness of her thighs. I knew that I was staring now, eyeing up this middle-aged siren! For that is what she had now become in my sex-craved mind! My admiring gaze took in the desirable curve of her calves and the sexy fullness of her skirt-clad thighs and rump and, of course, her tempting, tormenting, bosom that I had admired shortly before.

I watched the rise and fall of her breasts and wondered what lingerie she had selected that morning. I was sure it would have been a deliberate choice rather than a random grasp into her underwear draw. Her bra and panties would match, for sure. She would equally certainly be wearing knickers and not a thong. I surmised that she would know exactly what type of panty would best suit her full bottom and would be conscious of avoiding a visible panty line. Something lacy certainly, I thought probably French knickers or lacy hipsters. Probably white too or cream or ivory with a dainty, feminine floral pattern in the lace. I imagined the matching bra, cupping her heavy breasts, soft against her pale skin. Would it be see through? I didn’t think so. I assumed I would have to unclip the clasps and free her breasts from their constraints in order to glimpse her nipples…large and fat, I hoped, ripe cherry-red set within wide round aureoles.

The more I thought and the more I looked the more that I wanted to suck them and bite them. I could imagine her moans…her hands grasping my head and pulling me into her bosom.

The train jolted, breaking me from my reverie. My eyes were fixed unashamedly on her breasts. Well, not so unashamedly…she was looking at me! My admiration had not gone unnoticed. I felt the wave of heated embarrassment sweep over my entire body and burning my cheeks! I instinctively looked away immediately.

Had she just glanced in my direction or had she actually noticed I was staring? Was she angry or was she sharing my embarrassment as she had done earlier? I thought she must think me to be completely perverted to have caught me appreciating her breasts twice within what, half an hour! I daren’t look back, but I wanted to, needed to! I could feel my face radiating with heat. Even the tips of my ears were tingling! It was one thing to share a flirtatious smile with the cute teenager, but for some reason türbanlı porno with this mature woman my thoughts felt transparent and I, in turn, felt naked and vulnerable. It was absurd!

I closed my eyes and tried to lose myself once again in my music and in thoughts of my girlfriend. Inevitably my mind’s eye focused on my girlfriend’s breasts…relatively small in comparison, with small pale buds that were quick to stiffen. I recalled again how she had gasped earlier when I grazed her nipple with my incisors and how she had pushed her chest toward my mouth, eager for my attentions.

I felt the brush of a shoe against my shin. I opened my eyes and realized that I had slouched down in my seat and was anti-socially taking up more of the foot space than was polite. The lady opposite must have knocked my shin whilst crossing her legs. I looked down and saw her foot an inch or two from my trouser leg. Deep red painted toes in a simple strappy black heeled sandal. I could also just make out a delicate tattoo; a leaf and floral pattern winding from the top of her foot around her ankle bone to the base of her shin. Her ankle was delicate and her calf slim, smooth and tanned except for the tiny pale blemish of a scar midway along her shin.

Her knee was slender, hooked over her other thigh and bent at nearly ninety degrees. From her knee my attention was naturally drawn along her long and shapely thigh. I noted the evenness of her golden tan and again the smoothness of her firm skin. Either she had plenty of time on her hands to enjoy the summer sun, or she was a frequenter of tanning salons; to the gym too given the sensuous but subtly athletic toning of her limbs.

My gaze lingered on this pleasurable sight before finally, eventually, lifting to the pale blue hem of her denim skirt…her extremely short denim skirt, upon which her magazine still lay. I guessed that when standing it reached to mid-thigh, though possibly higher, but as she sat in the train seat it had evidently ridden a few inches higher than that. For a brief moment I studied the dark triangle of shadow that was bordered by her skirt and the V of her crossed legs.

The voyeur in me was wishing for a glimpse of her panties and as if my birthday and Christmas had arrived together, that wish was granted. She uncrossed her legs, before re-crossing with her other leg now on top. It was a slow and rather ungainly movement, largely because of the cramped space that my sprawling slouch had allowed her, but it afforded me an unexpectedly generous, but brief, view of her white cotton panties.

My pulse was racing again. So much that night was stimulating and teasing me. Was it just that my senses or my awareness were heightened after my experience in the park earlier? No that couldn’t be the case as that would imply that encounters such as with the flirtatious teenager, the voluptuous, blushing business woman and the carelessly leg-crossing brunette occur all the time but go unnoticed! I doubted that could be the case, but what ever had brought about this good fortune on the train, it was certainly giving me lots of excitement!

My view of the plain white fabric stretched over her mound ended as she completed her complicated manoeuvre. I lifted my head to take in her trim hips and waist rising further to the swell of her breasts. They were firm, round and full, neither especially large nor small. Her white t-shirt was stretched tightly over her bust. As I was watching her, she leant back in her seat, her stomach flattening and her breasts lifting, the tautness of her t-shirt increasing with the straightening of her posture. I could make out the outline of her nipples teasingly pressing against the material…surprisingly large given the size of her bust. I considered probably the diameter of a five pence piece, but on further reflection…or was that analysis… revised this to a penny.

The sight of hardened nipples pressing revealingly against a tight shirt had always been an erotic thrill for me. Chill spring and autumn days when the air temperature never quite reached the heights that the bright sunshine suggested were particular favourite days, with women dressing for the sun and not for the temperature! Before my eyes now were the most intoxicating hard nipples, seemingly seeking my attention. I didn’t think it was that cold in the train, but I supposed we all have a different tolerance and reaction to temperatures….I certainly was not complaining!

At that moment it occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed this before…not when I first sat down, not when I had subsequently glanced at her, and I realized now, not when my gaze just now had drifted from her teasing skirt to her tantalizing breasts!!!! I glanced up….her eyes immediately darted to her magazine…mine instinctively averted also. She’d been watching me appreciating her, I was sure of it! I looked up again…as did she…our eyes locked, albeit briefly before we both türk porno looked away again. Inevitably, we both soon looked back, drawn by inquisitiveness certainly, and probably flirtation too! Her eyes were beautifully clear and bright, which accentuated the dark brown of her irises and long eyelashes. There was the beginning of a smile on her slim, lips. Not the full fresh smile of earlier, but instead a smirk suggesting cheekiness and mischief!

The embarrassment or insecurity of catching one another’s eye passed quickly. Now we held eye contact. In my peripheral vision I could see her lips subtly parting then closing again. Not an intended sexual motion, nor even a flirtatious one, but to me it carried an electric current, an expression of desire! Colour had risen to her cheeks and flushed over her slender neck.

My eyes darted involuntarily to her breasts again…her nipples now standing proud against the inadequate cover of her t-shirt. She noticed this of course and she gave me a look of mock admonishment…its lack of intent given away by the twisting of her lips into a smile of pure mischief! She allowed her gaze to sweep over my body…unashamedly looking me up and down as she had witnessed me doing to her. I felt my cock straining against the restriction of my trousers once more and her eyes shot immediately back to meet mine….now expressing not just mischief but devilment!!

She glanced down again and I followed the direction of her gaze to my crotch…to the unhidden bulge…the tent-pole that was my erection! Little was left to her imagination. The loose fitting cotton of my slacks offered scant hindrance to the eagerness of my cock displaying its excitement for her rapt attention! I was enjoying that attention too!!

This was really not like me at all…I was not given to exhibitionism generally, but there I was openly allowing a stranger, albeit a wonderfully attractive one, to watch as I allowed my erect cock to twitch and pulse!! On the same evening as I had fingered my girlfriend to an orgasm in a public park, no less! My heady was giddy with lust-fuelled excitement.

It was at that moment that a realization struck me…horrified me and yet excited me too in equal measure. The teasing, flirtatiousness of the woman opposite me was not a result of her catching me leering at her breasts and legs…it was the result of having seen me sporting a hard on practically constantly from the beginning of my journey! Could it also be that the giggling of the teenagers and the blushing of the business woman were a result of my horny sideshow!! Even the young man at the end of the carriage would have had an unobstructed view!

I felt my face flush crimson with embarrassment. Glancing again to my left, I convinced myself that the teens were again conspicuously avoiding looking at me. The businesswoman was still reading, but had I just caught her head dipping away sharply as I turned towards her?

I looked once more at the pretty brunette, who again met my eyes with hers….the only one who would allow it…but was she the only one looking at me? She returned her attention to her magazine, but, realizing that I was looking at her, she theatrically uncrossed and crossed her legs again. She was willfully teasing me…enjoying my appreciation of her smooth thighs…wanting me to glimpse her dampening panties, taut over her swollen mound. This is what I was telling myself anyway. I knew that when I lifted my head I would see her looking at me again. I looked up. She wasn’t looking. She didn’t look. If I stared for much longer she would feel my eyes upon her and be compelled to look at me. That wouldn’t prove anything to me! The others may not have been flirting with me, but she certainly was…or had been. Maybe she had had enough of that game now.

Confused and frustrated though I was, I smiled to myself, refusing to be irritated or disappointed. My sexually-charged imagination was of course playing havoc with me. I shrugged it off, titillated and humoured by it, but refusing to believe it.

I settled back into my seat, returned to my music, and closed my eyes, expecting to drift back to recollections and fantasies of my girlfriend. Instead I saw the brunette. I saw her caressing her own breasts and pinching her own nipples through her t-shirt. I watched as she stroked her own thighs, pulling her denim skirt higher and higher to expose her simple white panties. With the fingertips of one hand she rubbed her pussy slowly, assuredly. Drawing small circles over where her clit was throbbing. I was transfixed as she pulled aside the thin material to expose the swollen deep brown lips of her pussy.

Another heavy jolt of the train startled me out of my fantasy and I opened my eyes to complete darkness. The train didn’t appear to be moving and after removing my earphones I quickly ascertained from the muted conversation of the teens that the driver had pre-warned an imminent problem türkçe alt yazı porno that would require investigating and significant delay at the next stop….

At first I couldn’t understand why it was so completely dark. It was quite late now, but this was not the ordinary darkness of night. This was resolved when I overheard one of the teens, the ginger one I think, telling her friend that we were in the tunnel outside Borehamwood. Resigned to being there for some time to come I replaced my earphones, closed my eyes and returned to my naughty brunette.

Given the intense darkness, I felt secure enough to risk a long overdue fondle of the bulge in my trousers. I rolled the palm of my hand over the head of my cock, thrilling at the cool dampness of my boxer shorts against my shaft. I soon realized that I would cum if I continued like this, which would have been just about the most embarrassing situation I could imagine!

As I rested my hands on my thighs, I felt a brushing against my knees, the kind of knock you feel when someone tries to edge past. I instinctively straightened up, parting my knees to allow space, presumably for the brunette, to pass. Wherever could she be going in the dark? She must be desperate if she needs the toilet! Instead of passing by, however, I felt the presence of a body between my thighs…hands settling onto my knees…smoothly sliding along my thighs, displacing my own hands. I was paralyzed by my surprise, unable to do anything to either encourage or repel this contact.

One hand came to a stop high on my thigh, just beneath my hip. The other located my erection with little subtlety…groping in the darkness…squeezing once the target was acquired, causing me to jump in my seat. The hand lessened its initial, over-zealous grip, caressing now…exploring the stiffness and length of my cock within my trousers. Then the fingers gently slid over the head, tracing the shape, discovering and learning.

I remained completely motionless. Stunned that the brunette could be so outrageous…so reckless!! I knew that I should put a stop to this, but I couldn’t…I wouldn’t…I didn’t want it to end! The eagerness of her hand increased, probably conscious of limited time and spurred on by the illicit situation.

Before long I felt fingers on my zip…tugging impatiently at first until eventually it slid open. I could immediately feel the cool air against the dampness of my shorts. Her hand was inside in an instant…gripping my shaft firmly…stroking…seeking and finding the opening. Suddenly her flesh against mine….her coolness against my heat…confidently drawing me out…exposing me in the anonymity of the dark…drawing her hand to my tip…massaging my slippery aching crown. I’m holding back the moans that need to escape my lips, trying to keep some privacy in this public display.

Her hand gripped my shaft, pumping with long assured motions. And then her mouth!! No preamble…no teasing licks or flicks of her tongue…immediately her lips, sliding over my engorged crown…sucking firmly and hungrily. Her hand was now pumping vigorously, her tongue rolling over my crown between sucking.

I could feel my orgasm approaching…the telltale build up of tension deep with my loins…the tingling anticipation. The eroticism of the evening in the park and my lustful recollections had taken me to the brink. I was not going to be able to hold back. I was going to explode. I raised my hands and grasped the head that bob

bed and rolled between my thighs to control her movements in the final exquisite seconds. My fingers slid through her soft, short hair and dug into her scalp. I was rocking my hips to the rhythm of her gripped fist and hungry lips, attempting to thrust deeper into her warm mouth. The tension was intolerable yet wonderful. My thighs shaking and my abdominal muscles tightened…

Short hair…fine and silken!!! The hair between my fingers was not long and subtly curled…it was not full and heavy…it was not the hair of my extravagantly flirtatious brunette!

In my lustful thoughts the lips devouring my swollen crown, the hand wrapped around my shaft were those of a beautiful brown haired woman…whose beautiful dark eyes and sensual smile had caught my imagination…whose awakened nipples and teasing thighs had so excited me. But she had long hair that flowed over her shoulders and rested just above the swell of her breasts.

Who had short hair? The business woman whose cleavage had enchanted me…the cute Indian girl whose eyes had flirted with mine……her plump and freckled friend who blushed and giggled? They all had short hair of one style or another!! It has to be the Indian girl…her innocence betrayed by the holding of my gaze while her friend could only look away!!

My orgasm exploded from deep within me…erupting thick ribbons of cum into the unknown gulping mouth…waves of ecstasy, originating from my core, washed through my body to the extremities of each of my limbs! Then I remembered the young man at the back of the carriage…blue polo shirt…iPod earphones…sitting forward in his seat…to better view my arousal…to hide his own?!! He had short wavy hair!!

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