Juicy Asian Spa Pt. 02

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This is Part 2 of Juicy Asian Spa. Make sure to check out Part 1 before you read this.


* * * * *

I woke up rather late, the sun was high in the sky and the light came through the curtains.

I felt wonderful. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in ages.

I rolled over, thinking about the previous night. My dick started getting hard almost right away, as I remembered every erotic, arousing detail from my first “session”.

That girl had been amazing. Definitely the hottest I had ever been with.

Just thinking about her perfect body and the way my cum trickled down her skin made me wish I could do it all over again.

But wait!

I sat up excitingly.

I could do it again!

The receptionist had implied that there’d be other sessions. I could not wait.

I wondered whether they’d be with the same girl.

I both hoped so and hoped not.

She had been fantastic, but I was curious to see how hot the other girls may be.

Smiling to myself, I went to take a shower.

It took all my willpower to prevent me from jerking off in the shower.

As I buttoned up my shirt, I looked over at the phone by my bed. I felt rather hungry, was it too late for breakfast?

I dialed 0 and waited, as the phone rang.

“Hello, how may I help you?” It was the receptionist.

“Hello. Is it too late to have some breakfast?”

“Absolutely not, sir. Eggs and toast?”

“Sure, that’s be great.”

” Fruit juice?”

“Sure, orange please.”

“Very well, sir. Nothing else?”

I had a sudden doubt.

“Er- excuse me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes, sir.”

“How many sessions can I, er, have during my stay?”

“Two a day, sir. “

My eyes widened at the thought. That was the deal of the century.

“How will future sessions work? What do I do?”

I thought I could hear a smile in her voice, when she replied.

” Just like last night, sir. Whenever you feel inclined, just press the red button. And please, no discussing the sessions with other clients.”

I meant to ask more, but she had hanged up.

No details about how the next sessions would be like.

Would it be the pool again? Another setting? Another girl? More than one?

Why couldn’t I talk about it with other clients?

I felt intrigued, as I hanged up the phone.

This place was something else.

My breakfast looked delicious. I gave a large tip to the waiter, who smiled and bowed before leaving.

For the first time since I got there, I wondered how much this weekend was costing my client.

It must have been a lot.

Oh well, not my problem.

My client had seemed happy to pay for it.

The old man probably had a discount. I was sure he knew this place like the back of his hand, by now.

I ate with gusto, thinking that I definitely needed the protein intake after last night.

After my breakfast, I left the room and went downstairs.

The building offered many activities to pass the time (besides the kind of activity I had enjoyed the previous night) and I wanted to have some regular fun as well.

I knew I only had another two days, but I wanted to check the place out.

Also, I wanted to savor those sessions. Dose them.

So I went on with my day, trying to think about something else.

I met other clients, they all had my same dumb smile on their faces.

I played golf with a couple of them and chatted away.

Neither of us really put much thought in our conversations. Or our game, for that matter.

We were all just buying time, waiting until we could not help but go back to our rooms and press that red button.

However, none of us talked about our previous night, just like we had been asked.

I now understood why, though. By not talking about it, we fueled the mysterious, exciting atmosphere amatör porno that lingered on the spa.

It was like a secret. A sensual, wonderful secret.

Talking about it would have ruined the magic.

At about 4pm, none of us could it take it any longer.

I don’t even remember who won the game, no one cared.

We wished each other a good afternoon and went to our rooms.

I was almost running, as I went to the elevator.

I entered my room and closed the door hastily. I felt hornier than I had ever been in my life.

You see, the night before I did not know what was in store for me.

Now I did, and I could not wait.

I picked up the remote and pressed the red PLEASURE button.

I excitingly walked to the door, waiting.

Almost ten minutes passed. I was nervous, but also excited.

I trusted them, I knew the wait must be building up to something good.

There was a knock on the door.

I opened it but no one was there. I caught a glimpse of the elevator’s doors closing.

Confused, I looked around. Then, I noticed something on the corridor carpet.

Arrows. Red, paper arrows.

They formed a trail.

Smiling, I followed them.

They led me to a long, empty corridor.

It had brick walls and lanterns hanged from them.

I walked it at a steady pace. My dick was getting hard already.

At the end of the corridor, I found three doors.

All of them had a large, golden number 2 on them.

Otherwise, they were identical.

I understood. I was being given the chance to choose what I’d get.

I looked at the three doors. They were identical in every respect. So were the golden numbers.

Shrugging, I chose the middle one and entered.

There was another corridor, a shorter one. I closed the door behind me and walked up to a black, shiny door. The black wood almost looked like obsidian.

I opened it, excited to see what I had picked.

No steam or pool, this time around. I was in what appeared to be a medieval dungeon.

Or rather, the set of a medieval dungeon.

But it was impressive, the level of detail they had put into it.

The walls were made of actual stone. The torches on the wall were really burning. And the bed looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Laying on it, there were a neat pile of clothes and a note.

I picked up the note. It looked like old parchment, and the writing was done by hand.

There were three sentences on it.


The three sentences felt like orders, and this actually turned me on quite a bit.

I looked around, but no one was there.

There was a wooden door on the left, I assumed that’s where the girl (or girls) would come from.

Maybe they were spying on me at that very moment, so they’d know when to make their entrance.

I changed in a handsome set of robes, which looked like something a king might wear in his private chambers.

This was really starting to feel like a fantasy novel. Or a cartoon…

I put my other clothes in the basket nearby, then I lay down and waited.

After about thirty seconds, half of the torches went out, leaving the room in a spectral glow.

My heart was pounding like mad, when the door opened.

I looked at the girl entering the room, mesmerized.

She was just as stunning as the previous one, but different in certain respects.

She was slightly thicker, with wider hips and larger thighs. Her breasts were also slightly larger.

Her hair was shoulder length and dyed red. Not natural red, more like the color of sapphire.

Despite being thicker than the other girl, her walk was still graceful and weightless. She glided elegantly towards me, curvy yet delicate.

She was wearing a dark armor, like those you could find in a videogame anal porno (or a hentai, I know realized). It basically only covered her crotch and part of her large, jiggly breasts.

Dark red laces connected the two pieces of armor, leaving most of her belly uncovered.

She wore black, satin stocking that went up to her thighs and black laces were tied around her forearms.

Her eyes were wide and shiny red, thanks to incredibly convincing contact lenses.

On her head, she had two horns. Surely the were fake, but they were incredibly realistic.

She also had a convincing red tail that followed her across the room.

I realized what she was: a succubus. The mythical demonic women who come at night to drink the seed of men.

As I took in this unusual, but deeply erotic attire, she approached me by the bed.

She smiled and picked up the chains that were hanging from the wall next to my bed.

I hesitated for only a second, before letting her bound my arms and feet.

When she leaned over to bind my feet, I noticed she also had short, realistic devil wings on her back.

She also had a truly magnificent ass.

I hadn’t really seen the ass on the previous girl, but judging by her frame it probably wasn’t as thick and round as this one.

This girl had the most amazing ass I had ever seen. It was shapely and firm , yet seemed beautifully soft and smooth.

It seemed to defy gravity and jiggled alluringly, as it glistened under the light of the torches.

I wished I wasn’t chained up, so that I could touch it, squeeze it, lick it, bite it.

The girl turned around and grinned at me.

Her teeth seemed almost pointy.

I was no chained up and bound to the bed. I could barely move at all. I could see my erection pushing through my satin pants.

The girl, the succubus I should say, looked at my erection and smirked.

Slowly, she pulled down my pants. She grinned at my longing look.

It seemed to take ages, she was teasing me and apparently loving every second of it..

If I hadn’t been chained up, I think I would have fucked her brains out then and there.

Finally, she exposed my hard cock to the somewhat chilly air of the dungeon.

I stared at her, as she slowly climbed onto the bed. She was now on top of me. Her back was straight and from that position I could admire her as if she was a goddess. Or an actual demon.

I saw her soft, flat belly. Her large breasts over my head. Her sapphire hair and her piercing eyes.

She slowly started rocking backwards and forward, caressing my cock with her soft, jiggly ass.

It felt amazing.

She stared at me, with a cruel smirk, as she kept on teasing me with her ass.

How I wanted to grab it, squeeze it. Hold it while I fucked her.

Even in my incredibly horny state, the rhythm was too slow for me to cum. And she knew that.

She was torturing me, caressing me with her exciting, almost impossibly sensual body.

And she kept staring at me, with those amazing, almost supernatural eyes.

I knew this was a performance, but damn if it didn’t feel as if a real succubus was torturing me to obtain my cum.

After a while, she started going faster.

Before I knew it, her ass was shaking like crazy and my cock already felt close to exploding.

She wasn’t using her hands. She wasn’t holding on to anything.

She just sat on me, massaging me with her soft, smooth ass.

She laughed as I grunted, trying to resist. I didn’t want it to end already.

But it was too late. With a muffled scream, I came. And came. And came.

My cum squirted in the air, covering her stomach and thighs.

She kept on rocking her body.

She laughed maniacally, as my orgasm subsided.

Cum now trickled down my shaft. I was exhausted.

It had felt great, but I was disappointed. I wish it had ana breakers porno lasted longer.

The succubus used the bed sheet to wipe herself off.

I was wondering when she’d free me, so I could clean myself too.

As she stood up, I politely cleared my throat and lightly shook my chains.

She looked at me and shook her head, with a mischievous smile.

Then, she bent down and started licking my cum up.

I let out a grunt, as she licked and sucked on my oversensitive cock.

It was almost unbearable. She wasn’t gentle, she drank it in with greed.

Soon, I was completely clean.

She smiled at me, licking her lips.

I smiled back. Then, I pointed at the chains with my head. Surely now she’d free me.

She shook her hand again and smiled maliciously.

She know got back on the bed and started stroking my cock.

Holy shit, I thought. She was going to make me cum again. Right away.

At first, it felt almost painful. But she did not care.

She stroked my cock, caressed it with the palms of her hands, squeezed it, shook it gently.

She used both hands and got increasingly faster as she kept going.

She kept stroking and stroking until, to my amazement, my cock got hard again and I felt a renewed desire to cum.

I couldn’t believe it, but it felt amazing.

She had now taken off the lower part of her armor, and she was masturbating with one hand as she stroked me with the other.

She smiled appreciatively when she saw my cock was fully hard and throbbing.

I was just wondering whether she’d make me cum with a handjob, when she suddenly leaned forward and slid my cock in her wet pussy.

I gasped. It felt divine.

She was hot and wet and welcoming. She almost burned.

She used my chest to support herself, as she started to ride me faster and faster.

I could see her boobs jiggling up and down.

I could feel her soft, wonderful ass bouncing on top of me.

Her eyes were closed and she was moaning.

We went at it for what seemed like ages, until I started to feel close to coming again.

She looked down at me and saw my face, as I tried real hard to keep it in.

Laughing gleefully, she went faster.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I let out a loud scream and I came inside her.

I kept pumping, moving my hips, as what felt like a liter of cum shot inside of her.

She kept bouncing her beautiful ass up and down, as my orgasm kept going. I could tell she was very close too.

Just as my orgasm started subsiding, she let out a genuine, loud moan and I could feel her pussy tensing up around my cock. She had come, too.

She kept moving for a while, at a slower pace, as my still hard cock really started to feel numb and even sore.

Finally, she smiled and opened her eyes. Her cheeks were red.

She leaned forward to rest on my chest, her breathing was very fast and her body still trembled slightly.

How I wanted to squeeze her ass with my hands.

Slowly, she got up.

Cum trickled down her thighs from her wet pussy.

She used the bed sheet to clean herself, then she thoroughly cleaned my cock with it.

As it slowly went limper, she gave it a soft, loving kiss.

I grunted again. This girl was killing me.

Before leaving, she came close to me and turned around, leaning her wonderful on my cheek.

I kissed it and sucked on it, loving the feeling of its soft, yet firm flesh on my face.

She giggled, enjoying the feeling of my kisses and nibbles.

She then pulled up my pants, freed me from my chains and left, waving her hand.

I waved back, smiling. I felt exhausted.

The wooden door closed.

I slowly changed back into my regular clothes, putting the medieval ones in the basket.

I walked out of the room and looked at the time: 6 PM.

Damn, I wondered whether I had it in me to do session 3 that night.

Then I thought about the last two sessions and, to my amazement, I felt my cock getting hard again.

Yeah, I thought I could manage.

After dinner, though, that’s for sure.

I needed rest, now.


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