Julia Goes on a Cruise

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Julia and her husband decided to take a small vacation on a cruise from California to Hawaii and fly back, just because it had been so long since they had been on one. The kids were out of the house and they wanted to make the most out of their free time. The cruise though would take longer if they didn’t fly back and being on others in the past they understood that staying in a cabin can get a bit boring, no matter how luxurious it was. Julia’s husband James was pretty successful in life so there was never any want in her lifestyle. She wasn’t a snob or snooty wife, she lived with her feet on the ground and at first glance you maybe would not realize she lived in the hills with a house that was featured in a couple magazines. She lived a rather routine lifestyle, marrying her husband right out of college, soon the kids followed and that was her life and she was happy.

Not needing any real career or long term job she stayed at home mostly and was able to make use of her free time, so she was somewhat active but not obsessed. She had a typical housewife look to her standing 5’8″, 130lbs, white skin, blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes, and at 40 years of age her curvy body (34E- 24-38) was a bit softer and her face showed some character in her smile lines and eyes. She only wore a little makeup and was the total opposite of her friends who looked and acted the part or rich housewives looking to relive their youth or be on a reality program.

The big day came for the cruise and the two of them boarded the cruise ship and began to make their way to the cabin. James told her he had a surprise for her, but he didn’t tell her. They made their way to the top level of the ship and he lead a way though a doorway that you needed a special key to enter, like these cabins were sectioned off. Again going down to the end room he slid the key in and opened it. To her surprise it was one of the few Luxury Cabins with plenty of space, a large balcony, and bed and more amenities. It was like being in their living room.

After unpacking and setting in they made their way out to the pool deck with other guests to see off the ship as it pulled away. Not being one to show off she just wore the clothes she came in on, blue jeans, white hooded sweater with a t-shirt underneath and some sandals. Other women, especially the younger ones, got into the mood of the atmosphere and wore their bikinis and other party like clothing. This didn’t bother Julia though, she was confident enough. They stood at the railing for a half hour and watched the pier as it slowly began to fade away.

It was mid afternoon and they decided to have a few drinks at the pool area bar before heading in for dinner. There were a lot of young people there and a few older ones hanging around drinking and getting the cruise of to an early start. About an hour later they headed in for dinner, finished, walked about the ship, and then headed in to call it a night in the luxurious cabin.

The following day was kind of routine for anyone who has been on a cruise before, they got up had breakfast, a nap, watched the ships TV for a bit, and walked around. Back at the cabin, laying out on the balcony, Julia was feeling a little confined and suggested that they head out to the pool area, to which James agreed, but reluctantly. He put on his swim trunk and a t-shirt, since he’s a little self conscious about his body. She pulled out a black one piece bathing suit and a wrap around her waist. One the way out she grabbed her sunglasses, hat and a bag with her belongings.

The pool deck had just a normal crowd of people just relaxing and taking in the time. Julia found a few deck chairs and claimed them for themselves. They sat and talked about what they want to do when they get to Hawaii, and some things they need to take care of when they get back home. A few minutes after wards a young Filipino waiter came by wearing white shorts and a blue polo shirt with the companies name across the back.

“Would anyone care for something from the bar?” He asked.

“Yea, I’ll have a beer.” James said.

“Margarita please.” Julia smiled.

“Very good choices, I’ll be right back.” The waiter said

James leaned over to Julia.

“Have you ever noticed in all the cruises we’ve been on that there are a lot of minorities, especially Filipinos?” James asked.

“Yea, but I guess it’s a good job that’s easy for them to get, I don’t know.” Julia replied.

A few hours passed and the waiter had served them a few more drinks before it was lunch time. James and Julia went to a buffet bar just to the side of the pool and waited in line. Julia made herself a salad, sandwich and some chips. James has always had a craving for shrimp, and luck him he saw a large bowl of it. They sat down and ate their lunch. James had three servings of the shrimp, till he could eat no more. They had some more drinks and went off to their cabin to rest before doing some late night activities like going to the casino, and watching a show.

Later that night they woke up and headed out enjoying the casino ateşli gaziantep escort bayan first where James is also a fiend for. Julia just stood by his side and watched. Again another day she didn’t dress like the other women who wanted to be seen and cause a stir of conversations. She noticed James looking on occasion, but paid no mind to it. While gambling James started to complain to Julia about feeling a bit sick, but nothing that was too bad. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the motion of the ship, but neither gave it a second though and figured whatever it is will pass.

They went to go see a comedy show and were waiting in line. James started sweating.

“Whoa, I got light headed.” James said.

“Are you ok?” Julia asked.

“Maybe we should do this another time.” He said.

They left the line and were walking down the hallway to their cabin, when James bolted for the men’s room. Julia waited outside for James to come back. A couple minutes later James exited the restroom looking pale.

“We should go to the Ships Hospital to see if they can give you something.” She said.

They made their way to the hospital and saw a rather large gathering of people all looking the same. A nurse passed by and asked what the matter was. James told his symptoms, and the nurse said that this seems to be going around and escorted them to an examination room. A Doctor took a look at James and took some readings.

“Did you by chance have the shrimp?” the Doctor asked James.

“Yea, I did. About three plates full.” James replied.

“Well, you’re not the only one that has this. It seems like everyone who had the shrimp has come down with a rare illness, and it requires total observation and treatment. Now it’s not fatal, but for your wellbeing you will need to stay quarantined with the others till we get to Hawaii or till you show signs of getting better. The Captain already knows about this and has set up a wing of spare cabins for everyone.” The Doctor said.

“You mean I got to stay in another room?” James asked.

“I’m afraid so” The Doctor said. “I’m also afraid that for your wellbeing that you will have to stay in your cabin, ma’am. We can’t allow this to spread.”

Julia and James were shocked and after discussing it James insisted that she enjoy the Cabin and the rest of the cruise as much as possible, even if he can’t be there. Reluctantly they said their goodbyes and went to separate sides of the ship. Her to the luxury cabin, and he to the quarantined ones.

Julia arrived at her cabin and went out to the patio listening to the wave’s crash and tried to enjoy the warm weather night trying to make good of a bad situation. The night progressed as watched some ships TV, and fell asleep with it on.

The next morning she went down to the hospital and saw her husband while under supervision of some nurses. Everyone wore masks and prior to leaving had to sanitize their hands with alcohol. She went and had some breakfast and went to her room. When she entered she saw the towel all folded like animal and that the maid had cleaned up the cabin. On the bed was a blue folder with the Companies logo on it. She sat on the bed and opened it up. It was a letter from the Captain expressing his regrets to the passengers who are ill and to please accept some of the complimentary vouchers for some ship activities. There was one for comps at the casino, free spa treatment, admission to the pay shows and coupons for future cruises. She took it in stride and didn’t blame anyone for what happened, but just figured that these things happen.

That day drug on as she was all alone walking around the boat eating, drinking, and staying in a large cabin. Julia was lying on her lounge chair on the patio and was going though the vouchers figuring that she may as well take advantage of it. The spa certificate caught her eye and figured she’d ask what’s included. She picked up the phone on the desk and dialed for the spas front office. A heavily accented Asian woman answered.

“Good afternoon, Spa house.” She said.

“Um, hi, yes I have this voucher for some spa services and was wondering what I can use it for?” Julia asked.

“Well you can use it for pedi, mani, mud treatment, massage, hot rock. ” The operator said.

“Can you tell me about the massage?” Julia asked.

“Yes, you can come down for massage or we can do in room service.” The operator replied.

“Um can I do the in room service?” She asked.

“Ok for how many?” asked the operator over some loud talking women in the background.

“One.” Julia said.

“Ok, and for what time is good for you ma’am?”

“Do you have anything around 8?”

“Ok, 8, and I see you’re in suite L14?” asked the operator.

“Yes.” Julia confirmed.

“OK it be there at 8, bye.” Said the operator, as she hung up.

Julia figured she’d have time to have some dinner and a few drinks and swing by to see her husband before that. 7:30 came around and Julia entered bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan the cabin and took a shower to get the day off her before her masseuse came in. She didn’t know exactly what the masseuse would expect her to be in so she put on her one piece bathing suit and a robe over her shoulders. She also tried to clean up the place a little, by gathering up all her clothes in the corner and putting some things away.

Just before 8 she heard a knock on the door. She got up from her bed and went to open the door. To her sock she saw a young Filipino guy with a folding massage table slung around his shoulder, wearing white shorts and a blue polo shirt. She was expecting a woman.

“Hi, you ordered a massage for 8?” asked the masseuse.

“Um, yea I did, I just wasn’t, uh, well just come in yea.” Julia stuttered a bit as she stood aside for him to make his way past.

“Thank you.” He said as he walked past. “Uh, it ok if I set up here?” he said motioning to an empty area in the center of the room.

“Yea that’s fine.” She said with her arms folded watching him set up not knowing if she can go on with this.

He barely looked to be in his early 20’s, short black hair, brown eyes, thin but not skinny, with skin like a caramel color. He stood about 3 inches shorter than her. He finished setting up the table and turned around with a big smile.

“Ok, are you ready Miss?”

“Um, I’m sorry but I guess I was expecting a woman for this.” Julia said with a nervous smile as to not be rude.

“Ohhhh. Well the women do the nails, you know, and the feet. We don’t have any for the massages.” He said as his smile went away. “If you want I can go?”

She thought about it for a second and gave in.

“No, no its ok, um well what do you need me to do?” she asked

“Uh, take off, and just lay on table.” He said as he motioned like taking off an imaginary robe.

Julia turned around and untied her robe. The masseuse’s eyes widened and he stood on his toes like he was trying to look over her shoulder. To his slight disappointment, the robe came off and revealed her one piece bathing suit, but even he saw the curves of her body and the cleavage of her breasts. She turned back around and he quickly put on a smile and got off his toes, then motioned to the table. She walked over and sat down, then leaned over and laid face down placing her head in the headrest, slowly adjusting her body. He watched with reserved excitement.

“Ok so I do shoulder, back, buns legs, feet?” He said as he rubbed some oil on his hands.

“Um, shoulder and back is fine for now.” Julia kind of chuckled.

That same look of slight disappointment came over his face, but he got over it. He stepped closer and placed his hands on her shoulders, beginning to rub. Her body twitched a bit, from the feeling of having strangers’ hands on her.

During the massage, he wanted to try and break the tension quiet.

“So where are you from?” he asked.

“California.” She replied.

“Ohhhhh, nice place. Hollywood, L.A. Movie stars.” He said.

“Well not that part, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Pretty expensive, lots of people, a lot of rules.” She said.

“Better than where I am from.” He said.

“Where is that?” She asked.

“The Philippines.” He said.

“What’s it like there?” she asked.

“Well it’s no California. Dirty, crowded, poor. That’s why I took this job. It pays good and I get to travel and eat for free.” He added.

“Is that why there are a lot on board working?” she asked. “Oh, I’m sorry I hope that wasn’t rude to ask.”

“No it’s ok. Yea a lot do so.” He said as he made his way to her middle back area, the bikini material getting in the way.

“By the way, what’s your name?” she asked.

“Tony.” He replied.

“Not much of a Filipino name is it?” she asked.

“No, it’s just what I like to go by.” He said.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Tony, I’m Julia.”

Tony looked around a bit.

“So you are on the boat alone?” Tony asked.

“No I’m here with my husband.” She said. Tony’s eyes widened up expecting the door to swing open and some big guy roughing him up. “But he’s down in the hospital area because of that shrimp sickness.”

“Ohh, yea I hear about that. A lot of people got it. So there are a lot of these free massages we have to do and we are completely busy.” Tony said. His hands going to her lower back, scrunching up the material.

After an hour of small talk and messy massaging, due to the one piece bikini, a buzzer goes off.

“Well Mrs. Julia, that’s our time.” Tony said as he stopped and stepped aside.

Julia got up and hopped off the table and went to the corner allowing tony some room to gather his things. He finished up and was walking towards the door as Julia handed him a handshake with a $50 bill.

“No sorry, I can’t take.” Tony said.

“Please take it, I wouldn’t feel right not tipping.” Julia replied. “It gaziantep bayan escort can be our secret”

“Well, ok, thank you Mrs. Julia.” Tony said as he left the room and Julia closed the door.

That night as Julia took a shower she noticed how the oils and the rubbing marked up her bathing suit. She wasn’t mad, but just chalked it up to a lesson learned. Tony on the other hand couldn’t keep his mouth shut as soon as he went to his cabin which holds 5 other workers there, all of whom are his friends. He exaggerated the night’s story with tales of Julia being nude, and him touching every part of her body. The friends doubted his story, saying that rich white American women are prudes and cheap and look down on everyone especially those that aren’t white. Tony, kept to his story and even showed them the $50 bill. Still they doubted and went about that evening making jokes at everyone’s expense.

The following day Julia got up, had breakfast, saw her husband and went to the pool area for an afternoon drink. She was still wearing her one piece bikini but it did show signs of wear and ruin on the back. Tony was walking around with a tray doing his day job as a waiter. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted Julia. He wasn’t expecting her to see him or even recognize him to say hi. He slowly made his way to the bar are where his friend Joe was. He motioned over to her telling Joe that she was the one from last night. Joe doubted Tony and they went back and forth on who was telling the truth and that a woman like her would never let Tony put his hands anywhere near her. Driven to prove his story he left Joe at the bar and made his way towards Julia.

He got closer to her and looked at Joe to make sure he was looking, but Tony was also nervous about approaching her. He got right up to her and asked if she needed a drink. Julia was wearing her sunglasses and wasn’t expecting to see Tony at the pool area.

“Margarita.” She says still looking down at her book.

“Mrs. Julia?” Tony asked.

She looked up and took off her sunglasses in amazement to see who it was.

“Tony? Hey I didn’t expect to see you here. How are you?” She asked.

“Ohh, I’m doing well, did you have a good sleep after the massage?” Tony asked.

“yea it wasn’t bad.” Julia said.

“Well we have multiple jobs, so I do this and also the massage job.” Tony said.

“Oh, I guess it keeps you busy. ” She said.

“I’ll go get that drink for you.” Tony said as he turned and made his way to the bar.

Tony walked with confidence to the bar and started talking to Joe about him telling the truth, but Joe still wasn’t buying his story, saying that he had no idea what the two of them were talking about and that it doesn’t prove anything. Joe reiterated the idea that rich white American women would never do anything with their people. Tony shook his head and smiled at the comment, took the margarita and walked back to Julia.

“Here you go Mrs. Julia.” Tony says as he placed the glass on the table.

“Thanks. I’m considering another massage for tonight, do you know if there are any spots available?” Julia asked.

“I think so, just call early.” He replied.

After a few minutes of small talk, Tony takes his leave to get back to work and have the occasional friendly debate with Joe.

Later that afternoon Julia was in her cabin hanging out in the balcony. She got the phone and dialed for the Spa. Again the same heavy accented Asian woman answered and Julia made the same arraignments for a massage at 8. Before hanging up Julia had one more request.

“Is Tony available?” she asked the operator. She asked not so much because he was any good but because knowing that there weren’t any female masseuses she felt uncomfortable with having different guys having such access and familiarity with her.

“Ohh you like Tony huh?” the operator asked.

“Is he available?” Julia asked

“No problem Mrs. 8 it is.” She replied as she hung up.

Julia looked at her bathing suit and realized that if she wore it all it’s going to do is turn into rags. However she did the same thing last time, had dinner and a few drinks, came back and took a shower. She wrapped a robe around her and watched some TV waiting for Tony to show up.

Around 8, a knock comes from the door and Julia goes to answer it. Standing there was Tony, with the same uniform and folding table.

“Hello, Mrs. Julia. Can I come in.” Tony asked

Julia didn’t say a word and just stepped aside. After Tony entered she closed the door and entered the room watching and waiting for him to set up.

“So how was your day?” He asked.

“Oh just fine.” She replied. As she said that she took off the robe showing the one piece bathing suit.

“You know that the oil and friction is bad for the suit, just saying.” Tony told her as he’s setting up.

“Uhh, will you excuse me Tony.” She said as she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Tony just stood there and walked around a bit. To his amazement he spotted the pile of clothing and saw a couple pairs of panties. He looked at the bathroom door as he inched his way closer to the pile. Quickly he reached for a pair of navy blue bikini cut panties and shoved them in his pocket. His heart almost came out of his chest knowing that if he was caught it could put his job in jeopardy if Julia told. Just then the bathroom door opened up and Julia came out with a towel wrapped around her body.

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