Juliet and Colt: A Summer Story

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It happened the first Thursday in the New Year. The girls from work went out drinking. It was Heather, Juliet and I. Heather was about my age, mid-30’s, and happy to have some time away from her husband and kids. In a lot of ways she was just like me, except that she was a mildly chunky brunette with a mom-bob, and I was still pretty fit, 5’8″ with shoulder length red hair with an undercut you couldn’t really see when my hair was down.

Juliet, on the other hand, was the odd woman out. Barely 22 years old and just an admin assistant, she was a little punk rock pixie, prone to wearing spunky and silly outfits, usually tight jeans with sneakers and big jackets over her rail thin body. She was 5’4″ and maybe 100lbs, sometimes I felt like her legs were smaller than my arms, and her hair was always pretty short, changing colors every week. She was funny, and Heather and I found her very charming, which is why she was always a part of our group.

Juliet wasn’t married like Heather or I, but she had just moved in with her boyfriend of three weeks, a musician named Colt. She had shown us pictures and talked about him incessantly. He was a decade older than her, tall and thin, and she would say he was so talented. I didn’t think too much of the idea of him based solely on the fact that I think 30 is far too old to be so unstable you were able to move in with a girl you met in a bar after only one week. But she was young, and what was being young all about except making horrible mistakes and then learning from them?

We had a good night out at the Mexican restaurant, and drank far too many margaritas, but we hadn’t planned on staying out too late; two of us had husbands to get home too, so by nine o’clock, Heather and I were ready to turn in. Unlike the two of us, Juliet drank a lot.

Like WAY too much.

So much she was as drunk as I have ever seen her. She tried to take her pants off in the bar, so I decided to drive her home. We were barely in the car and she was gone, basically passed out.

When we got to her place, I got her out of the car, largely carrying her, and helped her up the stairs to her door. But I didn’t know where her keys were, and couldn’t really drop her to search, so I knocked and she started preparing to vomit. When Colt opened the door, I said something about “bathroom” and quickly took Juliet there, where she proceeded to puke her pretty little head off. I was keeping her hair out of her face, and rubbing her back, and this Colt, just came to the bathroom door and said “nope” and walked back away. Obviously I had him pegged just from hearing about him. Not a good guy. But, I could see what Juliet saw in him. He was a man, while still feeling young like she was. He had a greasy sheen to him that made him seem like trouble, and we all know how young women like trouble. Still I think there’s something to be said about finding a man who would give a shit if you were vomiting in the bathroom after a rough night. I guess you can’t have everything.

I got Juliet up and cleaned her up and helped her to bed. She was basically out, but still mumbly, I took her shoes off and helped her into bed, and Colt just stood in the doorway. I could tell he was eying me, I always look good, and I was wearing this casual black blouson tank dress that was loose, but cinched at my waist and was longish about to my calves, it lets me feel pretty and sexy, while still casual.

I turned to him and told him who I was.

He said something like “oh, I’ve heard about you.” but he lingered on the “you.”

I told him I heard about him too, but I didn’t say it like I was interested. I brazzers porno got up and walked towards Colt, on my way out of the room, but he stood sideways in the doorway, so I would have to press passed him. As I did, he told me I was a good friend.

We were right next to each other, and I will give him this, he is magnetic. Dark hair, tall, and thin, but not weak. I told him I try to be, and walked passed him down the hallway towards the living room and the door, he stayed right behind me as I walked, and offered me a drink. I laughed and turned to look at him, I was almost to the door, I smiled at him and said “That’s not a good idea.”

“Just a friendly offer.” He said.

“Oh, is that what it is?” I said and turned again, putting my hand on the knob.

“Of course. What else?”

I looked over my shoulder at him, and rolled my eyes, but just before I opened the door, he ran his hand over my back, and down my right arm. Softly, but with intension. I froze, but only for a second, then I turned to face him, and he ran his hand back up my arm, he said “it just is what it is.” and brought his hand up to the side of my face, then he leaned in to kiss me.

I want to be clear about this: At first, I didn’t respond. Well, I mean I responded, if someone kisses me, I kiss them, but not with feeling or passion, I wasn’t KISSING . After a moment we broke our kiss and he ran his hand down my face and along my arm and up to my left tit, I have nice full c-cups and I KNOW they look good in this dress. He gave my tit a slight squeeze as he leaned in to kiss me again, this time I responded. I kissed him deeply, and our hands found each other’s bodies as we did.

That went on, standing there in front of the door for a minute, and then I leaned back, and rested my back against the door, breaking our kiss. We both looked at each other and knew what came next.

My mind should have been on my husband, at home, tucking our little girls in to bed. A good and decent man who cares enough about me to not worry when I want to go out one night after work with some friends to let off some steam. He had never let me down, and he was sexually skilled, never leaving me wanting. But it would be a lie to say that there wasn’t always a part of me that was attracted to the idea of risky sex. In high school I had fucked an old man who lived near my parents place regularly. I guess the idea of risk had always turned me on, as much as I had always enjoyed men THINKING that I was sexually available. None of them ever chanced to see if I was before Colt. Little did they know, that if they had, they would have found that fucking me with no notice and no consequence was always an option.

Looking at me there in the living room of the apartment he shared with Juliet, his girlfriend, Colt said “wait here.” and then walked back down the hallway to the room her shared with her, I watched him softly close the door to their room. When he turned to come back he took his shirt off as he walked into the living room.

Oh my god his body. He was so fucking sexy, his abs did that thing where they cut like a “V” headed to his crotch, I don’t know what that’s called but fuck is it sexy. I took one look at him, and I hooked my hands under the tank top straps of my dress, and pulled the off my shoulders, the loose fabric of the top fell down by body, staying cinched at my waist where the elastic still kept my long dress on me. Now I was just in my bra and the bottom part of my dress. When I did that he unbuttoned his pants, hooked his thumbs in, and pulled them and his shorts down to the floor to stand clip4sale porno naked.

As he was pulling his pants off, I hiked up my dress, grabbed my panties, and pulled them off one leg at a time, quickly, while leaving my dress on.

When he stood up naked, FUCK!—his cock, was so amazing to see, this big, thick, 7 inch cock sticking off this think lean greasy guy. I was all in.

We walked towards each other, still trying to be quiet, and kissed madly, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and his hands unfastened my bra, pulling it down, I released my arms and let him take it off, freeing my tits. He gave them a quick squeeze and a lick, and then he stood up before me and told me to lie down on the couch.

I stepped back to the couch and gathered up some of my skirt as I lay down on my back on the couch. My knees where bent and my feet were flat on the couch cushions, as was my bare ass, well, nearly, although I had gathered my dress up a little, the fabric was still draped over my thighs, and a little under me.

Colt smiled and then climbed onto the couch, he steadied himself with one arm gripping the back of the couch as he kneeled naked between my open and bent legs. his hard cock dangling in the space between us. Once he was between my legs, he smiled at me and pulled my dress up a little bit more, I helped, grabbing the sides of the fabric and pulling it up so it was all gathered around my waist, so he could clearly see my bushy red pubes.

Colt smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss, and when he did, I felt his thick cock rubbing against my wet cunt, sliding down next to me asshole and back up again. It was the moment I realized, he hadn’t put on a condom. Maybe he didn’t have one, maybe he didn’t want to use one and leave any evidence, but was I really about to let this greasy musician, who didn’t have any qualms about fucking his girlfriend’s married friend right outside his girlfriend’s room less than 5 minutes after he met her, stick his uncovered dick inside me? He broke away from our kiss and took hold of his tool, lining it up with my nice, red pussy, and then he pressed it in to my sopping hole. I guess I was.

I opened my mouth to let out a gasp as I savored the thickness of his cock sliding inside me for the first time, but just as I did his mouth was on mine again, maybe to keep my cries from waking Juliet in the next room, but as he kissed me, I heard him moan as well, I knew this was good for him too.

We broke our kiss and he began to work his cock inside me, in and out slowly, then fast, and then slowly again. I looked up at him, his eyes were on my beautiful pert tits and his slender body looked so lean and taught. I hooked my feet around his calves drawing him closer to me as he continued to fuck me, it was perfect. I reached out to grab his cute bubble butt so I could claw it while it tensed and rose up and down, and he fucked me one room away from Juliet.

We must have fucked there for 10 solid minutes, just him working his big dick in and out of me before I couldn’t take it any more and I exploded in orgasmic pleasure. I bit my lips closed as I came to keep from screaming, and it seemed to make the entire thing more intense, my entire body spasmed and shook on Colts beautiful cock. Trying to keep my mouth closed while I came made me produce this soft, mumbled whimper, that made my lover smile.

Colt took the occasion to lean down and suckle on my tits as I came, it made the feeling linger, once I caught my breath he looked at me and said “you’re sexy when you cum.” I just smiled and cooed, and he told me to stand colette porno up and stick my ass out.

He got up from the couch first, and I followed his instruction, I stood in front of the couch and put my hands on the back of it, kneeling with one knee on the center cushion, I used one hand to gather my dress up, Colt stood behind me and helped, he bunched my dress into one big ring of fabric hanging around my waist. Other than that I was naked, with my ass sticking out, I could feel his big cock against my ass as he moved into position.

I gasped again, pressing my face against the back of the couch when he pushed his thick cock back in to me. When it was at its deepest, Colt reached around my body and took hold of my hanging tits in his hands.

As he squeezed my tits he started to fuck me, faster and harder this time. It was clear to me that he wanted to cum now too, but I fucking loved it. The wet, juicy smacking of his body against my ass was almost more than I could take, and then he lowered one of his hands from my tit down my belly and to the front of my hairy pussy, where he found my clit and began to rub as he fucked me, hard and fast. Oh god the feeling, was too good, he kept going harder and faster and I could feel his whole body tense, before BANG, it happened again, I came, and crumbled a little in pleasure into the couch, covering my mouth in the cushions, no sooner had I cum, than colt pulled his cock out of me and shot load and after load of thick white cum across my ass and my back. Some got on my dress even, but I could not have given less of a fuck, I was so incredibly satisfied half collapsed on this old second hand sofa with my friends new boyfriend standing naked behind me shooting his thick white cum all over my back and my ass. Oh hell I felt better than I had in months of taking my husbands dick, and he was no slouch in the sack either.

As soon as Colt was done cumming, he reached out and slapped my ass, which shook my from my post orgasmic daze a little. He was still naked, at home in his own place, when he walked over to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of paper towels, carried them over to me, and wiped his cum off of my backside.

Even this amount of cleaning up wasn’t going to do the trick with the cum stain he had left on the back of my dress. Once he had finished I stood up, letting the bottom part of my dress fall down and cover my naked ass and pussy, but my tits were still out.

Colt balled up the paper towels while I stood half naked in the living room. He looked at me, and came in to kiss me and squeeze my right tit when he did. It was a quick kiss and when it broke, he said, “You’re a peach.” before adding “You had better go.”

He was right, I picked my panties and bra up off the floor and put them both back on, before lifting the top of my dress back up so that I looked mostly normal, and then I left.

When I got home, my husband was half asleep. I told him about Juliet getting sick as an excuse to get out of my sex covered clothes and into a shower quickly. He said something about “oh, to be young” before we went to sleep.

The next day at work, Juliet made a point to come by my desk. I was worried at first about what she might say, but to my surprise, she apologized to me.

All that she knew was that she had gotten too drunk and thrown up and I had helped her. She was sorry for being a burden. Oh god, if she only knew.

“But you met Colt, right?”

“Yes. We met.”

“He’s nice, don’t you think?”

“Yes. I can see why you like him. He was alright.”

She smiled and went back to work never knowing about the night I had sex with her boyfriend on her couch. Nor would she know that he would be alright again, in the middle of the next week, when Colt and I shared a moment in the backseat of my explorer in the company-parking garage in the middle of the afternoon. But that was probably for the best.

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