JuneBugg Ch. 02

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June hurried and bought the M&Ms. Instead of making her way back thru the pool area she decided to head out the back doors. There was no way she was gonna “accidently” nock into Adric again.

She looked at her watch and cursed; she’s been doing that a lot lately. She and Felicity only had five minutes left of their free period. When she got back to the library, she was meet with a very pissed of blond.

“Where the hell have you been?” June cringed at the outburst.

“Sorry I ran into someone. I got your candy.”

Felicity grabbed the candy without even a thank you “You’re welcome.” June teased.

“What took you so long…” She handed the bag of candy to June after she took her share. “You didn’t take the long way did you?”

Before June could answer the bell rang and the two hurried to grab their things. They left for their last class of the day, College Algebra. June loved that class, she was always good at math, she even thought about becoming a math teacher one day.

Today they had a sub; he gave them their assignments and said they could do whatever they liked when they were done, as long as you don’t get caught by an administrator. Cool she thought. The assignment only took her twenty minutes. As soon as she was done she wiped out her mp3 and took out one of her favorite books. Another one of the things she loved; reading. She was so happy when she got her Kindle it made getting new books easier but she still preferred having a book in hand.

Just when she was getting comfortable the door opened and everyone, like clockwork, quickly put their phones, mp3s’ and even laptops away. It’s amazing how everyone can work in sync. Everyone pretended to be studying or working on a something, while the vice principal quietly spoke with the Sub.

Suddenly both the Sub and the vice principle left and we were left alone for a brief second. Then the door opened for a second time and instead of the sub or the vice principle it happened to be, just her luck, Adric. She wondered what the heck he was doing there.

The Vice principle told everyone to work quietly, while a peer counselor watched over us. June had forgotten that Adric was a peer counselor.

“Everyone be on your best behavior, while I and your sub discuss about an issue. You will all behave while Adric is here. You understand?” Mrs. Yipe the vice principle said just before she left.

“Yes we understand.” They all said in union. You see that sync thing?

Seriously now, who was the genius who thought about putting a senior in charge of other seniors? As soon as the door closed behind her, everyone went about as nothing had happened. People listened to music, gossiped, and texted… you know the routine.

June was bending over into her book bag to grab her Kindle and mp3, she caught a glimpse of Adric sitting behind the teachers’ desk. June made a disgusted look. He was smirking at her, probably thinking of a way to yet annoy her once again. ‘That bastard’ she thought.

“Hey! Look it’s the hottie who’s been crushing on you Bugg” Felicity whispered.

June rolled her eyes. “That jerk does NOT have a crush on me. He just likes to see me get embarrassed and enjoys picking on me.”

“Well he’s looking at you right now…. Ahh!”

June ducked at the sudden outburst. “What?”

“He’s coming over here!” “I got to go, good luck.

“Wait!” June called out. It was too late she had made her way to the other side of the class room.


“What’s great?” she heard the sultry voice behind her ask.

“Nothing.” She flatly said and proceeded to read, pretending he wasn’t there.

Adric smiled like the devil he is. Instead of leaving, he pulled up a desk next to her. She gave him an evil look.

“So what you reading Bugg?” He was peeking over her shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of what she was reading.

She rolled her eyes. “Nothing, and what do I keep telling you about calling me Bugg?” Only her friends and family called her that, not hot jerks.

“Why are you here?”

He leaned in near enough to where his lips were touching her ears. “I never got that kiss.” Then the unexpected happen, he kissed her ear slightly tugging it with his lips just before letting it go.

June practically flew out of her chair. She grabbed her ear and looked around the room to see if anyone saw just what had happened. No one in the class room gave her weird look; no indication that anyone saw. Finally she turned to Adric. He was sitting in his chair with his chin resting lazily on his hand acting as though he had no clue what he had done.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she hissed.

He looked at her innocently. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She sat back down in her chair, with her hand still on her ear. “Why are you always messing with me?” If she wasn’t a rich mocha color she would be beet red.

“Cause its fun.” He mischievously said. His voice suddenly changed into a serious deep and gruff. “And I know mom porn you like it.” He was leaning close again; he lifted one of his hands to try to push back one of Junes’ kinky braid. Before he could get to it she moved out of his reach. He frowned.

“Aww, Bugg that hurt” He said with mock sadness. “Why are you always cold to me?”

June couldn’t take it anymore; he always loved to see her get riled up. He drove her crazy.

“Why are such a JERK?!” As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted it. She could hear it echo even in the now silent room.

All eyes were on her now. Doesn’t it seem strange when there is a heated conversation going the room tends to goes dead quiet?

Embarrassed she couldn’t think of nothing else to do she ran out of the classroom.

She hid herself in the girl’s restroom for the rest of the period. When the bell rang she could hear the rush of students filling the hallways and exiting the building.

“Hey, is someone in there?” she heard a female student ask. June had locked herself in one of the stalls and now someone was trying to get in. She was going to answer until she heard familiar female voice told the other to the next stall.

As soon as all the voices in the restroom and hallway died away, June peeked out of the stall and slowly made her way out into the empty hallway. She heard footsteps, but couldn’t find where they were coming from. “Felicity!” she called out. “Felicity!…” Silence.

“Come out right now and stop trying to scare me, it isn’t funny!”

She gasped. Suddenly large hands came around her and clasped together in front of her eyes.

“You’re supposed to yell Olly Olly Oxen Free.” She heard the smooth voice say, his hands dropped from her face. Instead of moving away from her he placed his hands gently on her arms massaging them slightly. He kept moving downward resting his hands on her ample hips; he wrapped his arms around her in an embrace, resting his head in the crook of her neck.

“Oh I like this; it feels so nice, so right.” He was mainly talking to himself. God not only was he a jerk but crazy as well.

She took a deep breath and counted to ten, through clenched teeth. “Get your hands off me you crazy perv. You nearly scared the panties of me.”

“Oooo.. really? I would love to see that!” he playfully said in his sultry southern accent. It was deep with a sweet undertone of sex and it always made her want to cream her pants.

She shivered slightly at low timber of his voice; his broad chest was resting on her back. She could feel the vibrations of his voice, vibrating throughout her entire body. There were pulsing sensations between her legs and moisture began to pool in her panties. She tried to squeeze her legs shut; trying to relive some of the pressure, but it only made it worse.

She could feel Adric smiling behind her. “What’s wrong Bugg?”

Squirming to get free from his hold but that only mad her press into his hard body and she could feel his piece rubbing against her butt.

“Mmmm..” he groaned “You shouldn’t do that Bugg.” Her wiggling butt against him was making him hard.

“Well, if you just let go of me this wouldn’t be a problem.” She tried to wrench his firm grip from around her waist, but he was having none of it. She let out a frustrated grunt. “Let go of me!” She tried reaching around him to pinch his sides, except he grabbed her hand before she could get enough amount of his flesh to twist.

“I didn’t know that you were into S&M and you call me the perv.” He pinched her butt and she yelped. “Did you like that?”

Turning around to his smiling face. God, did she ever want to rip that smile off! “No!”


This wasn’t the first time he’s done something like this, it happened on freshman day orientation. She was sitting by herself in the one of the rows of the auditorium; there was a blond girl in front of her laughing loudly with a group of people. ‘How obnoxious’ she thought.

“Is anyone sitting here?” she heard a sexy male voice ask. When she looked up her breath jammed in her throat. She was stunned to see a beautiful tanned guy with dark blond hair asking if the seat next to her was taken. She looked around the auditorium and saw that there was a fairly large amount of chairs vacant. Why would he want to sit next to her?

“Umm, no it’s free.” She finally chocked out.

He smiled and took the seat. “Hi, I’m Adric Blanc.”

“Hi, I’m Juniper Pier-Louis, but everyone just calls me June or Bugg or June Bugg.” She said nervously.

“That’s such a pretty name. Let me guess; either your French or Haitian or both.”

She was so caught up in his beautiful accent she almost missed the question. “Haitian.” She said with bated breath.

During the orientation June had found out that Adric was from Louisiana; hence the accent and he and his family came to Atlanta because of his father’s job. He had two sisters who were twins that were already in college and a mobil porno little brother.

After the orientation he had asked her if she wanted him to walk her to class and like the fool she was she had agreed. As they made their way out of the building she could feel something rubbing against her butt. She turned her head and looked at the offensive object that was fondling her. It turned out that offensive object was Adrics’ hand. She looked at him. “What the hell are you doing?” He was acting like the perfect gentleman before; offering to carry her bag, walking her to class and opening the door for her.

He turned and looked at her; his hand still on her. “Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Adric!” her eyes bug out. “You’re freaking hand is on my butt. Get rid of it!”

They had stopped walking. He seemed to consider her words and then started smiling.

“I don’t think so.” He pinched her ass and she screamed. “Sorry, I had never seen an ass like this before and I couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh! You pervert, get your hands off me!” she tried to release his grip on her behind, but he was strong. She finally was able to wrench his hand from her rear and made for a mad dash to her first period. She heard him promise that they would meet up again later.

Like hell that would happen she thought.

Unfortunately he would find every opportunity to meet up with her on a daily basis even though had no classes in common.


As she was reflecting on her past meetings with Adric she didn’t notice that he had dragged them both into the senior lounge room. It wasn’t after until she heard the door close behind them that she realized where they were.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing? Where not supposed to be in here after school hours.” She made her way towards the door, but his huge frame was blocking her. She made to move around him, but he wouldn’t let her thru. Then she tried shoving him out of the way. That didn’t work either; he was just too big. All this time he was chuckling at her poor attempts to get to the door.

She blew out a frustrated breath becoming more pissed off by the second.

“Why are you doing this?!” she yelled.

Both his eyebrows lifted. “Why?” “Isn’t obvious why June Bugg?” He was walking towards her to where she was standing backing her up until she hit a wall. She was breathing hard, partially because she was afraid and little because she was getting turned on. When she hit the wall, Adrics’ huge body covered hers’ placing both of his hands on either side of her.

“Adric move.” She heard herself say… or more like whisper.

He had the most serious look on his face, it surprised June she was expecting any second now for him to start laughing out loudly. Instead he leaned down and softly planted his lips on hers. She had never seen him be so tender with her before.

She tried to pull back, but he pulled her in harder; capturing her lips fully. After a few seconds of fighting, her body betrayed her. Her first thoughts were; one was she dreaming and two Oh my god this feels soooo good. She tried to hold in her moans of pleasure, but she was beginning to lose what little control she still had.

If it weren’t for Adrics’ firm grip on her she would have slipped off into a puddle of goop. It was her first kiss ever and her body reacted in the strangest of ways. Her heart was pounding and she swore it would jump out of her chest and confess its love for Adric.

Adric groaned softly in his throat, capturing her plumb bottom lip sucking it into his mouth. He was rewarded with a soft whimper from June.

When he finally pulled away he was breathing hard.

“June…god you’re so fucking sexy. Do you know how long I wanted to do this?” He added a kiss to her exposed neck.

“What, me?” she turned to look at him; total disbelief in her eyes. “You’re lying.”

He cupped her face gently and genuinely smiled.

“Why would I lie about something about that?”

“Because you’re an annoying pervert.” She meant it as a joke, but he wasn’t laughing. He looked really hurt.

“The only reason I did those things to you because I really like you and I think you’re sexy as hell. You have no idea how many times I became hard just thinking about you.”

She blushed. No guy has ever gotten hard just by thinking about her…as far as she knew.

“If you like me so much, why are you always messing with me? Do you think I like it when you annoy me this much?” She said critically.

He actually looked flustered at her question. Adric wasn’t expecting directness form the sweet, shy, and quiet June. It threw him off guard. So he just decided to jump right in and say it. “June… I love you.”

“You love.. me?” She stared at him, completely unable to process this sudden confession of the heart. Did he just say he loved her?

“Yes. I have been interested…Some would say obsessed… in you from the moment I saw you.”

The words “I love you” xnxx porno were still ringing in her ears. Why would he love her? He could have any girl he wanted so why her? I mean it wasn’t like she was dog ugly. She was tall at five ten and had shapely coco brown legs that she was proud of and if she wanted to painfully admit it she did have a little extra weight, but that was mainly around her booty and thighs, but she carried her weight around well and the guys around here haven’t been complaining about it. She had a round face that was blemish free, thanks to genetics and had round bright eyes that were a dark shade of brown and dark heart shaped lips. She ran her hands through her thick kinky twists trying to find the right words.

“Ok…Ok.” She repeated

“Ok what?”

“Ok…” she hesitated unsure if she should say this. “If I’m gonna be honest…I really, really like you Adric. Love I’m not entirely sure.” She didn’t want to tell him that she also loved him as well; she wanted to see where this was going first.

He seemed really happy with just that, he leaped up and kissed her hard on the lips. “That’s good Bugg. Love will come later.”

“How do you know?” she asked him skeptical. He just smiled and kissed her again. She quickly broke the kiss.

He looked at her disappointment present in his eyes.

“Don’t look at me like I just killed your dog. Those puppy eyes you’re giving me are killing me.” She couldn’t let him get his way just yet; there were still questions needed to asked.

“You never really explained why you are always bullying me.”

“Cause its fun. It’s exciting to see your reactions” He said point blankly. He wasn’t even smiling; not even a twitch. Her jaw nearly hit the floor. He hadn’t even thought about it. Not only was he a perv but a sadist. “And.” He continued as if that a normal thing a person could say. “If I didn’t guys would be hanging around you all the time. I can’t have that, it would be hard to scare them all away when school is in session and I have swim practice and clubs.”

She was shaking her head. “Adric you’re crazy.”

“Crazy in love?”

“No, crazy like you need to be locked in a padded room crazy.”

“Well you asked. Don’t women like it when their men are honest?” Here heart fluttered at the possibility of him being her man.

“And besides you can’t say I’m always annoying you. I have played the part of the hero in the past…like the time you almost feel down those stairs and I caught you just in time.”

“Adric, you idiot, it was your fault in the first place that I almost fell down those stairs.”

He scratched his head at the memory. “Oh yeah; now that I think about it, it was my fault.

“If I’m not careful you’re gonna be the death of me.” She took in a deep breath and slowly let it out.

“That’s a good thing right?” he questioned.

Rolling her eyes she brought his lips down to hers. It was a slow clinging kiss never wanting to let go. He was surprised for a second then smiled against her lips. Wrapping her arms around his neck he hungrily devoured her mouth lost in the sensation of her in his arms. His hands are moving up her skirt massaging the bare luscious flesh. She can feel where his hand is aiming for and doesn’t give any objections. She lets out a deep sigh, but not stopping him.

He reaches underneath her skirt and fumbles around for a bit until he finds what he was looking for. He strokes her pussy through her underwear. He can feel her getting wet and it excites him. He moves underneath her shirt and grasped her heavy breast felling the weight and groping them. She moans into his mouth begging for more.

June was having a sensory overload. Adrics’ hands and mouth were everywhere, she could feel him suckling her neck then moving towards her ear.

“Ohh, Yes.” She was shivering uncontrollably; no one has ever made her feel this way. It only got better when Adric started moving his kisses down south. He was kissing her neck slowly moving towards her breast. He paused for a second so he could lift her shirt above her head. Once he got the thing off he threw it to the side and stared at her beautiful chest. Her breasts were slightly shade lighter than the rest of her body and her nipples and areola were a dark copper color.

June was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable by the way he was staring at her. She moved to cover herself from his powerful stare.

“No. Don’t cover yourself up, you’re beautiful.”

She shrugged and removed her hands which were hiding herself. “Yeah right you’re just saying that.”

Adric couldn’t believe she thought she wasn’t beautiful. She was gorgeous and he was gonna prove it to her. He walked up to her and he could hear her breath catch. He reached behind her then unsnapped her bra, giving her full breast freedom from their torture device. He tentatively reached out to stroke them. She sighed at the intimate contact. Her nipples pebbled at his touch, begging for attention.

He gripped them with his forefinger and thumb rolling the little hard pebbles, bringing about a delicious moan from her. He leaned down to lick the scrumptious looking nipple, slowly drawing it into his mouth. She hissed when he nipped the sensitive flesh and then soothed it by lapping at it.

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