Just Gay for Me

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** All characters are over 18. Please be kind as this is my first attempt at doing this solo without a regular proofreader. More to come! **

Jocelyn Carson pushed the bronze-framed double glass doors at the entrance to the conference center of Jenner University, where she had been attending for the past three years. She pursed her lips as she made her way to the school of business faculty-student mixer, in a well-appointed spacious room just down the main corridor. It was a gorgeous meeting space, but Jocelyn silently criticized the obvious expense of building it. Could have updated most of the old classrooms with the money you idiots wasted on this place, she thought.

She smoothed out her perfectly tailored black business suit, knowing how it hugged her slim form and accentuated her beauty without making it the proverbial main attraction. The one thing Jocelyn didn’t like about that particular outfit is that the jacket was a bit too tight for her ample breasts — not that she minded, it did tend to draw the eyes of others, which made her feel sexy. Mentally she corrected herself as she watched the eyes of several professors drift her way, making her frown. Being a gold star lesbian, the only eyes Joeclyn wanted gazing on her would be those of other women. She had never felt drawn to men and never would be. Girls were softer, sexier, smelled better and tasted heavenly, like nothing else on earth.

As she maneuvered her way around the room, Jocelyn searched for a friendly face in the sea of people scattered throughout the room. Her roommate Paula had sworn up and down she would be there to keep her company, but the slim redhead was nowhere to be seen. Jocelyn frowned. As an outgoing woman, she loved get-togethers like this, but it felt stuffy and unremarkable. Or just fucking boring, she said to herself.

Jocelyn ran her long fingers through her wavy chestnut brown hair, finding a small tangle and freeing it up. Sighing and thinking the whole trip was time in her life she would never get back, she turned towards the door, fully intent on marching out of the room immediately. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a hand waving, so she turned to see who was trying to get her attention.

Expecting it to be someone she did not want to talk to, Jocelyn simply turned her head, planning to nod as she made a beeline for the exit which lay across twenty feet of Brazilian cherry wood flooring. Her eyes widened in surprise when she discovered it was Cheyenne Anders, a gorgeous bottle blonde that was a good friend that she hung out with a lot with. Involuntarily, she felt her lips breaking into a broad smile that showed her perfectly straight white teeth that often got tons of compliments. Most of them she chose to ignore, since they came from guys with one thing on their minds, which was pointless due to the fact that she had no interest whatsoever.

Cheyenne wasn’t nearly as outgoing as Jocelyn, but with friends she felt comfortable expressing herself much more openly. Her black heels made a distinct noise as she scurried over and threw her arms around her friend, pulling her into a tight embrace. Jocelyn took a sharp intake of breath, partly due to the girl crashing into her, but mostly because of the warm sensation of her body, breasts pressing together and the sensation of breath at her ear. Cheyenne was not quite as curvy as her friend but had a generous figure nonetheless.

The lighter haired girl released her friend and then took a step back to a respectable distance, knowing Jocelyn was into girls and not wanting to seem like a tease. “I was afraid I was left alone with all of these creepy guys,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Jocelyn looked into the girl’s piercing green eyes but tried not to stare into them too long and make her uncomfortable. “Fear not, I will protect you. Could always pretend we are a couple.”

Cheyenne frowned. “Nice try, not ever gonna happen. ‘A’ for creativity though, I will give you that,” she said, clearly not offended.

Jocelyn smiled and winked playfully at her. “Well, there is a lot of psychology research out there that pretty much concludes that sexuality is a spectrum, and pretty flexible for women. Soooooo basically most women have an innate sexual attraction to other women.”

Cheyenne laughed out loud, drawing annoyed glances from a group of well-dressed women with gray hair, making her cheeks go pink from embarrassment. Once she regained her composure, she leaned in and whispered, “Cute, but not true. I love men, no attraction to women at all. Thanks but no thanks.”

“A girl’s gotta try, right? Just kidding!” Jocelyn lied, trying not to creep out the other girl.

“Probably true, I should cut you some slack I guess. Have any good classes this semester?”

Jocelyn thought for a moment, wondering if she should respond with something factual or more personal. She let her eyes graze the slight amount of cleavage peeking out of the other girl’s conservative black dress, wondering once again how they might feel to touch and caress, Eryaman Escort but knowing how impossible that prospect would ever be. A straight girl would never knowingly let a lesbian touch her sexually, or at all, for that matter. Female doctors were lucky because their touch, although clinical, was almost unconditionally accepted as appropriate.

At that moment a flurry of possibilities flooded Jocelyn’s conscious mind, wondering if there was any legitimate way to have unfettered access to her straight friend’s body without it raising any alarms. After a split-second, the thought of massage therapy popped into her head, since she was already studying to get her license, enabling her to have a side job. Yes, that could work, especially if Cheyenne thought it was somehow a favor for a friend.

Jocelyn cleared her throat and smiled slightly. “Well my business classes have been pretty challenging, but my massage therapy classes have been the absolute best. A few more practice sessions and I will get my license!” she blurted out all at once.

Cheyenne’s eyebrow went up in response to the statement, though it did not surprise her. She knew full well that Jocelyn had been following that path, but had assumed she was finished already. “Oh wow, really?” she asked.

Jocelyn smiled knowingly and nodded. “Yes, just been a little hard getting volunteers with finals right around the corner. Oh well, it can wait a few weeks I guess,” she said, her voice trailing off, tinged with feigned disappointment.

“Seriously? Doesn’t seem like a big commitment for something that important,” Cheyenne said, clearly annoyed.

“Well you can’t force people to do something right? I’ll find someone eventually to help,” Jocelyn responded, with a casual shrug of her shoulders.

“Oh come on, what’s involved? It can’t be that time consuming!” Cheyenne said, almost angry now.

Jocelyn looked the girl square in the eyes before responding, as if somehow locking her attention and will into the next statement. “Just thirty minutes to an hour per session. Just need about 4 sessions to finish it up.”

Cheyenne giggled loudly. “Free massages? And helping out a friend to boot? Shit, sign me up,” she said with a grin.

Jocelyn smiled triumphantly, realizing that her sexy straight friend had fallen right into her less than pure intentions, giving her nearly free rein to touch her without any consequences. “All right then, it’s a date. Let’s say tomorrow evening, maybe 6:30?” she proposed.

“Make it seven and I might bring wine!”

Jocelyn barely paid attention in her classes the next day, her mind spinning wicked sexual fantasies about Cheyenne that nearly always culminated in full on passionate lovemaking. If she was that pent up when the girl came over, it would spell certain doom for her intentions. After classes were over for the day, she sprinted back to the apartment where she lived alone, desperately craving self-satisfaction to calm her libido.

Fluffing up the numerous white pillows on her queen-sized bed, she leaned back gently, letting a long breath out of her lungs through her teeth, almost creating a faint whistle. She smoothed out the almost too short plaid skirt she chose that day, loving the feeling of the slightly coarse fabric on her finger tips, stimulating her senses a bit.

As she ran her fingers over the silky skin of her legs, Jocelyn let her mind paint a vivid picture of Cheyenne lying face up on the massage table, completely naked, eyes closed, her dirty blonde hair spilling on the table by her head. Her friend’s eyes were closed, her full lips forming a relaxed smile that seemed to beg for a kiss.

In her mind’s eye, Jocelyn soaked her hands in warm, coconut-scented massage oil, letting it drip off her fingers from the girl’s supple neck, through the valley of her ample breasts, past her belly button, and stopping just above her completely bare womanhood. She watched the transparent tan liquid create random trails across Cheyenne’s skin, following the path of least resistance, but making her body look even more tantalizing.

“How does that feel?”

She heard her voice reply, “Oh incredible, it’s like warmth spreading all over my skin.”

Jocelyn fought a giggle as she laid her hands on the girl’s supple skin, slowly spreading the oil across her belly, her lips…and upwards…stopping just short of her breasts. Cheyenne let out a relaxed sign. “Your hands feel amazing.” she said, her eyes still closed, her words almost sounding like a moan.

Jocelyn moved her hand until it rested just below the blonde’s right breast, careful not to trespass on the spot itself. “You think so? Might be dangerous saying that to a gay girl that has her hands on your sexy naked body.” she said, giggling a bit.

Cheyenne smiled, finding the flirtatious game entertaining, sparking the urge to continue. “Sounds like you have her at your mercy…vulnerable…could easily be taken advantage of…” she said with a melodious chuckle.

Biting Sincan Escort her lip, Jocelyn was conflicted about the mixed messages but excited at the same time, wondering if she should push her luck and try something, even if it was subtle. “Mmmm, maybe, having her hands…quite close….to places that they shouldn’t be.” she cooed, slipping her thumb to the side of her breast, but keeping it completely still.

Cheyenne, not expecting the almost touch, gasped and squirmed, feeling unfamiliar sensations and desires rise up inside her body. She willed her eyes to open, but found them unresponsive, instead her body fidgeting, incredibly aware of another woman’s subtle touch on the side of her breast, feeling the thumb start the beginnings of a subtle caress. Why was she allowing this to happen? It felt wrong, but somehow so good.

Emboldened by her reaction, Jocelyn slipped her oil-laden hand around Cheyenne’s breast, oiling and caressing it as the girl’s back arched upwards, seemingly forcing her body into her friend’s hand more fully. Slowly, she began working the nipple with the oil and her fingers, making the object of her passion moan and writhe with intensity. Unable to resist any longer, Jocelyn climbed on the table and straddled the other girl’s gyrating body, both hands now caressing her breasts, grinding against her gently.

Cheyenne’s face was burning with desire, even with her eyes closed, hungry and clearly losing control. Jocelyn leaned down and kissed her, finding the response from the other girl welcoming if not enthusiastic. The kissing grew more intense, tongues dancing wildly, as if suddenly in danger of devouring each other without restraint.

Jocelyn reluctantly tore her mouth from Cheyenne’s, this time causing the other girl’s eye to fly open, revealing deep passion and desire. Her legs were wedged between those below her, and Jocelyn slowly started pushing them apart, making it clear what she wanted, feeling no resistance as she kept going.

Breaking eye contact, Jocelyn moved down the table slowly, worried at any second she might stop what was happening. She settled between Cheyenne’s parted legs, eye level with a gorgeous pussy whose scent was invading her own senses, inviting her, begging her to come closer, to taste her.

Jocelyn nuzzled the fleshy out lips of the girl’s pussy, feeling her jump and moan in response, building her own desire, driving her head forward until she tasted it. She then formed her mouth against the other lips, sealing one against the other, claiming and possessing her straight friend while hearing intensely deep moans.

She felt delicate hands interlacing the hair on her head, connecting them even more, and clearly begging for more. Jocelyn pushed her tongue in deeply, making the other girl gasp and flinch, emitting a moan so intense it could wake the dead. Grasping the blonde’s hips, she darted her tongue in and out as smoothly as possible, making the body around her head writhe.

“Ohhhhhh fuck that feels good….oh Jocelyn don’t stop.” Cheyenne moaned loudly.

Momentarily smiling at hearing her name moaned in such a sexy way, Jocelyn withdrew her tongue and descended on the girl’s clit, fully intent on forcing out the most intense orgasm of her entire life. As she wrapped her lips around the beautiful nub, the girl shrieked loudly and spasmed, uttering unintelligible noises that delighted her all the more.

As the orgasm in her fantasy erupted, so did her own. Jocelyn moaned loudly, her toned hips thrashing, her fingers dripping as her body released its tense climax, her chest heaving from breathing so hard. She had to lay still for nearly thirty seconds for the tension to pass and her legs to finally relax; they had nearly formed a knot in the muscle during her sexy explosion. Oh wow that was a good one…hope the reality is even better, if I can pull it off without her screaming and running off., she said silently. Moments later, she bounced out of the disheveled sheets to take a quick shower to prepare for her esteemed guest.

Some distance away. Cheyenne arrived at her own tiny studio apartment just a block from the college campus. Granted, it was cramped, but she had been lucky enough to find a desperate graduate student that needed to fulfill her lease, so it was the deal of a lifetime. Once the door was locked, she let her long hair down and shook it out before stepping in front of the full length mirror mounted on the bathroom door.

She smiled as she considered her reflection, the way that her hair hung down in waves, how the dress hugged her hips, and how it teased just a hint of her cleavage. Aside from her smile, Cheyenne got the most compliments on her breasts, though usually it was phrased in the most crass way imaginable. Heads often turned quickly when she came into a room, though her friend Jocelyn had complained teasingly that it took attention away from her. They had been friends for some time and hung out often and clicked well, save for the Etlik Escort fact that her friend was gay and teased her now and then.

Cheyenne turned away from the mirror and began thinking about her offer to help her friend pass her exams for massage therapy, wondering if she had ulterior motives. But I was the one that volunteered. She didn’t even so much as hint or ask me to do it. Maybe I am paranoid. she thought. Stepping into the shower, she let all those thoughts melt away until they were forgotten, like leaves driven away by a fall wind.

Jocelyn decided to prepare everything well in advance, leaving nothing to chance, where something could derail her planned seduction. It had to be subtle, so very subtle, gradual, and patient, or her friend could sense something was up and withdraw completely, maybe permanently. Even the black spandex yoga outfit she chose to wear for the occasion was subtle enough, her bare midriff showing but nothing more revealing. It was conservative enough not to set off alarms in the blonde’s head, but did show skin to be pleasant to the eyes. She checked the portable massage table again, adjusting the cushion designed to cradle her subject’s head while in the precut hole face down.

About ten minutes later, she heard a soft, almost tentative knock on her door, suggesting some wariness on the part of her friend. I am gonna have to be extra careful how I do this, needs to be subtle and low-key. I can manage that I think. Have to play the long game here. Clearing her own throat nervously, Jocelyn twisted the polished brass doorknob, and with a squeaking sound, opened the lightly stained oak door.

Cheyenne bit her upper lips nervously as she caught sight of her friend, her would-be therapist, and was surprised to see how great she looked. The stretchy dark fabric hugged her skin, accentuating her curves nicely, but not revealing anything more than a flat tummy she instantly envied. “Wow, Jos, you look great!” she said once she had broken her reverie.

Joceyln leaned in for a hug which was readily accepted, not lasting more than a second, but it gave her the chance to feel the warmth of the other girl enough to make her feel a little giddy. Once she pulled back, she noticed that her friend’s choice of attire was somewhat bland, a light blue pair of gym shorts and a loose-fitting matching top with white trim. It looked practical, given that it would be on the floor in a few minutes anyway. “Hey there you look–” she began, knowing that words like hot, sexy, or yummy would be over the top, “—good and ready.”

“Absolutely. I love me a nice massage and it’s been a long time since I got one.” Cheyenne said, entering the spacious apartment, taking a few steps to get a good look at the massage table. She ran her hand along the wooden frame along the edge, noted the headrest, and then pushed down on the top to see if it gave way or wobbled at all.

“Ah fear not, milady, that is a professional grade table that cost me quite a bit to get.” Jocelyn promised, leaving out the part that she had gotten quite the deal from a woman who retired from the business.

The blonde didn’t divert her attention from the table but continued the conversation. “Well, that’s real commitment, especially as a business major. I guess I pictured you more as the corner office power-CEO type.” she said quietly.

Jocelyn moved to the girl’s side, but far enough away not to invade her space. “Oh I can be a massage therapist and do that too. Maybe I can have my own brand of places around the world.” she said with a giggle.

From the angle where she was standing, she could see Cheyenne’s nostrils flare slightly, indicating that she had discovered the scent of her perfume. It had a rich, sensual scent that was amazing and delightful.. She watched as her friend considered if she liked it and then watched as she took in a deep breath through her nose.

“Wow, that perfume…where did you get it from? Never came across anything like that in my life before.” she asked.

“Oh, it’s custom made, so you won’t find it on the shelf anywhere, sorry.” Jocelyn said, reaching up and patting the table. “Ok now get undressed and lie face down. Don’t worry, I will cover your ass with a towel to respect your privacy.”

Cheyenne’s eyes widened in shock, clearly not expecting nudity or near-nudity to be part of the equation. “Yeah…that’s not…what I am comfortable with.” she said, stuttering.

Jocelyn knew that having a factual argument about something emotional was an instant non-starter, so her mind frantically searched for something to lay the issue to rest. A moment later, she stood at the far side of the table and patted it. “Ok, but let me show you something. Take your sweatshirt off and leave your bra on and lay face down ok?” she said with a slight smile.

Cheyenne’s mouth frowned a bit, as if expressing deep skepticism, but reasoned that anyone who knew her had seen at least that much when she wore a bikini. She turned away and pulled the top upwards in a single stroke, and nonchalantly dropped it to the floor. As she climbed up, she kept her front away from Jocelyn’s gaze as if protecting herself from being seen. Once there, she fitted her face into the pillow-like fabric and let out a breath. Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea, I shouldn’t have offered, she said to herself, her doubts looming now.

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