Just the Beginning

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We were lying on the bed, exhausted, covered from head to toe in sweat, my warmth oozing from you as we kissed. My tongue explored your lips just as my hands explored your naked flesh, your chest rising heavily up and down from the exertion moments before. But it was just the beginning.

“We need a shower,” you said, your voice thick and your smile wide.

“Yes,” I agreed, displaying a mischievous grin, “we do.”

And yet we continued to enjoy the feel of one another for just a while longer. Neither of us commented on the obvious — my cock was still hard. Very.

At last I got up, taking you by the hand. You followed willingly but slowly, your legs still a little shaky from our recent fucking. I started the water in the shower, adjusting it to the right temperature. You embraced me from behind, caressing my sweaty chest with your hands, pushing your breasts against my back, mimicking the way I had pulled you to me not long before, when I came deep inside you.

Your wetness rubbed against my ass, and I could feel your hot breath on my neck. I smiled to myself. You could not feel it because your hands were wrapped around my chest, but my cock pulsed just as you rubbed your wet pussy against me. I should have been spent, but the feel of your body was too much. And I knew it was just the beginning.

The water was perfect. I entered the shower and you followed. My bathtub isn’t large, so we had to press close against each other in order to fit. The wetness of your skin brushing over mine was almost too much, and the sight of the water flowing down the curves of your body only reminded me of the way I had touched you Büyükesat Escort only a few minutes earlier, pulling you to me as I climaxed deep inside of you.

“Your turn first,” I said, a wanting smile crossing my lips.

You said nothing but simply turned into the flow of the water as I soaped your body up and down, making no attempt to hide my hard erection. I reached around you, pressing my body firmly against you, my cock placed perfectly between your tight ass cheeks. You moaned to yourself just then. You thought I didn’t hear it, but I did. It was a low, sensual moan, the kind you make when your nipples are in my mouth or my lips are pressed against your neck.

My hands traced a slippery, soapy path all over your body, ostensibly with the purpose of making you clean. But there was a much dirtier purpose at work, and we both knew it. I enjoyed exploring your body, from your hips to your breasts and down to your thighs, each part of you soft and wet against my fingertips.

I don’t know whether it was you who turned me around, or if I did it on my own, but the change in mood was sudden, and powerful. I had finished rinsing the soap from your body but was expecting you to revel in the feel of my hands on your breasts a little while longer. Instead, you whirled around and, wrapping one arm around my back and keeping one hand on my shoulder, spun me so I was facing the wall of the shower, my hands firmly gripping the towel bar, my ass facing you with your back to the shower’s spray.

You pressed against me from behind, just as you had before when I was getting Elvankent Escort the shower ready. But this time there was no playfulness to your actions, only lust. Your hand reached around me, gripping my hardness. The feeling of your hand stroking my cock so soon after my previous orgasm was electrifying. Every sensation felt new, as though your hand were playing tricks with each and every nerve.

And then, just as I had started to get used to the feel of your breasts against my back and your hand on my cock, you began to fuck me. It happened so suddenly. One minute you were gently massaging my ass with one hand as the other one stroked me, and the next, your finger was pressed against my tight asshole. The combined feeling was almost too much to stand as I opened up for you, so slowly, little by little. At first, you just pressed your finger up against my tight opening, allowing the combined wetness of the water and the soap to lubricate me, but you didn’t stop there for long.

You began to press your finger deeper inside me, in circles against the sides of my ass, spreading me open, all the while stroking my throbbing cock. I was so overcome with this new sensation that I couldn’t move, I could only stand there in anticipation of more, my back arched, my hands holding on to the towel bar to keep my balance as you pushed yourself inside me.

I let out a low, guttural moan as you took me. I felt myself stretch wide open for your finger, which was already buried to the knuckle. Your heavy, rapid breathing against the back of my neck only added to my excitement as I knew Beşevler Escort this was turning you on as much as it was me, and soon I was pushing hard against you, wanting more.

“Deeper,” was the single word I spoke, the only word that had been spoken since we entered the shower. My legs were shaking. In spite of all my trips to the gym, my thighs and calves could barely hold myself up against this overwhelming power. My moans became louder, and in the back of my mind I realized that you were making your own noises behind me. I recognized them as low, demanding, and intense, the same sounds I make when I’m fucking you hard and without mercy.

At that realization I couldn’t help but turn around, I had to see your face. You allowed this to happen while expertly holding yourself inside me, so that you, slightly shorter, were pressed against my upper chest as you continued to finger me. I placed one leg on the edge of the tub, higher than the other, so that you could push inside me even deeper than before.

Even though you had to look up to make eye contact, there was nothing submissive about your expression — in your eyes there was only lust. You had recognized the fact that I was yours to fuck mercilessly. I began to ride you, there in the shower, moving up and down on you, as your finger pushed into me from behind and your breasts pushed against me from the front. I can only imagine what it must have looked like to you, my eyes burning with ecstasy, my hardness pressing against your belly as you fucked me.

Then, suddenly, you looked down. My bathtub was quickly filling with water. It was already up to our ankles. You slowed down the finger-fucking, soon stopping completely. As you removed your finger agonizingly slowly from my ass, you looked up at me, a smile on your face.

“I think that’s all for now. But don’t worry,” you said as you stepped slowly out of the tub, turning back to look at me still standing there, panting with desire, “this is just the beginning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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