Just This Once

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You pull me into your arms, and I tremble as your soft lips brush against mine. God, you’re so perfect; at least physically. I’m overcome with desire as you kiss me tenderly, pulling me so close that our bodies are pressing together. I can feel how excited you are by the huge, hard lump in your pants as it presses into me.

I don’t know much about you, except your name and the fact that you turn me on beyond belief. I don’t know what it is, but isn’t that the difference between lust and love? I know you’ll probably just end up hurting me, maybe breaking my heart after it’s all said and done. I usually over think or analyze things before I act. Not tonight; I’m overcome with desire and I’m letting my body guide me. I can think all I want tomorrow morning.

Tonight, I’m yours.

You kiss me, and I lose myself in your embrace, your warmth. You tower over me and even if I wanted to say no, you’d probably take me anyway. You know how bad I really want you, and my pleas would be empty. You’re that strong, dominant alpha male with the ridiculously good looks and perfect body that I always try to avoid. God knows why you want me, but I’m determined to at least have this one night with you. I want you so bad I’d probably do anything you’d ask of me. I hate you for making me feel this way; I’m usually not this kind of girl.

I wrap my arms around you and run my fingers through your short hair as my mouth parts, welcoming your soft, probing tongue. Your hands roam freely over my body, making me shiver with anticipation. I moan as your hand slides between my legs and presses into me, caressing me. I know you can feel the heat from my body.

You break the kiss and give me a wicked smile. You know the effect you have on me and I’m letting you take full advantage. I let you push me back on the bed and a second later, you join me, pinning me down with your body as you resume the assault on my senses. Your lips are sweet, but your kisses are rough and urgent. Your fingers begin to skillfully Tokat Escort unbutton my blouse. I try to stop you, halfheartedly, but your brush my hands aside and pull off my top.

Your mouth leaves mine and begins to trail smoldering kisses down my jaw, to my neck and the hollow of my throat. Your hands are on my breasts, teasing each nipple gently. You move your mouth down to my breasts and begin to slowly kiss and bite each nipple, one at a time. I drop my head back passively, letting you conquer me. I’m practically trembling with desire, and I want you so bad it hurts.

“Yes, baby…you like that, don’t you? You want my cock, little girl?’

I blush at your words, but nod in agreement. You continue to fondle my breasts and tease my erect nipples with your wet tongue. At this point, I’m moaning softly under my breath and I can feel myself growing wetter by the moment. Our eyes meet for a moment and though I’m hesitant, you reassure me with your gaze. Your hands move to undo the clasp of my pants, and you pull the garment from my body a second later. You softly stroke me through my panties, leaving soft kisses down my chest as you work your way down my body.

You stop, get up from the bed, and begin to remove your own clothing as I watch. You pull off your polo shirt, revealing perfect abs and a defined chest. You’re so fucking sexy. It’s like you stepped off the pages of a magazine cover. You’re too perfect. You smile at my approval as you pull off your pants. I can see the outline of your huge cock through your boxers. You grin and slowly pull off your boxers. The full length of your shaft springs free and I am amazed at how large you really are.

You step forward and I reach out, shyly brushing my fingertips down your firm stomach, then wrapping my fingers tentatively around your hardening cock. You bring the swollen head to my lips and I kiss it softly, then gently lick it with my wet tongue. You gasp, and I take you in my mouth boldly. I suck you gently, Tokat Escort Bayan taking as much in my mouth as possible while wrapping my hand around the bottom of your shaft. I can’t get the whole thing in my mouth, and you’re not pushing me to do so, only enjoying the pleasure I am giving you. Your hands gently rest on the back of my head, stroking my hair lightly as you murmur words of encouragement. I feel as though I’m worshipping you, trying to show you that I’m worthy of your presence. I submit to you completely, sucking your cock with all the skill I possess. I can hear you moaning as I work your large cock into my mouth, doing my best to please you.

Moments later, you withdraw from my mouth and get back on the bed, kneeling between my legs. I let you pull my panties off, completely exposing myself to you. You gently stroke me, and insert your fingers. I gasp when I feel how wet I am. You lower your hot mouth to my flesh and taste me, using your tongue to explore and probe me. I moan loudly as my back arches, pushing myself against your tongue. Your strong hands find my hips and hold me in place firmly as your tongue flicks over my clit. I’m trying to regain control over my body so I don’t look like a desperate woman, flailing wildly at your touch.

You stop long enough to pull on a condom. Then I feel you lower your strong, hard body onto mine, your arms on either side of me, pressing me back into the mattress. We kiss, openly and passionately. I whimper as I feel your cock pressing against me. I’ve never wanted anything so badly before.

You sit up, taking your cock in hand, and guide it to my entrance. You push gently and I can feel the head pressing against me. I close my eyes and my fingers grip the sheets.

You take your time, gently sliding in and out. I’ve never had a cock as large as yours and I know you don’t want to hurt me. I moan as you slowly enter me, inch by inch. Finally you are leaning over me, buried in me to the hilt. You lean over Escort Tokat and kiss my lips tenderly, allowing me to adjust to the fullness of your cock.

I’m ready now, and you take me into your arms as we make love. Every thrust penetrates me deeper then ever before. I moan each time you thrust into me, loving the way your huge cock feels deep in my tight pussy. I can feel you throbbing inside me. Soon, we’re both moaning, groaning and gasping in desire.

I know I’m going to come soon, and you slow your pace, thrusting into me hard. I don’t know how you know me so well; I love it slow but hard. My body responds to you. You know exactly where to put your hands, your lips. I moan and gasp as my body writhes under your touch. I’ve never felt so utterly overtaken before. I never do this….I never let my desire or passion overtake me, making me moan and whimper and cry out in pleasure. Usually I stay completely in control, never letting someone dominate me. But I don’t have to tell you where to go or what to do for you to make me come, and I realize that in itself is intoxicating. I can just let my body respond to yours. I don’t have to think at all.

I try to hold back my orgasm to prolong the pleasure, but you won’t have that. You increase the intensity of your thrusts, and before long I’m shaking in anticipation.

“That’s it, baby, let it go…I want you to come for me. It’s okay, baby, I got you…just let go…”

I cry out as you push me over the edge, my whole body spasms. I don’t want you to make me come this hard, but you know what you’re doing. Your thrusts are slow and deliberate, and you hold me tight as I ride out my orgasm, my face buried in your neck as I whimper into your ear. God, it’s so incredible. I come so hard that it hurts, and leaves me gasping and trembling in your strong arms. Your climax comes a few moments later, and I’m kissing and biting your earlobe as you groan loudly with your release. You look so sexy when you come.

I expect you to leave afterwards, but instead we lay together and you hold me, kissing me tenderly and stroking my hair. You allow me to explore your perfect body with my lips and fingertips. You’re like a fantasy come true. God, I hate you for making me so weak.

What will happen next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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