Just What I Wanted Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy it. This is the second installment of a story that I wrote a while back and felt needed to be revisited. If you like it, make sure to rate and comment accordingly. Also, if you would like me to add more installments, let me know.


I waited somewhat nervously in my car. Just outside of town, at the small public parking for a now-defunct service station, my car sat parked. At that hour, there was very little traffic on the nearby road that was mostly forgotten when the highway was constructed. Now, only miners and outdoor enthusiast utilized the stretch of tarmac that went on into the distance and out of sight. I was nervous because I was waiting for the man that I had only ever met once before; the man that used me simply for his pleasure before tossing me out of his motel room naked. That original encounter was everything I expected it to be and more, and this one I hoped to be more of the same.

Recently, I had come to terms with the fact that I got off on being used sexually. To be degraded and humiliated by a dominant man that only sought their pleasure and had no concern for mine. After years of normal, vanilla relationships with men, I finally took a chance to act on my deepest desires that I had tried hard to keep hidden. At first, I was ashamed to have such depraved sexual thoughts, but eventually, after so many unfulfilling sexual encounters, I began to look more into those dark thoughts. The first big step in accepting that side of myself was answering the anonymous online posting that resulted in me being completely used before being tossed out naked, while covered in a stranger’s cum.

So I find myself now going back to the well of sexual depravity; to let a man, whose name I do not know, use me as his sex toy. It was at his instructions via an email exchange that I meet him in this abandoned parking lot. In those instructions, it was also detailed that I was to be wearing a tiny crop top with a flared mini skirt. No underwear was permitted, and it was stated that I was to wear a pair of strappy, platform-style high heels. Sitting in the provocative outfit in my car, my knees bounce in anticipation and I can feel my sex already damp with arousal. I jump in my seat when my phone vibrates to life with a new text message. I had been expecting the message, as he requested my cell phone number in the email as well, but the sudden break in the silent car still startled me.

Opening the message I read that he is ten minutes away. His message also states, that he wants me to be waiting outside of my car upon his arrival and that my phone, car keys, and all other personal belongings are to be left inside my car. His instructions are short and demanding and they make my pussy gush with the idea that I would soon be submitting to his demands and orders in person. Dropping my phone and car keys into my purse located on the passenger seat beside me, I swing open my door and step outside. Standing next to my car, I feel the crisp coolness of the night air on my exposed skin. The cold causes my nipples to perk up and press against the thin material of my top. Though I have the time to stay warm in my car, I choose to stand outside and bare the cold as it is his wish I do so.

After a shivering ten minutes, the headlights of a large vehicle illuminate the vacant lot as it pulls into it. I could not be sure that the vehicle is the man who had ordered me to meet him here as I know nothing about him. I take comfort that it is most likely him as the timing was right, and I haven’t noticed any other vehicles pass by since I had arrived. As the headlights draw closer to me, I can tell that they were attached to a lifted pickup truck. I cannot see the driver as the lights partially blind me, but as it pulls alongside me and my parked car the passenger side window of kütahya escort the truck rolls down and the man’s face appears in the void.

“Get in,” he instructed down to me.

As I approach his truck to adhere to his command, I understand the risk involved in entering a stranger’s truck, at night, and in the middle of nowhere. However, I understand the potential of a satisfying sexual reward in doing so as well. So without hesitation, I reach out and open the passenger side door to the truck, and lift myself up into its cab. As I sit down on the seat, the window is rolled back up and I look over to the man I had only ever met once before, and yet I felt a reassuring familiarity upon looking at him. He, however, does not meet my gaze, he has instead focused out the front windshield as we have begun to move. While he didn’t look at me, he did speak, or more correctly, gave an order.


I look to his lap and realize that his pants are open and his impressive cock is standing erect. Just as I had with all of his other orders and instructions, I do as I am told and lean over to take his stiffness into my mouth. The moment his organ touches my lips, I give up any sense of my normal vanilla life and allow myself to fall into the deep pool of sexual depravity that I longed to enjoy. Taking more of his length into my mouth I think that I might be able to control the pace for the moment as his attention is on driving, but when his right-hand grips my hair I know instantly that it will not be the case. He begins to grip my hair in order to force my mouth up and down on his engorged pole.

Within a matter of moments, I am gagging and coating his shaft with sticky saliva as he mercifully pumps my skull up and down his cock. Through the rough oral fucking, I have no way of knowing where we were going. My vision is filled with the sight of his cock and pubic patch and was quickly becoming blurred with tears building up in my eyes. Though it was rough, and humiliating to be used in such a manner, I gave no sign of protest as I reveled in the treatment. I wanted to give myself over to this stranger; to allow him to use me for his pleasure and to do so in any manner that he deemed necessary to achieve it.

A sudden lurch in the truck’s movement alerts me that we had stopped, where, I could not be sure, but just after the truck comes to a stop his grip on my hair lifts me up and off of his slickened pole. Free from his grip, I look around to try and determine where we are but am unable to decipher anything other than being on some sort of access road deeper into the deserted landscape. I look back at him but got nothing as he reaches back behind my seat and retrieves a bag. He then pushes open his door and begins to get out of the truck with the bag. I just stare in confusion and wait to be told what to do.

I didn’t wait long as once he steps out of his truck, he turns back and barks, “out.” Quickly complying, I turn to open my door and then race around the truck to stand before him. As I reach him, again he snaps a single word at me, “turn,” of which I do immediately. After hearing the bag being unzipped, I soon feel the tell-tale feeling of a metal cuff being attached to my left wrist. Once it is clasped on, my left arm is tugged behind me along with my right arm, and the matching metal cuff is secured to my right wrist. My hands are locked behind me and my level of vulnerability shoots up further.

It wasn’t just that I was out in the middle of nowhere, with a man I did not know, of which I intended on allowing to use me for his sexual pleasure, but now I was handcuffed in a manner that prevented me from using my hands in any traditional sense. While the normal sensical part of my brain registered the risk and fear level of my situation, my devious, sexual brain was churning with the daring eroticism of it. The sensations are only lara escort amplified when I feel the touch of cold metal on my back underneath the edge of my top. Instantly, I am aware of what is producing the new touch as I hear the sound of sheers slicing shut and then reopening. The backside of the scissor’s blade glides up my back as they cut away the thin fabric of my tiny shirt.

When the back of my shirt is split in two by the man, he does the same to each short sleeve and then pulls the deconstructed fabric from me. Not satisfied with just having me topless, the man moves the scissors to the waistband of my skirt, cutting multiple slices into it to take away all the strength of the elastic and allowing it to fall into a pool at my feet. He reaches down and retrieves the ruined garment and then walks around to stand in front of me. I watch as he rips my skirt into two separate pieces and tosses it onto the ground near his truck. In a matter of moments, he has effectively destroyed the only clothes I have and made me more vulnerable than I thought possible; my pussy responds with a flood of arousal.

“Knees,” he said after tossing the scissors back into his bag.

I knew what he wanted and drop to my knees, feeling the rough gravel dig into my skin. He steps forward and expertly grips my hair to pull my mouth back onto his cock. Once again he pummels my mouth and throat with his raging erection, eliciting gags and coughs to erupt out of me. The brutal and disgraceful act continues for a few minutes before he abruptly pulls his saliva coated cock away and lifts me back to my feet by my hair. I am consumed with the intense pain of it all but make no indication to halt his actions. Back on my feet, I focus on regaining my breath and try to focus my eyes that have filled with tears from the rough facefucking I received. The man walks around behind me again, and I can hear him shuffling around inside his bag.

He hastily returns in front of me with the bag over his shoulder and grabs my left arm. I have to shuffle my feet in my high heels as he begins to pull me around to the back of his truck. He walks me briskly over to a concrete traffic barrier that is just at the edge of the road. As we reach it, he pushes me over the top of it so that I am bent over at the waist. I can see the earth on the other side with the help of the moonlight, and notice the steep drop off into a pit of some type. This knowledge allows me to understand that we are on some sort of lookout off the road. I still don’t know exactly where but am not in the position to really care.

I feel his hand crash down on my exposed ass, stinging my right cheek with a firm slap. He gives my left cheek a similar smack before roughly pulling both apart to reveal my leaking wet pussy and pucked rear hole. In an instant, his engorge cock presses easily into my slit and I take it to the hilt. His hips pressing firmly into my ass and shoving me into the rough concrete barrier, causes me to moan out loud into the night. He holds himself completely embedded inside of me to lean in and speak directly into my ear and uses his fist to pull my head back to meet his words.

“This is the only time my cock will be in your cunt tonight. I just wanted you to feel what it could be like so that while I punish your ass and mouth you will urn for it to return.”

With his fist still wrapped in my hair, he pulls out of my sex and I feel a gob of spit splatter into the crack of my ass. His other hand smears slick saliva on the entrance of my hole, and then his cock presents itself at the opening. His spit isn’t enough to adequately lubricate my asshole, but that does not halt him as he pushes his way painfully into my rectum. A pain-filled groan escapes my lips as I feel like my tight hole is being ripped open. His cock is halfway in when he again drops another dribble of spit into lara eve gelen escort my crack. I can feel the wetness of it as it rolls downward to coat his intruding member. The fingers of his free wedge themselves in between my ass and his prick to coat his spit onto the remaining length. Again I groan aloud as he presses the rest of his long member into the depths of my ass.

His hand lets go of its grip on my hair and instead takes ahold of the connection between the two cuffs. With his new grip, he starts drilling my tender ass with no regard to my desire or pleasure. Though it is painful, I begin to enjoy it as this type of treatment is why I contacted him again for another meeting. He says nothing as he pummels me with his unit, and I can only moan my discomfort and pleasure through the onslaught. While pistoning in and out of my asshole, I feel his spit once again splash into the crack of my ass. The slick spit trails its way towards his punishing rod, granting my hole a reprieve of limited lubrication. The added slickness does the trick of pushing him over the edge, as his pace stumbles and I can hear him begin to groan.

With a final and forceful shove, he buries his cock completely inside of my rectal canal. I can tell he is emptying himself inside of me, and though I am left wanting, a smile forms on my face. A minute of silence before he slides himself out of my abused hole, leaving it dilated. The silence is interrupted as I hear him refasten his pants, and then hock a wad of spit which I felt this time blast into my gaping asshole. Not sure what to do, I remain bent over the barricade and wait for further instructions. He says nothing, but I feel him fiddling with the cuffs restraining my wrists. When he stops, my hands are still secured behind me which confuses me. Is he not done with me? Does he have further plans? Is another round of rough anal planned?

My questions are answered, as I feel the man strapping something he must have retrieved from his bag to my ankles. He apparently has further plans, but what exactly is not clear at the moment. From what I can tell, he has attached both my ankles together with some type of chain and has run another from that chain to my wrist restraints. As I am still bent over, I can feel the cold metal of the chain touching the skin of my buttocks. I hear the zipper of his bag indicating he is done with it, and then he speaks.

“You’re wrist restraints are on a timed locked. After the set time, they will unlock. This was fun.”

I hear his steps in the gravel grow faint as I understand he is walking away from me. Out of curiosity about my new situation, I stand up and turn to look at the man. I watch in silence as he enters his truck, starts it, and drives away. He has left me naked and bound after using my body roughly for his pleasure. I should be afraid, as I am in an unknown location, stranded and nude, but all I feel is a longing to get myself off. He has given me just what I wanted again, and now I must bask in that fact.

Without much more to do, I set off in the direction he left, in hopes it is the direction of my car as well. The restraints on my ankles make my steps short and uneasy in combination with my heels. Having my wrists attached to my ankles only magnifies my struggle to walk. I don’t retrieve my destroyed clothes as I understand they will do me no good. Instead, I focus on walking as best I can back to my vehicle. I am not sure of how long the timer is set for but must trust that he was speaking the truth about eventually being released me from my bounds.

My trek back is a long and arduous one, having nearly fallen multiple times but I eventually make it back to my car just as the sun begins to rise. The lock to the wrist cuffs springs loose moments after my arrival and I manage to remove the sets of restraints from my limbs. I toss them into the backseat before falling into the driver’s seat. Just as I had after my first meeting with the man, I bring my now free hands to my sex and rub myself to a climax that my body ached to achieve. As I come done from the wonderful orgasm, my brain already begins thinking about the next time.

The End

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