Karthik’s Mother

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Another fantasy involving an older woman. I blackmail her into having sex with me so some may consider this to be non-consent or forced. All participants are adults.


Karthik and I grew up in the same colony in a small but busy suburb of Chennai. There were obvious differences in our religion, culture, upbringing and family background and outlook, but we never paid much attention to these when we were young. But my parents always considered Kathik’s family as exotic or people from the hinterland, who came down from the mountainous regions many generations ago, but were still unrefined in their manners and habits. I was not allowed to partake of their food or participate in their festivals, stay overnight at their house and the like. But in spite of all these stupid, artificial social barriers, Karthik and I became close.

Karthik’s parents, and especially his mother who I called Rani-aunty, took a liking to me. I spent a lot of time over at their house. Gradually I started noticing her and it was natural that she should star in my fantasies as I started masturbating. She was not sexy in the classic sense. She was dark and dusky and I sensed or imagined a quiet and latent sensuality in her. She had a naturally buxom body that bulged at the right places. The clothes she wore allowed me ample opportunities to ogle her flesh. I peeped at her underwear as they hung out to dry and imagined them on her body. I tried hard to see her panty line on her ass. I fantasized about sucking her nipples and grabbing and kneading her big, beautiful breasts, being crushed by her thighs as I licked her hairy pussy, rubbing my hard dick on the crack that ran between her asscheeks.

I envied Karthik’s dad as I was sure he was fucking aunty at every opportunity he got. On a couple of occasions I had caught him surreptitiously placing his hand on aunty’s ample ass and giving it a squeeze, and aunty playfully pushing him away. One day I saw him joking and laughing with the man at the local pharmacy as he bought a packet of condoms (He obviously did not see me then). I recalled the time I went to Karthik’s house late one night to borrow a book we shared and saw aunty in her night dress. She was not expecting me and was surprised to see me at that hour of night. I could clearly sense her discomfort as the dress she was wearing made no attempt to hide the fact that she had nothing else underneath the sheer material of her nightie. I burned the images of her protruding nipples, the swell and bounce of her tits, The ‘V’ between her legs and the tightness and roundness of her ass ( I could see no panty line. She was obviously not wearing any underwear, perhaps getting ready to be fucked by uncle) as she walked away hurriedly. Man, I could not study that night. I jerked off numerous times to images of Rani-aunty.

Karthik, though not really the brightest student in our class, got into a highly prestigious college because of his family’s supposedly underprivileged social status. I did not complain because I too got into the same college based on my scores and merit. But Karthik and I went our separate ways from the onset of our college days. I would say he fell in with the wrong crowd, but who was I to judge. But his notoriety made him popular and he had many friends of both sexes who were always around him.

I lost my virginity to a prostitute during the last days of my first year at college. I had resisted the temptation up until that time, but pressure from my peers got to me and I succumbed. It happened in a dimly lit, dinghy little room with a woman that I got to share with a couple of my friends as we had to pool in our money to pay for sex. My first didn’t last more than a couple of minutes, but it was glorious. The feeling of having your cock inside a warm, moist female flesh was exhilarating. So much so that I went at it alone the next time. And many times after that. That was the only way to satisfy my lust. It was just physical. It was fast and furious and thinking about it now I am amazed at how I found that even satisfying. But I was young, and having my condom covered cock erupt and ejaculate in a woman’s cunt, or better yet, in her mouth was at that time the pinnacle of sexual prowess.

At college I became a part of the finance committee responsible for organizing the annual inter college festival. But there was a minor incident of theft of a small sum of cash from our treasury. Long story short, the suspicion fell on a group of students whose de-facto leader was Karthik. And my suspicions were proved right when he approached me and asked me if I could make the matter go away.

“Hey Karthik, da, I wish I could. But I think the matter is out of my hands now,” I said.

He said, “You can’t do this for me? As a friend? What? We have known each other almost all our lives!”

“Yeah, but…,” I hesitated. “There is nothing I can do, actually, da, sorry.”

I lied. I could definitely make this go away. It was after all a small amount of money. But for some reason I was jealous of Karthik. His popularity, his notoriety, his girlfriends and the like. I wanted to see some harm come to him Yeşilköy escort bayan in some way, shape or form.

“You know, this will affect my grades in college and I will always be connected to this forever. So, anything you can do to resolve this will be great, da,” He said once more.

“OK. I’ll see what I can do,” I said. But of course I did nothing.

That summer he tried another approach. He put some pressure on me through his mother. Rani-aunty came over to our house one day and tried to talk me into getting the matter of Karthik and the money resolved. She even tried to rope my mother into it.

“Hey, Ramesh. Karthik’s future will be spoiled if you don’t help clear his name. It’s all in your hands,” she finally said.

Her words played in my head all day, and at night my thoughts went back to Rani-aunty. She seemed to have changed in the year that I was in college. She had lost some weight and she looked a little fit as well. Her dark copper colored skin looked more clear and flawless than ever. She seemed more confident than before, in her actions and mannerisms. She was direct in talking to me, making eye contact throughout.

I became aroused thinking of Rani-aunty. I fisted my cock and imagined us having sex. Slowly a plan formed in my mind. It was dark and sinister at best. But in my lustful state, jerking off to images of Rani-aunty it all seemed to make sense and did not seem at all deceitful. I replayed my plan in my head innumerable times all next day and in the evening I went to see Rani-aunty.

She was happy to see me. “So, Ramesh. I hope you will help clear this matter regarding Karthik. I think someone else may have done it and planted….”

I did not let her finish. I said, “Aunty, you know how yesterday you said it was all in my hands?”

“Yes. Yes. Only you can help us now, Ramesh!”

“No, no Aunty. It is all in your hands now, ” I said in a direct, firm voice, looking at her.

“My hands? How? I. I don’t understand!” she asked in a confused state.

I was silent for a few moments and then I said, “Uncle (Karthik’s dad) will be away tomorrow on a business trip, as I understand. And Karthik has gone visiting some of his friends, no?”

“Yes, yes. What has that got to do with..?” She looked confused. But as I continued staring at her quietly, she seemed to understand. “What? NO!! You don’t mean.. What.. Do you think I will..??

“As I said, aunty, It is all in your hands,” I whispered.

“SHUT UP,” she screamed, but not too loudly. “Wait… I will.. I will go tell your mother and others… what…what you are asking..you..you..sonofabitch..BASTARD!”

I replied, “Aunty, If you tell others it will only go to prove that Karthik stole the money and you knew it all along. Also that you wanted me to hush it up..so decide if you really want to…”

She did not let me finish. She slammed the door on my face. I stood there, staring at the door for a while and then went back home.


The next day, after I made certain that Karthik and his dad were out, I made my way to their house. Rani-aunty opened the door and stared at me, eyes wide with fear, loathing and disbelief.

She really couldn’t believe that I was there as planned. We stood there staring at each other for a while and then she whispered. “Motherfucker! Asshole! You will die in hell!” and she let me in. She continued, “I am doing this for my son. You better promise to clear his name, OK? Promise me! Only then I will allow….”

I turned to her and said, “Aunty, everything will be taken care of. You needn’t worry.” I was afraid to lose this chance to be with her, to fuck her.

“Really? How can I trust you?”

“We have to trust each other, aunty. It goes both ways,” I said. It didn’t make sense to me, but again I was afraid she’d push me away until I get Karthik off the hook.

She looked at me for a while, and then she whispered again, “Bastard. Son-of-a-whore!” She huffed and turned and walked upstairs. I followed her into their spare bedroom.

She said, “Finish fast and get out! Do you even know what to do, you asshole!”

I reached out and tried to pull her pallu away but she swatted my hand. “No!” And then she lay down on the bed and folded her hands and looked at me. “Do it quickly you son-of-a-bitch!”

I said, “At least take your saree off, Aunt..”

“No! Do it my way or not at all!”

I laughed softly. I already had an erection growing in my pants. I took off my clothes slowly, but she turned her head and did not look at me.

I was surprised at my hard-on. My dick was heavy and hard and angling upward. I fisted it and pulled the foreskin away. As I knelt on the bed near her, she raised her knees, held the hem of her saree and pushed it and her petticoat under her ass, and parted her thighs.

She was not wearing any panties! She had a hairy cunt! My cock jerked up and down.

“Do it and get out, you stinking asshole. Your mother is a whore, your father is a cucklod pimp, you dumb cunt!!”

I paid no heed to her curses. I looked down between her Escort Yeşilyurt open thighs.

I had encountered prostitutes who had thick, protruding, hanging cunt lips that put me off. But aunty’s pussy was beautiful. Her pubic area was hairy. But I could still see the dark line of her vagina through the forest of her bush. The outer lips did not cover the inner lips completely and the inner ones protruded out slightly and the opening was thin. She still put some pressure on my hands, trying to close her thighs, to hide her pussy from me, but I was not to be denied. I easily prised open her thick, heavy thighs once more and put my head between them. I got the thick musty smell of a mature woman’s pussy. I sensed a little piss there as well. Fuck!! My dick swelled even more. I had never licked a cunt in my life. But I wanted to dip my tongue into her cunt hole, suck on her clit, lick the sides of her pussy between her thighs.

I opened my mouth, put out my tongue and lapped her hair covered cunt lips. She shuddered, “Aiyoh, you sick bastard. You dirty son-of-a-whore! What are you doing? Please, no, no, finish fast..ammma..aaahhhhhh”

I moved my head up and down about ten times. I initially tasted only my spit. But aunty was creaming slowly. I started tasting her juices. My cock was pressed hard between the bed and my belly and it throbbed, struggling to get free.

Aunty could not help herself. She was involuntarily secreting her cunt juices into my mouth and I lapped it up like a hungry dog. I could sense her resistance fading. The pressure on my hands as I kept her thighs parted eased a bit and I repositioned myself and continued to lick her cunt. I put my tongue deep in her hole and started tongue-fucking her. I reached down and fisted my heavy cock and slid the foreskin away from the head and started stroking it. With the fingers of my other hand I rubbed her clit.

She was a heavy woman. I placed my palms on her ass cheeks and raised her. She was surprised at this but lifted herself. I gaped at her asshole. Wow! What a beautiful sight! The crack between her ass cheeks was dark, but her asshole and the skin around it was darker still. A thin line of har ent from the bottom of her cunt to the asshole, then around it and on to the ass crack. I spurted some pre-cum on seeing this.

She was beside herself. She gasped. “Ahhhh.. Ahhhhh, aiyoh.. Ammmmma.. Ahhh… what are you doing….no.. no…ahhhhh…”

I raised my head and looked at her but she had turned her head away. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was like a small ‘O’ as she gasped and moaned. I rose, and pulled her sari away. It was bunched up at her waist and inserted into her petticoat so I had a difficult time taking it off. I was getting frustrated. I started cursing as I fumbled with her clothes.

“Fuck, fuck.. Aunty. Come on.. Take this off! I want to fuck you. I know you want me to.. Yeah.. have you been fucked by a young cock..hmmmm come on!!”

But she did not move. I finally managed to take her sari off. I threw it on the floor and now looked at her petticoat that was tied around her waist with a piece of string. I tugged and it came undone like a shoelace. I loosened it from around her waist and pulled at it. I put my hand under her and lifted her and with the other hand I pushed the petticoat up her thighs and down her legs and off her body. She tried to move away, but I grabbed her again and parted her legs easily. This time she gave only token resistance as she knew there was no escape.

I went down on her again. She buckled under me as I licked and sucked her pussy. My hands roamed on her body. From her thick, heavy thighs to her slightly fleshy abdomen and belly. I put my palms on each of her ass cheeks and lifted her and pushed her cunt up and crushed it with my mouth, drinking her juices and nipping at her pubic area. I thumbed her asshole, and she gasped. “Fuck! You sick fuck!”

She squealed as she felt my teeth on her cunt lips. I reached up her body with my hands and squeezed her tits. It must have hurt her a bit for she gasped and slapped my hands. I fumbled with the button on her blouse, but I could not get them off.

It was time I fucked her. My dick felt like a heavy, hot piece of iron. I left her blouse and rose up on my knees. She did not resist as I raised and parted her knees. I put my palms under her knees and pressed her legs down. I feasted my eyes on her cunt. It was incredible. A willing, ready pussy. I could see the moisture there left by my spit and her juices.

I had only fucked whores in the dark or in semi-darkness. I had not seen their cunts really close, or licked them. I only felt their soft, warm flesh as I sank my dick into them. But there was one relatively young prostitute that a couple of friends and I fucked in a field one day very early in the morning. I recalled her having an almost shaved pussy with just a thin cunt line showing.

But to see this mature, hairy pussy, all ready to receive my cock was fucking incredible!!

I looked up and was shocked to see her looking at me. Our eyes locked for an instant Zeytinburnu escort and then she turned her head away. I couldn’t say what I saw in her eyes in the fraction of a second, but I was sure it was not hate or disgust or revulsion or loathing. Yes, I think it definitely was not that. She was seeing my reaction, the lust and desire in my eyes as I ogled her womanhood. I was sure at that very instant she felt like she had the real power over me, That her cunt was all I wanted.

As I sank down on her I fisted my cock and directed it into her cunt. I had to pull back and push and probe with the head of my cock to find her entrance. My cock was drenched and wet with her cunt juices. I finally found the willing, pliable entrance and I pushed down and sank my cock into her.

Her cunt was hot and moist and soft and slick. The walls of her tunnel engulfed the entire length of my cock in a vise-like grip. It felt so fucking awesome! I was fucking Rani-aunty! Thet fucking dickhead, asshole Karthik’s mother. The one I lusted for all my life. The one I jerked off thousands of times to. I was inside her! My thick cock, deep in her womb, Her soft, warm, naked body beneath me. I flopped on her and she gasped as she bore my weight.

Take that you mother-fucking Karthik, I thought to myself. You may be fucking those young whores at college, that Mala, Kala, Meena, Leena, Gina or whoever the fuck. But look at me, you asshole! I am fucking your mother! My cock is in her cunt! I am going to put my dick in her mouth and asshole. I am going to mouth-fuck and ass-fuck you mother. I will make her drink my cum… Take that .. that..that..hnnnn..hnnnn.hnnnn!

“Ahhhh…aiyoooh….aaaaaa!” she whispered. I was certain she could feel the length and girth and heat of my cock inside of her.

I put my head next to hers on the pillow. I could smell the sandalwood paste she had used. I inhaled the jasmine scented oil on her hair. Her boobs pushed up and pressed against my naked chest and I could feel her thick, erect nipples. I put my hands around her and hugged her tightly causing her to gasp and shudder once more.

After about half a minute I rose and fucked her. Slowly at first. The going was excruciatingly pleasurable and painful. But the friction between our flesh slowly ebbed away. The juices from her cunt lubricated my cock and I looked down at the thick, white, creamy liquid oozed from her hole onto my engorged, veiny dick as I pulled and pushed.

I was so fucking good. I lay down on her, but still fucked her, with my torse going up and down in smooth, long, delightful thrusts. I put my hand between us and rotated my fingers on her clit.

A low moan escaped her lips. “Ah..ah.. ah.mmm..mmm..mmmm,” she let out, in tune with my thrusts and the motion of my fingers. My hand was sticky with her juices and I took it out from between us to wipe them on the bed sheets. Before I could put them back on her clit, she had her own hand between us and was rubbing furiously on her cunt.

I raised myself and looked at her but she was in another world and dimension. Her head was turned away, her mouth open, her eyes were half-closed as she enjoyed the sensation of a hard dick pistoning in and out of her. Then she moved her hand away and I put mine where hers was and found the hard knob of her clit and I started rubbing it with two fingers.

She moved her hands to her blouse which was still buttoned, and pulled off the buttons with practised ease. She pushed the two flaps of her blouse to either side of her chest and I noticed she had no bra on. She cupped her heavy tits and squeezed her nipples. She massaged her own breasts and nipples. Moans and gasps escaped her lips as I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked and licked it. She shuddered and mumbled something.

I continued in this fashion. For a long, long time. My lips sucking her nipple, my tongue lapping and licking her entire areola, my fingers rubbing on her clit and my cock fucking her cunt. I held on to s steady rhythm of fucking and rubbing and sucking. Sweat poured from our bodies and we made squishing sounds as I slapped my thighs against her. I added some of my own grunts, “Ah.. ah.. Ah,, raaa..ni….aun..ty…so fucking good! Your cuunnnnt..ah ah!” She couldn’t help herself. She moaned and groaned involuntarily.

I panted and gasped as I thrust into her, “Are you having a good time aunty? Have you been fucked by anyone other than uncle..Hnn? Hnnn? Hnnnn? You like my cock?”

She did not say anything, and just turned away from me.

Suddenly she became still and let out a quiet scream. I knew she was reaching her climax. I had never been to this stage before with any of the women I had been with.

Her body became rigid like a wooden plank and she pushed her torso up to mine and almost without thinking grabbed my upper arms and squeezed hard. She was like that for about ten seconds. I just looked at her, in a trance. Seeing first hand a woman in the throes of her orgasm. I had only read about these. I had only seen women faking orgasm in porn that I watched. But this was the real thing. Rani-aunty’s face was stiff, her lips curled in agony and bliss and pleasure. Her eyes were rolled back into her head. And then she let go and flopped back on the bed in a head, panting, gasping, moaning. Then she looked up at me as I stared at her. Without a word she turned her head and covered her face with her arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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