Katherine Ch. 05-06

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The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

If you are offended by hard-core pornography close this file.

Chapter 5

Instruction and Explanation

‘After she had gone I found it difficult to believe that what had taken place had really happened, if I hadn’t had the cum soaked handkerchief as evidence I could have convinced myself it had all been just a daytime wet dream.

In spite of keeping a sharp watch out for her it was over a week before I saw her again. Although for the first two or three days after the amazing experience I had spent more time looking for her than I had bird-watching, that particular time she was the last thing on my mind. It was a beautiful evening and having done my homework and eaten, I had gone out, hoping to see more of the amusing antics some birds got up to as they returned to their nesting site at the end of the day.

I had settled myself down against the remains of a wall of a disused barn, near the group of trees the birds used and had been so absorbed in what was going on that I was taken completely by surprise when I heard her voice.’

‘Hello Craig.’ she said and turning, I saw her standing right behind me. ‘What are you watching?’ she whispered as she moved forward and stood beside me.

I quickly explained what was going on in the branches above us and handed her the glasses. ‘Have a look.’

It took her a little while to focus them and find the right area of the trees, then she gave a little giggle. ‘Aren’t they sweet.’

She continued watching for a few minutes then handed the glasses back to me. ‘How do you know where to go to see things like this?’

‘I’ve been watching birds and other animals since I was a little kid, I’ve just picked up on their habits I suppose.’

She looked up into the trees, then back at me. ‘Would you share some with me?’

‘If you’d like me to, of course, they’re not secrets.’

‘And would you like me to do what I did for you last time, in, well, sort of in exchange?’

I gulped and felt myself blushing heavily before mumbling something in reply.

‘Was that a ‘yes’?’

‘Yes. But you don’t have to!’ I added hurriedly.

‘Maybe I’d like to. But that does have to be a secret. Do you promise?’

‘Of course.’ I answered, trying desperately to sound more assured.

‘Have you been thinking about last time? When you’re alone I mean.’

‘Mmm. A few times.’

‘At night, when you were in bed?’

‘Yes.’ I answered guiltily.

‘Did you do it to yourself?’


‘Was it as nice as when I did it for you?’


‘No, I thought not. Now, you continue watching the birds. Just move back from the wall a bit, so there’s room for me to squat down in front of you.’

I did as she asked and although to anyone watching me, I would have seemed absorbed in my bird-watching, my eyes were actually shut tight as I concentrated on the sensations she was creating for me.

As on the first occasion, it was only seconds before she had my shorts and pants down around my ankles and although this time I hadn’t already been aroused, quickly had my cock erect.

Although I had tried to recreate the feeling of her hands when I’d jerked myself off in the intervening days, it was impossible. Her fingers were so much softer, their movements much more sensitive, and a thousand times more effective. While one hand concentrated on my cock, the other was rolling and gently squeezing my balls and I heard myself gasping at the waves of intense pleasure their actions sent coursing through me.

‘Mmm, I’d forgotten just how responsive you are.’ she said as my cock jerked powerfully, then added in an undertone. ‘It’s nice to be appreciated by someone.’

In addition to her hands being more effective there was another big difference between what she was doing and what I did for myself, and that was her timing. When I did it to myself I found that once I had reached a certain peak of excitement it was almost impossible to stop my hand moving faster and faster. But although she must have been able to tell from my increasingly strong reactions that I was getting closer and closer to coming, she maintained the same slow but steady rhythm.

The result was that instead of the pressure suddenly being released, it continued to build, and my balls were soon aching from the growing volume of semen accumulating inside them.

Then suddenly the feelings I was getting changed, while one hand continued fondling my balls and the other firmly stroked up and down the shaft, there was something else happening too. Opening my eyes and looking down, I couldn’t believe what I saw. She had slipped her lips over my cock-head and was slowly moving her head up and down, every now and then pausing to swirl her tongue around as she sucked it.

Of course I had heard about blow jobs, but I’d never dreamed it would happen to me. And I couldn’t believe just how good it felt.

Perhaps it was the extra stimulation, perhaps it teen porno was simply the thought that I was actually having my first blow job, but that did it – a few seconds later I felt myself on the brink of climaxing.

Thinking that she would be disgusted if I let myself come in her mouth, and that would wreck any chance of more meetings with her, I tried to pull my cock back and cried out. ‘I’m coming Heather!’

But instead of letting me do that she slipped the hand that had been rolling my balls between my legs, gripped my bum and, opening her mouth wider, urged me forward.

Although I had never had my cock in a girl’s pussy I couldn’t imagine how it could feel any better than it did when I pushed it deep inside. Her lips triggered shock waves of delight as I slid between them, more were generated as my cock plunged into the moist velvet of her mouth, and on top of that I could feel the intermittent, but insistently draining pull as she continued sucking me.

My system had never experienced anything like what she was doing for me and, not surprisingly, it reacted almost immediately. It seemed that one moment I was still in the grip of the most unbelievably exciting sensations, the next, with a loud, guttural grunt, I was erupting.

The sudden force of it must have taken her by surprise too, and for a moment I thought she was going to choke. But pausing just long enough to catch her breath and swallow the first load, she continued, one hand gripping my bum, the other pumping strongly, and her mouth sucking even harder.

She must have somehow also relaxed her throat because as my hips jerked powerfully forward she took the full length of my thrusting cock. And although I’ve no idea how much semen I jetted into her, and it certainly felt like far more than I’d ever shot off before, she took all that too, gurgling as she eagerly gulped it down.

When she was sure there was no more to come she gave it a couple of more gentle sucks then let my cock slip from her lips. ‘Apart from anything else that avoids any awkward questions about hard to remove stains on your handkerchief.’ she said as she grinned up at me. Then asked. ‘Did you enjoy that?’

‘What do you think.’ I gasped. ‘I didn’t know it could be so incredible.’

‘That’s your first time that way?’


‘The girls around here don’t know what they’re missing. Now, make yourself decent, then sit down beside me and tell me what’s going on up in the trees, give me my first nature lesson.’

It was like that for the next few weeks, once, sometimes twice a week she would find me, masturbate or suck me to a climax, then I’d show or tell her about what was going on around us.

She also found out that although I was friendly with quite a few girls, I didn’t have a regular girl-friend. But apart from the one cryptic comment she’d let slip, about being appreciated, she said nothing about herself.

Although I had asked no direct questions, for fear she’d stop seeing me, I was becoming more and more curious as to why she was doing what she was. But even stronger than my curiosity about the reasons for her actions, was a steadily increasing longing that sometime she’d let me touch her body.

I never really expected it to happen, I couldn’t imagine why a grown woman, and especially a married woman, would want a clumsy eighteen year-old boy groping her. But at night, especially those night’s when I hadn’t seen her, I’d lie awake thinking about her, whispering her name to myself. I kept remembering what I’d seen that first evening, when she’d been in her car, her hand on her breasts and the momentary glimpse I’d got of what lay up between her legs.

In my fantasy, it was my hands, not hers, that caressed her, one set of fingers slipping up into her pussy, the other stroking and fondling her breasts. And as I was still trying to imagine what that might actually feel like, my fingers were actually jerking out yet another sticky load.

Other than the fact that the first time I’d seen her she’d had on a skirt and a blouse with buttons down the front, I have no memory of what she’d worn the other times. That is until one totally unforgettable evening.

I suppose I should have already guessed she had something special in mind. The previous time we’d met, when she was about to leave she asked if I would be out on a specific evening. It was the first time she’d done that. And when I said yes she’d suggested I go to the old barn again. But in my naiveté I merely thought she wanted to see the antics of the birds that she had found so amusing the last time.

Although by then it was late summer, the evening was warm and very still, so that time I actually heard the car approaching. Just knowing she was coming brought on an erection, and it was just as well I had no idea of what was in her mind or I would come in my pants before she got there.

I heard the car stop and the engine being turned off, but as it was then several minutes before I saw her, I had been starting tricky masseur porno to think it was someone else’s car. Then she appeared from around the corner of the barn. She was wearing a light, pale green raincoat, which should have seemed odd for a cloudless evening, but I was so excited by the thought of what she was going to do to me that I really didn’t give it a second thought.

Her face was flushed, as though she’d been hurrying and when she greeted me her voice sounded sort of husky. As she came closer I saw her eyes looking down at my crotch and she must have seen the outline of my hardened cock because when she looked up again there was an excited glint in her eyes.

‘I see you’ve been thinking about me.’ she said, reaching out and brushing the back of her hand against it.

I just nodded, feeling my cock jerking in response to her touch. ‘Good. Now take your shorts and pants off, I’m going to show you something.’

I still didn’t have the faintest idea what she was going to do, and taking my things off with her just standing there looking at me made me feel embarrassed, but I did as she asked. ‘I mean right off this time.’ she said when I simply dropped my things to my ankles, which is what she usually did.

My self-consciousness took some of the stiffness out of my cock, but what happened next quickly restored it. ‘Have you ever seen a naked woman?’ she asked, and when I shook my head, saying that I’d only seen pictures, she took a step backwards, undid the belt of the raincoat, and held it open.

I stared goggle-eyed, other than the coat and shoes, she was completely naked. At first I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts, they were bigger than I’d imagined, much rounder and looked a lot firmer. And although I’m sure I didn’t understand the significance, I remember noticing that her nipples were stiff, and a darker red than I thought they’d be. Then I finally looked lower, down beneath the faintly rounded swell of her stomach, trying to imagine what was hidden beneath the mass of curly, brown pubic hair.

Even through my amazed excitement I felt my cock jerking upright, throbbing as more and more blood surged up into it. ‘As I said before, it’s nice to be appreciated.’ she said in a deeper, huskier voice. ‘Now, you can touch me if you want to.’

At that moment there was nothing in the world I wanted to do more than touch her breasts, and I raised my hand as I moved forward, then with shaking fingers, hesitantly stroked one. The skin was warm and silky, so incredibly smooth that my fingers seemed to just slip off it. ‘Use both hands.’ she said in a low whisper. Then just stood there, her eyes closed.

It was so unbelievable it was like being in a dream. But I still remember the way the feel of her made my fingers tingle as I stroked and fondled her. Remember being surprised by how heavy her breasts felt when I slipped my hands underneath them. And how spiky her nipples became after I’d been caressing her for a while.

Of course as a result of the excitement I was feeling my cock had become rock-hard, rearing almost vertically, throbbing and jerking wildly, feeling as though it was about to burst. So when she finally lifted one hand and closed her fingers around it, that’s exactly what it did.

I can still feel that touch, my cock was so hot that her fingers felt quite cool. And I can still feel the sense of utter mortification as my body responded almost instantly. There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it, she had given it no more than three or four lightly brushing strokes when I felt the surge, heard myself grunt, then felt the blast of semen. It squirted right up across her stomach, splattering the underside of her breasts, and was immediately followed by several more that added to the sticky mess.

She opened her eyes and saw the expression on my face. ‘Don’t worry, I expected that.’ she said softly. ‘You’ll be fine in a few minutes. In fact it will probably make it better for us both, having got rid of a bit of pressure you’ll last longer next time.’

‘Next time!?’ I thought, wondering what on earth she had in mind.

In answer to my unspoken question she dropped to her knees and, having licked the last few slowly oozing drops of semen from my cock-head, slipped one hand up between my legs and cupped my balls. Then, edging herself a little closer, she took my still swollen cock deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, then sucking hard as she started bobbing her head up and down.

Although by then she’d done it to me several times I still couldn’t believe how good it felt, and in spite of the climax I’d just had, felt my excitement quickly rebuilding. As I began to gently push back and forth, thrilling at the feel of her lips slipping up and down my cock, I saw that while she continued to fondle and squeeze my balls with one hand, she was using the other on herself.

I couldn’t actually see what she was doing but could imagine what was happening, and wished it türkçe alt yazı porno could somehow be my fingers that were slipping in and out of her pussy. And that thought, coupled with what her mouth and hand were doing to me soon had my cock throbbing again, the rising pressure pumping fresh blood up into it.

But even when it was perfectly clear that my cock was fully erect she continued bobbing and sucking, the pressure and tension inside me getting higher and stronger. I began to think she was just going to get herself off while she repeated what she had done to me before, but she had obviously only been waiting for some unmistakable signs of my deeper arousal, because once she was satisfied I was building towards my second climax she stopped.

For a moment or two I couldn’t understand what was happening and felt shatteringly disappointed at the abrupt cessation, but then when she got up she turned around, and as she lifted the raincoat up to her waist she said. ‘Press yourself up against me Craig, slip it between my legs.’

The sight and proximity of her naked buttocks sent a new, even stronger surge of excitement through me, and pausing only long enough to fix the image of her bare bottom in my memory, I happily did as she asked. As I pressed forward, my cock burrowing into the narrow opening between her legs, the moist warmth triggered completely new, even more thrilling sensations. Then, as I felt the fleshy softness of her buttocks pushing back against me, she bent forward.

‘Now, this way, you can continue to fondle my breasts, while I take care of the lower half of us both. Push it backwards and forwards, but take it slowly.’ she said throatily.

I really only understood what she was going to do when I felt her hands, one pressing the length of my cock up against her pussy, the other going to work on what I presumed was her clitoris.

Doing as she’d asked, I began to slowly move, waves of pleasure coursing through me as I slid back and forth between the silky smoothness of her inner thighs, feeling her fingers gently pressing my cock against the clinging folds of her pussy. But, as exciting as that was, the thought of being able to fondle her breasts at the same time was even more so. So, pulling back the edges of the raincoat I put my arms around her and cupped them, again marvelling at their weight, then began to gently fondle and squeeze the firm flesh.

The combination of the sensations I was getting was breathtaking. The feel of her breasts in my hands. Her buttocks squirming back against me. Her fingers pressing against the shaft of my cock as it slid up and down the slippery furrow. I couldn’t imagine how anything could feel more wonderful, and discovered she’d been right about my first, quite uncontrollable climax enabling me to last longer the second time. My brain was almost overloaded with all the things I was feeling, and although I was vaguely aware of the gradually increasing speed of her flickering fingers, I seemed to be drifting away in a haze of absolute pleasure.

Of course my reverie was eventually broken. At first I didn’t understand what was happening, then I realised that her rasping breath and her other physical reactions were being caused by her own increasing excitement. I knew women climaxed but at that stage was still very uncertain of the details, I had very little idea of what to expect, and certainly had none as to what, if anything, I was supposed to do.

By then my cock felt even bigger than it had earlier, and as she was pressing the shaft even harder up against herself the friction was generating even more intense waves of pleasure. I could also feel the growing, almost painful ache in my balls as fresh semen accumulated and started to churn, so I was relieved, and very happy to do as she asked, when I heard her mutter. ‘Faster! Go faster now Craig!’

I gripped her breasts tighter as my thrusting got faster and she began to make soft moaning sounds, her body tensing, shuddering. Then everything seemed to happen at once.

Her moans turned to a high pitched wail as her climax began and she pushed herself down, jamming her pussy hard down against the shaft of my pistoning cock. A few seconds later I felt the sudden rush, my frenzied thrusting became even more forceful, and then, even more powerfully than the first time, I erupted. Then her still continuing cries blended with my staccato grunts as I felt a series of massive shock waves rip through me, my pelvis slamming against her arse and my wildly spurting cock pumping out load after load.

Her body continued to shake and shudder long after I was completely finished, squirming herself back against me, which gave me a little more time to enjoy fondling and squeezing her breasts. When she finally pushed away she turned her head and I saw just how flushed her face had become. ‘I haven’t come as strongly as that for far too long.’ she said in a quiet, almost wistful voice, then, after a brief, thoughtful pause. ‘It looked and felt as though it was pretty good for you too Craig.’

‘Unbelievable!’ Was the only word I could think of.

‘Luckily I had my eyes open when you came, so I saw how much you fired off. There seemed to be even more than there was before. Getting rid of some of your excess, shall we say, enthusiasm, only seemed to make it better for you.’

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