Katie and Her Uncle Pt. 02

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A couple of weeks passed and Katie was at the office when she received a call from her uncle asking her to meet up after work as he had some news for her, she replied that he could tell her over the phone but he explained that he also had something to give her so she agreed that he could collect her at five thirty. Katie had not heard from him since the photo shoot and her life had gone back to normal, work had been the usual boring routine the only highlight was that she had gone out with Lyn to the mall nightclub in Stockton last Saturday and had ended up getting shagged. Unfortunately it had ended up a disappointment which was par for the course for her, Lyn had got off with a guy from Stockton leaving Katie to get a taxi home alone when a guy from Hartlepool called Gary had offered to give her a lift , he had bought her a couple of drinks earlier so she accepted.

Once in his car he had parked up in an industrial estate and they started snogging and before long they were on his back seat where he managed to prise Katie’s tits out of her top and worked his hand down her panties. Katie was horny and eased her legs apart to make his probing easier and managed to undo his trousers pulling his cock out which was a nice size, fairly long but not too thick, her fingers tugged on his dick and directed it towards her fanny and she gasped as Gary poked it inside her. Katie lifted her legs slightly as he drove his cock in to her and kissed him her tongue finding his as she started to get fucked, sadly for her he lasted for four thrusts before she could feel his penis twitch inside her as he discharged his cum and then slumped on top of her. They lay together for a couple of minutes before he removed his knob and they re arranged their clothing before getting back in the front seats and commenced their journey, Katie sat in silence she was really pissed off she had been horny as fuck and now she had cum soaked knickers which were probably marking her skirt, Gary dropped her off at her house and asked to see her again but she told him she had a boyfriend, it was a line she had used before and again it worked.

Katie’s afternoon dragged slowly but eventually five thirty came round and she found herself in uncle Jim’s car once more, he greeted her and drove to a pub a couple of miles away where he bought them both a drink and found a quiet table for them. Once seated Jim explained that the photographer Tim had called him and they had met at his studio where Tim had confirmed that she had got the job for the nun photo shoot, not only that but that it would pay her two hundred pounds, Katie’s mouth opened in shock she earned one hundred pound a week at the office so this was massive to her and she had just started driving lessons and urged her uncle to tell her more.

Jim explained that Tim wanted to do the pictures next Thursday night as he had to design his studio, she was to wear the same underwear as previous and could she trim her pubic hair as she was too hairy especially between her legs, Katie blushed and Jim laughed at her reaction and told her she would be fine. He then took out a folder from the briefcase he had with him and presented it to Katie stating that they were a few photos from the photo shoot that she could use for her portfolio, Katie flipped through the folder blushing even more at the pictures it contained, she had to agree with her uncle though that they were very good. Jim also stated that he had kept a couple also so her pervy uncle was still there she thought as he carried on talking informing Katie that he was to be in some of the photographs dressed as a priest, he assured Katie that this was for the best as otherwise Tim would have had to employ someone else and he was sure that she would not have wished someone else being present. Katie gulped at her drink, she was excited by the news but was still unsure of her uncle’s intentions but was unable to do anything about it, they finished their drinks and Jim drove her home saying he would collect her after work on Thursday.

Later that night Katie sat on her bed and leafed through the folder her uncle had presented her with, the photos were very good she looked like a real model, the best ones were the rude ones, he had made her boobs look fantastic and she also had to concur she would need to shave down there, maybe tomorrow night she thought. Her mind drifted away, she wondered which photos her uncle had, they will be the risqué ones she thought and imagined him at his house now stroking his cock while staring at them, she pictured him wanking his cock with its huge purple head while staring at her bare arse, her firm tits and her pussy peaking through a carpet of pubes. ‘What is wrong with me’ she thought, her was older than her father and he had forced himself on her but something was making her horny and she couldn’t deny the wetness she could feel between her legs, subconsciously she knew what it was, it was the how his cock had felt in her hands, the stiffness and tempobet yeni giriş thickness of it and she knew at some point he would attack her again and the thought of that made her even wetter.

Thursday came round and she went to work dressed the same as for the first modelling job, she tried not to think about the evening shoot and busied herself in her work, she had trimmed her pubes and shaved around her pussy lips so basically just had a v shaped minge and hoped it would be acceptable. Work finished and uncle Jim collected her and as previously took her to the pub to settle her nerves, buying her a couple of drinks before they made their way to the studio where Tim greeted them and showed them the set up. His stage had been made up to look like a church altar with white and black sheets and crucifixes placed around, it looked realistic and Tim gave Katie the same costume she had worn previously and pointed her in the direction of the screen to change where she proceeded to slip in to the habit. On returning Katie laughed as she caught sight of her uncle with a long black priest outfit complete with hat, he did look the part but it was funny and Tim fixed her headpiece in place and moved her in front of the alter.

The session was very similar to the first one, it started off fully clothed, then proceeding to topless and ending up naked, there were longer gaps in between though and Katie gave up covering herself up and just sat with her uncle sipping a wine while Tim adjusted the lighting. When she was naked save for the headpiece and her stockings the photographer moved Jim in to the shots, for some she was on her knees praying in front of him and others just casually looking at her while she posed. One scene had her kneeling on a foot cushion and Tim moved her so she was leaning forward with her hands on the floor and asked her uncle to stand behind her holding a bible. Tim then crouched down and photographed Katie’s face and hanging boobs before asking her to widen her legs and push her bum in the air, she shuffled in to the pose he wanted and she realised her uncle would be looking at her wide open bare pussy and bum hole. For some reason Katie could feel herself getting horny and eased her legs wider knowing he could see her shaven bits and desperately wanted to fiddle with herself, she was snapped out of these thoughts as Tim removed her head dress and said he wanted a few with her hair showing, apparently the French client had really liked her and wanted a few pictures of her without a costume.


After a few more shots Tim said he was finished and that she had done really well before going in to the office with Jim, Katie put her clothes back on unfortunately she could not find her thong, she knew she had put it on top of her skirt and wondered if her uncle had taken it but decided not to say anything as it could have been Tim and she wanted to stay in his good books so dressed without them. Katie joined them in the office and Tim gave her a cheque for the shoot and also a piece of paper with a telephone number scrawled on it next to the name Phil and told her this guy was looking for a model, he was based in Newcastle but paid well, Katie replied that she would call him but her uncle took it from her and said he would make the call and then they said their goodbyes and left.

Uncle Jim took her to the pub again and gave her a wine and soda and sat beside her in a corner away from the other customers, he told her she had looked fantastic and that he too had a photographer that would like to photograph her and he wanted to use his car showroom to do the pictures, Katie listened to him and agreed she would do it, this money she thought was too good to turn down. Her uncle went to the bar for more drinks and Katie surveyed the other clientele. A mixture of singles and couples, some as young as her some old like her uncle and her thoughts drifted to what she had just been doing, they would never know she thought, they don’t even know that under these clothes she had no underwear on, the shoot had turned her on again she really liked being naked in front of people and had felt her fanny getting moist during the shoot especially when she had been fully exposed.

Jim returned with the drinks and they finished them quickly before walking to his car and setting off home, in a few minutes they had parked on the farm track and her uncle switched the interior light on and unfastened his seatbelt. Unlike previously though he was not as aggressive, he stroked her hair and kissed her neck before removing her jacket and started unbuttoning her shirt, Katie did tell him to stop but silently she was wanting him to continue even though she did not fancy him one bit, there is something wrong with me she thought as her shirt joined her jacket on the rear seat and her uncle started groping and licking her tits. ‘Can’t we put the light off uncle’ asked Katie but he was having none of it and wanted to look at her as he pulled tempobet giriş his jumper and shirt off and bare chested he pressed himself against her and started to kiss her, Katie could feel his tongue enter her mouth and initially did not respond but soon she gave in and started to meet it with hers. He left her mouth and took turns sucking each of her nipples which were very erect and sensitive and could feel herself getting wetter as he nibbled even harder and bit them with his teeth. As he was slobbering over her boobs he moved his hand to Katie’s nylon clad knee and sliding it up he moved past her stocking top and inched over her thigh and without having to encounter her knickers started stroking her pussy, Katie gasped as he slid a finger between her lips and slowly pushed his digit inside her. Katie pushed her face against his hairy chest as he moved his finger faster and rubbed her hand over his belly wondering if he was going to fuck her, she did not know if she would try to stop him all she was thinking about was the delicious feeling in her fanny and the thought of his hard cock.

Uncle Jim withdrew his finger and started to undo his jeans before pulling them down along with his underpants to mid thigh, his cock sprung out and he gave it a couple of tugs so it stood stiffly its foreskin pulled back and that large helmet looking angry. Katie did not offer any resistance when his fingers found her wet hole again and he started kissing her while whispering to her that she was a dirty little girl and that she was loving it, her answer was to move her hand down his belly and grip his thick shaft rubbing it as she moved her hips towards his fingers. Slowly he moved Katie round so she was looking down on his dick as she wanked him and pulling up her skirt played with her bum before fingering her from behind this time putting two of his fingers up her, Katie was near to coming she was that worked up and tentatively poked her tongue out and started to lick the head of his penis. Uncle Jim placed his other hand on top of her head and gently eased her head down and she took his cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck it, she had given many blow jobs before but never to a thick lump of meat as this and had to stretch open her mouth to get it all in. Her uncle’s fingers were plunging in to her now and you could hear the sound of her soaking fanny as she could feel her orgasm coming, as best she could she sucked on his dick taking as much as she could between her lips and swirled her tongue up and down his cock. Katie could feel she was on the verge of cumming and quickened her efforts to stifle her moans as her uncle’s fingers frigged her harder and then that was it, Katie’s orgasm shook through her and she could feel her cunt gushing over his hand. She continued to massage her uncle’s balls and wanked his cock in to her mouth while swirling her tongue round the tip, she sensed what was about to happen but was still shocked when he exploded in to her mouth filling it with his cum. She swallowed as best she could but there was too much and thick streams of spunk escaped her lips and slid down his shaft, Katie licked away at the escaped sperm and had soon managed to clean it up and with a final suck of his bell end she raised her face where her uncle kissed her. They embraced in silence and her uncle pulled his pants up and reaching in to his pocket pulled her knickers out and proceeded to wipe her sloppy fanny with it, even inserting it to try to absorb her juice before putting it back in his pocket.

‘What do you want them for’ enquired Katie but her uncle just smiled and said that they were his little reward and he stared at her as she dressed before pulling the rest of his clothes on and driving off. Her uncle said he would contact the photographer in Newcastle for her and would arrange the session at the garage but would call her at work to confirm sometime next week and then she was back at home with her parents. Katie had tea with her mother and father, they asked her how her day had been and she told them it was much the same as everyday but omitted that it had ended with her sucking her uncle off in his car, some things she thought were better kept to herself. Katie went to her room undressed and lay on the bed, her mind wandered to what she had just done, her uncle had not forced her, she had willingly gone along with things and would have fucked him if he had wanted her to, in truth she had wanted to fuck him, she desperately wanted a proper shag with an experienced man and again she thought ‘what is wrong with me’

The next week came and went, Katie had another driving lesson and she went out with her friends on Saturday night, she refused all advances from prospective guys and had to admit she had started to look at men differently. She found herself looking at old guys and imagined being with them naked, letting them play with her body with their old wrinkly hands and her stroking their leathery skin, it did not matter tempobet güvenilirmi if they were good looking , she caught herself imagining getting shagged by old Mr. O’Connor at the corner shop. He was in his seventies, half his teeth were missing and he had bad breath but these attributes seemed to turn her on even more and she pictured herself lying under him as he plunged in to her while French kissing him.

Her uncle phoned her at work the following Tuesday stating that he had organised the car showroom shoot for Thursday night and he would collect her from the office and could she bring some lingerie, stockings , tights and a bikini if she had one.

Jim picked Katie up and drove to his work asking her on the way to not call him uncle where he introduced her to Malcolm who had booked her, they went past a row of cars and in to a well lit garage that was empty except for a shiny red Porsche sports car parked in the centre of the room. Malcolm who was actually older than her uncle and considerably fatter with a bald head was fiddling about with a camera on a tripod, as far as she could see this was the only equipment he had and started to wonder if he was a real photographer at all. Katie’s uncle brought her a glass of wine and Malcolm asked if she could change in to a bikini, Katie sipped her drink and asked her uncle where she could get changed, he took her round the other side of the car and after opening the driver’s side door gestured that she could use the driver’s seat. Very professional she thought as she placed her bag on the floor and sifted through it for her only bikini, Katie finished her glass of wine and undressed quickly before pulling on her red swim suit and slipping in to her stilettos walked round the car and presented herself to the two old men. Malcolm then directed her in to a few different positions and had her leaning against the car and sat on the passenger seat before asking her to remove her bikini top, Katie reached behind and undid the garment and her boobs popped in to view and Malcolm snapped away as she laid back and pouted for the camera.

Next he asked Katie if she had any hold up stockings with her and she informed him that she only had normal ones so he suggested she put those on minus a suspender belt along with a thong or g string, she returned to her changing area and selected the stockings rolling them up her legs before putting on a black g string and walked back round in to view. These pictures were of her getting in and out of the car and then with her bent over, her tiny g string not covering much and again Katie could feel herself getting aroused and was looking forward to peeling her knickers off, which Malcolm requested soon after and smiling she lowered her pants and let him feast his eyes on her pussy. The rest of the pictures were a bit ruder than the ones with Tim, nearly every shot involved her opening her legs or bending over, she especially liked being bent over, there was something about knowing they could see her in all her glory that turned her on.

They had a short break and Katie was given another glass of wine and sat on the passenger seat naked apart from her black stockings while Malcolm changed his film, he then asked her if she had any tights with her, she had a pair of tan ones and showed them to the photographer who asked her to put them on. She finished her wine as she rolled down her stockings and put her nylons on and looking down at herself could see that they were completely sheer and not really hiding anything, excellent muttered Malcolm and asked Jim if he could refill her glass as he would like her holding a drink. She then posed next to the car bonnet with Malcolm directing her to look sexy and pinch her nipples to make them stand out more, her drink finished she handed the empty glass to her uncle and sat on the passenger seat where she was instructed to turn her body as though getting out of the vehicle.

Here Malcolm had her perched on the edge of the seat with her thighs apart and he positioned his camera directly at her pussy, Katie looked down, her flaps were quite prominent and you could see her wetness seeping through the nylon which made it clearer to view. The cameraman then asked her to pull her tights up a bit more which she did but he was not happy with it and asked her to do it tighter, her uncle then requested that as he knew what he was looking for Malcolm maybe could help her and she sat there as this fat balding man hooked his fingers under her nylons brushing her pubes on the way and pulled the tights up so they were stretched as far as they could against her pussy. This had caused Katie to drip some more and now her gusset area was so wet you could clearly see the arousal in her young body Malcolm then took several shots of her damp hole some with the camera almost touching her. After another film change Uncle Jim had been talking to Malcolm and announced that if Katie was in agreement would she be photographed with a vibrator, she would get paid an extra twenty pounds for it and Malcolm produced the sex toy from a carrier bag he had. He handed it to Katie and after she had examined it and switched it on for a moment she glanced a smile to them both and announced that she would give it a go.

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