Katie and the Boss

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This one is by very special request for Katie, not something that I do for just anyone – and it is down to the quality of sexy pictures she sent me…

My name is Katie

I looked at the clock, it was twenty five minutes to eight. Too late to go home but to early to go where I was headed. I was sat at my desk proudly looking at the 120 page report I’d just finished attached to the email that would whiz across the ocean to our head office in the states.

I clicked ‘send’ and away it went; a whole month’s work short of one day, and I was going to take that one day off. Knowing I’d be finishing the job that night and not coming in on the next day, a Friday thank god, I had contacted a whole group of mates and suggest an almighty piss-up, but they’d all had to work the next day,

“Friday will be great Katie, can’t do Thursday…” had been the reply from about 9 of the ten I’d emailed. So, I’d decided if no one else could start their weekend early then I would leave for the coast and swim, surf and suntan on my own. The hotel was only an hour away and could book in when I liked. The summer heat was still oppressive and the frickin’ air con in my car had gone down. The report had meant that I couldn’t get to the garage and have it repaired. The nights were much cooler and I had decided to make use of our buildings’ air con and leave late and drive to the coast in the late evening cool. My weekender was in the boot and packed with bikinis and swimsuits, and cool floaty dresses and all I needed to do was have a coffee, a shower in the office facility, change into my jeans and spaghetti top and grab a burger from the late McD’s drive through and I would be on the highway for ten, booking into my hotel for half eleven, midnight if I chose to go with the top down and cruise.

I looked at the clock, shit, still an hour to go before I even had to think about getting ready. The gym across the street would be full of sweaty business men, gruesome sweaty jocks or old ladies trying to pick them up. The thought of it turned my stomach. I walked to the water cooler and filled my glass drinking two long glasses of water while checking out my reflection in the window against the darkening street outside, lookin’ good…

I smoothed down my blouse to emphasise my 34 C’s against the white of my thin cotton blouse and they did look good!

I walked back to my desk and sat down with my glass, feeling good about myself again. The faintest twinge in my pussy started to become a faint throb around the area of my clit and it deserved some attention. After all I had been working all hours and only eating and sleeping in between – my poor puss had never known such a barren period since I had discovered the delights of masturbation and then sex all those years ago. I hadn’t so much as looked at my trusty rabbit vibe since before my last period, and I hoped the batteries hadn’t gone bad in the thing.

Absentmindedly I stroked my boobs again feeling the dull ache that was telling me my nipples were rock hard; my hand snuck down to my thighs almost without me thinking about it…

I jumped up as the realisation hit me, I was in my frickin’ office for heaven’s sake, I couldn’t start to masturbate here… or could I.

I stood and slowly walked around the office, I knew most people had gone as they had all wished me a good night and a good weekend. I checked the clerks’ bay and they had all gone, as had the other two teams we shared a floor with. We were the top floor and I knew from other really late nights that the security guards would only check the floor once I had keyed out at the lift and the floor was technically empty. Randall, the retired soldier, who was security for our building this week knew that I was putting the hours in and would not leave his post at the front door and come up so I was safe from that aspect too. My desk looked out over the roofs of the other buildings so I knew I wouldn’t be seen from that aspect.

I checked all of the manager’s offices and the doors were securely locked, against our unauthorised entry I supposed, so I headed back to my desk, my laptop and my secret stash that no one else knew existed.

My laptop case had a secret compartment in it big enough to hide memory sticks, CD’s or a small paper file, but tonight it held just my collection of naughty DVDs that I would use whenever I needed arousal.

They were all lesbian and bi, all featured one woman being seduced by another, another woman in authority, something I’d always found to be very alluring.

I opened the CD drive on my laptop and took out the disc that held my precious file and clipped it into a protective case, noticing for the first time that my hands were shaking just a little.

I took out the first naughty DVD and quickly clicked it into place sliding the drive shut. The machine whirred for a few moments while it decided just what this new disc was. I sipped my water trying to be calmer than my libido wanted me to be.

The titles came up and played with that awful frickin’ poker oyna music that porn just always seems to have, and I clicked on the advance button three times to my favourite part of the movie. Had I been at home and in the mood I would have slowly settled down with a glass of something more interesting than water and watched the whole story. No need for that tonight, I was in the mood already, boooooooooy was I in the mood,

The story featured two middle aged women who by this stage of the film were in various states of undress pleasuring each other. One was a busty blonde wearing a black nightie (her straps falling down her arms) straddled by a taller, slimmer but still very hot brunette pinning her arms down.

The brunette is clearly in control as she worked her way down the blonde’s body, removing her string underwear, kissing across her breasts, belly and vulva before finally burying her face in between her legs.

The blonde moaned out loud, with a sound half way between objection and pure pleasure, as she was licked, sucked and nibbled before the obviously expert brunette settled her tongue and lips at the crown of her lover’s vagina, settling down to work on the hard shiny nub of clit so beautifully exposed, erect for the camera. The little jolts the submissive actress gave telling the viewing public, the viewing public with a pussy that is, that she wasn’t just acting.

As for me, the scene had done the trick straight away and I was lying back in my seat, my hands working inside my blouse, my top three buttons undone to allow my squeezing, searching hand access to my beautiful breasts. I pinched both nipples in turn, thinking back to the two sprung clothes pegs in my knicker drawer that had resided there ever since I’d seen a beautiful S&M cyber-starlet pinch hers in exactly the same way with exactly the same type of clothes pegs.

I had started to moan, hiking my skirt up around my waist, my left had was still mauling my tits while my strong well practiced right went to work below the waist. My fingers slid inside my white string panties, peeling away at my folds as I’d seen the domina brunette do some moments before. My clit was rock hard now as the arousal filled my entire body.

“Ooooooh, mmmm, oh,” I heard my moans as if from a distance as I watched my naughty video. I was soooooooo close now.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“My-my, Katie, Katie, Katie. What are you doing?”

I looked around and up only to see my boss, and from the look in her face she knew full well what the answer was.


“Danni, I…” I blurted out in panic as tried to stop the video and cover myself at the same time but totally failed to do either.

Danni leant forward resting her forearms on the back of my high backed leather office chair titling me back up to stare into her face and giving her and even better view straight down my semi naked body at my bare breasts, disarrayed clothes and the my bare puss and panties stretched across the top of my thighs pinning my legs together.

“Oh, don’t stop Katie,” she said lazily, “not if you want to keep your job that is. I was quite enjoying that.” Her left hand crept up and she rested her chin on it, and I saw her very cute smile cut from one side of her face to the other.

I gulped, Danni had a rep as a bit of a hard arse, although I had to admit hard or not, it was a very fine arse indeed and right then I couldn’t think what to do.

Danni leaned forward over me, sliding her finger across the mouse pad on the laptop so the DVD controls came back up and she pressed ‘play’ and the movie recommenced from the point when I’d been disturbed.

Her head was almost next to mine and the hand working the computer slid back to rest on the arm of the chair perilously close to my fingers, still wet with my own pussy juice.

“There,” she said, as the two women got back on with it on the small screen, “that’s better now, Oh is that dark haired girl horny.” She cooed and closed her eyes. I heard her take a deep breathe through her nose, and she whispered in my ear as she exhaled, “There is nothing quite so sexy as the smell of a young woman’s pussy juice.”

Her hand took mine gently by the wrist and raised it to her face until it touched her nose. “Hmm; Katie you do smell good,” a long wet tongue shot along the side of my forefinger and middle finger before she slide them both into her mouth for a long suck, “shit girl, you taste even better.”

She let go of my hand and nuzzled her face into my neck and into my dark brown hair draping lightly over my shoulders, while the spare hand had slid off of the chair was before I knew it was squeezing my ample tits pinching towards the rock hard nipple pointing so insolently. She squeezed it really hard and I gasped.

“So, just as I thought, my dirty little Katie likes it a bit rough does she?” I gasped, Christ but this woman had seen straight through me, “DOES SHE!?!” she said louder pinching my nipple and squeezing my boob with it.

“Yes canlı poker oyna Danni,” I gasped.

“Mam,” she hissed into my ear.

“Yes Mam,” I cooed.

“Good girl,” she gave up my still tingling boob to gently stroke a hand through my hair.

Next thing I knew my chair had been spun around so I was facing her and she was leaning over me taking in the full view.

“Strip for me,” she said. I made to undo my blouse, “And your reply is?”

“Yes Mam!” I said,

“Stand up, I want to see all of you,” I leapt to my feet, my red string panties falling slowly from my knees to the floor, “Slow down Katie, I don’t want to miss anything,” she purred brushing her short brown hair back behind her ear and sitting in my chair, slowly crossing her legs.

I pulled my skirt down from around my waist and unzipped it. It fell to the floor with just a push from me. It took a second or so for the last remaining buttons on my blouse to undo before I shrugged that off of my shoulders to hit the floor behind me. Lastly I was reaching behind me to undo the clip of my white lacy bra and soon that fell to floor, for me to push to one side with my foot.

“Very pretty Katie, do you know I hadn’t quite realised what a beauty you really are, hands behind your back please Missy.”

I did as ordered. Any fear I may have had about the situation just disappeared as soon as I saw the lecherously look in her eye, not one that I was a stranger too, only this was the first time I’d had one from another girl.

“Come here Katie and sit on my lap,” she held her arms up to indicate where I should sit.

I sat, my bottom settling nicely on her lap, and I held my arms demurely in front of me.

“Now let me see, what I have to play with,” she said, and gently ran her soft white hand down my chest and onto my tummy, while her left hand wound around my back and gently stroked down my spine making me tingle all over, I smiled and wriggled a little.

“You need to sit still Katie,” she said, “If I’m going to do nice things to you, you really must sit still.” As she finished the last two words he mouth opened and she licked each of my nipples in turn and I gasped, “Hmm, Katie-Katie has sensitive nipples does she?”

“Yes Mam,” I gasped as her mouth settled on my right nipple and she sucked it deep into her mouth drawing its already erect fullness further from me. I felt a sharp nip as she bit slightly on me, and I writhed, “Be still Katie,” she breathed, “don’t make me punish you, sweet thing.”

Her mouth closed on me again as she pulled me full onto to her and I put both arms around her neck to allow her more space to work, and she took full advantage.

Her right hand released my other boob, and sneaked down to my thighs pushing them apart. I readily relaxed and allowed her exploration, and was rewarded with two strong fingers pushing down either side of my puss stroking though the little pubic hair I had left there. Her strong hand cupped my entire pubic area and squeezed, and I cried out pulling her face more urgently into my boob, for which I received another nip!

What must have been her middle finger slid through the outer lips of my puss and slid up and down my slick wetness; I just could not figure how I was supposed to sit still with all of this amazing teasing going on, then I figured; perhaps I wasn’t supposed to!

Her finger found the hard pearl of my clit first time, and my eyes shot open as she began to strum me like some kind of musical instrument, and she proved she was a virtuoso almost straight away. She flicked and strummed at me, pausing only for breath and to pull at my body to bring my other breast into range of her expert, seeking mouth. The other nipple tingled in the coolness of the air and from the wicked tongue lashing it has just gone through.

Within seconds of this I felt the slow build up in my loins that told me this was going to be one motherfucker of an orgasm, and it hit me hard, almost without warning and I felt myself go into one of those trembles that you can’t control, and I was left spent and gasping, yet still desperate for more comes like that one.

“Why Katie!” snarled Danni, pushing me back slightly, “look at the stain on my lovely skirt,” it was true, there was a pussy shaped mark on her tan coloured short skirt were I must have rubbed myself in the throes of orgasm. “Stand up this minute,” she snapped and I did so, my head still spinning slightly. Next thing I knew, she was hurling my office chair to one side and grabbing another from across the office, I noticed at once that this one had no arms.

I knew just what I was in for, and it was a secret fantasy of mine.

She sat on the chair up, and pointed at the ground in front of her feet,

“There missy,” she said sternly and I obeyed at once, feeling the tingle in my tummy similar to the one in my pussy. “You will learn to do what you are told and not to be disobedient,”

“Yes Mam,” I said, my hands clasped in front of my puss.

“Right internet casino Katie, I am going to spank you on your bare arse until I think you have learned you lesson, is that clear?”

“Yes Mam, ” I said hearing for the first time a slight tremble in my voice.

She reached out with her left hand and grabbed my left arm, swinging slightly on the chair she pulled my down so I instinctively reached for her thighs and lowered myself over her lap. The same left hand reached across me and clasped me around the waist holding me in place, while I supported myself on my hands and toes both stretched out.

“Now Katie, you understand why I’m doing this?”

“Yes Mam,” I said.


To teach me to be obedient Mam,” I hissed with another tremble that went all through me.

“Good girl,” SMACK! Her palm landed on my right buttock, and I cried out with the shock and excitement of an erotic fantasy of mine that had been with me since high school finally coming true.

The second blow landed on my left buttock and I had to reach down and hold one of the chair feet for support. SMACK! Right buttock again and I cried out. This was followed by a regular pattern of spanks all over my bottom from high up the little crease were my thighs began.

“Aah… aah… ooh…” I felt it was time I played to my bit of the fantasy, “Please,” I gasped, desperately hoping she’d ignore me, “Please Mam, ooh… be gentle, aah..it hurts so… aah,”

“It’s meant to hurt Katie,” she said, “otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it would I?”

“Aaah, No Mam, ooh.” I gasped and she continued.

The tingle in my bottom and the feeling of being out of control was building in my loins and my groans and moans became deeper,

“Are you about to come again, Katie?”

“Yes Mam,” I gasped, “Please Mam,”

“OK, seeing as you’ve been good…” her spanks stopped and she gently stroked my sore bottom, trailing her fingers slowly down over my puss that must have been damp and gaping by now.

She kept her left hand holding me down while two fingers eased into my now sopping and enlarged pussy. The two fingers in me settled almost straight away on the rough skin of my G-spot and she almost scrubbed at it, pumping her fingers in and out of me at speed. There was nothing I could do to hold back the orgasm if I’d wanted, and her timing was perfect. As the contractions struck my belly and I began to writhe, a pussy-wet finger was introduced into my anus, which up to that point had been totally forgotten.

“Ooh, fuck YEAH, I gasped as her index and middle fingers pumped into both my holes at the same time, and I felt a slight gush of juice splash my leg, and I guessed hers. This was always a result of G-spot interference and I was always ready for it.

“Ooh Katie,” she purred, “look at the mess you’ve made. I really must clean you up.”

She made me stand and as soon as I was upright I was pushed against my desk until I was flat against is, the laptop, bag, and various other desk top stuff pushed quickly to one side.

My boobs felt the cold of the Formica desk top and I reached forward to grab the edge of the desk for security and also as something real within this fantasy world I was living in.

My knees were spread slightly and my battered bottom smarted as the pinked skin stretched a bit. I raised my head and turned to see her on the chair rolling forwards, hands raised to grab both cheeks of my arse. What I didn’t expect was her mouth to settle on my freshly serviced puss and begin to roughly tongue me all around the entrance and up to and around my anus. I thanked heavens that I had scrubbed down there in the shower that morning!

She had perfect access to all of me and soon one hand released my bum and I felt a finger flicking at my clit again. The hands, the lips, the wanking all had me ready to go again, and I relaxed into the inevitable, glorious, gut wrenching orgasm.

Danni was obviously not going to stop at just three comes and carried on licking me, rimming me and occasionally pushing her long tongue as deep as she could into my puss.

The orgasm was as strong as the first and I felt my knees weaken and I felt myself slip slightly against the desk top. Fortunately the tight hold to the desk and reality kept me there.

She was finishing me off by lightly licking and kissing me all over my bottom and across the tops of my thighs.

She slide the chair back,

“There Katie, you were very good.”

“I can be even better Mam,” I said slowly turning around and sliding to sit on my desk. I had to slide left to right a bit to find a spot that was cool against the warmth Danni had put into my bottom a few moments before, and I ground my wet puss into it, thinking of the fantastic marks I might leave on the Formica.

“Really?” she said, “Explain,”

“Better if I show you Mam,” I said crossing my long legs provocatively. She leant back in the chair and spread her legs slightly.

“I need to know if you’re any good,” she said, “I mean, do you have any experience?”

“Well,” I said reaching up with my arms and pushing up my boobs, “two adventures come to mind. one was with a businesswoman, she was a bit like you,” she had started to rub the front of her blouse.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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