Katy , Amber Pt. 01: Amber’s First

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Amber was a high school senior. At five foot eight she was a little on the tall side and of a medium build. She had dark blonde hair that was thick and slightly wavy. It reached down to her mid-back. She liked to think she had a pretty face with soft features and lovely blue-green eyes with only the slightest hint of freckles around her nose. She was a bit disappointed that in her senior year her breasts were no longer growing and had only reached a small C cup. Though firm and mostly free of flab, save for a touch of baby fat, she also wished she had a little more in the butt department. Her hips, on the other hand, were nice and shapely and her legs, though a bit on the thick side, were muscular from years of dance classes.

Graduation was approaching in only a couple of months and she still had yet to pick out a college. That’s how the classroom daydreaming had started, worrying about her future, but her thoughts quickly drifted to off to something else that’d been weighing on her mind even more as of late. No matter what she tried focusing on her mind kept going back to the issue that had made for quite a few sleepless nights.

Puberty had come on a little late for Amber’s tastes, as she felt left behind when all of the other girls started developing a couple of years before her. She had made the mental connection between her relatively late blooming and her lack of desire for dating during her high school years. Most of her friends had had multiple boyfriends and the majority had lost their virginity well before sixteen. Thoughts of both sex, and of love, were now popping into her head more frequently throughout the day. Still, though she felt the pick-up in libido and the desire for intimacy comforting, a confirmation that though puberty had visited her a little late it definitely had not skipped over her.

No matter what though Amber felt like an odd-duck. She’d only kissed a boy for the first time shortly after her sixteenth birthday and had never had a real boyfriend to speak of. Then, a few months ago, her friend Cameron, who she’d known since they were both babies, having been born only a few days apart and having always lived next door to each other, was staying over for the weekend because his parents were out of town and Amber had decided to see what all of the fuss over a love life was about. She had just turned 18 and felt that she was really lagging behind in the love life department compared to everyone else she knew. Cameron had been more than compliant when she’d snuck downstairs after everyone had gone to bed and snuggled up next to him on the couch declaring that she wanted to see what sex felt like.

Most boys would have been taken by surprise but Cameron and Amber had known each other for a long time and he knew very well that she could be tremendously blunt at times. She wasn’t sure, but she figured that he was still a virgin as well, as he’d never really done much dating either. He quickly confirmed her suspicion nervously. She was sure that he was afraid he wouldn’t do it right and make her happy and that that is why he’d told her. Before that moment Amber had never thought about how guys are probably just as scared and anxious for their first time as girls are. She really hadn’t considered the pressure that existed for a boy. Sure, girls were very worried about “doing it good” their first time and not being a let-down, but she reasoned that as long as the plumbing worked (essentially everything got wet down there) that the guy wouldn’t know too much better. Not one to be uneducated Amber had taken it upon herself to read up a good bit on sex and she now knew that if a boy was too nervous he could lose his erection. She certainly hoped that didn’t happen, both because she was looking forward to the encounter but also did not want Cameron getting some kind of complex about his body or his performance or anything.

She decided she was over-thinking the whole thing! “Time to turn the brain off for a bit.” she told herself.

They kissed for a bit and Amber definitely liked the way his hands roamed all over her body, especially the way they felt rubbing up and down her back. Cameron tried nibbling on one of her nipples but his technique was awkward and after a few moments she coerced him to stop by beginning to kiss on his neck and then down Kepez Escort his chest. She could tell that he was getting nervous as she tugged at his shorts but there was something she really wanted to try.

She’d seen a few pornos and had gotten the most arousal out of the oral scenes, both the girl going down on the guy and the ones where the guy went down on the girl. She felt too pensive to ask Cameron to lick her cunny, even though she really wanted to see what it felt like. That wasn’t, however, going to stop her from seeing what a penis felt like in her mouth.

“What is it going to taste like?” she wondered to herself. She wasn’t worried about hygiene as she’d seen him take a nice long shower before bed. She’d tasted her own pussy juices before when masturbating, would it taste like that?

Much to her surprise it popped free of his shorts as soon as she pulled them down. It was dark in the living room and even darker under the blanket but she’d felt it brush her cheek as it’d broke free from its prison. She heard him mutter something, probably saying that she didn’t have to, but Amber wasn’t about to stop. She’d never even seen a penis before, not in real life. She giggled, thought about how she still hadn’t “seen” one as it was too dark to see it. That didn’t stop her from feeling it though, as she inspected it for a moment with her fingers before sticking out her tongue and licking around the little ridge she found extremely interesting.

“What did people do before the internet?” she posited. Yes she’d never touched a dick before or looked at one up close in person but thanks to image search she pretty much knew what to expect as far as the general anatomy and shape of things.

The licking went on for a few moments before Amber summoned the courage to put it into her mouth. She wasn’t exactly sure how it was done but it hadn’t looked too difficult in the movies. She locked her lips around it like a lollipop and moved her head up and down gently. Cameron seemed to like it quite a bit. She heard him attempt to stifle a moan by covering his mouth with a pillow. The sounds he made really amused Amber and the way the soft skin of the head of his penis felt against her tongue made her wonder about how his tongue would have felt wriggling around her naughty bits. She could have kicked herself for not having trimmed up her pubic hair, otherwise she thought she might have been able to summon up the courage to ask him to try it on her.

Oh well, maybe another time. He felt very rigid in her mouth and she decided it was time for her bits to get some stimulation. Between the kissing, which had been more exciting in a nervous fashion than it was sensual, and sucking on his dick for several minutes, Amber could feel the squishiness of her vulva and hoped that she was plenty wet enough for him to enter her.

She asked to change position, and he complied. Lying on her back she spread her legs and helped guide him toward her lady parts. Neither of them knew exactly how to make it work, so they struggled for a moment to line things up, but eventually she felt a hard warm knob press against her pussy lips. With a slight push his head parted them but he was too high, pressing against her clitoris instead of the opening to her vaginal canal.

She wasn’t sure at first if he was doing it on purpose or just having trouble finding the right spot but she quickly realized that he was rubbing the head of his dick against her clit to tease her; a move he’d probably seen in a porno as Amber had seen it done before too. She didn’t complain, it actually felt really nice.

He commented that she had really puffy pussy lips and she almost immediately felt embarrassed but was relieved when he quickly followed up by explaining that that was a very good thing. She relaxed back into the pillow and let him keep on rubbing her clit. She imagined that his tongue would feel even better. Every time his cock flicked her engorged little clit it sent a shiver through her body.

Her breathing began to get shallower and with each grind of his member against her slit she felt the tingle of orgasm getting a little closer, then, just when she felt it becoming a very real possibility that she would cum, they thought they heard someone in the kitchen and had to stop.

Her Escort Kepez breathing began to get shallower and with each grind of his member against her slit she felt the tingle of orgasm getting a little closer, then, just when she felt it becoming a very real possibility that she would cum, they thought they heard someone in the kitchen and had to stop.

It was just the cat! Wasting no time he lined up his cock once again but this time instead of feeling it against her clit Amber felt it press a little lower, into the very swollen flesh of the opening that she hadn’t realized until that moment was begging for attention. She thought about asking him to rub her clit some more but figured that he probably really wanted to enter her and she was pretty curious to see what it felt like herself. He proceeded very carefully but she told him not to worry about hurting her, as she’d broken her own hymen about a year before. She’d been masturbating with the handle of her hair brush, though she didn’t tell him that part. Something hard inside of her wasn’t a new sensation, but it was obvious right away that his dick was thicker than anything she’d put in there before, it was also warm, which instantly made it feel so much better than any of her toys.

Both of them let out little gasping sighs as he pushed the head into her, shallow at first, then deeper as her juices lubricated his member more and more with each thrust. Amber closed her eyes and tried to focus on the sensation. It was a pleasurable one, albeit kind of strange. The position was also awkward, as she wasn’t used to having to hold her legs up like that, and though she’d known Cameron forever it dawned on her how weird it felt to be doing what she was doing with him. At that moment she thought it was just that Cameron was an experiment for her, and that she, while curious about his body and sex in general, wasn’t someone she felt for in that particular way.

She let him thrust into her for about a minute, not that she was keeping time, but that’s about how long it felt, before she got a little uncomfortable worrying that he wouldn’t know how to pull out in time. Amber always tracked her cycle and knew that she shouldn’t be anywhere near ovulation but she still didn’t want to take any chances. She asked if they could stop, claiming that it was because she really wanted to feel him in her mouth again. He apparently didn’t mind as they quickly swapped positions again and she pulled his hips toward her, grasping for his manhood in the dark. She was surprised at how sexy it was to smell and taste her own juices on his cock! It was wet, like really wet. She hadn’t realized that that much of her lubrication would end up on him.

Though she’d not wanted him to ejaculate on or inside of her pussy she was definitely curious to see what it felt like to make him cum. She went back to work with her mouth, expecting to be able to get him off pretty quickly, but it took a few minutes, and a couple of shifts in their position, for him to get comfortable and start the shallow breathing that told her he was getting closer. It made sense, she supposed, that even though it was his dick inside a girl’s mouth, which should be pretty exciting for any guy, that it wasn’t a stimulus that he was used to, and would therefore take a minute to get used to. Was it more than that? Maybe he didn’t feel that way about her either. Maybe it was just an experiment for him too.

His shallow breathing began to become interspersed with the occasional low moan and Amber, who’d had one hand playing with them the entire time, noticed his balls begin to tighten up and his cock, which was already fairly thick, began to get even thicker and the skin of the shaft more taut. She noticed the first little dribble of sweet and salty precum hit the back of her tongue and she realized that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to swallow it or not! If the lights had been on she’d really have wanted to see it, but since she couldn’t she decided to just go ahead and let him finish in her mouth.

The first spurt was surprisingly intense and it hit the back of Amber’s throat, almost causing her to choke, but she managed not to and was able to handle the remaining three or four spurts which came in rapid succession. She had no idea when to Kepez Escort Bayan stop but as far as she knew if a guy shot his load he was already well past the point of no return. To play it safe though she kept sucking gently for ten or fifteen seconds after she felt the spurting stop.

Crawling back up to be face to face with Cameron Amber felt really dumb for not having prepared herself for him to go down on her. Would he have even wanted to though? He HAD just had his dick inside of her, and she wasn’t sure if that’d been a deal-breaker for him wanting to taste her. She knew, from reading magazines and online forums that some guys (and girls to be fair) were very funny about things like that. Amber couldn’t understand why, tasting herself on him a few minutes earlier had been about the sexiest thing of the entire experience.

Amber knew that a lot of guys lost interest after cumming, so she almost didn’t ask, but she mustered the courage and asked Cameron to rub her clit. She explained that it would be good practice learning to pleasure girls. He asked nervously if she’d cum during sex and she felt bad telling him that she hadn’t, but so that she didn’t give him some kind of complex she said that it had felt incredible (a bit of a stretch, though it was REALLY nice) and that it was hard for most girls to cum from penetration. She explained that rubbing himself against her clit had almost done the trick though and, almost without asking, he quickly wet his finger and slid it down her belly, past the barely-there love handles that she felt ashamed of, sliding it between the ample outer lips of her girl parts.

He didn’t seem to have any problem finding her clitoris. He probably watched a lot of porn and was familiar with the layout of female sexual parts she reasoned. She also had a fairly long hood and a decent sized clit that was very erect, which certainly didn’t make it difficult to find! And it was so sensitive!

She told him to be gentle and it didn’t take him long to read her moans and sighs, figuring out just the right rhythm. It did not take long at all! Amber was surprised at how fast she was able to orgasm. Her legs snapped shut like a vise around on his hand. He took the hint and stopped stroking her clit which had become too sensitive to bear.

Out of the corner of her eye Amber saw classmates packing away books. She glanced at the clock. The bell was about to ring. Momentarily she let her mind go back to that night on the couch. She’d thanked Cameron for humoring her with her “experiment” and he had thanked her back. They tried kissing again for a few minutes and she felt his dick, resting against her leg, begin to become partially engorged once again. The kissing was okay, and the sex had been interesting, but she didn’t want him getting any ideas of them doing it again. Amber wasn’t sure how to make certain that none of the sperm in his pipes would end up inside of her if he went back inside of her. She slipped her panties and top back on, gave his boy parts one last quick caress, then told him goodnight and headed back up the stairs.

“Too bad I couldn’t have let him put it back in.” she thought as she laid in bed, breathing heavily after having discovered that her pussy was still quite aroused and that it had taken VERY little stimulation with her favorite dildo to get her off again.

“Maybe next time.” she remembered thinking as she drifted off to sleep, her libido now ebbing.

There had not been a “next time”. Amber was confused about things in the days afterwards and began to slowly come to a realization that meant that her and Cameron wouldn’t be having any more “experiments”.

The bell rang. In a matter of seconds Amber had her things packed away and she, along with everyone else, was rushing out of the door. She bumped into some freshman she wasn’t familiar with in the hall, her mind still not completely in the present. She’d switched from thinking about the past, and was now contemplating the future.

Tonight she was sleeping at her best friend Katy’s house, like she had many times before, but she was intent that this time would be very different than the others. For you see it’d taken some time to come to terms with, but her night with Cameron hadn’t been as special as she’d imagined just because he was a friend, it was because he was a guy. Amber had searched her soul, done a lot of very graphic internet research, and had found that she couldn’t deny a simple truth. She was a lesbian, and tonight she intended on finally telling her best friend in the whole world that she was in love with her.

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