Keeping Stonehenge Alive

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I was with Danny again, feeling his cock again like old times. It had been a long time since he failed to turn up for our regular Sunday session.

I had text him and tried everything to contact him but without success. I knew he lived with his elderly mother and was limited with his visits I shall never forget that day he didn’t come; . The thing is he texted me from his car when he was driving over to keep his rendezvous with me. I was so ready and ripe for him too. I made sure I was powdered and adequately dressed in my tight bum hugging jeans he liked to see me in so much, knowing too how he got so erect having me bent over the edge of the kitchen table so he could slap and sniff me, usually as a starter to our wonderful private times together. He loves to press his new erection deep between my crack and, maneuvers my hind. I wore some custom made jeans with a zip at the back for obvious reasons because Danny liked to spend a lot of time simply unzipping to enjoy the thrill of my pouted ass and, as he put it, his succulent brown hole he named Stonehenge.

Why on earth he called it that I shall never know but I think it has something to do with the way the large stones at Stonehenge are placed in a circle. Whatever turns you on!

So on the day he didn’t turn up I had all the things he liked to do with me in mind. I had built up to this all week, my whole being was geared up and aching for Danny, the mutual sucking and tasting, the things he loved me to do with his cock and balls, the way (in his words) I loved to help myself. And it is true, I did. In my way of thinking it was no good holding back when the spur of passion compels you to do what you want to do, so when Danny so beautifully revealed himself to me, saying; “Well here it is then” I was right there feeling, touching and then experiencing the most intimate sensation of wild throbbing cock in mouth, tasting the flavor of its salty earthiness and having a wonderful time simply sucking and experimenting in seeing just how deep I could get his ample shaft into my throat without gagging.

With plenty of practice, which Danny of course adored, I eventually made the whole hog and his seven inch cock was in my mouth up to the rim, so much I could Cebeci Escort feel his shaved hairs tease my lips as I sucked profusely. It was the same pattern when he spunked. I was able to take most of his initial spurt into my mouth. By grasping his cock so he could not spunk into my throat, that would have been disastrous; I enjoyed it gushing into my mouth, the semi hot flow was relished and swallowed, and usually it was three spunk’s with Danny, the second I swallowed too and the third he liked to garnish Stonehenge as a lubricant before penetration.

I so love to rub him up between the mouth fucking. The feel of his cock sends me almost crazy. I want to do everything at once with it, it is so gorgeous. Just to sniff and taste the flavor of pungent earth cock is a dream come true’

With balls empty he was then still able to maintain a gorgeous erection to please me to the hilt and thus bent on all fours I enjoyed his fucking immensely, to the point I would inevitably end up sucking him yet again after the fuck and that indeed was special, because it felt like we were as one, I tasted the combined love juices of us both, my hole still gaping and stretched by Danny’s deep and so gratifying fucking.

But back to when he texted me again, saying sorry because he had been in a motor accident and had been laid up for several weeks/

“I understand if in the meantime you have found another Alex” he said “but I would dearly love to make up loss time with you if you are available for our usual Sunday retreat?”

How could I resist. Yes I had been with two other guys although not in the full sense, we didn’t fuck or anything like that, we simply mutually wanked because, with then it was casual, and just a quickie.

It sort of served a purpose in helping me get over Danny, thinking I would never see him again and he had maybe gone back to his ex-wife, because he was bisexual.

But he was here with me again in all his masculine splendor and there was I doing the business for him again.

“I have missed this so much Danny. I guess I am besotted with you.”

“And me you, I dream about you constantly.

“You are very cold” I said feeling Kolej Escort the chill in his growing cock.

“I had a breakdown on the way, managed to fix it but it was bloody cold out there, enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey” he giggled.

“Aw! Poor Danny, well I shall warm them up, the way you like huh?”

“That will be really lovely, shall I strip first though like old times Alex and have you still got those sexy jeans/”

“Yes I have, would you like me to put them on for you, and yes, please strip.”

I moved to my bedroom and found the crumpled jeans still dry spunked from last time we met. But he wouldn’t mind that at all. In fact after our time together he always too with him a pair of mistuned briefs to keep him going until the next time we met.

That’s real togetherness I would say.

I was soon back in the lounge fully fledged in the jeans he liked. He stood there looking rather gorgeous and it was a question lf who wanted to suck who off first.

“My turn Alex” he said, we can do it mutually soon but for now let me have a taster huh?

I has been a long time”

My erection was at half-mast though but that’s how Danny liked it. I remembered how he liked me to sit on the edge of the settee, legs opened so that he could enjoy my credentials hanging over the edge, balls cock and all.

It was like old times, the way he liked to slowly unzip me and hook my cock and balls out between my opened jeans.

“You are commando for me too, you even remembered that” he said.

Laying back as he liked me to do I was in for a beautiful ten minutes of pure heaven as he licked and sucked me to satisfaction, under my balls and between my ass, the very sensitive part which goes down to my hole from my balls was so very sensitive and the feel of the tip of his tongue licking me there was out of this world.

He got a very strong throb going and I was in my element, then he rubbed his cock against mine teasing its length at the rear and then down to and over my balls as he then. Teased the circumference of Stonehenge with his p-hole emitting just a taster of pre-cum I loved to taste so much..

“Let me?” Rus Escort I asked wanting to taste the neat spunk and roll it around the glans of his cock and he did.

Then we both got down to the business of strictly oral, finding that beautiful sixty nine position we both relished so much. The feeling of being sucked and sucking was one of the most intimate experiences I know.

I closed my eyes and sunk into that very exotic world, simply chilling with my lover again and doing the things we loved to do best building up to the beautiful climax when he would have me three ways; doggy, on top and scissor fashion which really stretched me, Danny going into me sideways. But it was part of what Danny liked and although it usually hurt a bit, the pleasure made uo for that and anyway I just wanted to give him my all.

There were just one or two things I didn’t primarily enjoy with Danny but in my book that is what it is all about, there are bound to be some things we don’t like to do, like when he asked me to pee on his ass after a shower I was loath to do. But I could see he badly craved for that, because once before he has mentioned something about it would be nice sometime if I could pee into his briefs as he wore them. I have pee’d on his ass a couple of times. He knows it isn’t really my scene but then I know caning and spanking isn’t his, and when I asked if he could spank me prior to our regular fucking I could tell he wasn’t really all that keen, but never the less he did it for me, in fact he snapped a cane doing it and he was awfully concerned about hurting me. But giving me afterwards the most tenders of fucks was so worth it.

I guess it is all part of the learning curve and I so adore feeling his strong pliable curve up me constantly maintaining the quality fuck to which I have become accustomed.

I know our new experiments and explorations will lead to him wanting to pee in my mouth. He has hinted enough times but do you know something? I adore and love him I want to do that. I shall close my eyes and take is like I take his spunking so long as he canes and spanking my ass until it is cherry red and ready for another sucking, licking and deep, deep ass fucking.

All the time now, since Danny and I have found each other again, it is like he is there constantly inside me and I am keeping Stonehenge alive for Danny’s next visit, when he will soon have it up me again and I will enjoy the feel of it throbbing, twisting and turning intensely inside to give me the ultimate fuck and give it my all by mouth afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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