Kelly’s Secret Quickie

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Content Warning:

This story involves infidelity and humiliation. It’s a fantasy about bad people doing bad things. The beliefs and actions of the characters in no way reflect the actual opinions of the author. If such content bothers you, stop reading now.


Kelly Ashton’s husband stifled a yawn beside her. She didn’t blame him. These office parties were always a dreary affair, despite the best efforts of the company. Kelly herself was bored stiff, but at least she had something to look forward to, unlike her husband.

“How much longer do we have to be here?” her husband whispered with a groan.

“Not long now,” she replied. “We’re just here to make a quick appearance, then we can go.”

“Not quick enough.”

Kelly smiled and stroked her grumpy husband’s hair. She agreed. It was taking too long. Impatience simmered under her skin. They’d been there for forty minutes already, it should have happened by now.

On the opposite end of the table, Marcy gabbed on about her frustrations with the lawyers, seemingly oblivious to the disinterest of her audience. But then, her focus flickered behind Kelly. The briefest hint of a smile flashed on her lips before fading back into the drone of idle chit-chat.

Finally, it happened.

Mechanical chirping rang out, muffled by the leather of Kelly’s purse. She hoisted the purse onto her lap and ruffled around inside for her phone. Seeing the name displayed on the screen was like seeing fireworks, and had her husband not been sitting beside her, it would have sent a smile to her lips. Instead, she forced her face into a scowl of annoyance. “Ah, fuck,” she grumbled.

“What’s up? Who is it?” her husband asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s my mum.”

“What?” Her husband sat straight, eyes wide with concern. “Why’s she be calling tonight, I thought you told her you were busy? You don’t think something happened, do you?”

Kelly felt a flicker of guilt for making him worry, but pushed it away. It was only his overactive imagination at play. “Oh, I doubt it. She probably forgot, or wasn’t listening in the first place. You know how she can be, if it’s not about her, it’s not important.” Kelly rolled her eyes.

“Oh, alright then.” Her husband slouched back in his seat. “Just ignore her. Call back tomorrow.”

“The last time I did that, I got fifty terrified texts in ten seconds. I don’t want to worry her.” Kelly stood and kissed her husband on the lips. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“A minute? Your mother? I’ll believe that when I see it.” He smiled his sweet smile, “I’ll miss you, Kelly-bean.”

“I’ll miss you too, dear.” She returned his affection with another kiss, before turning and walking away. When her eyes caught on a newly vacant seat, it sent a flutter of excitement through her heart. Once in the hallway where her husband’s gaze couldn’t follow, her pace quickened. Legs shuffling as fast as the tight dress and high-heels would allow. Another left into another hallway, and finally, her suppressed joy came free.

Thomas Gale leaned against the wall in a crisp black suit, phone in hand. When his eyes met hers, he smiled and pocketed the device. She launched herself at him. Lips connected in a furious passion, hands wandered up and down, and gratification rumbled from their throats.

“Jesus, you took your sweet time!” Kelly gasped as she came up for air.

“Well, you and your husband looked so happy together, I couldn’t bear to tear you two apart,” Thomas replied with an itch of laughter. His hands wrapped around her back and dug into the soft flesh of her bottom as he pushed her against the wall.

Kelly laughed. “Fuck you, Tom.”

Tom’s lips disconnected from hers and moved to her ear. “Sounds fun, but what would your husband think?” He nipped at her earlobe before moving to her neck.

Kelly melted as his lips hit her neck. A moan escaped her throat too suddenly to stop it. “Oh, god, Tom, just shut the fuck up,” she whined. The ache in her body had been building since morning, and now that the time had arrived, she couldn’t bear the wait any longer.

“But I thought you liked my voice,” he teased. His voice was silky, confident, and gained a delicious husk when aroused. Had it not been for that voice, she might never have broken her marital vows. Right now, however, his voice was the least important thing about him.

“I didn’t come here to talk, Tom,” Kelly hissed. Her impatience had reached a boil. Every second longer they waited was another second wasted. Tom came up from her neck and pulled his hands away.

“Very well then.” He turned the knob of the door beside them and pushed it open. “Ladies first.”

Kelly slunk into the dark office. The second she passed the boundary of the room, before the door could be closed, the hem of her dress was above her hips and her plump bare ass touched the stuffy office air. At the desk, she shoved Marcy’s nametag and a stack buca escort of papers to the side with a silent thanks to her friend. Her purse dropped to the floor as she leaned onto the cheap wooden desk with her ass thrust out, presenting herself to the doorway behind her.

Tom flicked the light on as he entered the room, but the door didn’t click shut behind him. It was dangerous to do this with the door wide open, but telling him to close it would waste more precious seconds, so Kelly said nothing. “Mmm. My my, not even wearing panties today? You flatter me, darling!” He caressed her bottom before giving it a quick, sharp smack.

Kelly gasped and then giggled. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but that was my husband’s idea. I promised him a good time if he came with. So he told me not to wear anything underneath my dress.”

Tom grunted in disappointment as he fiddled with his belt. “Husband, husband, husband,” he said as his pants and boxers fell to the floor, “You can’t go two sentences without mentioning your husband, can you?”

“What can I say,” Kelly shrugged, “he’s a big part of my life.” She gasped as Tom ran the tip of his cock over her wet lips, and gasped louder as it excited her clit.

“Not big enough, apparently,” Tom muttered. He pushed his hips forward, and his sizeable cock disappeared into her. Kelly wanted to roll her eyes at the double entendre, but ended up rolling her eyes back in gratification. Her eyelids fluttered and a lengthy moan came from her chest as her body took in the long gorgeous shaft. After two weeks of only her husband, having Tom inside her was so very refreshing. When he was fully nestled inside her, a smile grew on her face and she exhaled a breath she had been holding since she awoke that morning. His hands gripped her hips, and he began to thrust. In and out, her smile grew until it couldn’t grow any more.

She pushed several strands of hair from her face and continued the conversation as if nothing was happening, “You know, just because you’re bigger than he is, doesn’t mean you’re better.”

“Oh yeah? If he’s better, why aren’t you here fucking him?” Tom taunted through grit teeth. Soft smacks reverberated around the room as their hips collided.

“I didn’t say he was better, either,” she said. “Just that bigger doesn’t mean better. That’s all.” She shoved her hips backwards, groaning as she felt him deep.

“So, I am better, then,” Tom laughed. His left hand smacked her ass again, before snaking down between her legs. Fingers rolled over and around her clit, making her moan even louder.

“Oh, god yes!” she whispered. “I mean, no. I mean, maybe. Maybe you’re better, maybe you’re not. But you’ll never know.” In truth, neither man was better than the other. They were different enough to be incomparable; each offering something the other could not. All that mattered was the pleasure, and there was plenty with each.

Tom scoffed. “Like I said, if he was better than me, why would you be sneaking away to fuck me instead of him?” He thrust into her harder and faster, as if to prove his superiority.

Kelly’s skin was alight with glee as Tom’s cock pounded into her. A stream of steady moans came from her throat, getting louder with each passing second. She looked over her shoulder, first at Tom, then past him to the wide open doorway. She wondered how far her voice carried. To the end of this hallway? To the end of the next? Could any partygoers listen in from the party itself? She didn’t care who heard her as long as it wasn’t her husband. Surely her voice couldn’t carry that far. But if he got up, if he got bored with Marcy’s tales and came looking… He would be witness to his dearly beloved wife moaning on another man’s cock. That thought sent dread down her spine, and something else too. A thrill. A magnificent thrill.

But if she was discovered, the thrill would be destroyed, and her life along with it. When the next moan escaped her, she shoved her hips backwards. His cock went as deep into her as possible before she pulled forward and let it slip out. She wheeled around to face Tom, gave him a brief kiss, and hoisted herself onto Marcy’s desk, spreading her legs wide. Tom slid back inside her and resumed his previous rhythm. The desk underneath her rattled and shook as he fucked her, drowning out her quiet sigh of relief.

Kelly clamped her limbs around him, and launched into a kiss of hateful ferocity, using his lips to drown out her groans of bliss. After a minute of indulging her, he pulled his face away and looked into her eyes. “So, are you just going to ignore my question, or do I need to ask it again?”

Kelly moaned in frustration, “Jesus Christ, Tom. Fine. You’re better than he is, you’re the goddamn king of sex. Is that what you want to hear?”

“It’s certainly nice, though I could do without the attitude,” Tom chuckled. “But nah, now I’m curious. What do you get out of this?”

“I get sex, Tom. Same as you.”

“You can buca escort bayan get sex at home. I mean, given how desperate you were to fuck me I always assumed poor Mr. Ashton was a poor limp noodle. But if that isn’t the case, what do you get with me that you can’t get with him?”

“Oh, please. You were the one desperate to fuck me,” Kelly shot back, though she knew it wasn’t true. When Tom first joined the company, she hated him. He was young and cute, sure, but with an undeserved pomposity. Yet when he spoke to her, his silky, seductive voice made her almost dizzy to hear it, and she found herself around him far more often than necessary. Her head became abuzz with an alarm in her husband’s voice; but the alarm brought with it a rush of adrenaline, and the longer it went on the more excited she became. One day, as Tom was saying goodbye for the night, she looked into his eyes, and suddenly his cock was deep in her throat. When she got home with a pussy full of another man’s cum, she greeted her husband with a kiss, feeling more alive than ever.

“I’m fucking you because it’s exciting,” she explained. “The sneaking around, the secrets, the risk. Oh, fuck, it feels so fucking good.” Kelly groaned and clenched herself tighter on Tom. “Some people ride rollercoasters, others jump from planes. I fuck you.”

“Fair enough. Is that why you brought him here today? Make him sit out there, bored out of his skull, all so you could get off on sneaking away to fuck someone else?” Tom asked. Kelly closed her eyes and bit her lip. She didn’t want to admit it, but it was true. She nodded. “Damn, that’s fucked up,” he laughed.

“I know,” she smiled, and a small laugh broke its way through the shame.

“I’m impressed!”


“Yeah.” Tom grinned and kissed her. “Sounds like some shit I’d pull if I was ever dumb enough to get hitched.”

“I’d pity anyone pathetic enough to marry you in the first place,” Kelly snorted. “But still, marriage isn’t all that bad.”

Tom scoffed. “Yes it is. I couldn’t imagine fucking only one woman the rest of my life.”

“Marriage hasn’t stopped me, has it?” Her gaze darted downwards to watch Tom’s gorgeous shaft pumping into her wet pussy.

“Sneaking around might get you hot, but it sounds tedious as shit to me.” He shook his head, face contorted in disgust. “Nope. Marriage ain’t my thing.”

“You never know, Tom. Love can find you when you least expect it. I figured I had another few years of singledom left in me, and then I met… ooh, fuck, you feel good,” she moaned as she remembered her first meeting with her husband. “It was after a concert. This complete stranger realized I was cold, so he gave me his jacket. I thought he was trying to get into my pants, but… ooh, fuck,” she shoved her face into Tom’s, her lips passionately sucking his. “He wasn’t. He was just… nice. Honest. I decided to suck his cock. Just the once, y’know. Figured it was the least I could do. Now, three years later, we’re, oh god, we’re…” she trailed off, her eyes clamped shut and voice reduced to a whimper. “Ooh, yes. Oh god, Tom, you fuck me so good.”

Tom snickered, “Now, three years later that nice, honest man is twiddling his thumbs while his trusty little wife gets railed behind his back.”

Kelly burst into laughter. “Well, that’s not where I was going with that, but you’re not wrong.”

“Gotta say, you’re not exactly selling the whole marriage thing. I don’t want to end up a pathetic loser like your husband.”

Kelly moaned, “Don’t insult him like that.” She tried to sound stern, but couldn’t stop a smile from reaching the corner of her lips.

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to do to stop me?”

Nothing. She wasn’t going to do anything to stop him. Just as she hadn’t stopped him in the dozens of times before this. It hurt to hear her husband insulted, he was a good man who deserved nothing but praise. And yet despite that, time after time, Kelly listened with rapt attention to Tom’s heavenly voice spitting cruelties towards him. She couldn’t help but wonder if she enjoyed it, or worse, believed it. “Don’t insult him,” she repeated in a futile whine.

“Why shouldn’t I? I mean, come on, I’ve been dumping my load inside you for two damn years now and that motherfucker is clueless! Even now, he’s out there with a dumb little smile, thinking that you’re on the phone with your mother. Not even an inkling of what you’re really doing. It’s pathetic! He’s a dumb, pathetic little loser!” Tom growled with a sadistic glee.

Kelly was burning. Each word pierced her heart like an arrow lit with flame. She hated Tom. Despised him. But the hotter her hatred burned, the more exquisite his cock felt inside her. Every inch of her tingled with bliss. “Fuck you, Tom,” she hissed, “He’s not dumb. He’s just trusting.” Tom’s hips crashed into her over and over, creating slaps loud enough that Kelly didn’t bother to hold back her moans.

“If there’s anything this job taught escort buca me, Kelly, it’s that ‘trusting’ and ‘dumb’ are the same damn thing.” Tom licked her neck, and then whispered, “And I don’t think I didn’t notice you never denied the other things I said. Do you think your hubby is a pathetic loser too?” Kelly bit her lip and shut her eyes, trying to ignore his question by focusing on the cock ramming into her. “Come on, Kelly, you can say it. I won’t judge.”

Kelly whimpered. She didn’t want to say it. She didn’t want to insult the man she loved. Except… Except that she already had. Not with words, but actions. Being with Tom was more offensive an insult than any string of words could be. Over the last two years, she had spent close to a hundred hours insulting her husband with her body. On her knees, on all fours, on her back; moaning, begging, screaming. Every second was a spit in the face to her loyal, trusting spouse, and she loved it. She opened her eyes to meet Tom’s harsh gaze, and she nodded.

“Hmm? What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

Kelly took in a shuddering breath. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Yes what?” Tom demanded.

Her lips quivered, and her heart raced in excitement. “Yes,” she repeated, her voice gaining a sharp edge. “Yes, Tom. I guess my husband is pathetic. He’s a pathetic fucking loser, and–“

Time stopped.

Kelly’s mind went blank.

When time restarted, those missing seconds crashed into her all at once. Ecstasy cascaded throughout every pore in her body. Her legs locked firm around Tom’s hips, while her pussy convulsed around his hard shaft. Wave after wave of bliss slammed into her. What little control she had over her body was focused on stymieing the cries that always accompanied such an explosion of sensations. Instead, what passed her lips was a long, strained whine that soon transitioned into sob-like gasps.

“Christ, woman, you really are fucked up!” Tom laughed, a cruel grin splitting his face.

“Fuck you, Tom,” she rasped as control flowed back into her veins. She held her palms against his chest and pushed, forcing him backwards. His dick sprang free of her, leaving an emptiness in its wake. Her eyes targeted it, and in one graceful movement, she was on her knees with her mouth wrapped around it. A deep guttural groan came out of her as her lips shifted over the spongy head and onto the hard shaft. She looked into Tom’s eyes as her head bobbed back and forth.

Tom ran a hand through her hair and grinned, “Mmm, you like that? You want to kiss your husband with lips that have sucked another man’s dick, you filthy girl?”

Kelly nodded and slid her mouth down his entire length until his tip was nestled tight in her throat. Tom held a hand fast against the back of her head and pressed his hips deep into her face. Kelly gagged. Her eyes closed as she savoured the moment. After several seconds, Tom set her free, and she pulled herself off his cock with a smile.

“Shut up and cum, Tom. I don’t have all day.” She took in a deep breath, and got right back to work. Her mouth and tongue danced along his shaft, bringing out grunts of satisfaction from Tom. She suckled on his head and swirled her tongue around it. Then, without warning, his cock spasmed and a stream of hot cum landed on her tongue. His hips shot forward, plunging deep into her. Kelly gagged, gasped and moaned as Tom unleashed his load down the back of her throat.

Kelly closed her eyes. With a cock in the throes of bliss deep inside her, and cum sliding into her delighted stomach, she was triumphant. Not only in pleasuring a man, but cheating her husband once again. In just a few minutes, these same lips would kiss her pathetic husband and he’d have no idea.

She felt alive.

Tom groaned through grit teeth, “Ooh, yeah.” He stroked her hair, “You like my cum, don’t you?” Kelly looked up at him, lips still clamped around his shaft, and nodded. “Good girl,” he grinned. Her eyes twinkled with thanks. Then, reluctantly, she pulled her mouth off him. Smears of red lipstick adorned his delicious cock, and a solitary drop of cum clung to his tip. Kelly licked it up, gave his tip a kiss, and rose to her feet.

As she pulled her dress back over her hips, her poise morphed back into the hard professionalism of a mere coworker. “Well, that was fun, but I need to get back. Hand me my purse,” she ordered. Behind Marcy’s desk, Kelly opened the bottommost drawer and grabbed the bottle of emergency whiskey. She took a long swig, swirling the drink around her mouth.

“Thirsty?” Tom asked as he placed the purse on the desk.

“Mouthwash,” she replied, before taking another drink. She stoppered the alcohol, returned it to its hiding place and pulled the makeup bag from her purse. Tom whistled an annoying tune as he watched her rush to fix the damage the affair inflicted on her face. “All right, how do I look?” she asked a minute later as she shoved the makeup bag away.

“Sexy as ever.” Tom placed his hands on her hips and moved in for a kiss.

“Thanks,” she said dryly, squirming out of his grip and away from his lips. “Do I look like I just got fucked?” she clarified.

“Not unless you count the stick in your ass.”

“Nope, that’s normal. Now, don’t foll-“

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