Kerrie’s Special Treatment Ch. 02

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Kerrie’s Encounter

My name is Julia; I am 22 year old college student in Texas. I am in my senior year at the local university majoring in business marketing and also work about 25 hours a week as a receptionist at a local Salon. I am 5’6″, with blonde shoulder length hair and green eyes and I have a “runner’s” slender body. A Runner’s Body is also short for having small boobs. I am a 34A and I am satisfied with the boobs I have been blessed with. I have never had problems finding boys, but I was also a little tired of the college scene and the guys who were just looking for their next notch in their bed posts.

I have never considered myself “bi-curious” until something that happened at work a few weeks ago. I had to take some trash out the back door and when I passed by the massage room, I heard the unmistakable moaning of a woman who appeared to be having an orgasm. I did not want to assume anything; however, I was very curious. I knew that one of our stylists, Kerrie, had a new client who was getting a massage and style. Kerrie is a fun person and I had always enjoyed chatting with her when the day was a little slow. After her client left that day, I asked Kerrie if everything was okay and she told me she gave her client a “Special Treatment”. With that, she winked at me and sauntered back to her booth. I sat there thinking about what she said and then it hit me. Wow! I knew she was a bit wild, but I had no idea. Truthfully, after I heard that from Kerrie I had a hard time keeping her off of my mind. Every time I saw her at work, I would envision her in a passionate embrace with another woman. I knew she had a boyfriend, so I was not thinking she was a total “Lesbo”. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I had started to fantasize about being with another woman but never thought I would ever actually experience it. Just the idea of it seemed so hot and erotic to me that I always had a great climax when I played with my little toy in bed. I never though that something like that would really happen to me, until a fateful Saturday at the salon when Kerrie and I were sitting in her booth chatting about what we were doing that night. Her boyfriend David was out of town on a golf trip and Kerrie said she was just going to watch a DVD and get plastered on wine. She had friends going out, but she said she was not in the mood for a bar that night. I said that I was not either and that is exactly what my roommate was wanting us to do. Kerrie asked me if I wanted to come over and join her. She said she was not exactly as fun as my college friends, but I was more than welcome to come and watch “Just Like Heaven” with her and drink some wine she had picked up from the Benziger Winery in the Sonoma Valley on a recent trip. I told her that sounded like fun, but I would have to let her know. She said that was cool and just to call her on her cell around 7:00.

Actually, I thought it was a great idea and something in me stirred with the remote possibility that something would happen between Kerrie and me. Of course, with my Catholic upbringing I felt a little guilt over my amorous desires. After getting home, I showered and called Kerrie to see what she was doing. She had just gotten home and took a quick shower after she finished with her last appointment and said she was going to pick up something in a little while and bring it back home. I asked if she wanted to meet at Chili’s and we could eat together and Kerrie said that sounded great and we agreed to meet at the restaurant at 8:00. I did not want to appear to be looking for some action, so I just put on a pair of short Khaki skirt, tank top and flip-flops. I did however; wear a very sexy pink lace thong and a matching bra from Victoria’s Secret I had picked up for a Valentine’s weekend with a guy I was dating at the time. You never know.

At 8:00 I pulled up to Chili’s and noticed it was slammed. I went inside and saw Kerrie standing inside the bar. We greeted and she said she was just waiting for a seat, but the wait was an hour. I saw a couple of seats in the bar. We quickly grabbed them and ordered some margaritas. It was very loud in the bar and Kerrie said she was just not in the mood for such a chaotic atmosphere. We decided to order our dinner to go Keçiören Escort and finished our drinks. As we sat there, I kept noticing how hot Kerrie was. She is about 5’9″, brunette, green eyes, and (I am only guessing) about 36C-24-34. Even after working for 10 hours, she made me look like a frump. Once our food was ready, she paid for it (Kerrie jokingly said she could never maker make a skinny starving college girl like myself pay.) I thanked her and she just gave me a smile and wink. She told me to follow her back to her house as we walked out. Kerrie drove a 2-Door Honda coupe and she zipped in and out of traffic and it was a little hard for me to keep up in my little Mazda clunker.

We finally arrived at her house and as I stepped out of my car I realized what a nice warm spring evening it was. Kerrie was very beautiful as she always is. She was wearing a white blouse, a short gray skirt that hugged rather provocatively round her buttocks and a pair of sexy heels that accentuated her shapely legs. Until recently, I had never really noticed before just what a lovely figure she had and I found myself examining every inch of her sexy body, from head to toe, as she moved about the room. We had dinner with some wine and the usual small talk. I’m not sure I can’t remember exactly how we got onto the subject, but we started talking about men, and somewhere along the way I commented on the fact that in all the time I had known her she had never introduced me to her boyfriend. She just said they had been dating for 6 years and it was mostly like dating a 12 year old. He was more interested in his toys and friends and seemed to only come around when he wanted some booty. He was in no hurry to get married and she didn’t think he would be a good husband anyway. Kerrie said they had fun and said something about men not being the only thing in life.

I asked her if she ever got lonely and she said her loneliness was not a problem for her. She had lots of girlfriends to hang out with and she enjoyed some of her customers as well. I knowingly smiled at that comment and realized how tipsy I was feeling. Maybe it was the margarita and wine; however, I felt braver than usual so I asked Kerrie about the day in the shop where she told me about her “Special Treatment”. Kerrie laughed and said that it was something that started between her and one of her married clients. The lady was always complaining about her husband and how she felt neglected. Kerrie kept telling her how sexy and desirable she was and one day something happened between them. She did not say anything else, but I knew she realized I knew what was going on.

We talked about it for a while and she eventually asked me if I had ever thought about being with another woman? A little hesitant I confessed that I had not until recently; however, that I had never dared to think I would ever really want to -I wasn’t even sure what to do. Suddenly I was aware that Kerrie was softly stroking my hair. I looked up into her eyes, and before I was even thinking it was going to happen she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Just a small peck at first, and when I didn’t complain she kissed me again and this time I nervously kissed her back.

She kept stroking my hair gently as her tongue began to explore my mouth. I was surprised, but immediately found myself enjoying the feeling of her body next to me and her soft lips rubbing against mine. After a few minutes I felt her hand on my breast, her fingers teased my nipple, making it grow hard beneath her touch. I was breathing hard into her mouth now, willing her on as her hand wandered over both my breasts. Without warning she pulled away from me and told me to turn around. A little surprised, I did as she instructed and felt her lifting up my tank top and then she kissed me on my shoulder. I have a tattoo of a frog on my shoulder and she began to caress it and softly lick around the edges with her tongue. Like I said before, I do not have big breasts at all, but I do have very large and long nipples. They were like rocks now as Kerrie continued to tease me. Putting her arms around me she pulled me back against her and I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. She mentioned Etimesgut Escort how sexy I looked and how she loved my bra. My breathing had become very strong and I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. All this from another woman???

Kerrie stroked her hands down between my thighs, teasing my pussy through my shorts for just a moment before moving them back up to my breasts and pinching the erect nipples that jutted out through my bra. One by one she slid the bra-straps of my shoulders and then I felt her hands cupping my naked breasts, caressing them gently and rolling my nipples around with her fingers. It felt so incredibly sexy and I was getting so hot and wet I couldn’t help letting a small groan of approval escape from my lips.

After a few moments she turned me around to face her again and began to undo the front of her blouse, pulling it back when she was done so I could see her lovely breasts inside a lacy white bra. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples in the palms of my hands and I began to squeeze Kerrie’s breasts, softly at first, then harder as I became more excited. We were both breathing very heavily as I helped her off with her blouse and watched her remove her bra. I took her bare breasts in my hands squeezing and pinching her nipples while she leaned forward and began to kiss mine. Holding both my breasts in her hands, Kerrie sucked on each nipple in turn, ensuring I had a perfect view of the erect bud moving in and out between her sexy red lips. Then she squeezed my breasts together and took both of my nipples in her mouth at the same time.

I was so excited by this time I was squirming in my seat. I kept squeezing her soft breasts harder and pulling on her nipples. Soon she laid me back on the couch and brushed my skirt up over my thighs till it was all gathered around my waist. Kerrie smiled at the sight of the pink panties tightly hugging my pubic mound and my blonde trimmed triangle of hair clearly visible beneath. Parting my legs she began to kiss the inside of my thigh while her fingers wandered along my thigh to my crotch. She gently rubbed the front of my damp panties making me gasp aloud and then pushing her hand inside she began to gently stroke my slick pussy lips, teasing my clit and making me groan loud. This was the most erotic experience I had ever had and I could not keep my eyes off of this sexy woman as she devoured me.

“Oh! Baby! You’re so wet.” She panted as she easily slid a finger inside me and made it fuck me with long slow delicious strokes.

I was in complete heaven and wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take but I couldn’t wait any longer to feel her mouth on my pussy. What I found myself doing next caught Kerrie by complete surprise. Spreading my thighs wide I ripped aside my now soaked thong and offered my aching cunt to her approaching mouth. I felt so deliciously filthy exposing my wet pussy in this way to this beautiful sexy woman and was literally shaking as I watched Kerrie carefully begin to lap up the sticky juices on offer.

She looked up at me smiling and said “I’m going to make you cum, would you like that?”

I just moaned out loud, threw my head back against the cushion and took what was coming to me. Kerrie proceeded to tongue my pussy like it had never been tongued before by amateur college boys. Licking every inch of my sweaty mound and teasing my clit until I was pumping my hips in frustration.

“Make me cum Kerrie!” I begged her over and over. “Please!”

When she finally got to work on my throbbing clit waves of pleasure exploded from between my thighs and I went wild. My hips bucked uncontrollably and I screamed with delight. Wrapping my legs around Kerrie’s neck I ran my hands up onto my breasts, enjoying the sensation of my own erect nipples as my new lover showed me incredible pleasures. Eventually she pulled away from me and as I lay there thinking how my past boyfriends had never brought me off like that I watched her lift her hips off the couch and pull her skirt up around her waist. I barely had time to admire her silky smooth thighs before she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her Demetevler Escort tiny black panties and peeled them away.

“I really hope you want to pleasure me too?” She asked, “Because, you have me so turned on right now Julia.”

How could I resist this damsel in distress? I got up off the couch and knelt before this amazing beauty who was spreading her sexy tanned thighs wide right in front of me. I’d recently wondered if I might find this part a bit off putting if ever faced with another woman’s pussy; however now, as I got to my knees and admired Kerrie’s semi-naked body in front of me with her breasts heaving in anticipation and her long legs spread so wantonly, I found it all an amazing turn on.

I began by kissing the inside of her thighs while I caressed her silky thighs, and encouraged by the soft groaning it incited, I slowly worked my mouth up to experience my first taste of pussy. I wasn’t disappointed. Kerrie was so wet and I couldn’t believe I could have this effect on another female. I eagerly began licking between her glistening labia, flicking my tongue over her clit and relishing the moans of pleasure she made. The more Kerrie responded the harder I licked until I now wanted nothing more than to feel this sexy creature orgasm beneath my tongue. I pushed Kerrie back onto the love seat and spread her legs wide. This was the sexiest image I ever encountered and it would be in my mind forever. With a new found sense of confidence I leaned down and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and looked up at her with my best fuck-me-eyes, willing her to cum. To my great satisfaction it immediately had the desired effect.

“Oh! Yes!” Kerrie gasped and grabbing the back of my head she pushed my face hard against her pussy.

My heart pounding with excitement I sucked and licked furiously as Kerrie’s hips bucked and she thrashed about wildly in the throws of an orgasm. My wicked achievement had got me so horny that my pussy was now dripping wet again and I felt like simply rubbing myself off right there and then in front of Kerrie. Instead, when she finally released me from her grip and lay there flushed and breathless I had a better idea.

I quickly positioned myself over her, straddling her thigh, and before she knew what was happening I was grinding my aching pussy down onto her leg in complete and total abandon – I didn’t care now what she thought of me I just wanted to fuck her so separately. I groped Kerrie’s breasts and stroked her pussy with one hand as I held myself up with the other as I pumped my hips, relishing the sensation of my own wet clit on her smooth firm thigh. It all felt so incredibly erotic and when Kerrie threw her arms back over her head in surrender and told me in her sexiest voice to fuck her, I quickly came again, writhing in ecstasy on top of her.

I fell to the floor between her legs and without much time to recover myself, I started to rub Kerrie’s clit with abandon. She seemed to already be on the brink anyway, but when I leaned in and started sucking her clit into my mouth as hard as I could. She reached down and grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her as her sweet pussy climaxed into my mouth. I finally fell back and just stared at her. Kerrie started to laugh and pulled me onto the loveseat next to her and kissed me. We exchanged some sensual kisses and caresses for the next few minutes.

When Kerrie finally broke the kiss, she smiled at me and said, “You are amazing!”

I just blushed and nuzzled my head down to her neck and gave her a kiss. Kerrie said that without a doubt it was the most sexually charged situation she had very encountered. She said that she wanted me to stay the night and I readily agreed. I wish I could say that we made passionate love all night long; however, between the alcohol and the amazing experience, we spent the night cuddling in her wonderful bed. The next morning we did enjoy a long and sensual shower that quickly lead us back to her bed. We ended up staying there for most of the day in each others arms. Kerrie wanted me to know that she did not sleep with every client and that there was only a few she had been intimate with. I told her I knew she was no dyke-slut and it was not a problem for me.

Kerrie and I enjoyed each others company on many occasions after that first weekend. After I finished school, I moved to Dallas for an internship and Kerrie visited me quite often. Through her guidance I became a better lover, but she always told me it was not what she did, it as inside me all the time.

I’ll take that compliment.

More later maybe?

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