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Ava Addams


It was 12:15 pm on a Tuesday. I had a 12:30 appointment with a young marketing consultant named Tommy. He was a good-looking man in his early thirties who doesn’t trust women. It had something to do with his first love; ever since her the only women he trust are women in my profession. With us he knows why we are interested. At least that is what he says is the reason, to be honest I just think he just has self-esteem issues, but I don’t care enough in his case to play therapist. That role would cost extra and I don’t think he would appreciate that. However, his esteem is on point within the boardroom. He is an upcoming executive at a local marketing firm. Whatever idea Tom has turns to automatic gold. At the rate he is going it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ends up being the youngest partner of the firm.

I entered the Intercom Corporation and took the elevator to the 15th floor. He passed me just as I got off. He didn’t see me but I saw him. I followed him. He was headed for the men’s room. I watched him walk. His brand new Armani suit fit his body perfectly. He loved to ensure his suits were tailored to fit him to a T. After all, looks were everything, especially in the marketing world. He stopped at the entrance and entered the code to open the men’s room door. He didn’t even look back as he entered. I caught the door just before it was about to close. It was the clicking of my high heels that alerted him to my presence. A woman in the men’s restroom? Surprise entered his eyes as he saw me. I liked surprising him. The moment of uncertainty leaves him paralyze and gives me just enough time to barge through his defenses. I smiled at him in the darkly lit room, made more so with its dark gray and black décor. I dropped my purse on the cold linoleum floor.

“Hey lover, missed me?” I asked with a smirk as I walked right into his arms for a deep intoxicating kiss. His hands found my hips and slid to my ass for a firm squeeze. I lowered the zipper of his pants and pulled out his semi soft prick. Ending our kiss I smiled again and gently turned him around, to face the urinals. Resting my chin over his shoulder, we both watched as I pointed his dick in direction of the bowl. Aiming just right, I kissed the side of his neck, sucking, hoping to leave a love bruise for the next bitch to see.

He turned his head and his lips met mine again. I felt his prick rise up softly. He turn back to watch as I licked around his ear. A gentle tickle was heard for a few seconds then it died away. I felt the warm dip of liquid slide down my caressing fingers as they glided along the wet skin. He grew. He hardened. He elongated. He did all those wonderful things as I stroked him. He just watched as I did what I did best.

One thing about Tommy that I love is his skin. He was a thick skinned man, literally, which tends to mean he could handle certain techniques most men couldn’t, like the use of a female’s nails on his harden dick. While most men would finch from the unexpected sensation, even experience pain, Tommy loved it. The more I scratched the more he grew. He and I had similar tastes when it came to sex. There was no doubt in either of our minds that if sex didn’t hurt just a little then it wasn’t worth the fuck.

He loved it when I played with his tip and around the head. That is where he is most sensitive so I played with that first. I wanted it to feel the most intense as fast as possible. Around and around my fingers slid across his protruding tip and I felt the heat increase with each pass. Using both hands I gripped his shaft, one hand on top of the other and twisted each hand in opposite directions, firmly moving up the shaft, up to the tip where my fingers circled around and around and then back down. Occasionally, I would reach one hand below and massage his balls. He loved this, especially when I found that spot right at the base.

Moving my hands backwards, I pushed his pants down, passed his narrow hips. His smooth soft ass filled my vision as I looked at the baby fine hair that covered both cheeks. On the left was a birthmark with no recognizable shape, but one I’ve seen many times. It was that spot I first decided to lick. My soft pointed tongue relaxed as it moved over the skin. I continued to stroke him with my hands in front on his cock and my tongue in the back on his ass, making him wetter than I was.

My tongue licked, my lips kissed and my teeth nibbled as I moved from the center of his ass cheek to the top, moving to the small of his back, which shuddered as I kissed it. Still kissing I moved down again over his right cheek, nuzzling him in my growing excitement until I made my way to the very center once again. Pausing, I released his dick and moved back away from him. His breathing was as intense as mine as I took a moment to glazed at the hard globes. Placing each hand on an adjacent ass, I firmly stroked him up and down and with each stroke up I slowly spread those cheeks, centimeter-by-centimeter, Uşak Escort not enough to expose the hidden puckered hole between, but enough to open him up.

Cautiously, almost as if I had no will of my own, my mouth met the center of his ass. Releasing my hold I felt his cheeks surround my lips and I slowly stuck out my tongue. When he felt the moist heat touch him he jerked forward and automatically braced the wall him in front of him so he wouldn’t fall. Upward I moved, with my tongue still buried within his flesh, I took a long stroke up his ass, again to the small of his back and paused. Then I reversed my direction downward in one smooth motion, ending at his thighs.

Growing bolder, I grabbed each cheek again and spread him just so, like before and gave him a proper licking. He moaned and shook in my hands, for this was a sensitive area, this was an area rarely touched therefore each stroke was most intense. I licked along one inner cheek side and moved to the other in the opposite direction. I didn’t know it at the time but he was dripping by then. Precum exited from his tip at a steady flow. It was a slow ongoing orgasm of sorts, gradually driving him insane with each passing of my wet mouth.

Finally, not able to withstand this torture any longer he turned in my arms and reached for the back of my head and filled my month with his throbbing dick. Deeply he pushed, almost taking me by surprise as I opened up to him, swallowing as much as I could in short notice.

It took all my willpower not to withdraw, not to lose breath, not to choke on his thickness, but I managed. His touch was nothing next to gentle as he nearly pulled my hair from its roots. I tighten my lips and my mouth allowing for as little space as possible within me and totally engulfed his tool in soft heat. Slowly he moved my head toward him, so he could feel every inch of him disappearing between my lips. He stood there with his legs spread, bracing himself; his eyes were closed as he concentrated on keeping his movements slow and controlled. Closer and closer I went until my nose met his stomach. He stopped as his pubic hair surrounded my lips.

Slowly he began to thrust back and forth with very little movement. He just wanted that snug fit and that slight little motion over and over as it build and build. He loved when I sucked him like this; he loved the fact that his dick curved upward following the curve of my hard pallet and he loved the tense curve of my tongue on the underside of his meat. He loved the contrast of rough and soft in my mouth and how it made him feel during this gentle fuck he endured. Then there was his cock’s head, that uncircumcised tip that met the back of my throat and rubbed continuously against the soft flesh of my tonsils. On and on we continued like this until it build and build to a point that was too dangerous for him to continue. And there I sat on my knees, enduring it all.

Wet beyond imagination, I felt the wetness pool around my thighs, down out of my pussy; even around the curve into my ass crack itself, open and vulnerable as I kneeled with my legs spread as wide as possible in that position. I loved the feeling of being open just as I love the feeling of being filled. While sitting there, I’ve had several little orgasms myself and with each new wave I simply wanted more and more and more. Pulling himself from me he stood there for a second and just breathed. He didn’t want it to end this way, in my mouth, he rarely did. Opening his eyes he looked down at my flushed face and offered his hand for me to rise. Pushing me toward the sink, he pushed me up onto the counter and the back of my head rested on the glass mirror. He reached for the neckline of the button-up dress I wore and pulled slowly, allowing each button to naturally slip from its individual holes.

Soon my bra-covered breasts were bare and he reached for a condom packet hidden away in the fabric, saved for this very purpose. I sat there with my legs spread, as wide as I was able, one on each side of me, barley noticing I was getting the counter as wet as I had gotten the floor. I watched as he rolled the rubber across himself. I watched as he took his fingers and spread my pussy lips and inserted himself, pushing out more wetness in the process. The wetness sank down into my ass and when I say inside I mean inside, for you see, that little cave entrance isn’t as closed off and small as it was six years ago, far from it. Inside my pussy he drove as far and as tight as he could angling, thrusting, in and out and as roughly as he could, pounding me onto the hard surface. After a few of theses he withdrew and went to his real goal, his target, the one he hungered for before being distracted.

Now that the condom was lubricated with my thick juices, he moved his dick to that other hole and rubbed as much moisture as he could around its opening, always circling, never entering until he was ready. And Uşak Escort Bayan then he was ready; he moved me closer to the edge of the counter and lifted me up. I helped him, placing my legs over his shoulder. In he droved, into my ass, sinking deeper than he ever imagined, and more than he ever could have with my pussy. He utterly disappeared. Then gently setting me down with him still inside his left hand found my pussy and one by one he inserted a finger; one by one until I had four thick digits locked inside of me, stroking me as I sat spread open. It was then that he moved, slowly at first, but then as he realized he could feel himself, inside of me he became bolder and empowered.

His fingers were able to feel what I felt as his cock fucked me through the thin skin that separated both holes of my body. His fingers stroked me as his dick did, and he moved faster and faster, in, out, in, out, over and over. It was then that I heard it. Someone outside, punching in the codes to enter the room, pulling him closer I buried his face in my neck. As the door opened I stared into startled eyes, his hand rotated within me, now they turn upward, cupping me, cupping my pussy from the inside out, his palm meeting my clit as I continued to stare into the 20 something year-old eyes of the boy who just entered the restroom.

Tommy’s palm tightened around my pussy as he squeezed. His thrust became faster knowing that someone was watching. It excited him knowing the door was open and I saw the intruder as he saw me, unable to identify Tommy or me. Harder and harder became his thrusts as his other hand began squeezing my ass, spreading my cheeks as I did his, in the rhythm of our bodies. The pain on my clit increased and I loved it! My moans turned into pants and little screams as I lost myself in that boy’s eyes. That baby boy who probably never seen a real pussy in his entire life. Over and over Tommy fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper in my ass as if he wanted to split me over and fuck me into eternity as this young boy watched.

Shaking he finally broke out of his trance and moved backward, rushing, nearly falling as he tried desperately to close the door behind him, as desperate as I was, as I buried my nails into Tommy’s shoulder. He unloaded in me over and over, faster and faster, spermatic thrusts, 5 pumps per second. Harder he squeezed my pussy, my clit. Pain and pleasure all became one as his fingers dug into my g-spot and the tears exploded from my eyes as I exploded around him screaming, screaming for dear life and then and only then did he let go, as if that is what he waited for all along. Removing his hand from my pussy, he moved, nearly climbing onto counter with me as he pushed deeper and deeper inside my ass as if he wanted to lose himself in me and I felt the hot liquid move up in me, high in me, reaching places I didn’t think possible as he cried his cries of release.

He fell on top of me and my support gave way. I couldn’t hold myself any longer, or him, and together we fell. Falling from the counter on to the floor, our legs twisted and tingled, me on top of him as breathing became impossible. I felt as if I was going to pass out. Seconds turned into minutes as we laid there trying to regain control. I felt like I’ve never been this tired or used. I hurt everywhere: my pussy, my clit, and my ass. I shuddered with delight. I softly reached down and felt my clit. The shock left me jerking in surprise. I was still sensitive, much too sensitive.

I came again and cried. Tears leaked out of me uncontrollably from the shockwave of lust. It felt good now but in a few hours it would be hell. He recovered first, pulling off the used condom and pulling up his pants. He looked ridiculous. His hair was a mess and his clothes were wrinkled and out of place. I knew I looked no better. Seeing my pocketbook beside me I sat up and pulled it over. Opening it I found my hand mirror. My makeup was a mess. My eyeliner was running down my face in a black line of sorrow. By this time he was standing and he reached out a hand to help me up. I rose and as soon as I was steady he kissed me. Deeply. Passionately. He kissed me. Smiling he looked at me and said.

“Thank you.”

I smiled back. He didn’t want to hear the line that automatically popped in my head, ‘that’s what you pay me for’ so I didn’t say it no matter how truthful it was. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it or that it wasn’t one of the most powerful orgasms I ever had, because it was, but I never let my clients forget what this arrangement was nor myself. Business was business and I had no room or patience for anything else. So simply smiling back I turned from him abruptly, dismissingly and looked into the mirrored wall and proceeded to comb my hair. He paused for a minute and watched me, uncertain what to say.

Then he noticed he too needed some adjusting and moved closer to the mirror to rearrange himself. Handing him the Escort Uşak comb I preceded to fix my make up, which wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. Within minutes we were both presentable again. Seeing the discarded condom on the floor I picked it up and threw it in the trashcan. I saw the counter and floor where still wet from my juices, but the wickedness inside of me decided to leave it there. I turned to him and asked him how I looked.

“Beautiful as always, Brie.”

“Thank you, “ I replied and reached over to straighten his tie. It wasn’t quite right.

“Shall I bill your credit card?” It was a standard procedure of mine; on the invoice our appointment would be listed as massage therapy, as with all my clients, but I always asked, on the off chance they wanted something different.

“That’s fine.”

“Good. Shall we leave?”

He headed to the door and opened it, looking out to see if the coast was clear. Then beckoning me forward we left. He walked me toward the elevator. As it opened he briefly rubbed the small of my back and gently pushed me forward into the filled space. I got in, turned and saw him walking away. The doors closed and I pressed for the lower level. Two floors down the door opened and a small crowd entered, pushing me backwards to the wall. It was then that I heard the grasp. Turning to my left I saw the round-freckled face boy that walked in on Tom and me. He turned a deep dark red and quickly looked away. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Moving a bit closer to him I saw him begin to tremble. Reaching out a hand behind all the disinterested backs in front of us I found the front of his pants. As impossible as it seemed he tensed even more. He was hard. I gently stroked him, not wanting to scare him, as we descended. Then towards the end I released him and dipped into my pocketbook, withdrawing a business card. Before we all left the elevator I handed it to him.

Whispering I said, “Call me and we’ll work on getting rid of that that little “problem” you have.”

He simply nodded and watched as I left the elevator. By the end of the week, I had a new client.

My name is Shabrie, at least that is the name I work by. But it’s not that different than my real name. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a call girl and in case it matters, I’m black. All the latter means is that various types of men pay me for sex. If I’m capable of it, I’ll do it, but I do have a few limitations, the most important being the use of condoms. In this business, that’s the one thing that is not optional, after all it would be a shame to work so hard and not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I have a very diverse and yet very small clientele. Each one had his or her special turn-ons and fantasies. Overall, I have four or five important clients with an additional extra now and then. Not too many of them. I make enough with what I have to pay the bills and enjoy life and still like sex. Another drawback of this business is that some woman begin to hate sex and men because that is all we see from them and sometimes that brings out the worse in them and within one’s self. It can bring down a girl’s self esteem and I’m lucky to say that I have yet to experience that. When and if it happens, I’ll know that it will be the time to quit. But for now I’m just going to enjoy and share. I’m going to share with you some of the current clients in my life. You’ve just met Tommy, now it’s time for you to meet the most valued of my clients, simply because he is the richest. His name is John.


John is a white older male in his early fifties, with a wife, three kids, four grandchildren and three multimillion houses around the United States. To be honest, with what John pays me I don’t need anyone else, but a girl can never put all her stock in one investment, it wouldn’t be wise. John is a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I wont tell which, to protect the innocent. Not that he’s in any way innocent, but even ladies of Sin have guidelines too. I meet with John on Sundays. Right after his weekly golf game. This Sunday I have something special for John, a new adventure for us to share. In the “real world,” John is the man you go to for his decision making abilities. He controls everything in his life, from work to family.

However, playing the role of man-always-in-charge doesn’t come without consequences, a side effect for which he comes to me to counteract. You see, with me John can surrender all his control. He comes to me to be manipulated and used like he uses the hundred or so people within his professional and personal life to get what he wants. He becomes my sex slave, my bitch and he better obey or I will spank his ass so hard he’ll beg for my forgiveness. This week we are going to take part in the ultimate dominate-submission role-play there is. Today I’m going be lil’ Johnny’s momma. And if he doesn’t be a good little boy and obeys orders, he’s going to have to be punished.

I was waiting for him as he walked through the door. There he stood with his plaid golf hat and matching shirt with kaki pants. As soon as he set eyes on me his jaw dropped, as did his golf clubs, cluttering to the floor. Time to play.

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