Kira’s New Adventures Ch. 02

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Alex Clark

Mavika (The name on her passport was Debbie but she tried to forget it until her return to Singapore) was wearing Indian clothes for the second day in a row. She had met the Princess Kira in the morning and prince Kyrhan’s wife had complimented her for the elegance with which she was wearing her saree. It was far from simple for an England born white woman spirited away from her house, shipped to Singapore and happily mated with her black abductor Abbie.

She was accompanying Dr Jun, her acupuncturist to a conference in Mumbai. Kira had provided plenty of useful advices on how to boost Dr Jun’s spirits. In return, she had just asked her mentee to wear traditional Indian clothes and attend a party at the end of the conference. There would be prince Kyrhan and his wife Kira, Dr Ghopal, Kira’s protégé, and Dr Jun. Kira had explained that a few good friends of hers would eventually join the party but she hadn’t given any information about them. Kira had just told her the night would probably be rather hot but there was nothing there to deter Debbie who was now, on her mate’s orders, a seasoned whore at the Chinese brothel in Singapore, a well known establishment in the red district!

Mavika and Jun arrived together in front of the door of Prince Kyrhan’s suite. They knocked discreetly and were introduced immediately by a dark man that made Mavika in a cold sweat. He looked very dangerous but he led them to the main room without a comment. They were greeted by the prince, his wife and the other MD. Kira seemed very interested by Dr Jun’s presentation, two days before.

– You said that your technique was very efficient on frigid women but what would be the result if you applied it on a woman with normal or superior sex drive? Didn’t you check it?

– For sure, princess! I tried it on Lady Deb…, Sorry, no : on Mrs Mavika! She had had a big trauma and she couldn’t have sexual relations without suffering terribly but otherwise she had a very powerful,… – Uhh how did you name it, Ah, yes…! — a very powerful sex drive! The experiment far surpassed my highest hopes!

– Good gracious! Could I experiment it myself this evening?

– No problem : I took a box of my needles. Just lie on this recliner : it won’t take for than five or ten minutes!

– Maybe later. When would I feel the effect?

– It varies according to your own sensitivity from one to ten minutes. It lasts from ten minutes to hours!

– Oh my god! Then I’ll wait for the arrival of our last guests. We were short by one girl, so I asked two of the girls from Kyrhan’s harem to join us. If I’m in the throes of continuous climaxes for hours, I may be unable to cope with the desires of anyone for a long time!

– With the needles on, it would be very painful to move at all but they can be removed in a minute and afterwards you’ll be ready to service all of us in a row immediately!

The dark man who had opened the door to Mavika and then had stayed behind Kyrhan and his wife, just like a bodyguard left suddenly and came back immediately after with two very pretty girls : one was in her thirties, elegant and quite at ease among so many guests. The other one was about twenty or twenty one and she seemed shier than her companion. Kira made the presentations.

– Dr Jun and Mavika, may I present you my friends Leena and Naina? She is somewhat upset : she has spent the last year in England at Birmingham University. She came back in India with her boyfriend to deliver a magnificent baby a few weeks ago.

– Congratulations, miss!

– It’s the first time she comes to a party without her boyfriend : he is awfully jealous!

– Oh, Kira! Tim is never jealous!

– I was just kidding, Naina! He wouldn’t have any reason as I asked my dear friend Swapna to entertain him this evening.

– You’re right, princess. I’ve no reason to complain. I’m just not at ease in this situation!

– No problem, dear! The man who opened the door was Rajeev, the jack of all trades in Kyrhan’s palace. He can do anything and he does everything perfect! I recommend him to you! So now presentations are complete, enjoy the evening!

The evening started with a lush dinner. There were mostly vegetarian dishes to suit Kyrhan’s Hindu way of life. Mavika noted that meat was served to Dr Jun only. Kira and all the girls including herself had to content with a wide variety of vegetables with spicy sauces. As Leena was obviously of English origin like herself, Mavika whispered to her :

– We cannot have a few of these delicious looking duck filets in Massala sauce?

– Sorry, Mavika but Kyrhan is pernickety about etiquette : in his presence, all the girls of his harem should follow Indian customs!

– But I don’t belong to his harem! Abbie is my mate back there in Singapore!

– Who cares? I’m married to Peter, a very wealthy businessman in London but I’m here, wearing an Indian outfit and I conform strictly to local habits as I recognize Kyrhan’s authority!

– But I don’t. I never met him in person. I was invited by princess Kira!

– You were presented as Mavika. It sounds güvenilir bahis rather Indian, doesn’t it?

– It was the name Kira chose for me!

– Then you now belong to her. As she is the Prince’s wife, you ultimately belong to him and you must obey his orders! When you accepted being presented under the name she had given you, you implicitly agreed to enter his harem.

– What does it entail?

– Now you are at his entire sexual disposal. He may call you anytime and ask you to join him or one of his friends anywhere in the world for an hour, a week or a month.

– But what about Abbie and my job?

– Don’t fear anything : You’ll be warned in advance and you may always tell him you have another appointment. He’ll change his plans accordingly! Swapna is a perfect example : her boyfriend is extremely jealous and he wouldn’t ever allow her to dally with prince Kyrhan. So she takes an excuse of coming to visit her friend, Kira. For your dear Abbie, Kyrhan will probably send another one of us to keep him company.

– Do… Do you mean you’ll make love with him?

– Definitely but it would be more appropriate to say I’ll fuck him. I love my husband, I like Kyrhan very much and I’m fond of several of Kyrhan’s close male friends such as Dan or Rajeev! In one year, I’m pretty sure that Abbie will have met all of the girls in Kyrhan’s harem at least once.

– I see if I don’t really understand. Isn’t Kyrhan jealous of his girls?

– There’s not an ounce of jealousy or selfishness in his big frame. He just wants any of us to be perfectly happy! Imagine : you’ll travel to Australia, USA, England or France and you’ll be quite intimate with a dozen very interesting gentlemen! The thrill is permanent in our small group!

– Just for my curiosity, how were you asked to come here?

– Oh I was on a beach in one of my husband’s sea resorts in the Barbados archipelago when Kira phoned me three days ago. I was free : my husband is on a long business trip. The same evening, I jumped on a jet and I arrived to Delhi airport two days ago : I slept a whole day to compensate for the jet lag. Today, I went to the beauty parlor to be perfect for this evening! I’m now ready for anything. Such parties usually last until dawn with Kyrhan and Kira together!

Mavika turned to the foodstuff that was being offered to her : there were Pakura served with a green sauce that she didn’t like. There was another sauce with peas and green beans that was more appetizing. She tried it on a piece of an unusual piece of bread. Leena told her it was cheese stuffed Nan bread. It was delicious. The sauce was named acharch and was very hot. Leena had warned her but Abbie loved his wood very hot and spicy. Mavika had grown accustomed to it.

– God! You eat this sauce as if it was cream. How are you inside : stainless steel? If you’re so sizzling hot with our studs, perhaps we should call for reinforcements!

– Pheww! We have just Kyrhan, doctors Jun and Ghopal and this Rajeev? I could entertain all of them alone and milk them dry before midnight!

– Braggart! Wait until you’ve met Kyrhan and Rajeev! They’re real men! If necessary, next time we’ll ask for Dan, Kyrhan’s French very close friend and Gupta, a delightfully nasty greengrocer I happen to know. You’ll surely pass out!

While the rest of the dinner was served, Mavika obtained several other hints on the way of life in Kyrhan’s palace : For their last wedding anniversary, Kira had offered her husband a Mantra chair, a piece of furniture she had found on the net. It was a sort of sofa with the shape of a camel with two humps. It’s upholstered in the finest leather. It’s especially meant to help explore all the Kamasutra positions : a woman can be fucked in all conceivable positions.

Kyrhan had started to test this new sex toy in a rather simple way, sitting in a valley with Kira facing him. The deep valley made her pussy be squeezed against him with their combined weight pushing him deeper into her. Then he perched her on one of the humps, on her belly, facing away from him. He alternated his penetrations between her pussy and her back passage. Then he made her turn on her back, still on top of the hump. Her spine was bent like a bow. Kyrhan had arranged her so that her mouth was just in front of the arrow of his cock. She engulfed him immediately not bothering with the discomfort of her arched back. Kyrhan had thanked his wife for her magnificent gift.

Two weeks later, Naina had given birth in the palace well equipped infirmary. After four weeks of complete rest, Doc Ghopal had announced she could resume her normal duty in the palace. Her sister Ritu would have to wait a couple of additional weeks as an episiotomy stitch wasn’t completely healed. Kyrhan proposed her and her boyfriend Tim to try out the Tantra chair. They got very enthusiastic with the prospect. Kira had left the chair in the yard under an awning in full view. Naina had wondered about the pleasure that could be taken with this unusual seat. Ritu would be allowed to watch in an armchair, five feet from them, just to increase her lust to türkçe bahis agonizing levels. Kyrhan could be a real tease if he cared for it.

Kyrhan let Tim use Naina’s back passage twice and spurt his cream into her. That way, she would be sufficiently greased, creamed, reamed and loosened to accommodate him. If he had chosen her pussy, she could have been injured with his huge dick and he cared too much for her. He seldom used the pussies of the girls in his harem unless he was alone with them for several weeks, so that they would resize before going back home with their less richly endowed partners.

Kyrhan leant on the comfortable slope of the chair with Tim facing him. Naina had straddled both of them, offering her delicate breasts to Tim while Kyrhan was drilling his big cock into her anal opening. He took his time not to hurt her but finally she had the satisfaction of having their two considerable cocks embedded to the hilt into her. She waited several minutes to enjoy the naughty feeling of being stretched out to capacity before putting both of her feet flat on the floor and pushing her body upward until both cocks had withdrawn almost completely from her holes. She then rocked her belly back and fro in order to tease both her lovers before taking her knees on her elbows, letting her weight impale her back on both greedy cocks with her eyes still fixed on those of her lover Tim!

She was such a cock tease that Kyrhan calmed her somewhat with a few slaps on her bottom, just to remember her that she was there also to offer them pleasure, not to attend to her own needs exclusively. The lesson had been understood as Naina had concentrated on giving and receiving pleasure, deeply wedged between both muscular bodies.

Kyrhan had thought of another possible use of this versatile chair, helping the young mother on her back on top of the hump, just as Kira had been. She was younger and thus more pliant than Kyrhan’s wife. Kyrhan used her mouth with pleasure while on the opposite side of the hump, Tim was pushing his engorged cock into her pussy.

Their games continued during a fair part of the night. Ritu never diverted her gaze from the chair where her sister was providing and receiving indescribable pleasure to the two men. On her side, Naina was enjoying chain orgasms. She was unable to control her body, her sobs, moans or screams. She realized later that she had shamelessly begged them to fuck her more, harder, to make her scream louder, again and again. Ritu had finally sat on Tom’s lap, wiggling lewdly until she had felt Tom’s cock probing against her anal passage opening. She had immediately bore down, almost raping him in her frenzy. Her back passage had not suffered when she had delivered her baby and Dr Ghopal had told Tom he could use her that way, just two days after giving birth. It had been a relief for both of them as it had been virtually impossible to reach a sexual release during the last month. Even blow jobs were difficult with her distended belly!

Two weeks later, it was Ritu’s turn to discover at last the many pleasures of the Tantra chair. Kyrhan unfortunately had official government duties and he wouldn’t be available for two weeks. He didn’t want to deprive Ritu of such pleasures. He had proposed to the brothers Tim and Tom to do the honors. They were quite eager for it but Tim wanted Naina to watch and enjoy the event too.

– Don’t fear anything, my dear friend! Someone will take good care of your girlfriend! But to even things with Ritu, Naina will be chained and hobbled, not to spoil your fun!

So for the fatidic day, Naina arrived the first in the courtyard, accompanied by Rajeev. A big cube of stone had been placed at a few feet from the Tantra chair. Rings had been fixed to it and Naina’s arm restraints had been attached to them. When she was secured, Rajeev placed a pillow under her neck. Her breasts were hanging freely, almost grazing the stone. Rajiv pulled aside her ankles until her feet were a couple of inches above the soil. He attached her ankles to maintain the position. Naina’s weight was now supported by her ankles restraints and the pillow under her neck.

Ritu entered the courtyard, surrounded by the brothers Tim and Tom. They took position immediately, acting as if it was quite usual for both of them. Naina was watching intently her sister. She didn’t hear anything but suddenly she felt something long and hard brushing against her thighs. She tried to turn in order to see who was approaching her. The pillow prevented her from doing just that. An oiled finger probed her bottom, pushing into her anal opening. It was going in deeply, obviously trying to dilate her as widely as possible.

When the mysterious hand found her stretched out enough, Naina felt the hard tip of something pressing against her anal opening. It wasn’t as warm as a real cock. She assumed it was a dildo, a big one but who was aiming it and pushing it into her bowels? God! It was as big as Kyrhan but the young woman knew he wasn’t there. Inch after inch, she was penetrated painlessly but steadfastly. Naina felt she was totally but lovingly dominated. güvenilir bahis siteleri The intruder clearly cared for her and didn’t want to inflict her any damage. She groaned loudly when a belly pressed against her buttocks. God : he was inside her to the hilt and she still didn’t know who it was.

The crotch was evidently hairless, probably a woman. Feminine hands reached toward her breasts, caressing her boobs and seizing her nipples between thumb and index, rolling them until it became painful, holding them for a minute then rolling them again in the opposite way. Naina shrieked : it was a torture, a very suave torture, painful but just to the acceptable limit. The fingers released the nipples before taking them again and resuming that delicious teasing. After several similar manipulations, it was Naina who begged :

– Oh please! It’s so deliciously painful! I beg you : continue to tease my breasts! I love your clever fingers!

The hands groped for her breasts, mauling them, pulling on her nipples. Naina had closed her eyes in bliss, immersed into the waves of a pleasure she had never thought possible : tortured into ultimate pleasure!

She felt a pair of big boobs pressing against her back : she had been right : the person who offered her so much pleasure was really a woman! She was slowly bending against her back. Naina felt lips caressing her earlobes. A tongue probed her ear hole sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. In a few seconds, she was reduced to a quivering mass of delirious flesh. God, whatever that woman wanted, she would give it immediately. She could renounce to Tim if that woman asked her to do it!

There was a whisper in Naina’s ear :

– Hello, pretty little piece of cake! When Kyrhan understood he wouldn’t be here for Ritu’s initiation on the Tantra chair, he had a dildo molded on himself and he taught me on how to use it properly on your dear sister Ritu. We spent one or two hours daily together and we became really acquainted. Now it’ll be your turn while my husband will spend a few hours with your sister!

Kyrhan wants both of your ass holes to be kept conveniently widened in case of an impromptu visit from him. Whenever I’m in France, I’ve been given a mission to travel, once a week, to Birmingham. I’ll just push this huge thing into your delicious little bum holes. Do you object to it, Naina?

– Never, mistress! I’ll always abide to the Prince’s orders.

– Good! Do you consider yourself his owned property, to do with you as he likes?

– By all means, princess!

– If Kyrhan or myself orders you to do it, would you fuck a stranger or a group of strangers?

– Yes, princess!

– We’ll see soon whether you mean it!

That day had come : apart from Kyrhan and Kira, she had never fucked any of the other people around, not even Dr Ghopal who had helped her deliver her baby. She had never met Mavika nor Dr Jun and she had just heard of Leena who seemed a close friend of Kira and Rajeev who appeared rather dangerous! She was somewhat frightened not to have the soothing company of Tim! The dessert was eaten swiftly : halwa with a khulfi ice cream. Kyrhan proposed them to move to the recreation room : there was a podium with a queen size bed dominating several wide beds. Kyrhan sat on an armchair with a direct view on the big bed on the podium. He asked Rajeev to help Kira onto it. Dr Ghopal took one of the two seats available.

– Kira, I think you should now disrobe completely!

Kira obeyed without a whisper. Rajeev disappeared discreetly.

– My dear Dr Jun, all of us are quite eager to see how Kira will respond to your treatment. She is quite the opposite of a frigid woman. Mavika appears to be rather similar. She has told my beloved wife that your needles gave her fantastic serial climaxes. We want to see Kira writhe in ultimate pleasure.

– As you want, Prince! I will need just about five minutes!

– Take your time, doctor! We aren’t in a hurry and our little Naina will help me meanwhile.

Naina had expected something like that. Without being given any orders, she knelt in front of the prince, searched in his dhoti to extract his big cock. When she had pulled it out, she bent down and took it into her mouth, just as if it was the most delicious lollipop in the world. She started immediately to lick and suck it under the approving eye of Kyrhan.

– Do you need my order to strip bare, girls? Mavika, would you take care of Dr Ghopal.

The English woman was back into known territory. After all, she was a whore by trade and she knew perfectly how to handle men… She fell on her knees in front of Kyrhan’s doctor and she started giving him head, trying to do it as well as she could.

Leena moved to the place in front of the last empty seat. She took off her garments there. She knelt down, taking care to keep the most appealing position with her breasts and buttocks thrust out, her stomach sucked in, her mouth open in an O ring. She was the wet dream of most men, ready to fulfill any of their desires. Kyrhan had assigned her to servicing the oldest man in the group. She was anticipating she would have to work hard to satisfy him but it was her duty. Since she had discovered her submissive tendencies toward Kira and her husband, she was always given the most difficult jobs.

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