Kissing Cousins I

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Jared always loved when his aunt came to visit, which was more and more frequently since her marriage was quickly heading down the drain. While his aunt spent most of her time crying into his mother’s shoulder, it did mean that her son, Wesley, would be with her, and the two of them got on fabulously. Wesley was a year older, but they had a great time hiking through the woods behind the house, enjoying the outdoors and staying out of trouble with his mother or aunt. Jared was a skinny lad, sandy hair and blue eyes, with a lean, rather muscular physique from his outdoor activities and playing soccer. Wesley was much different; in addition to being older, he was dark-haired, tan, with a large, muscular build from his favorite sport, football.
With years of friendship, Jared had slowly been turning his thoughts to his cousin more frequently, and would often slide his hand under the covers at night, thinking of Wesley’s powerful arms while he jerked his teenage cock with the hurried strokes of a young hand. Since Wesley was oblivious to this increased attention, they had even changed together when he came to visit, further fueling Jared’s wild fantasies.
Today, after a long romp, they returned home to find a note from Jared’s mom: “boys. went out with Carol for dinner. be good, and we’ll be back later.” Jared was used to staying home alone, and so the boys made plans for staying in. They showered from their hike, Jared sneaking a peek at Wesley’s older dick, which made his lust burn even hotter. Then they grabbed DVDs from the living room, ordered a pizza, and spent a long time wasting away the evening. When their mothers did not show, the boys packed it in and Jared fell asleep with warm thoughts about his cousin.

It wasn’t too late, when a large, firm hand wrapped around Jared’s body, pulling his hand from its usual resting spot under his briefs, and pinning it behind his back. This lined up perfectly with Jared’s current dream, and he murmured, “Wes…” in his half-sleep. HIs pleasant dream was jerked into reality when he felt fabric being pushed into his mouth. Struggling to wake up, Jared thrashed around, but the hand holding him was too strong, and quickly bound his bands with duct tape behind his back. Once secure, the invisible assailant grabbed Jared by his sandy blonde hair, dragging him from the bed, out into the hallway, and then downstairs into the living room.
He blinked as he got into the light, only to see two men seated on the couch, and Wesley, tied up similar to himself and naked, kneeling off to one side. The man behind Jared pushed his cotton briefs down to the floor, leaving them hanging around his ankles while he pushed him onto his knees on the other side of the couch, opposite Wesley. The two men on the couch sneered at the boys. “We were just going to rob the place while the ladies were out,” the man to the right began, but then we found this note.” He held up the note from Jared’s mom saying they were out on the town. “And we just figured we’d have some fun with the two of you while we were here.” The two men stood up, looking from one cousin to the other, and then started to undress. They pushed their jeans down, karabağlar escort bayan revealing a pair of hard cocks, easily larger than the boys, sticking straight out.
They took their seats again, and the invisible man behind Jared yanked his hair to get the boy to scoot across the floor until he was right in front of one of the men, between his knees. The cotton wad was removed from his mouth, and Jared cried out, “Wes, are you ok?” The other boy looked at him and nodded slowly, his own gag being removed, but he remained quiet. Jared’s attention was brought back to the first assailant, as he was pushed forward slowly. With no hands to brace himself, Jared was brought to a stop right before reaching the thick cockhead. “Open your mouth boy.” At first he refused, trying to put up a brave face, though a secret part of him wanted to taste his first cock, even if it wasn’t Wesley’s. The seated man slapped him, hard, across his cheek, making his face burn from the pain. He gamely refused again, but a couple more hard slaps to his face made him obey, and he opened his mouth.
The man in front of him reached out, grabbing a fistful of Jared’s hair as he pushed his mushroom head inside the teen’s mouth, His lips stretched to accommodate him, it was so much larger than he thought it would be, and hard to fit inside. Slowly, inch by inch the man wiggled his cock into his mouth, sighing as he felt Jared’s little tongue sliding across his shaft. Finally he was about half-way in, and started forcibly moving Jared’s head up and down on his dick. Jared was drooling from having his mouth forced open like that, lubing the penetrating dick as it rubbed against the top of his throat. As he was slowly face-fucked, Jared couldn’t help but become aroused, feeling flushed from the carnal intimacy of the rape taking place. Unfortunately, his captors noticed.
“Hey, this little bitch is really enjoying himself,” said the invisible man behind Jared, and a muscular, hairy arm wrapped around his waist to take hold of his hard cock. Only about 4″ long it paled in comparison to the monster in his mouth, but feeling the man touch him Jared gave an involuntary shudder, and a little moan escaped his stretched lips. The other men laughed, and the hand began to jerk him off as he continued to bob up and down on the intruder’s cock. It wasn’t long before Jared felt like he was going to cum, and his excitement translated into more effort in sucking off the cock in his mouth, wanting it to cum in his mouth as well. He felt it jump, so close to cumming, and the man slowly withdrew until just the head remained in his mouth. “Take it all, but don’t swallow it boy, I want you to taste everything I have to give you.” Jared looked up at the grinning face of his first attacker, and nodded. The man closed his eyes and groaned loudly, and a flood of cum hit Jared in the back of his throat.
While he had tasted his own cum before, it wasn’t the same as being force-fed someone else’s. The hot, sticky liquid splashed against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, quickly filling him up. The man squeezed his shaft, milking the last drops out, before pulling his escort karabağlar cockhead from Jared’s used mouth, a thread of cum and saliva still linking them together until it dripped down onto Jared’s mouth. It was only at this time that Jared remembered his cousin was in the same room! He had been so consumed by the fucking his mouth took that he completely forgot about Wesley. He turned his head to find Wes also slobbering on a cock, though he did not look nearly as aroused as Jared was. When both boys had a mouthful of cum, the attackers got off the couch and pushed them towards each other. “Family always shares,” one of them chuckled., and Jared’s head was moved over Wes’ as the other boy was pushed onto his back on the carpet.
“Open up boy.” Jared did as he was told, and watched the first glob of cum drip from his mouth and land squarely on Wes’ full lips. Since he hadn’t opened his mouth, the cum splashed onto his cheeks, covering him. He recovered enough to open for the second wad, and it made a quiet sound as it mixed with the cum already filling his mouth. Jared pushed his tongue out, getting rid of all the cum he had received, until Wes’ mouth was overflowing. The men quickly grabbed the teens and switched positions, allowing Wes now to cumswap with his cousin. As the sticky liquid hit Jared’s mouth, his tiny cock grew again, poking Wes in the stomach which made both of them blush. Lower, Wes had his cum-covered mouth pressed to Jared’s, their lips mashing together in a forced kiss, the cum squelching between them as the men watched, amused at their humiliation. Slowly, Wes was pulled off, and Jared rolled onto his stomach. His bonds were cut, but a hand forced him to remain low, only allowing him to get on his knees. He was turned around, and could see the third attacker now, who was predictably naked and had a large, erect cock. As the man pushed into him, Jared felt a splash of cold liquid onto his butt cheeks, running down his ass crack.
The cool liquid was pushed into his crack, a pair of fingers searching for his tiny asshole. He tried to clench up, but was distracted by the large cock now fucking his cum-covered mouth, easily slipping into his throat, choking him. He gagged hard, and as he did the fingers felt up his asshole, pushing the lube inside for a moment, before leaving. They were quickly replaced by a thick hardness, which he knew to be a cock, and he squirmed to get free, finally realizing that this wasn’t how he wanted it. A hand reached under him and grabbed his semi-hard boy dick. “You keep struggling, and I’m going to rip this fucking thing right off of you. Understand me?” Jared nodded, a difficult feat with a cock in his mouth.
“Good. Now be a good whore and take this cock in your boy pussy.” The thick head pushed past his ass cheeks, and paused against his virgin ass. Jared tried to concentrate on the cock in his mouth, scared of how much this was going to hurt. Then, the mushroom head started to penetrate him, easing inside his lubed asshole, but stretching him to the max. God it HURT!!! Jared cried out, his scream vibrating on the cock in his mouth, making the second assailant karabağlar escort only thrust harder. His ass was on fire, feeling that cock pushing in, and then with a pop, the head was inside.
For a brief moment, Jared’s mouth was freed of the the thick cock, and he looked around. Wesley was currently being sucked, the third man between his cousin’s legs as Wesley watched Jared’s ass being invaded for the first time. He had a grin on his face, and was evidently enjoying the view. Jared smiled despite himself, and tried to relax some. The man behind him grabbed his hips, pushing in slowly, filling the teen’s ass inch by inch. And the third robber took his place and again shoved his cock into Jared’s mouth, making the boy now stuck between the two hot cocks. He still squirmed, the pressure in his ass was immense, he felt like it was going to rip him apart any moment. As the final inches were pushed into his tiny ass, he squealed even more, knowing he was fully filled in both of his holes. The men began to fuck in rhythm, pulling out and pushing in so that he was being fucked by one at a time, his ass scraping the shaft of the second man’s cock as it raped his ass over and over again. It was so tight, the man was having a hard time keeping from cumming right away. He sped up, his balls swinging from the force of his fucking, bumping into Jared’s balls as well, his cock slamming in and out of the tiny asshole in front of him. But he couldn’t last long, and soon he grabbed Jared’s hips, thrusting in all the way in, and unleashing another hot stream of cum. The man screamed, and that forced the man in Jared’s mouth over the edge, cumming in his boy mouth again. This time he swallowed it, feeling it splash down his throat as the other man filled up his ass, the warm hot liquid mixing with the lube.
When they were done, both men pulled out of Jared, and cum started to leak down his ass and thighs. Pulling Wesley forward, they shoved Jared onto the carpet on his back, and pushed Wesley on top of him into a 69 position. The two boys struggled weakly, their faces directly in the crotch of one another. Jared’s cock grew quickly while staring at his cousin’s thicker member, though not as big as the men. He saw their hands pushing on Wes’s hips and head, pushing the cock into Jared’s mouth. This is what he had been wanting for a long time, and Jared quickly took the semi-hard cock in his mouth and sucked enthusiastically. He jumped when he felt his cousin’s mouth on his, nippling at the small cockhead before taking it between his lips. The men sat on the couch, watching the boys suck each other, and all three men jerking their hard cocks. They came hard, spraying all of their remaining cum on the boys, coating them, letting it drip down Wesley’s back, through his hair, and onto his cousin below him.
The boys, however, were oblivious. Lost in each other now, taking comfort in their intimacy, their mouths hungry for one another, to taste their cum. They felt the hot sticky man cum spray onto them, hitting them all over, and dripping down their naked bodies. They barely feel the men tie them up in that position, leaving them bound with their mouths wrapped around each others cock, and the men dress, rob the rest of the house, and escape, leaving the two teens there for everyone to discover. But they relax, cumming several more times in each others mouth, as they’ve discovered a whole new level to their relationship…

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