Kita Changes Positions

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“Welcome to the Geneva Spa and Resting Center.” the receptionist greeted Kita Thomas. “Fill out this form and we will show you to your room.”

Kita smiled, took the clipboard and sat down in the plush chair. Her ex-girlfriend had recommended it for Kita’s vacation and Kita couldn’t wait to get started. Laura, Kita’s ex, spoke highly of the women-only spa and had taken the time to set up the reservation for Kita. The two still had a passionate relationship when together, but because Laura was always away, Kita decided it was time to cool their relationship.

Kita ran her finger through her straight black hair, and frowned at the form. It asked very personal questions, such as: Are you a domme or a sub? Do you enjoy whips, chains, and ropes? Do you masturbate?

Kita checked all that applied to her; she was a domme in the relationship she had with Laura, but she didn’t like chains or whips. She smiled as she checked the “yes” box beside masturbation. She had completed that task just before she had boarded her plane, while standing in the shower.

“Excuse me, miss?” the receptionist whispered to Kita. “Are you finished?”

Kita nodded and handed the clipboard back. She glanced around as the receptionist entered the information in her computer. The Spa was fabulous and very well-kept. There were fresh flowers in vases around the waiting room, and Kita could see there were planted flowers through the glass doors. Women were walking around the pool area, some swimming, other tanning in the sun. Kita knew she could use a tan.

“Er.. Ms. Thomas? You didn’t answer a question, here.” The receptionist broke into Kita’s thoughts.

“Oh, which one?” Kita asked, racking her brain to see if she could remember skipping a question.

“Would you enjoy having a submissive slave during your stay?” the receptionist asked, reading the form.

“Oh, yes, of course.” Kita answered, with a smile. After she and Laura had broken up, Kita had taken life in the slow lane. She hadn’t been dating much, but the thought of having a submissive slave while she was there sent shivers down her spine.

“Excellent.” the receptionist replied, typing that into her computer. “Someone will be sent to you, once you arrive to your room.”

The receptionst gave Kita directions to her condo and gave her the schedule for spa treatments. The maids were bring breakfast, lunch and dinner to the guests at a call, will extras in between, so Kita wouldn’t have to cook unless she wanted to.

“Your bags will be sent to your condo, so you can go right out.” the receptionist told Kita, picking up the phone. She dialed a number for the bellhop. “Enjoy your stay, ma’am.”

“Thanks!” Kita answered. She walked out the glass doors and into the sunshine. She was already filling refreshed and calmer. Her job as Editor-in-Chief called for irregular hours and extra work. Kita often left her office bone tired and upset, that is until Laura arrived.

Laura was new to the magazine that Kita was over, so Kita took the shy girl under her wings. Laura was so sexy, but she dressed like a frumpy old maid. She wore shape-less dresses that took so much from her figure. Most of the other workers didn’t give her a second glance, but Kita could tell there was a nympho beneath those old maid clothes. She had seen the way Laura would watch her, following her every move. One day, Kita invited Laura to her office for a ‘briefing’ and turned up the heat. She flirted with Laura outrageously, and soon had the girl, naked and on her knees before Kita, licking Kita’s pussy dry. The briefings became more and more consistant, untill Laura would just show up at Kita’s office door, begging to please her new mistress. Kita loved every second of it, until Laura was forced to move and take care of her grandmother. She would be traveling back and forth between New York and Dallas so much, that she and Kita couldn’t spend time together.

Kita shook the sad thoughts from her head. She was here to have fun and relax. Laura would be the furthest thing from her mind. Besides, she had a sexy little slave waiting for her at her condo, and she couldn’t wait to inspect the girl. She smiled and shivered again. She could feel her clit vibrating and her nipples going rock hard. This slave had her going wild and Kita hadn’t even seen her face.

When Kita arrived at C6, her condo, she pushed her key into the lock on the door and stepped in. The room was furnished for comfort and style, and Kita couldn’t wait to sink into the plush sofas. She looked around and saw there were unlit candles around the room, and wine chilling in a ice bucket. The condo was made for romance. Kita tossed her carry-all bag on the lazy-boy chair and peeked into each room. There was a kitchen area, a large living room, and her bedroom. She walked into the room and glanced around. There was a huge poster bed, matching dresser and a large vanity. With Otele Gelen Escort a deep sigh, Kita jumped on the bed and curled up. The sheets were so soft and the comforter was silky against her thighs. Above her head was a large ceiling fan, making its cycle. She leaned over and propped herself up on her elbow. On her night stand was a telephone, an alarm clock, and a sterling silver bell. With a confused look on her face, Kita pressed the bell’s button.

“Hi.” a voice whispered behind her. Kita sat up and found herself staring face to face with a petite blonde girl. The blonde’s dark blue eyes seemed to be piercing the very inside of Kita’s brain, searching for information.

“Hello, and you are?” Kita asked, getting right to the point. The blonde gave Kita a shy smile, but said nothing.

“What’s your name, girl?” Kita tried again. She searching the girl’s face for a joking look, but found none.

“Ahh!” Kita realized. This was the slave she had asked for. Kita tingled all over, giving the girl a once over with her eyes.

“What did you last mistress call you, sweetie?” Kita asked, sliding her shoes off her feet.

“She called me, Angelique.” the blonde spoke up.

“Angelique, that’s sexy.” Kita thought. “Fine.”

Kita stood up and padded into the kitchen, Angelique right behind her. Just thinking of sleeping with the sexy little blonde girl tonight made Kita squirm in delight. But first, she had to break the girl into her perfect little sex treat.

“Angie, I’m starving. Order some lunch for me, darling.” Kita told her slave. Usually, subs were treated horribly by their mistresses, but Kita wanted to save that for the bedroom. Tawny, Kita’s first, had called Kita dirty little names, and forced Kita to have sex with her at all hours, even after Kita had fallen asleep.

“Um, what would you like, ma’am?” Angelique questioned. Kita grinned at the girl and told her to get the menu from off her night stand. As Angie hurried to get it, Kita took the time to notice exactly what she was having for a midnight snack.

Angelique was slender, but curvy. Her blonde hair was wavy, and she wore it cut to her shoulders. She wore a short black shirt, that showed her tanned legs, and a blue tank that matched her eyes. Angie had a very graceful neck, one that Kita couldn’t wait to nuzzle. Kita was a sucker for female necks. With a trained eye, Kita could tell the blonde was a 38C, pushing into the D’s. Laura had been a 32D, but all that had been hidden inside the grandma dresses she wore. Angelique’s arse was a sexy globe, but it could use some toning up. No prob, because Kita would be bringing her along to the gym for the next 2 weeks of her stay.

Kita pulled out the bar stool that was next to the counter and sat down. She blew her hair out of her face and leaned against the counter. Her own track legs were encased in a pair of denim jeans that showed off her arse to the T. Because she didn’t want to cause a scene, she’d wore a jacket over her sheer top, to cover her 36D breasts. Peeling it off, she decided to give Angie a run for her money.

Angelique returned to the kitchen, menu in hand. Immediatly, her eyes settled on Kita’s large breasts, but only for a moment. She didn’t want to make Kita angry.

“Like what you see?” Kita asked, watching the blonde flush, to the tips of her ears. Kita chuckled on the inside, but managed to keep a straight face.

“Yeah, ahem, yes, ma’am.” Angelique answered, handing to menu to her mistress. Kita took it and placed it on the counter.

“While I get order my food, run a bath for me.” Kita ordered, glancing at the menu. She wasn’t hungry, she just wanted to get Angelique into the bathroom. After ordering lunch for the two of them, Kita entered the bedroom. She stripped out of her clothes and pulled on the terry robe. She left it untied and walked into the bathroom, humming a tune. Angie was sitting on the bathroom chair, pouring bath crystals into the running water. She looked up when she heard Kita enter the room, but looked away when she noticed the open robe.

“You are a shy little thing, aren’t you?” Kita asked, laughing.

“I, um, Robin, my last mistress wasn’t as, er, beautiful as you are. She didn’t like to shave.” Angelique murmured.

Kita tossed her head back and laughed. This seemed to put Angelique at ease. Kita took pride in being clean shaven. She had no hair beneath her arms, on her legs, or on her vagina. Not even peach fuzz.

“Are you finished?” Kita asked as Angelique turned the water off. Angie nodded and Kita tossed her robe to the floor. She slid into the huge tub and gave a gasp when her arse touched the water. When she had sat down, the water came up to cover her hard nipples and Kita slid down farther making the water come up to her neck.

“Can you tie up my hair?” Kita Balgat Escort asked, even though her hair was already wet. Angie nodded and left the room, returning with a black scrunchie.

“Just make a knot on top of my head, baby.” Kita cooned. Angie complied, and created a sloppy wet knot on top of Kita’s head.

The door bell sounded and Angie hurried to answer. While she was gone, Kita thought about a position she wanted to try. She remembered seeing it on a lesbian porno site she’d joined. She smiled in delight as she thought about having someone eat her ass.

Angie returned to the bathroom, pushing a cart with a large silver tray on it.

“Would you like you lunch in the tub, ma’am?” Angie answered. Kita shook her head.

“Put it in the kitchen, sweetie and come in here to keep me company.”

Angie left the bathroom with the cart and returned to her mistress. After soaping up, Kita rinsed her body off and stood up.

“Hand me my towel, Angie.” Kita commanded. “Get in the tub.”

“What?” Angie asked.

“Get in, I need you wet.” Kita replied, stepping out of the tub.

Slowly, Angie stood up and peeled her blue tank off, followed by her skirt. She undid her strappy sandals and stepped into the tub.

“All wet?” Kita asked. Angie nodded. “Good, because I need a massage and wet hands with oil works so well.”

“There are some messages oils on the rim of the tub.” Kita told her, sitting on the bathroom chair. Angie stepped out of the tub, carrying the bottles of Lavender Vanilla massage oils.

“Do my shoulders first, sexy.” Kita murmured. She wanted to set the mood for the evening, so that when she wanted to fuck the brains out of Angie, she wouldn’t be surprised.

Angie squeezing the oil into her palm and smoothing it on Kita’s back and shoulders. Her talented hands squeezed and released every musle on Kita’s back, causing Kita to gasp and moan.

“You are very good at this.” Kita commented, looking a their reflection in the mirror. Angelique was sitting on the edge of the tub, her body shining from her quick dip. The tips of her blonde hair were wet and water was dripping from them. Her face had a concentrated look on it and Kita thought it was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Angie replied. She smiled at Kita’s reflection and Kita smiled back.

“Come kneel in front of me, Angelique.” Kita whispered, taking the oil from Angie. Quickly, Angie slid off the edge of the floor and kneeled in front of her mistress.

“Do you really want to please me?” Kita asked, staring intently into Angie’s dark blue eyes.

“More than anything, ma’am.” Angie responded.

“Good, because I want to switch roles with you for the night.” Kita considered.

“What do you mean, ma’am?” Angie asked.

“I will be the slave and you will be the mistress.” Kita replied. “You will tell me what to do and I will do it. I’ve always been the mistress in the relationship, and I want to change up.”

“Oh, okay. Starting now?” Angie asked, taking all this in.

“Yes, starting now.” Kita replied. Immediatly, Angie jumped up and pushed Kita off the chair.

“Move.” Angie commanded. “Get off my chair.”

“Yes, ma’am” Kita replied, giggling. She kneeled on the floor before her ‘mistress’.

“Do you find something funny, tramp?” Angie asked, warming up to her role.

“No, of course not.” Kita whimpered. This must be how her sluts felt with her.

Angie leaned down to Kita’s eye level and stared intently in Kita’s deep brown eyes. Kita broke the gaze by looking at Angie’s body. Her ‘mistress’ was extremely horny, Kita could tell by Angie’s hard nipples and protruding clit. A vein was trobbing on her thigh, and Kita found this highly erotic.

Angie opened her mouth and pressed it against Kita’s shocked one. Angie was very gentle, kissing Kita softly. She slid her tongue across Kita’s closed lips before prying it open. Inside Kita’s hot mouth, Angie searched each pocket and crevise of Kita’s mouth. Kita’s eyes closed in ecstasy and her tongue began to do battle with Angie’s and the innocent kiss heated up. It was then Kita realized that Angie had a tongue ring. Angie broke the kiss and grinned into Kita’s face.

“Stick your tongue out.” Angie demanded.

Kita did so and Angie leaned over and touched Kita’s tongue with her own. She rubbed the underside of Kita’s tongue, a true lesbian kiss. Angie was very gentle, lightly rubbing. Their saliva mixed and Kita was sure she could taste vodka.

When Angie broke this kiss, Kita flushed with excitement. She knew this would be a good idea to let Angie be in charge. Angie sat up in the bathroom chair, and sighed. She seemed to be deep in thought.

“What time is it?” She asked Kita. Kita jumped up and ran into the bedroom to read the clock. Büyükesat Escort 5:48 p.m. When she told Angie, her mistress got up and dried the remainder of the moisture on her back and legs before pulling on Kita’s discarded robe.

“A friend of mine, Crissy, is off today. She’s in need of a good cum, and you’ll be the one to help her with it.” Angie dictated. She walked into the bedroom and Kita heard her calling on the phone.

“Hi, Cris? This is Angie. I have a sexy little slave over here. Uh-huh. I know, Crissy. Yeah, she wanted to do it. Okay, I’ll see you then.”

Kita looked at herself in the mirror. Just thinking about having this girl come over and join them, made her blood flow faster and her breathing shallow. All the signs pointed to an orgasm. As quickly as she could, Kita pinched her right nipple and spread her pussy lips with her hand, before forcing a finger into the moist wetness. As she fingerf*cked herself, Angelique entered the bathroom.

“You little slut! How dare you get off here without me!” Angie cried, pulling Kita’s arm, causing her to stop masturbating.

“I couldn’t help myself..” Kita murmured, blushing. How could she be acting this way with her own slave? This girl was more demanding than Kita usually was.

“You couldn’t help yourself?!” Angie spat.

“I’m so sorry.. Angie,” Kita apologized. “I was so close though.”

“Proceed.” Angie nodded. She pulled the bathroom chair over so that she was seated right in front of Kita.

“What?” Kita asked.

“Finish. You were so close, right?” Angie replied, with a giggle.

Kita smiled, and started where she’d stopped, pinching and rolling her nipple between her fingers. Her eyes closed and she focused on driving herself over the edge. She pushed her middle finger into her steaming hole, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. A deep gruntal moan escaped her lips and it seemed time stood still. It felt like fire had been moving around her body, from her puffy nipples to her navel, finally settling at her open pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure racked her slender body and she could feel the cum flowing from her. Her pussy was spasming, cum oozing onto the floor of the bathroom.

Kita slowly came down from her cloud nine, and was able to see clearly after some time. Angie was sitting in her chair, her hand deep within her own pussy, forcing it in and out, bringing herself to a high climax. Cum was pouring around Angie’s hands and onto the bathroom chair, before drizzing on the floor. Her mouth was open in a scream, but she was amazingly silent. Kita crawled over to kneel before Angie and breathed in the sweet female smell of Angie’s delectable pussy. She planted a kiss on Angie’s hand and her mistress removed her hand from her pussy, allowing Kita to help.

Angie’s cunt was throbbing, literally. The outer lips were huge, very puffy and cum was glisting on Angie’s inner thighs, and on her cunt. Her clit was poking out at attention, begging to suckled.

Kita glanced up at Angie’s passion-filled face and smiled. She leaned up and planted a kiss on Angie’s neck, teasing it with her tongue. Angie groaned, her eyes begging Kita to help her over. With a shake of the head, Kita continued to tease Angie.

Kita trailed kisses down Angie’s neck, in the canyon between Angie’s curvy breasts and down her stomach. She stopped at Angie’s navel and kissed around it, leaving light lipstick prints.

Above her, Angie began whimpering. She had never experienced this kind of pleasure from anyone. Her job as a sub always forced her to be on the giving end, instead of the recieving one.

Every place that Kita’s pouty lips touch became so hot, it was cold. Her senses had perked up and she shivered slightly. She glanced down at the black-hair that was owned by the person giving her so much joy. Tears trickled down her cheeks and she placed her hand on Kita’s head, hinting Kita to go downward.

Kita groaned, but complied. She lowered her head and took a slow, firm lick over Angie’s clit. Angie moaned and squirmed, obviously wanting more. She spread her legs wider and pushed Kita’s head in deeper.

The smell of female sex filled Kita’s nose and she felt she would drown in the juices that just wouldn’t stop flowing. Angie rubbed her clit against Kita’s nose, trying to relieve the sexual frustration she felt.

With a deep moan, Angie came with a bang and she began to cum with no hint of stopping. Kita watched with love for the girl. She had never seen a face more beatiful than that of Angie’s as the blonde came. Kita leaned forward and continued to eat Angie’s tasty little pussy, wanting this to be the best pleasure Angie had ever felt.

Angie’s body slender body went limp and she closed her eyes with pleasure. When she finally came to…

“No more, please, no more.” she begged, pushing Kita away. She pointed to her robe and Kita ran to get it.

Returning with it, Angie stood shakily, and put the robe on. She took Kita’s hand and the two of them walked to the bedroom together.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t please you, Kita.” Angie whimpered. The blonde gave Kita a small smile.

“You did please me.. you did.”


My first story.. tell me what you think…

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