Kitty Walters Episode 01 Ch. 03

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Kitty rested for a few moments then grabbed her leotard and left Room DPP&A without putting the leotard on. Except for her shoes and the combination of human produced liquids covering her body, she was completely naked. Walking down the corridors naked was frowned upon at The Division. Not because of any moral standards but because it usually meant slippery floors which could be quite dangerous. A lot of money was spent training these women and it would be just plain stupid to have one of them wind up in the hospital because of a drippy snatch. Leotard in hand, Kitty made it to The Recovery Room. Harsh training was necessary to prepare operatives for any circumstances they might encounter during an assignment, but again, because of the money spent perfecting their sexual skills, The Division made sure that its investments were well taken care of.

As she opened the door, Kitty heard the familiar ryuteki music softly playing. Shinobue might have been considered to have a better recuperative influence, but the higher pitched shinobue can be somewhat discomforting after a DPP&A session. The room was divided into a number of separate smaller rooms, but despite each room being sealed off, moans and groans of physical pleasure could be heard emanating from every one, the sounds of delight accompanying the ryuteki music. Kitty was happy to see the door to Mika Fujikana’s room open. That meant she was available.

Mika, like all the masseuses who worked in The Recovery Room, was allowed to partake in the special products supplied by Division 44EE. The most obvious example of this came from their appearance. Even though Mika was sixty-two years old, you would have sworn she didn’t look a day over thirty-five. This was thanks to the rejuvenating oil all the operatives enjoyed while recovering. Twenty-four different herbs from South America, Africa and Asia, and most importantly, the extract from the Lissuin orchid, were combined into a natural medicine which not only revitalized the recipient, but also had the superficial benefit of helping the skin maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Like the g.e. bacterium which destroyed all types of STDs, the Lissuin Blend was available only to Division 44EE operatives. This state of ‘eternal youth,’ at least externally, is what made it necessary for operatives to periodically move to another city, before any of their neighbors caught on.’On rare occasions, the Lissuin Blend was used during an operative’s mission. The blend was powerful enough to delay rigor mortis in a corpse, thus providing the coroner with a false the time of death.

Mika was sitting near the whirlpool bath, meditating. When Kitty entered, she started up the bath then took the leotard and placed it in the laundry bin. It would be cleaned and returned to Kitty’s locker later. Mika then removed Kitty’s shoes, made a quick inspection of the cum stained items, and put them in the laundry bin also. Mika removed her robe, exposing her phenomenal sixty-two year old body, helped Kitty into the very large whirlpool bath, then got in with her. A small lift at the base of the bath was raised or lowered to adjust to the operative’s height, allowing her to submerge as much of her body as necessary into the water. Powerful jet streams pummeled Kitty’s entire body with soothing comfort while Mika went to work.

She began by massaging Kitty’s shoulders, neck and face with her soft, full lips. The gentle kneading and massaging of her skin by Mika was as emotionally soothing as it was physically soothing. Kitty’s cheeks, chin, forehead, even the tip of her nose was attended to by her therapist. After a while, Mika broke protocol and began to use her tongue on Kitty’s ear. She started by suckling on her lobe as if she was suckling on a clit. It was firm and hard, but soft and yielding. Mika progressed to sliding her wet tongue up the outer curve of Kitty’s ear then back down to the lobe using the underside of her tongue. It wasn’t long before she felt the tip of Mika’s Beylikdüzü Escort tongue probing into her ear as far as it could go, causing Kitty to release a long sigh of satisfaction.

Kitty had been holding Mika close to help her perform her duties, but shortly after she felt a tongue on her ear, Kitty also broke protocol by sliding her hands down Mika’s back and softly squeezing her butt cheeks. The finger making its way slowly into Mika’s asshole was an even greater disregard for the rules, but the rules concerning masseuse/client behavior were rarely enforced. If it was enjoyable for the operatives, such conduct was usually overlooked. What Mika could not ignore was the second, then third finger entering her hole, nor did she want to ignore them. Like Kitty, and most of the women in The Division, Mika derived pleasure from giving pleasure. The tiny gasps of delight emanating from Kitty’s throat and Kitty’s desire to bring joy to her therapist by filling up her ass were giant neon signs telling Mika that she was performing her job exceedingly well.

She avoided Kitty’s lower holes, knowing full well that the extensive abuse of those areas was why she was here in the first place. Instead, her hands slid down her shoulders to Kitty’s extensive tits. Mika’s fingers played delightfully with the two massive mounds of flesh as three fingers pulled out of her ass and delighted in the tickling of her wrinkled sphincter, perhaps the only part of the sixty-two year old’s body that actually was wrinkled. The laughter resulting from Kitty’s ass play made it difficult for Mika to use her tongue, so Kitty took advantage of the opportunity. Positioning Mika’s face in front of hers, Kitty once again tasted some Japanese. Each delicious set of lips savored the other until one of their tongues invaded the other’s mouth. Who’s tongue was it? Does it matter? Both women were in a sexual battle to outplease the other.

Mika’s hands found their way to Kitty’s ass and she instinctively began to massage the bruised and battered buttocks. Her fingers reinserted back into the Asian asshole, Kitty pulled her pelvis away just enough to stuff her other hand inside Mika’s muff. Four fingers slid effortlessly into the eager cunt while her thumb remained outside to push the button. It took very little effort on the part of Kitty to bring the easily orgasmic Japanese slut to The Super Colossal Happy Cum Show. Moans of satisfaction and gratitude emanated from Mika’s mouth and reverberated down Kitty’s throat. She pulled back and both swallowed the abundant quantity of saliva that had been building up inside their hungry jaws, the result of their overstimulating tongues. After her pussy had stopped quivering, Mika gave Kitty another loving kiss before leaving the whirlpool and helping her colleague out of the water.

A new mat of extra fine Egyptian cotton stuffed with duck down was placed on the massage table for each operative. The duck down helped them to recover from being stuffed up with cock. Mika shut off the water jets then dried Kitty off with a terrycloth towel before assisting her onto the table. She enjoyed the rough sensation of the towel on her flesh but her masseuse made sure to avoid roughing up her ass even further. Kitty sank onto the mat which was so soft, she didn’t know where she stopped and it began. The low hum of a fan sucking all the steam out of the room was barely audible over the soft music, loud grunts and weak whimpers of female physical fulfillment permeating through the walls. And soon Kitty’s voice would be added to that blissful chorus. Mika took the warm Lissuin Blend and poured a generous line of the oil up the back of one leg to Kitty’s neck then down the other side of her back and down her other leg.

Mika quickly but thoroughly rubbed every part of Kitty’s exposed flesh with the regenerative liquid. It’s potent compounds immediately went to work on the skin, not just repairing any damage done in the past hour or Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan so, but any damage created through the natural aging process. After she was completely coated with the precious substance, Mika gave special attention to Kitty’s ass, invariably the part of the body most damaged by a training session. The blend instantly began to undo all the cruelty endured from the brutal hands of Kwan, which Kitty happily suffered through. Within minutes, the loving hands of Mika had literally rubbed out any remaining pain or discomfort that lingered in those, soon to be again, taut perfect peaches of Kitty.

After her cheeks had been properly attended to, Mika started on Kitty’s feet, and each separate foot received individualized attention. Mika molded Kitty’s foot like a sculptress. Every movement of her fingers was comparable to that of a highly skilled artisan putting not just her time and effort into her craft but her heart and soul as well. She didn’t simply create inanimate works from clay or paint. She restored life. Kitty felt the decades of wear and tear on her feet from walking, running and standing simply dissolve away. Not long after that, she felt Mika’s mouth sucking on her toes. Each delicate digit was like candy to her taste buds. They were almost like five oversized clits, so naturally she savored every single one.

Mika gently lowered my foot and went to work on my leg. Her fingers must have been enchanted. They moved over my leg as if imbued with magical healing powers. So much tension and stress were massaged out of my muscles by Mika that by the time she had finished doing both feet and legs, my lower half was feeling nothing but complete sensual relaxation. The therapeutic prowess of my masseuse and the Lissuin Blend were penetrating deep into my flesh, and who doesn’t love a good, deep penetration?

Mika moved on to kneading my buttocks. In strong circular motions she rubbed my cheeks clockwise then counterclockwise before providing my ass with one of her patented lip massages. She showered my peaches with little kisses for a few moments, making Kwan’s wonderfully savage attack seem like a distant memory. Her hands cracked my ass open exposing the final results of Kenengi’s work. Although I countered my conscious dilation with conscious contraction, more work was needed to tighten up my sphincter and restore it to like new condition. I felt more of the blend being poured into my open hole, rolling down into my bowels, before feeling the tip of Mika’s tongue circling around the rim of my anus. Although she could have used her fingers to work the blend into the puckered skin of my asshole, she preferred the more personal touch that only a tongue could provide. So did I, as did all of the other operatives Mika massaged, I’m sure.

Her hands slid to the sides my cheeks in order to give her face more room. She wedged her face into my crack as far as it would go, enabling her long tongue to slide down the walls of my rectum, coating the insides of my anal cavity with the Lissuin Blend. There wasn’t a single operative who didn’t fall in love with the staff of The Recovery Room, but it was really just the receiving of such a high level of erotic pleasure that they were actually in love with, not the masseuses themselves. Some psychological counseling would have been necessary for green operatives if it weren’t for the fact that after a third and fourth masseuse made them feel exactly the same way, the operatives realized for themselves that it was purely physical. But what’s wrong with that?

Mika’s slurping of my asshole was not just a good indication that she was working hard, but also that she enjoyed the frenching of my shitter as much as I did. We were both a little disappointed when she moved on to my back, but my entire body needed some recovery time and, well, business before pleasure. And my shoulders, arms and wrists were quite sore from being tied up for half an hour. But once that was done, Esenyurt Escort I turned over and Mika finished massaging the front of my legs. Then she spread my legs apart and I felt her face on my cunt. My level of bliss immediately shot back up to maximum. She began to suck one of my pussy lips into her mouth. Mika’s full, soft lips gently manipulated my own. My other labia got an equal amount of attention before she pulled away and poured some more of the blend onto my snatch.

The warm, soothing liquid overflowed from my hole and spilled out onto my legs and crotch. I felt a tongue push into the crevice of my ass cheeks and lick its way up to my cunt. Mika kissed and licked and sucked her way all over the smooth, hairless flesh of my cunt before plunging her face onto my slit and probing my pussy with her tongue. I was sexually drained, which rarely happens, but I still enjoyed the sensations I was receiving. She painted the inner walls of my snatch with her saliva with one, two then three coats of her oral fluids. Her lips found my tummy and covered every square inch of my slender belly with soft, little kisses. Mika’s tongue then slid through my cleavage like a skier traveling through the base of The Alps. Knowing it would take way too long to kiss or lick all of my tits, she rubbed and squeezed as much of my oiled up melons as possible before diving onto my areolas. She gave each big, flat, brown cookie a thorough tasting before viciously biting and chewing on my hard, enlarged nipples. The pain somehow felt refreshing after all the pleasure my masseuse had been dispensing.

As Mika got on top of me and began sucking on my neck, I knew my therapy was coming to a climax. Her fingers, lips and tongue were wandering all over my face and shoulders, culminating with her skilled tongue once again bathing the inside of my ears with her saliva. She pulled back and I looked into the eyes of my healing angel. As it had happened so many times before, I had fallen in love with this gift from heaven, but, as it also had happened so many times before, I knew I wouldn’t be feeling this way by the time I got back home to my soul mate, Frank. Still, that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the moment for the pleasure it, temporarily, brought me. I mean whose life is so filled with joy that they can afford to throw away happiness when it’s staring them right in the face?

Mika closed her eyes before opening her mouth and giving me the sweetest kiss I’d ever had. Our tongues danced together, accompanied by our soft moans of happiness. They played blissfully inside our mouths like little children whose only concern was to have fun. I felt her hands slide down my arms and embrace my own, interlocking our fingers so I was powerless to escape from her clutches, not that I wanted to. My only regret was not being able to use my fingers to anally probe her. But my regret would be short lived.

As she pulled away from me, some of our juices dripped out of her mouth onto my face. She lapped it up, swallowed and shifted her body around so that we were face-to-face with each other’s cunt. I wasted no time nibbling the succulent piece of pie I had enjoyed so many times before. The juices from her cherry pie seemed to flow out endlessly, but I drank and savored and gulped every drop I could. Still, between the eating of her snatch and the drinking of her goo, there simply wasn’t enough time to consume it all. I couldn’t expend all my efforts on both aspects of cuntlapping, not without one or the other suffering, and not in the good way, so I concentrated on munching Mika’s clit. After what she had done to me, it was only fair that I return the favor and make her cum all over my face in lieu of a tip. And she was so horny and saturated with cum, it only took a few moments of licking that flowering bud to cause a flood of bodily fluids to cum out all over my face.

Guzzling it down like an alkie sailor, I was soon drunk on her pussy wine. So drunk, in fact, that I barely even noticed my own orgasm. But I had had more than enough of those to last me, well, the rest of the day. The sensual, healing touch of a professional like Mika came only after having to endure the superb sexual brutalizing of Madam Kwan and her enormously endowed studs. “Life is good,” I thought to myself.

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