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You wonder at times how a person who has normal, or even higher than normal, intelligence can be such a klutz? Here you have what appears to be a reasonable, functional, adult human being, with at least a modicum of intelligence, who manages to stuff things up with sickening regularity.

Stella was one of these. She at university, doing a degree in Information Technology. She had a mind like a steel trap, instantly capturing everything that hit it. In her case I suppose I should say a mind like a lobster trap. The information goes in and stays there, and won’t come out unless someone reached in and forcibly extracts it.

You assign her a problem and she won’t know where to start. If given a hint she will start OK, and then go off on the wrong track. Oddly enough she was a favourite for group work. The other students quickly learned that she had all the knowledge and answers required for any project, and they used her as a sort of portable encyclopaedia.

The smart ones also wouldn’t let her actually do any of the practical work on the project. If they did, she’d destroy it. Always with the best of intentions, but that didn’t help students watching their project crash and burn.

She was taking one of my courses and I had the students doing a single project with the whole class involved. Including Stella. One of the braver students took me aside and quietly explained to me that I was insane to have Stella actively work on the practical side of the project. A few sample tasks proved their point.

A part of the project involved a survey. The class had to put together their own questionnaire for the survey and, to be honest, Stella starred. She came up with some damn good questions, and over half the final survey was based on her work. She also deleted the questionnaire from our computer, but I’m a great believer in backups.

Now the class distributed the questionnaires far and wide and we got back over a thousand replies. We had a room set aside for the class to work in, and as the questionnaires came in they got sorted into different piles, based on certain answers. Stella was under firm instructions not to touch the blasted things.

When the time for accepting replies was up we had five stacks of neatly sorted questionnaires. The next step would be analysing the results. I headed down to the room where the questionnaires were to leave the students some guidelines on how to handle the analysis. When I reached the room half the class was there, fuming.

I looked around and couldn’t see anything noticeably wrong.

“Problem?” I asked.

“Why don’t you explain, Stella,” suggested one of women in an, oh so sweet and reasonable voice.

“It was an accident. I was just trying to be helpful.” she said.

“I’m sure you were,” I said. “Please, continue.”

“I thought we should have backups of the questionnaires, so I just photocopied them is all.”

I still failed to see the problem.


“Well, I gathered up the stacks and took them to the photocopier and ran them through it.”

“Ah, a moment, if you don’t mind? You took each stack and photocopied them or you took them all at once and ran them all through together.”

“Together,” she admitted.

I shrugged.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to split them into the individual stacks again,” I suggested.

“True,” murmured a voice, “if she hadn’t dropped the whole damn lot, originals and photocopies, and then just scrabbled them all back into one pile.”

It was one of those ‘oh, shit’ moments. The students would have to sit down and sort through a thousand replies and get them back into their original stacks. No, I was wrong. Two thousand replies, half of them duplicates. It was going to take them ages.

“Charley, just go to the database and reprint the replies,” I said. “Then you won’t need to worry about all the duplicates.”

There were a few looks of relief at that. It would make things a lot easier even if it would still take hours to sort them all out. Still, many hands and all that jazz. As long as Stella’s weren’t two of them.

Before I turned and left them to it I turned and smiled at Stella.

“Ah, Stella, could you drop by and see me after your last class today? I’d like a word with you.”

I then departed.

It was nearly five when Stella fronted at my office. For a while I thought that she’d decided to dodge the meeting, and I was the last güvenilir bahis person still in the offices. But she fronted up, tapping nervously on my door and edging through.

“It wasn’t really my fault,” she started.

“Oh?” I interrupted. “I thought it was. Ah, who actually dropped the questionnaires?”

“Well, it was me,” she confessed, “but it was an accident. It could have happened to anyone.”

“I see. Tell me, Stella, what instructions did I give you regarding the questionnaires?”

“Not to touch them for any reason,” she admitted.

“I believe Charley gave you instructions regarding them as well. What were they?”

“Not to touch them,” she said glumly.

“No, I’m sure it was more colloquial than that. Try again. I know you have an excellent memory.”

“If I fucking touched them he’d break my bloody neck,” she said, blushing.

“Mmm. Rather blunt, is our Charley. I see you still live. I wonder why.”

“I think he’s hoping you’ll do the honours for him,” Stella said softly, but I still caught it.

“So you deliberately disobeyed both my and the group leader’s instructions and caused everyone a lot of work.”

“I was only trying to create a backup so we wouldn’t lose them,” Stella protested.

“They were printouts. The originals are on the computer and backed up as well. I can recover them even if you do delete the originals. For some reason you just don’t think things through. Why the hell don’t you just put some forethought into what you do?”

I gave her a nasty look for a few moments while she wilted.

“The trouble now is that you’re already on two warnings for stupid stuff-ups. If I have to give you a third it’s automatically a fail for my class and you’ll have to redo the course. God knows neither of us wants that to happen. Have you any suggestions?”

Stella wouldn’t look at me. She knew that she was on her last warning and I could see she had something on her mind. Possibly something that explained her tardy arrival.

“You could always spank me,” she muttered, so softly I barely heard it.

“Excuse me?”

“I said you could always spank me,” she said, a lot more clearly. “I’ve read the rules. Corporal punishment is still on the books even if it’s never used any more. So a spanking would mean that I’d be punished and I wouldn’t have to repeat the course.”

“You’re not thinking things through again,” I said quietly.

“Yes, I am,” Stella protested. “I thought about this. All you have to do is deliver a spanking and mark it in my file as an agreed punishment. That’s the end of it.”

“No, it’s not,” I said. “Tell me, how do you see the spanking proceeding?”

“Ah, I suppose I’d have to bend over the desk and you’d spank me.”

“Uh huh. Or perhaps over my knee?”

“I guess.”

“You’re wearing a short skirt,” I pointed out. “That means that you’d be flashing your panties at me.”

Stella blushed, and then I continued.

“Except, of course, I’ll have pulled them down to paddle your bare bottom.”

Stella looked a little shocked at that.

“Why don’t you consider that and tell me what that means?”

She blinked at me a couple of times, trying to think it through. She shrugged.

“I guess you’ll see my bottom,” she muttered.

I almost did a face-palm.

“Stella, it means that a male who is not a relative is going to have a close up view of not only your bottom but your pussy, as well. Furthermore, that male will have his hands all over your bottom and, if that male is me, I can guarantee his hands will wander down to your pussy. It would be irresistible.

Bending over my knee is tantamount to your saying ‘take me. I’m yours’ and I damn well would take you.”

“You wouldn’t. I’m a virgin. I wouldn’t agree to anything like that.”

“Stella, you’re of age. That makes you man’s legal prey. I’m amazed half the student body hasn’t lined up to try to seduce you. No. I’m not. They’ve probably been trying and you haven’t even noticed.”

I got up off my seat and moved around to the other side of the desk. Facing Stella I lifted her skirt.

“Here, hold this for a moment,” I told her.

She took it, looking confused. I then reached down and pulled down her panties, revealing a nice patch of blonde curls. I ran my fingers through them, cupped her mound and gently squeezed.

Holding her like that I looked up at her. Her mouth türkçe bahis had dropped open and she was looking red-faced and stunned.

“Now are you beginning to get the idea?” I asked her. I palpitated her mound a couple of times. “If I were to spank you, this little treasure would also get a lot of attention, both like this and then internally when my cock penetrates you.”

I let her go and stepped back, intrigued to notice that she didn’t immediately lower her skirt.

“Perhaps I should show you what my erection looks like. Would you like to see what I would be using on you?”

I unzipped. My erection had blown up to full size in an instant when I’d grabbed her mound. Those things know when things are getting interesting. I brought it out into the light. It was quite a reasonable specimen in my opinion. From the way Stella was staring it appeared that she agreed.

I zipped up and returned to behind my desk. Stella was still just standing there, holding her skirt and looking slightly stunned.

“I think you should be beginning to see why a spanking is not such a good idea,” I said quietly. “Why don’t you go and reconsider it and see what other things you can come up with. I’ll see you back here tomorrow at the same time. Oh, by the way, you can let your skirt down now.”

Stella looked down at where she was still holding her skirt and displaying her wares. She flushed and let the skirt drop. She turned towards the door, nearly tripping over her panties, which were still around her ankles.

This time I did do a face-palm. I couldn’t believe it. The whole thing was a farce. It stopped being a farce when I heard the door lock, looked up and found Stella still in the office.

“I’ll chance it,” she said defiantly. “If I have a spanking right now the episode is closed and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

I have a couch in my office. It’s convenient when I have a group of students in. Especially convenient during exam times when I pull the occasional all-nighter and need to take a short nap. I rose from my chair and went and sat on it.

I indicated to Stella to bend over my knee and she did so. I flicked up her dress. I’d already decided I wouldn’t pull down her panties; just spank her with them on. Too much temptation, otherwise.

So much for my resolution. She hadn’t pulled them up when she nearly tripped, as I’d assumed. She’d taken them off. Apparently to save me the trouble. I had her stand up again, giving her one last chance to bolt.

“I’ve changed my mind about how I’ll spank you,” I told her. “I think you’ll get the message better if you’re naked. Take of your clothes.”

The rotten little bitch didn’t even blink. She just started stripping, whipping her clothes off and tossing them onto my desk. It seemed like one moment she was dressed and the next moment there was this vision of naked blonde loveliness standing in front of me.

I didn’t even have to ask. She proceeded to bend over my knee, bottom high, legs slightly splayed so that I had a good view. We both knew damn well what she was asking for and it wasn’t the spanking.

“Count to twenty,” I said, “and if you lose count I’ll damn well start again.”

My hand came down hard on her bottom, and she squealed and managed to call one. Then I delivered a resounding spank to her other cheek for another squeal and a two. I was honest with the spanking. I only delivered spanks to her bottom’s cheeks, ten to each, although I varied which one would receive each individual spank.

Stella squealed and wailed for the entire performance, but managed to keep count. She also wiggled and flailed her legs around, resulting in her breasts jiggling wildly about and her pussy constantly brought to my notice. I think she was waiting for me to touch her there and couldn’t understand why I didn’t.

When Stella reached twenty, with what sounded like a sob of relief, I spun her to her feet and then pulled her back down so she was sitting on my lap. My hands came up and cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them before my thumbs sought and found her nipples. I started rolling her nipples around, feeling them standing stiff.

Stella was moving restlessly, her bottom undoubtedly smarting.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. “The spanking is over.”

“I know. Now the ravishment takes place, just as I promised. Just relax.”

I dropped one hand down to her lap, sliding it between güvenilir bahis siteleri her thighs and capturing her mound again. I started massaging her.

“Um, I didn’t exactly agree to this, you know?” she gasped, squirming and rubbing her pussy against my hand in a most delightful way.

“You did,” I contradicted her, “and if you tell fibs I’ll have to spank you again.”

She didn’t say anything else, too busy concentrating on pushing her body against my wandering hands. I turned slightly, sliding off the couch and onto a knee, while steering Stella flat onto her back on the couch.

Now my mouth settled on her breast, gently sucking and biting. Stella was writhing and gasping, pushing her breast into my mouth and at the same time trying to bring my mouth across to her other breast. She didn’t seem to know what she wanted, but she wanted it now.

While my mouth was engaging her lovely breasts my hands were not idle. I stroked her pussy, tracing along the slit, spreading it slightly as I moved, encouraging her vulva to flower for me. Fingers dipped inside her, testing her warmth and wetness. A chance encounter with her clitoris had her bucking up with a shriek.

She was, I judged, ready for more.

My trousers were already down and my erection was well and truly ready. I eased one of Stella’s legs off the couch and moved into the vacated area. Stella was looking along her body to where my cock was now poised, ready to take her. I eased closer and she held her breath.

Two fingers separated her lips and my cock delicately pressed into the space provided. I pushed in just a little, letting her lips close over me. Stella let out her breath with a whoosh.

“You’re really doing it, aren’t you,” she muttered. “I wasn’t sure if you really would. You’re not going to stop, are you?”

That final question wasn’t a last desperate plea for me to stop. It was a plea for reassurance that I wouldn’t. For an answer I smiled and started pressing into her.

She was one of the lucky ones. Her hymen was like gossamer, readily yielding to the male’s demand for entry. Stella gave the tiniest of winces when I pushed through, but quickly forgot it as she felt me going deeper.

She was virgin, hot, wet and tight. Then she was no longer virgin, but still hot, wet and tight. Her tightness yielded slowly, but her tight softness was no match for my hard rigidity. I pushed steadily into her while her passage yielded, stretched, and yielded some more.

Stella didn’t let out a peep for the entire time I was entering her. She just lay there, watching closely as my cock sank into her. Towards the end I could feel the subtle difference as she pressed up to meet me, eager to take all of me. Then I was home and lying against her, my body covering hers.

Her eyes now sought mine and she watched me as I started to move. I took it slowly, letting her get the feel for it. It wasn’t long and her body was undulating gently under me, her hips rising to meet me, lowering as I withdrew.

Slowly but surely our tempo increased. We both fell into the same rhythm, rocking together, taking our time, enjoying the moment but knowing that eventually it would end. On we went in mutual pleasure, taking and giving and just enjoying.

Soon we were moving faster. Our pleasure changing into a hard driving need and we adjusted our rhythm accordingly. I was driving in harder and faster and Stella was squealing and bouncing, desperately pushing up against me, wanting me more and more.

She was no longer staring at me, I noticed. Her eyes were closed and she was turned inwards, all her attention on what was happening to her. I pumped harder and faster, knowing that shortly it would all be over.

Finally I was ejaculating, bursting forth deep within her, and Stella was shrieking and climaxing, her world having gone wild around her.

I was able to mark in Stella’s record that she had been reprimanded and the matter was closed. From my point of view, that is. The next day Charley came to see me. As unofficial project leader, it appeared the rest of the class expected him to speak to Stella. What the hell was he supposed to say to her?

“Just explain to her that you were disappointed in her stuff up and that she caused unnecessary work for everyone. Tell her that she should give more thought to the consequences of what she does. Oh, and you might say that you feel that as a reminder to think more carefully in future she really should get a spanking. Volunteer to give it. That might make her think and you never know, she might even agree.”

I like Charley, but he can be too serious at times. Stella would suit him well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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