Knowing Each Other Even Better

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She screamed at her boyfriend while at the brink of her orgasm. She knew from experience that her boyfriend was near the edge and she wanted them to cum together. She loved being fucked in the face and was able to bring herself to orgasm almost everytime. Also, she loved giving blowjobs and her boyfriend, obviously, didn’t have any problem sliding his fat cock down her throat. She really did have a talented mouth. She started slow, with kisses on the tip and light sucks. Then she made her way with her tongue down his shaft to his balls and suck on them alternatively. With her mouth attending to his cum filled balls, she stroked his dick, which was already lubed up with her spit. He really felt in heaven everytime she went down on him. Taking his head in her mouth she started a sucking action which got him to groan out in pleasure. Smiling with her mouth full of dick, she started to tease him by slowly bobbing her head up and down his dick. He wanted to cum so bad. He suddenly stood up and grabbed her head.

“Time to get to business escort izmir baby.”

With this he grabbed her by the waist, bent her over his shoulder and carried her over to the chest of drawers next to the bed. He plopped her on top of it and spread her legs wide apart. She opened her legs into a full 180, giving him complete view and access to her gleaming wet pussy, presenting herself as his slut to use how ever he wanted.

He licked his lips, which tasted like the pussy he was just about to pound into. He smiled and rubbed the head of his steel cock on her pussy opening. Both of them groaned at the erotic view of his member sliding into her wet cunt slowly but steadily. Once he was all the way in, he stayed there, savouring the moment and letting her getting used to the feeling. Her cunt felt incredible on his dick, hugging his cock like it was made for it. She flexed her pussy muscles, making him groan and the moving sensation of her pussy from the inside.

“You like that baby? You like ur dick stretching my cunt walls?”

“Ohhhhhhmmmhh” he moaned, getting more and more turned on by her dirty language.

“How escort izmir about u stop messing around and really fuck my pussy with that tool of yours?”

Driven by lust and not being able to control himself, he pulled out and lunged forward as hard as he could.

“AAAAAAAAHHH! Oh yeah baby! Just like that!” she moaned as he pistoned into her.

He grabbed her legs and hugged them close to his chest so he could fuck her harder.

“Yeahhhh baby just like that. Fuck your slut’s wet pussy. Baby I’m so hot right now myeah. Ohhhh yeah baby just like that. Stretch this cunt baby, make your little hoe cum on your dick.”

Hearing her talk like that sent him into overdrive and he fucked her with more enthusiasm.

She sensed her orgasm coming.”Yeahh baby just like that…yeah make me cum baby…oh yeah baby, cum with me baby, cum with me. Ahhhh…ahhh…ohhnnmn.”

“FUCK BABY UR MAKING ME CUM!” she screamed as her pussy tightened around his member. Her juice gushed out of her cunt as he continued to impale her on his dick.

“AAAAHHHHHH BABY OH MY GOD FUCK” she exclaimed as another orgasm took over body.

Unable to stop anymore,”I’m gonna cum too baby…unhhh! Where do u want it…ohnnh” moaned, unable to form sentences in such s moment of ecstasy.


“OHHNHNNHHH” he moaned as his orgasm took over, throwing spurt after spurt of cum into her belly. He pushed deep into her, with every stroke spurting another stream of baby batter into her already cum filled cunt. Totally spent, he laid his head in her neck.

“i love u baby!”

I love u too babe!” she said with a smile of pure joy on her glowing face. Keep fucking me like that and I won’t disappoint your tool down there.

He smiled as he pulled out of her, their parts still connected by a web of their cum mixture. The cum flowed out of her pussy and he watched as she took 2 fingers, reached into her cunt and pulled them out, full of their mixed juices. He groaned as he watched her lips seal around her fingers and then her throat gulped. She pulled out her fingers and said, “Maybe next time i can take it straight from the source?” smiling down at my dick which was starting to become hard again. “Wanna go again right now?” was all he wanted to hear as he grabbed her head and put it on his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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