Kumar Apartments Ep. 06

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Narrated by Swati

Hi friends, it’s me Swati… hope you know I am Amit’s cousin sister and you have read about me in his earlier stories. To continue Kumar apartment tales, I am going to narrate the story today.


After having a teas full morning with my cousin brother Amit, I was heading to the gym. Well Amit was disappointed but I gave him good hope promising to have fun later at night. While going to the gym I also met one of my apartment neighbour friends named Shobha and also a guy named Akash who is her brother-in-law. You guys know it from the previous part. He is handsome and I knew he was drooling over me from my back in the elevator, he was definitely checking my ass curves in my tight spandex leggings.

After Shobha and her brother-in-law got out on their floor I was desperate to reach the gym, it wasn’t anything like I was mad for the workout but for my sweet honey, my best friend and not official yet but my girlfriend Teena. In our apartment, stories about me and Teena are on air already but only among the females.

As I reached the gym I straight away made my way to Teena who was very happy to see me. A spark of love twinkled in her eye as she saw me. I went to her gave her a hug and said: hi Teena

Teena squeezes me in a tight hug and says: hi dear, why you got so late? I messaged you while coming here.

We brake the hug and I said: Ugh… yeah got some work at home, I will tell you about that later but first of all why didn’t you replied to any of my messages last night?

Teena’s face went pale, she suddenly got depressed and said: Hmmm… I was pissed off with my parents.

Me: why what happened?

Teena: my dad is an ass you know, one of our relatives is getting married and he is asking me to join him for the function. And it’s out of the station.

Me: but why you? You should have made some excuse.

Teena: what excuse will I make? My stupid brother Rahul… is having his classes and my party freak mom… you know her right… she won’t skip her parties. At last, I was the one jobless at home.

I was now disappointed too and said: ok… so how many days you will be there?

Teena: I guess 3 or more, minimum 3 days I know.

Now I was even more disappointed and said: ohh… so for the next 3 days we won’t be seeing each other?

She saw I was sad, she took my chin in her hand and said: don’t be sad my little swat cat… I have something for you.

She gave me a smile when she called me “swat cat” and I asked: what? What’s that?

Teena: first let’s finish off our workout as soon as possible then I will let you know.

For the next 1 hour, we did some of the basic exercises with casual talks. I kept asking her several time what have she planned for me today, but she, as usual, stubborn ass gave me no answer.

After finishing off our work we were making our way towards the elevator when she said: you know, today a guy came with Shobha to the gym. You should have been here. It was fun to see how all others were making comments on them.

I remembered the guy with Shobha in the elevator and said: yeah I met them in the elevator. He’s a pervert I guess. He was standing right behind me in the elevator and I am sure his eyes were on my ass.

She spanks my ass with the towel she was holding and says: obviously, babe… who won’t go perverted on these sexy ass buns of yours. Ha-ha-ha!

Me: Oh fuck! I forgot to tell you.

Teena: what’s that?

Me: I have a guy at my home right now.

A sudden possessiveness washes over her face and she asks with narrow eyebrows: Who!!

Me: He’s my cousin, my dad’s elder sister’s son.

Teena: Thank god, he’s your brother, or else I already made plans to cut his dick off.

Me: Ha-ha-ha! You are a possessive ass you know, don’t worry… am only yours.

We got into the lift and reached to our floor. Teena’s house is just a neighbouring flat to mine. As we got out of the lift I was curious to know from her and asked: now tell me, what is it? You said you have something special for me.

Teena with a blush reply: hmmm, well for the next 3 days I am not here… so I thought… you know.

I knew what she wanted and I said: dear, even I want it… but that stupid Amit, my cousin is at home or else we would have had some fun at my place.

Teena grins and say: well don’t worry babe, there’s no one at my place now.

Me: Wow, really?

Teena: yeah, Rahul (Teena’s brother) is out with his friends and he was saying to mom that he will go for his classes from there itself so he won’t be back until evening. Mom is also out for her shopping, she said she will be back by 4 or 5 and my dad, as usual, he’s at work.

Me: so when are you leaving for your native?

Teena: dad said the train is at 5:30 so he might come early by 3 maybe.

I was so happy to hear it, it’s been a long time that I and Teena had some girl-on-girl fun so I was excited enough to pop on my toes.

Me: Then yalova escort let’s go, no wasting time babe.

Teena: No wait, for now, you go to your home. Let me check if really everyone has left the house or not. I will call Rahul and mom to check they don’t come early and then I will call you, ok!

Me: damn, I can’t resist it, I just want to pounce on you dear.

Teena laughs and says: ha-ha-ha, ok-ok, wait just 5-10 minutes, that’s all, please. And yeah, I told you right, there’s a surprise for you.

I grab her palm in mine and with a puppy eye I pleaded: please tell, what’s the surprise is? Please…

Teena: damn, you are wasting our time, ha-ha-ha! Go home or wait outside anywhere. I will call you in some minutes.

With a tone of happiness and excitement but with a little disappointment of leaving her now I went to my home. Listening to the door sound, Amit comes out of his room, he was well dressed and was about to go somewhere.

I smile at him and say: hello smarty, where are you going?

Amit: what can I say… you just ignite a fire in me and go off, so I was making myself engaged.

Me: oh! So you mean you are going somewhere to get your fire off, ha-ha-ha

Amit: no-no, just going to meet one of my friends here, so what will you be doing the whole day?

Me: Aaaa… well I have to plan it, maybe I will go out after a shower.

Amit: Ok, so you will be back by evening right?

Me: Yeah, definitely.

Suddenly my phone rings and I knew who it should be, it was Teena. I picked her call and said: hello!

Teena on phone: root is clear babe, come and eat me, ha-ha-ha!

She cuts the call rather than wasting any more time on saying even a bye, I looked at Amit and said: ok bye will meet in the evening!

Amit: ok bye but, where are you…

I didn’t even let him finish his lines, just opened the door got out and banged it closed. I made a quick walk to her house door and rang her bell. As she opens the door and sees me she says: ha-ha-ha, did you just traveled at the speed of sound?

I pushed her in, got myself in, kicked the door to close, and just hugged her as tight as I could. She hugged me back and looked into my eye. Looking in her eye I said: if you had made me wait a bit longer I would have taken the speed of light babe, now where’s my surprise?

Teena: oh, come on baby, have some patience.

We couldn’t resist each other anymore and in the next second our lips collided with each other. For few seconds we kept kissing passionately with our eyes closed and then while kissing itself I made her walk backward. As we made more steps without seeing where we are going, her legs hit the couch behind her and she fell back on it grabbing me with her. I fell on top of her and we started laughing and kissed again. She pulled my tongue in her mouth and started sucking it. Our tongues danced with each other in her mouth for a while and then they shifted into my mouth. As I was on top of her, her hands had good access to invade into my spandex tracks, soon her hands were in it and fondling my ass over my panty. In return, I grabbed her boobs over her top and started squeezing them as we went mad and deep in our kiss.

We kissed for the next 2 minutes and then I got up placing my knees on either side of her waist. I looked in her eye with a glowing fire of lust and then pulled her top up making her boobs bounce out. She smiled and lifted her back for me to pull her top completely out of her. I pulled out my t-shirt and then my bra to get even to her. Now we both were nude on top and I fell back on her squeezing my boobs with hers. We both always loved being in this position where we felt our perky nipples rubbing on each other, something that I will never have being with a guy.

Teena: aren’t we still overdressed?

I smiled and got down, she was definitely looking so hot staring at me with greed wearing a spandex track and nothing on top, l.

I bend over and grabbed the hem of her pant and pulled it down when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I looked at her and grinned as I say: naughty bitch! You were with no inners all this time, even in the gym, hmmm!

Teena laughs and say: Ha-ha-ha! I thought you might have noticed it. Thought of tempting you but you didn’t.

As she finished her lines I pulled her tight pants out of fher legs making her completely nude and then without wasting any time I got out of my tracks and panties.

We both were now completely naked and shamelessly admiring each other. It’s different to be nude in our private room but to be nude in that way in someone else’s house was really shameless but naughty at the same time. It definitely gave me a feeling of naughty hot freedom.

I pounced back on her and she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me closer to her as if she just wanted our nude bodies to get molded together, as I was about to kiss her again she moves back and say: hey, I have an idea.

Me: what?

Teena: yalova escort bayan shall we take this to my washroom?

I laugh and tease her by replying: why? Don’t tell me your excited enough to pee right now! Ha-ha-ha!

Teena: no babe, we both are so sweaty after the gym, why don’t we take our passionate shower, it’s been so long we haven’t done that.

I felt it a tempting idea and got up, grabbed her arm and pulled her up with me. Soon we were giggling and running nude around the room picking up our clothes we just threw off. While I was picking my last piece of cloth from the floor she came behind me and spanked my ass cheek as hard as she could and ran away to her room. Her spank was hard enough to give me a heated sting and I was so angry at her to shout and say: aaah! Fucking bitch!! You are gonna pay!

I ran behind her, as I got in her room she threw all her clothes over me which gave her some time to escape and she ran into her washroom. I threw off all the clothes and went to the washroom but as I enter she started shooting streams of warm water holding the shower faucet.

Teena giggles and said: sorry sorry, please I am sorry, please don’t beat me!

I have moved back with the sudden strike of water on my face but then I struggled and hurried to reach up to her and grabbed her. I grabbed by her waist and pulled her onto me for a wet naked hug. For fraction of a second, we both just stared into our eyes filled with love and lust at the same time. But that fraction of a second felt like a whole hour which made us unable to resist each other and we ended up sticking our lips together. She drops the faucet from her hand and hugs me back tight, she was so lost in our kiss that she didn’t notice me putting the head shower on. As the shower rained our nude bodies got wetter and our boobs and nipples rubbed to each other squeezing every drop of water running down between us. Our eyes were closed and our kiss went further passionate with my tongue invading her sweet mouth. This moment felt almost equal to as we both are shamelessly standing naked in the rain under the open sky and kissing each other madly. Like two naked snakes making out, we were virtually crawling on each other’s naked wet bodies. My hands running down on her hairs, neck, and back, hers on mine… my thighs rubbing to hers, hers to mine. I push my knee between her thighs to see if I could grind her wet pussy and she trying the same to me. It was a moment I never wished to get over, and I know she too felt the same.

We might have just kissed for a minute but it felt we have been kissing for a decade and still I wasn’t willing to stop it but suddenly I felt a push on me which parted us. She pushes me off apart and said: what’s the fun without being sloppy!

She stops the shower and then selects one particular shower gel while looking into my eye and says: I will use this for my baby, it won’t burn your eyes.

Me: Which eye do you mean?

She laughs and squeezes the can darting a long stream of gel on my breast and belly and says: let’s find out.

I snatch the can from her hand and squeezed it on her writing the word “S” on her chest and said: You are mine!

She strokes her hands on her breast and belly messing the gel all over and ruining the letter i wrote, then she spout her lips to say: Oops! I messed it, wanna punish me for it?

Without wasting any time I dropped the can in the tub and smashed my body with her hugging our soapy and sloppy nudity together. Our bodies slipped on each other and to be honest nothing on earth is as pleasing as it was. We kissed each other once again while this time our hands played on each other’s breast and arms applying the gel all over us. Slowly my hand reached to her bottom soaping her smooth thighs and then made its way into her core. As my fingers touched her pussy mound she slightly spread her thighs to give me clear access. My fingers stroked her pussy lips applying the soapy form, as it happened she gasped and bit my lips, a bit harder than I imagined. To that sweet pain, my fingers stroked her clit hard enough to make her moan and spare my lips out of her tooth. She brings her hand down and did the same as I did and then we both were stroking each other’s wet pussy while kissing more passionately. No matter it was a cold day in December but still, we were hot and steaming in our own world of paradise.

For a long moment, we kept kissing and playing with each other’s bottom lips and then we detached apart. I caught her shoulder and pushed her to turn over to show me her back. I took the hand shower and sprayed the water all over her back making the water flow down to her ass cheeks. She was enjoying the pleasure of warm water washing down her back when I slapped her ass as my earlier revenge, as her ass was wet it definitely went too hard giving her the sting of her life.

She screamed out: Ahhh! Bitch!! That was too hard!

I went down and placed a kiss on the place I slapped and then escort yalova took the shower gel can and squeezed it in between her ass crack. I got up and kissed her neck and shoulder from the back while my hand made its way in between her crack. My fingers went in spreading her petite ass cheeks apart and then touched my fingertip on her puckered asshole. Slowly circling my finger I circled the soap at the tip of her exit. She moaned and turned her head to kiss me. For the next few minutes she kept kissing me while my fingers washed her clean and then I moved back and turned my back to her, bending a little popping and wiggling my ass to her I squeezed the gel in between my ass crack and said: It’s my turn baby!

Teena at first came and hugged me from back and then slowly took her hand down. With one hand, she hugged and teased my nipples while the other pushed its way between my cracks to touch my poop hole. Using her fingers she soaped my hole and to my surprise, she slowly dipped the tip inside of me. She almost pushed her one finger in me which went smoothly using the sloppiness of the gel. I gasped and moaned as I felt her finger twisting inside me. All I could do was making my hip hit back to make it go in and out of me. She was aware I am willing to get my ass fucked with her finger and to my disappointment she suddenly pulls it out and said: No baby, not so soon.

I grinned and said: You’re such a tease, bitch!

Time went and soon we were done with our bath, soaping and washing down each other we finished it a bit pretty longer. She took her towel and started to wipe herself while I stood staring at her and said: Hey! That isn’t how we use to do it, right?

Teena: I know babe, but today I want something different.

Me: What?

Teena wipe the towel in between her thighs literally showing me that she’s rubbing the towel on her pussy and then throw the towel on me and says: I want you to wipe yourself on your own and come out after a minute. Remember… the surprise?

I took the surprise and started wiping myself and said: yeah, so?

Teena opens the door and while going out she looks at me to say: Take your time, don’t come out until I say to.

She winks and goes out closing the door behind her. I stood inside wondering what it would be that she’s planed, we have had girl-on-girl intimate moments earlier, kissing and fingering each other, exploring each other’s pleasure points, so I was really excited to know what was in her mind. I wiped myself dry and called for her: Hey Teena! Am done!

Teena: Wait! Just a minute!

I could have just opened the door and went out but I didn’t want to spoil her game as i wanted her to be happy as well, so I just waited until she said: Ok now, you can come out!

As I went out, I saw her standing in front of her dressing table wearing a short thigh-length satin robe and giving me a flirtatious smile. I still wondered whats the surprise is, I have seen her in lingerie, sheer and sexy baby dolls, nude and so what was this, she’s just in a simple satin robe, that’s all, so what’s the surprise!!

Teena knew I was confused, she saw it on my face and asked: so, how do I look?

Me: you always look as hot as a fire babe, but what’s the surprise?

Teena: ha-ha-ha, you are so desperate, dear.

Me: yes I am, you made me wait a while, I know you didn’t take this long to just put that robe on you, did you?

Teena again laughs and says: ha-ha-ha, you caught me!

She smiles and slowly unties her robe but to my disappointment, I still found nothing but just her in the same colored matching satin thigh-length nighty. I have already seen her in these things, where is my fucking surprise?

She knew I was confused, not compromised to which she laughs and says: Still not happy?

I crossed my hands and said: where the hell is my surprise? What are you up to?

She drops her robe down and then turns back to her dressing table, she opens her drawer and took something out. I couldn’t make out what it was, it looked like some kind of body lotion tube, I thought to myself is she thinking that she will ask me to apply it on her and I will take it as my surprise for which I have been eagerly waiting for so long? That’s a bit annoying…

She turns and throws it at me. I dive bouncing my naked boobs and somehow make a perfect catch. I then check the tube and it wrote…

“Wicked Jelle Extra Thick Water Based Anal Lubricant”

To be honest, I was amazed but confused at the same time, it was a water-based lubricant for anal sex. But then I knew Teena so far and she was never into anything indulging our “assholes”, she has let me touch there but has never let me lick or kiss. So what was she planning with this tube of lubricant?

I raised my head to ask but then she questioned in prior and asked: do you like your surprise?

I questioned back: what surprise? Is this for real? Don’t tell me it is!

Teena: well, I thought of giving you something different today, so…

Now that was the moment when I felt butterflies in my tummy, I have always tried to push her for something kinky and dirty with some anal games but she always neglected it as she kept saying that’s dirty. But seeing this in my hand and her words I was virtually hopping on my heels.

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