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For Women

I’ve always been pretty useful with my hands and before you start with the jokes, yes, I enjoy a good wank like any other guy – who doesn’t? (I haven’t gone blind, yet; although having to shave my palms once a month is a drag). It’s the reason why God gave us opposable thumbs! Anyway, apart from some average d.i.y skills about the house, I also give good massage, if I do say so myself (which I don’t!), and decided to do a little moonlighting by advertising in several publications.

The response was brisk and varied: Married women seeking a little ‘afternoon delight’ while their husbands were at work; Single men exploring their ‘bi-curious’ side; Gay men asking for ‘a little extra’, sometimes getting it too, and couples who enjoyed sharing a discreet moment away from it all. Some became regular visitors and a few are still good friends.

I met Ghita and Harry for the first time in 1992. Over the phone he asked about types of massage and I told him Swedish (with talc), regular (with oil), and also with aromatherapy oils. She liked the sound of the latter and duly arrived the week after our initial phone conversation, where he’d mentioned her curiosity about white men. She’d never made love with one before and wanted to see what it was like. That made us even in a way as i’d never had a black woman although my ex-wife was half-Indian (the top half I think), which doesn’t really count.

My initial impression of Ghita was of a woman in her late thirties; lush black hair fell around her slim shoulders framing a pretty, coffee-brown face with dark, intelligent brown eyes that calmly regarded my overt scrutiny with an appraisal of her own, judging how far she was prepared to go. Harry appeared to be about ten years older; a thick salt-and-pepper moustache decorated his upper lip with pride and he shook my hand firmly, looking at me from behind an expensively framed pair of tinted lenses, perched on his aquiline nose. He was three, maybe four, inches short of my six feet, but somewhat taller than his wife who had to look up to see us leading the way upstairs.

“Here we are,” I said, pointing out the massage table in the middle of my spare room, “would you like a drink?”

Ghita shook her head and looked around, noticing a single bed against the opposite wall with a slight smile. Harry accepted an ice cold glass of orange juice gratefully as it was a hot evening and sat down, watching his wife take off her sari unselfconsciously while I selected my oils.

“Lay down on your tummy,” I suggested, pouring a generous amount of grape seed oil into a blue china bowl, “take a deep breath and relax. Are you ticklish?”

Harry repeated what I’d said in Hindi and she shook her head, made herself comfortable on the padded table, covering her face in that glorious mane of hair, making it the only part of her body that wasn’t beautifully nude.

“What is in the bowl?” He asked, making himself more comfortable in the chair across from me.

I poured a little of the mixture onto my palms, rubbed it in slowly and told him, “cedar wood, rose and a little ylang-ylang.”

Ghita drew a sharp breath as my palms rested lightly on the small of her back and let it out softly as I began to rub up her spine, across both shoulders, then back to where I started from; repeating the circuit several times until her back glistened with a light sheen of oil. Her breathing became deep and regular as I concentrated on the nape of her neck, rolling both thumbs over the tangled knot of nerves there before sliding a hand down each of her arms that lay loosely by her torso. She sighed with pleasure and muttered something under her breath as my finger tips traced back to my starting point, surreptitiously brushing my hard on with her hand.

“She say you have soft hands and a hard cock.” Harry translated.

I smiled, poured more oil onto my palms and began kneading the firm flesh of her buttocks. She squeezed my balls and rested her hand back on the table, wiggling sensuously under my hands as they stroked up and down her muscular thighs, parting them slightly to ensure they were fully coated in oil. The lips of her pussy smiled up at me through a dark thicket of black hair and I managed to resist the temptation to run my fingers along her slit, trailing them along the back of her legs, taking a foot in both hands to stroke the sole instead; slowly tweaking each toe between thumb and forefinger, then moving round with my back to Harry and repeating the rhythm along the other side, her hand sneaking another feel of my erection on the way up her body until I stood over her head, looking down her spine as my hands cupped her face, stroking softly. Only the thin cotton of my shorts stood between her warm, wet mouth and the head of my cock; I could feel her hot breath come in short, fast gasps as the erotic tension grew between us and drew back before the urge to feel her sweet lips around my cock overcame my control. I took a long, cold drink to regain a semblance görükle escort of composure and asked Harry to tell her to her to roll over.

With exquisite grace she did so, presenting her full breasts to my avid gaze and I kept my eyes locked on them as I began to rub alongside her neck, down her décolletage and across her arms, pressing my crotch onto the top of her head to let her feel my excitement. I then poured a generous amount of oil over her breasts, cupping them gently to rub them together, spreading the oil evenly over them. While I teased her firm, fat nipples in-between slippery fingers she raised her hands up to the top of my shorts, working them down until my erection lay exposed over her face. Ghita’s hot breath sent a shiver through my balls and she smothered them with kisses as I squeezed her tits, rolling and slapping them around in my hands until I could almost see my face reflected on the oily surface. As her exploring tongue found the tip of my cock I stepped back, slipped off my shorts and moved round the table until I stood at her feet, gently moving them apart to reveal her bushy pussy. She muttered under her breath and I glanced at Harry with a questioning look, lifted her foot and tenderly began to suck her toes, one after another.

“You’re making her very hot,” he said, rubbing the front of his trousers, “and she like how you tease her but she wants you very much.”

I could see that from where I stood. Her thick cunt lips were flushed with anticipation, curling up from the dark curls and exuding a delicious aroma that made my mouth water. She gave another moan and said something to Harry that made him smile and stand up, unzipping himself as he did so.

“She want you to make her cum with your tongue,” he said, slowly stroking his handsome length, “if you make her cum, she’ll let you fuck her.”

I put her foot over my shoulder, took the other one and sucked her toes, teasing her some more while Harry fed his cock into her mouth. Her moans became more urgent as she felt my lips making their unhurried way along her smooth legs, pulling her towards my mouth as I pushed them back over her head, running my tongue in a zigzag down the back of her thighs until it brushed her sexy cunt.

Harry held her legs apart, watching closely as I slid the tip of my tongue along her slit and flicked her clit gently before sliding back down again. She groaned loudly, writhing between my tongue in her cunt and his cock in her mouth. Her juices flowed like hot syrup and I drank them down, savouring her spicy flavour, alternately licking deep and long, short and fast, tongue fucking her juicy flesh, feeling her excitement wash over my face. Ghita’s moans came hard and fast when she felt my tongue slither down her crack, teasing her tight, puckered hole before making my way back to her clit, rolling it between my teeth, pulling the hot bud up and sucking it like a little cock. Her arse bounced under my hands and I held her open, sucking her cunt like a ripe peach. I glanced up and watched her consume Harry’s cock for a while before delving back between her soft cheeks, lewdly rimming her funky arsehole as my fingers stroked her inner thighs. She was close. A well placed thumb in her arse brought her closer, my nimble fingers pinching her clit closer still and as I locked onto her cunt, sucking hard, she pitched headlong over the edge, cumming over my tongue which thrust busily in and out of her soaking slit. I love sucking hot pussy, sometimes more than fucking it!

“Oh! She like that,” gasped Harry, “you have condom?”

Does the Pope wear a tall hat? I grinned and licked my lips clean, opened a drawer where I kept my oils and selected a mint blue condom, put it on with a minimum of delay and stepped back to where Ghita lay rubbing her clit as though keeping her motor running. Like most women who’ve just cum she had a beautiful glow on her face; her eyes closed in bliss; her mouth open for Harry’s cock, tongue fluttering over the tip.

I pulled her towards me and stroked the lips of her pussy with the head of my cock, teasing her clit and her cunt, basting my meat with her juices before pushing it slowly inside. Harry started to climb onto the table, whether to get a better view of my cock slipping up his wife’s tight, wet pussy or to feed his cock deeper into her mouth, I couldn’t tell. But I warned him of the dangers of putting too much weight on and he contented himself by standing beside her where she could just reach his cock with her tongue and he could get a good handful of her tits. Ghita folded one arm behind her head, supporting herself as she held her husbands cock with the other, stroking his length while sucking the head of his cock, taking me at the same time, inch by inch. I held her legs open and watched her take it all, balls deep, sighing with pleasure as I felt her cunt hug my shaft in a warm, wet welcome.

“Nice?” Harry asked with a big smile.

“Very nice.” I replied, bursa escort bayan stirring my cock in his wife’s juicy cunt and putting her legs over my shoulders.

Ghita moaned in dismay as she felt my cock slide out, teasing her slit and groaned when I pushed back up inside her, feeling me swell up inside her cunt, stretching it round the rigid shaft slowly fucking her. I kept up a steady rhythm and rolled my thumbs around her clit to increase the ripples of pleasure spreading through her cunt, gently slapping her sexy arse with my balls. She pushed back on my pumping length, enjoying the tempo, moaning softly on the down stroke and groaning on the upstroke, content with my control.

“You cum soon?” Harry inquired.

“Not until she’s ready,” came my reply, “I want to feel her cum over my cock before I shoot.”

“You fuck her long time?”

I ignored his question and asked one of my own. “Is she always natural?”

“She beautiful, natural woman!”

I’d never seen such lush hair under any woman’s armpit and it fascinated me, thickly matted with beads of sweat as much as her hairy cunt retained the sexual excitement pouring over my thrusting cock, squelching in and out with increasing speed. I pulled her legs down to my waist, felt them wrap around and hold me deep inside her as I leant forward to inhale the exotic aroma under her arm. Ghita giggled as she felt my tongue slide around her nipple on its way up to her hairy armpit, licking the salty moisture before weaving my way up to her soft, red lips, kissing her passionately as we began to fuck harder. She sucked her juices off my tongue, wrapping her arm around my neck to hold me close. I could taste the wine she’d drank to give herself Dutch courage mixed in with the musky flavour of her husband’s cock. Her breathing deepened as our lips parted with a moist smack and she gasped something to Harry who stood close by, stroking his hard cock beside her face.

“What did she say?” I panted, squeezing her superb tits in both hands while giving her full strokes with all my weight behind them.

“She say you kinky!” He translated.

I glanced at his cock, kissed the head briefly and said, “what do you think?”

“I think you like to suck,” he said, pushing his rod into my mouth.

He was right about that. I love to suck a hard cock as much as a wet pussy. Ghita moaned and jabbered away as I slid smoothly between her thighs.

“She tell me not to cum, that I should be giving it to her!” He informed me, although he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to pull free.

I popped my mouth off his meaty cock and pulled his wife to me, lifting up until I stood with her wrapped around my body. She threw her head back and squealed in surprise and pleasure as she felt my full length impale her hot pussy, my hands firmly cupping her arse, my mouth taking the opportunity to explore her tits which jiggled delightfully on my chest. We humped our way over to the bed where I could lay her down, legs spread wide, to fuck in comfort. Harry joined us, sitting on her face and playing with her tits as he watched my cock slide smoothly up her cunt. I got the feeling he wouldn’t mind a taste of it himself by the look on his face and made a mental note to test that theory at the first opportunity. Ghita twirled a finger in the air and I needed no translation, pulling out for her to roll over onto her hands and knees, her sexy, big arse presenting an awesome target as she took her husbands cock in her mouth, hungrily sucking him while I slipped back inside her with a juicy squelch. He squeezed and stroked her swinging tits as though trying to milk them, relying on my hard fast rhythm to push her mouth along his cock. I smacked her shaking arse and screwed Ghita full of lust, her fingers scratching on my balls as she frigged her clit. She showed no sign of slowing down after she came again so I dipped my thumb in her arsehole and pushed on the small of her back to raise her up a little more. At this angle I could watch my cock going all the way in and out and even feel the shaft through the thin membrane between her cunt and arsehole. Ghita made a guttural sound in the back of her throat and wiggled sumptuously on the double penetration, rolling my balls in her fingers as they rested on her soaking slit. Harry pulled from her lips and moved round, demanding ownership of her cunt once more. She jabbered again in that liquid tongue and Harry translated for me as he slid up her to the hilt.

“She say you give good fuck, but not to push too far there.” He said, rimming her cute arsehole with a moist finger tip.

I nodded, hoping I could persuade her otherwise at a later date, and said, “kushti,” as I felt her mouth engulf my slippery shaft.

“You know Hindi?” He said in surprise.

“Do i?” I replied, equally surprised.

“‘Kush’ mean ‘pleasant in Hindi,” he said, “you know more words?”

“No, no,” I assured him, “that’s just an expression bursa escort I picked up somewhere…didn’t know it was Hindu or anything…thought it was just another word for ‘okay’, y’know?”

(Apparently British soldiers picked it up in India during the days of the Raj in the 19th century – you live and learn!)

“Okay!” Ghita gasped before resuming the attempt to take my cock down her throat.

“Very okay,” I agreed, helping her head down towards the goal of burying her face in my crotch. Hmm, how much English did(I) she understand? I winked at Harry and said, “cum inside her man…every drop…she’s goin’ to need all the lube she can get…when I fuck her next.”

He grinned and redoubled his efforts, much to his wife’s obvious delight. She seemed to be enjoying the taste of the minty condom and her own cum, sucking and slurping the slime from my hard cock. After several minutes of vigorous shafting Harry suddenly stiffened, held himself deep inside her and emptied his balls until, with a long sigh of satisfaction, he pulled out, fondly patting her rump.

“Now, come sit on this,” I said, laying back on the bed and waving my cock at her.

She got the message and swiftly straddled me without letting a drop of cum spill from her slit. Harry gave my cock a friendly squeeze as it started to slide up his wife then sat back to watch her take it all.

“Oh! Shhhhhh-ine on,” I groaned, feeling his warm cum ooze around my shaft as she sat on my lap.

A knowing smile crept across her pretty face and she wriggled around, making herself comfortable, before leaning down to swing her delicious tits in my face. I took them both in my hands, sucking them hard as she began to bounce on my cock, building up a hot fucking rhythm that made the bed shake. Harry’s tongue slithered across my balls as he gathered some cum from her crack, making me jump with surprise. She groaned as she felt my cock spear her gaping cunt and moaned in Hindi as his tongue slid up her crack, gathering more juice as it went along. He replied in the same language and stuck a finger in her arse, jabbing it in as she slid back onto my cock, spilling more spunk over my balls. Her knowing smile became a twisted grimace of pleasure as we reamed her fuck holes harder.

“Yesss,” I hissed, pulling her down further by her tits until our lips brushed together, “you love it!” Devoted mother by day – Hindu whore by night!”

I was damn sure Ghita knew more English than she was letting on. She kissed me hungrily and matched my cock stroke for stroke with her juicy cunt, slapping down onto my balls with enough force to make Harry draw back to a safe distance. He watched me roll his wife onto her side and fuck her more smoothly, stroking her soaking pussy with long strokes, my finger tickling her arsehole in place of his rough probing.

“Hindu whore,” she moaned in my ear, “fuck me more!”

I knew it! “I’ll fuck you plenty more,” I gasped, “then cum all over your big, brown tits.”

She slid her tongue around my ear and wriggled on my cock, rubbing her clit against me to bring herself off again with a sharp cry of delight. I rolled her over again, planting my finger firmly up her arse and shafting her rigid while smothering her tits with hot, wet kisses.

She was jabbering away ten-to-the-dozen and I didn’t need any further translation. The language of love is universal my friends, her body told me all I needed to know. She wanted my cum, she wanted it bad and, despite being keen to give it to her, I teased her by pulling out and sliding my shaft through her furry slit, rubbing her clit with the head of my cock before plunging back inside with a flurry of hard fucking that shook her to the core. Her legs coiled around my waist like two halves of a hungry serpent, pulling me urgently inside the vice-like heat of her cunt, her nails raked my back, her teeth sank into my shoulder as she came on my cock and I knew there was no way she’d let me go until she felt me cum inside her – which was fine by me. What the lady wants, she gets (as good a motto as any, no?).

I took a chunk of her left cheek in one hand and a good handful of her right tit with the other, buried my face in the curve of her neck and went for glory. Ghita howled blue murder and dug her nails in my pumping arse cheeks like a scalded cat. I regretted that the condom took some of the exquisite sensations from her hot cunt, but I could still relish the way it rippled around my shaft, like a thousand tiny mouths kissing along the length. Her arse bounced up off the bed, refusing to relinquish a single inch. The juices flowing down her crack enabled another finger to slide between her cheeks. Ghita screamed in rapture and spewed such a torrent of crème over my balls that I felt my cock surge past her cervix as the spunk flew into the rubber sheath. We kissed and came, again and again, until our bodies became glued together with a mixture of oil, sweat and cum. What a ride!

I’ve no idea how long we were at it, but Harry was watching us with a big smile on his face and smoking a cigarette when we unwound. While Ghita took a shower he asked me if i’d like to give him a massage too and naturally I said yes.

“All over?” He insinuated, stroking his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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