Kyle and Jess Ep. 03

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It was late one Thursday, and Kyle was driving home after his last job. His phone buzzed, and as he hoped, it was a message from Jess. He quickly tapped the notification and read: “Just finished”.

He smiled to himself. He carefully messaged back “I’m ten minutes away. Want to wait for me?”

As he drove his heartrate accelerated. It had been a few days since their regular Monday rendezvous and they were always looking for any opportunity to see each other, no matter how brief.

It wasn’t long before he received her reply of “Okay ??”. He smiled and replied: “See you soon”.

The café where Jess worked was conveniently on his way home. It made these kinds of quick meet ups easy, as long as their times lined up. Today worked.

Kyle turned the corner and reversed into a parking spot. Jess had seen the van approaching from her car, and walked around to the side door. Kyle walked around the van and opened the side door. With a quick “hey”, Jess climbed in. Kyle said “hey”, and followed her in, closing the door behind him.

The van was a courier van, so didn’t have side windows, but did have a back window facing the footpath. In the dark, it was private enough for them.

They sat on the hard floor of the van and chatted about their days. Kyle about the thirty or so deliveries and the various hard to find apartment buildings, wrong addresses, and general criticism about how long ago the person had ordered the thing in the box, while Jess complained about the pretentious customers and their overly complicated coffee orders, the entitled customers demanding cooked dishes despite the kitchen being closed hours earlier, and generally stupid customers trying to customise the muffins in the display case (“can I have a white chocolate and raspberry muffin, but without the white chocolate?”).

As they talked and joked and laughed together, Kyle moved his hand to Jess’ knee. She smiled shyly.

“What do you want?” she asked gently, almost challenging Kyle.

“You,” Kyle said, smiling. He slid his hand higher up her thigh. She smiled back, and placed her hand gently on his, and slid it up his arm.

Kyle leant in towards her, resting on his left hand. He moved his right hand to her waist, slowly sliding it up her side, deliberately grazing the side of her boob. As his hand slid over the top of her boob to her collarbone, neck and cheek, he leaned in, pulling her face gently towards his, and kissed her hard. She responded eagerly, wrapping her tongue around his. Kyle responded, pushing his tongue firmly into her mouth. He felt her tiny moan reverberate through his own mouth.

Jess quickly slid her hands up his sides to his armpits, and started to güvenilir bahis tickle him. Kyle responded by breaking off the kiss, grabbing her wrists and forcing them over her head. He half tackled her down onto her back, pinning her wrists above her head. Jess opened her legs slightly, allowing Kyle’s body to slide in between. With her arms pinned, and their bodies hard up against each other, Kyle kissed her again, grinding his firm crotch up and down against Jess’.

After a minute, he released her arms so he could move back down her body again. He held her face as they kissed, his thumbs framing her face, his fingers tangled in her hair. His left hand slid further down her body to her beautiful double D boobs. He pressed his hand hard into hear boob, eliciting another soft moan.

He suddenly clamped his hand over Jess’ mouth. He had heard footsteps passing the back of the van. He and Jess froze. The footsteps had stopped. He stared at the back window of the van, both of them holding their breath, waiting to see if they had been discovered.

There was nowhere to hide. It was just them in an empty van. If the person they could hear walking so close looked in the back of the van, they would see the two of them lying next to each other on the cold, hard floor. At least they were both still fully dressed. But that wouldn’t matter if it was someone they knew.

The footsteps resumed, growing fainter, and Kyle and Jess breathed again. They smiled at each other and kissed hard, driven by the rush of the near discovery. Kyle quickly found where his hands were up to and continued his exploration.

He played with her nipple with his thumb as he pressed and squeezed. He could feel it harden even through the three layers of clothes.

His hand continued to wander down her waist to the edge of her university hoodie. He slid his hand under against her skin and made his way up to her boobs again, moving from one to the other squeezing, pressing and pinching her nipples through her bra.

He kissed her cheek and neck as he moved his other hand down her other side, bypassing her boobs quickly, and pushing under the waist of her pants. He shifted his body out from between her legs to lay beside her. Jess’ hands found their way down Kyle’s body to his fly, and unbuttoned and unzipped it. Together they each moved their hands down the front of each other’s underwear, Kyle’s finger sliding over her clit to her wet pussy, and up and in. Jess’ fingers glided gently down his shaft to his balls, lightly tickling them, then wrapping her hand around his dick and pumping it gently up and down.

Kyle stifled his own groan of pleasure as he saw Jess’ eyes roll back, her mouth slightly open. türkçe bahis He fingered her slowly as her body started to rock in rhythm with his hand movement. Jess matched Kyle’s rhythm with her hand on his dick. Kyle began bucking his hips with her almost automatically.

A group of voices nearby caused them to freeze again. This time, with each other’s hands down each other’s pants they were in a more vulnerable position if they were discovered. What if someone had noticed the movement of the van and realised what would happen? What if someone was filming them through the back window? They would end up on PornHub by the end of the night, and surely then someone who knew them might recognise one of them.

While they listened to the nearby voices, Kyle almost absentmindedly continued to finger Jess. She let out a soft, involuntary moan of pleasure, causing Kyle to cover her mouth with his free hand, but he didn’t stop touching her pussy. This seemed to accelerate her building climax.

Soon the voices were forgotten, but still audible. They didn’t seem to have reacted to the action that was taking place in the nearby courier van. Kyle and Jess kissed again but only briefly as the pleasure they gave each other with their hands caused their breathing to increase. Kyle’s fingers slipped faster up and down, in and out, occasionally flicking across her clit, extracting soft moans every time. He fought to hold back his own orgasm as Jess’ hand moved faster and faster, up and down. He wanted to hold out for her, try to come with her.

He kissed her neck and cheek again, and licked and bit her ear, which tipped the scale for Jess. Her back arched, her eyes closed, she bit her lip, trying to stifle her pleasure moans as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Her reaction was too much for Kyle too, who couldn’t hold his own climax any longer, shooting stream after stream of hot, sticky cum over Jess’ hand and into his underwear. He shot at least four or five times as their pleasure waves broke over them before they each removed their hands, and reached for the strategically placed hand wipes Jess had called presumptuous when Kyle had first left them in the back of the van.

They lay on their backs on the hard floor of the van as their breathing and pulses slowly returned to normal, neither saying anything.

Kyle turned his head to look at Jess. She rolled her head to meet his eyes.

“I love doing this stuff with you,” he said.

“That statement would be better without the ‘doing this stuff’,” she said softly.

Kyle smiled and his heart missed a beat. Was she serious? He had thought many times about wanting to say that he loved her, because he did, but güvenilir bahis siteleri he didn’t think she felt the same. They had always said this was only supposed to be for fun. Just a fling. Not a real relationship.

Now she was looking at him almost expectantly. He wanted to say it, but he was still scared. What did it mean for them? Did this change their future plans?

“I love you, Jess,” Kyle whispered. He felt like his heart stopped completely.

“I love you too, Kyle,” Jess whispered back. Kyle felt his heart pound again. He let out the breath he had only then realised he was holding.

They each rolled onto their sides towards each other and kissed. Not firmly and passionately like they had been, or often did, but softly, gently, tenderly, but still deeply and powerfully. The kiss seemed to contain so much more feeling than the kisses that had come before that night in the van.

When they broke apart after what felt like an eternity, they were both smiling.

“I don’t want to go home,” Jess whispered.

“Neither do I,” Kyle whispered back.

They lay on the floor of the van for a few minutes more before Jess’ phone rang. It was Scott.

“Yeah, I’ve just finished,” she said. “I’ll be heading home soon… I love you too.”

“I guess you have to go,” Kyle said to her, his heart twinging a little hearing her say she loves her husband. His jealousy didn’t make sense. They both knew that they each still loved their partners too, but even so, he felt jealously protective and possessive towards her.

“Yeah,” said Jess.

They pulled themselves up off the floor of the van. Kyle eased the door open and looked around. There was a couple of people standing outside the nearby laundromat having a casual conversation. Kyle motioned to Jess to wait. He moved to stand between the two people, who didn’t seem to be paying him any attention, but one look in their direction and they would be discovered. He looked closely and decided that they weren’t people he knew, but they might know Jess still.

He turned around and whispered, “there’s a couple of people but they’re not looking. Get out and walk around the front of the cars quickly.”

Jess nodded and did what he said. Kyle turned around as he slid the door shut behind her and saw the two people continuing their conversation, not looking their way at all.

Outside Jess’ car they each spent a moment gently running their hands over each others’ bodies, making sure there wasn’t any dirt or dust on their clothes, all the while surreptitiously glancing around the area for anyone who might know either of them. It was always a great reason to touch each other a little bit more. Jess checked Kyle for long hairs, Kyle checked Jess for hand prints. With one last, long hug, they said goodnight, another whispered “I love you” each, and drove their separate ways to their separate homes and separate partners.

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