Lack of Control

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Mature Milf

Impulse control was always something that John had never been any good at. He was usually good at avoiding risk when it came to physically dangerous scenarios, but anything sexual he just could not seem to avoid. The list of things he had done over the course of his life is not something that he was particularly proud of, but he had no real way to resist his desires when caught in the moment. The paranoia he felt afterwards at the possibility of being found out was almost debilitating, but yet John kept pushing the envelope.

Most people have a list of fantasies that they wish to live out, but unlike most he had actually accomplished most of his. The one exception: he wanted to fuck his wife’s sister…badly. John knew it was wrong and fought the urge to even masturbate about it since it was so far over the line, yet thoughts of Joan invaded his mind everyday and it was becoming ever more difficult to control himself.

Joan was his wife’s younger sister by two years. Maybe 5’4″, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, gray eyes, and a bit on the thin side, so physically there wasn’t a whole lot to see. She was pretty flat chested and didn’t have much of a behind either so on the surface Joan was as ordinary as they come. She had two children but keep herself in shape by cycling so she was at least height-weight proportionate. She had lived in the same small town her entire life and had been with her husband since they first dated in high school so her experience sexually probably wasn’t that extensive. It didn’t matter though as there was just something about her that made her very desirable.

He had been with his wife for 12 years now, but had always had a thing for Joan. It was just glances here and there as she walked by during family visits with lecherous stares mixed in when he could get away with it. If she knew what he was thinking about Joan would probably be disgusted with him.

Oh the dirty thoughts she inspired in him. That’s why he got so excited when his wife told him that Joan was coming in alone for a visit in a few weeks. She had bought tickets to a musical that was coming to town and thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with Mary. Just two sisters hanging out like they used to when they were younger. Upon hearing this his mind began to swim with ideas of how to make the most of the situation. Threesome? Of course not. Spying on her in the shower? Impossible. Her freshly worn panties? That’s it.

They would both be gone for hours and he would have the house to himself the entire time. He couldn’t get her to suck him off, but he could get her panties. He couldn’t fuck her, but he could get her panties. There was nothing he could get from her physically, but he could get that. If he couldn’t see the pussy he could at least take in its aroma.

John felt like a dirt bag lusting after his sister in law like that, but after years of pining away for Joan he didn’t have any other options. He wanted to fuck her so badly he could feel it in his bones. It’s not as though he could just walk up to her, say it, and have her fall over on her back with her legs spread, waiting to be enjoyed. Walking up to Joan, grabbing her and asking to lick her pussy just would not have worked. John resolved that he would settle for the next best thing instead.

She arrived in time for dinner a couple of weeks later on a Friday evening and after spending a leisurely evening of wine and chit chat everyone went to bed early. The girls were going to leave and spend the day out together shopping before leaving from the mall to go to the show. The tickets were for the matinee so they would be leaving at 10:30 Saturday morning to start their day (of course they had some shopping planned beforehand). John spent a fitful night of sleep not being able to get Joan’s panties off his mind. They were just in the next room and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.

Saturday morning finally arrived and he got up at the first opportunity and showered and went downstairs to the kitchen and made malatya escort breakfast and a pot of coffee and after wolfing down his own food sat restlessly on the couch waiting for them to finish and get ready so they could leave. By now he was so hard from the anticipation that he could feel the head of his dick throbbing so violently that it felt like it was going to split open, their idle chit chat only prolonging his agony.

It seemed like an eternity but 10:30 finally arrived and after the expected goodbye kiss with the wife, they left the house and headed out. Deciding to be safe in case they had to double back for something they had forgotten, he decided to stay on the couch and wait about twenty minutes. The anticipation was killing him as his mind kept wandering to thoughts of what awaited him upstairs while his self-imposed waiting period slowly ticked away.

At 10:50, convinced that they were far enough away John rose from the couch and hightailed it upstairs to the guest bedroom. The only place his reward could be was in the green suitcase that he had carried up yesterday and there it was sitting on its back on the carpet next to the bed. Being careful to not disturb anything that might be noticed later he gingerly slid the zipper to open the big bottom pocket on the outside of it and to his surprise there they were sitting right on top. Slightly rumpled up and yet so inviting. They were white. Not a pure white, but a dingy one proving that she had had these for a long time. Like a cat burglar he snatched them up without making a sound, slid the zipper back to close the pocket and then made a beeline for his own bedroom.

In a blur he took off his shorts and his underwear and grabbed the bottle of lube from the drawer next to the bed and climbed in and got comfortable. He lay there for a few moments just taking it all in. The soft satiny sheen, the silky feel as he manipulated the fabric between his thumb and index finger. The slight discoloration of the cotton crotch where her excess juices collect. That was the part he was the most interested in.

While John understood that he should be disgusted by what he was doing with his Joan’s panties, that wasn’t near enough of a deterrent to mitigate his fascination at the fact that these were hers. One of her most personal items. She had worn these maybe as recently as this morning before her shower. They had contained the pussy he wanted to fuck, the ass that he wanted to bend over and take like an animal. A vision of her lying in bed asleep on her stomach wearing nothing but these flashed into his mind. At that moment he knew that no matter how wrong it was he wasn’t going to put these back until he was good and ready to do so.

He held them in the palms of his hands and just stared at them and the deviant fantasies started to race through his mind, so many that John didn’t know what to do first. In the end, he did the obvious thing first. He lifted them up to his nose and took a slow, shallow breath and inhaled her essence for the first time.

The smell was as strong and pungent and as heavenly as he imagined and he took a longer, deeper breath and let the intoxicating visions of what she looked like down there take over. Was she shaved or hairy? Were the lips thin and wispy or puffy and meaty? At this point he was so turned on that it didn’t matter. He looked down at his erection and couldn’t wait any longer. It was time.

John first was presented with the dilemma of how to continue to take in her wonderful, forbidden fragrance while also stroking him lubed up member. The solution was obvious so over his head Joan’s panties went with the crotch firmly placed under his nostrils with the elastic holding everything in place. He knew he looked like an idiot, and could never explain away what he was doing if he got caught, but John didn’t care. He was too far into his fantasy to be stopped by appearances and he just let his mind go and just enjoy the ride.

He lubed up his right hand, closed his eyes and let visions maltepe escort of Joan take over. Slowly stroking himself he started to visualize what she looked like with her legs spread. In this case her pussy was shaved with long meaty lips that allowed him to suck them into his mouth as he was licking her. Her sweet nectar drizzling out of her and coating his tongue as he pushed it deeper into her. His stroking of himself got more and more frantic as he was pulled further into his depraved world. His breathing growing shallower and quicker by the moment as her scent invaded his lungs and further clouded his mind.

Joan started begging him to lick her even harder and slowly started grinding up against his face, he juices leaving a delicious smear around his eager mouth. It only served to turn him on even more. Given his experience with all the other times he had played with himself he could tell he was about to pop. He took one last long, deep breath and pulled his sister-in-law’s scent as far into his lungs as humanly possible and the assault on his senses was more than he could bear and it took him over the edge.

His toes curled and he contorted in such a way that his lower back came up off the mattress. John’s balls felt like they were five pounds each (they were so full and heavy) and with a loud, animalistic groan he emptied himself with tremendous fury. It felt so good he was almost delirious as he slowly drifted back to reality.

He felt like a jerk for doing what he had done. A goofy satisfied jerk. Glancing over at the clock John realized that it was only 11:10. They wouldn’t be back until at least 4. That was the best news possible since it allowed several more hours to enjoy Joan’s aroma once his batteries recharged. He did over and over to point that eventually when he came no fluids would flow. The things she did for him grew progressively filthier with each passing encounter. He even stepped into them and pulled them up around his own waist. They were tight, but he just sat there on the bed in them for a few minutes reveling in his conquest.

Finally, completely spent he crept back into the guest bedroom and carefully put the panties back where he found them. A quick shower and then back downstairs to the couch to watch whatever college football game happened to be on while adding a couple of celebratory beers to the fun.

They were gone longer than expected but finally about 6 he heard the familiar sound of the garage door going up and within a minute of that his wife and sister-in-law were back in the living room. His sweet wife smiled at him and he knew was coming.

“Miss us?” Mary asked.

“Nah.” John responded.

It was his usual sarcastic response to a question like that and in his heightened paranoia to sound and appear normal he just played along. Joan went upstairs to use the bathroom and came back down and the rest of the evening passed without incident. Dinner, wine, and television ate up the rest of the evening and a little after 11, the wife and Joan both got up and went to bed.

Left alone downstairs, John’s mind began to wander again. What color panties did she have on today? What style? Now that she was alone in the guest room did she even have those on anymore? Maybe she was on the bed right now, legs spread, getting herself off. The idea of her wet, sweet scented pussy, completely exposed was really messing with his mind.

All he wanted to do was put his nose next to it and inhale. One lick of the creamy goodness would make his head swim. Completely frustrated he turned off the TV and went on upstairs and climbed into bed with his wife and attempted to go to sleep. It was easier said than done, but he finally managed to drift off.

The next morning (Sunday) he woke up and again made breakfast for everyone. Joan would be leaving after that and life would return to normal. The last couple of hours passed uneventfully as it was just bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. When she finally announced that she was leaving, mamak escort he went up to the guest room and grabbed her suitcase and carried it down the stairs and set it by the front door. From there Mary picked it up and took it outside to Joan’s SUV.

Left alone inside with Joan momentarily, John was set to do the standard “hug your sister in law” thing and let her go on her way. Standing by the front door Joan stuck her arms out and he walked over and did the same. Expecting the usual quick hug and a “Good to see you” didn’t seem like a problem so John did the same and stepped into her arms.

“I left you a gift at the bottom of your underwear drawer.”

He pulled back and looked at her and she peered up at him with the most devilish of grins.

“See you at Christmas.”

Joan turned and walked outside. She hugged Mary, climbed into her SUV, started it and backed out of the driveway and just like that she was gone. While his wife was still outside watching Joan disappear around the corner, John took the opportunity to run upstairs and straight to the bedroom and tore open his underwear drawer.

He reached into the bottom of that drawer full of cotton briefs and felt something silky. Snatching it out into the light he realized what it was: a pair of white, silky panties, obviously the same ones he had had over his head just yesterday. John stared at them for a brief moment completely bewildered that Joan had somehow figured it all out.

Joan and Mary talked almost everyday on their phones so he just assumed that what one knew the other would soon know as well and the paranoia kicked in again. The fear of being caught rushed into his mind. That was almost instantly defeated by his perverted nature and unable to resist he placed them up against his nostrils and took the deepest breath he possibly could. Her aroma once again assaulted his senses and the overstimulation resulted in an instant erection.

The sound of the front door closing downstairs snatched him back from his daydream and he jammed his sister in law’s panties back in his underwear drawer and pushed it closed. The approaching footsteps of his wife made him more nervous with every passing second. He clearly could not be caught with those panties in the house, but while that made him more than a little edgy he was also too horny to really give a damn.

Mary came up the stairs and mumbled something about going to Target, but John didn’t care. He had other things in mind. He pulled her over to him and started taking her jeans off. He was out of control. John needed pussy right now and pussy is what he was going to get. Bending her over the edge of the bed, he then turned and reached into the drawer and took out the bottle of lube that was always there.

He quickly opened it up, poured some into the palm of his hand and then coated his achingly hard dick with it. Pushing it up against his wife he buried himself balls deep in her and took her from behind like an animal. He could only imagine how Mary would respond to the fact that while he was inside her, her husband was thinking about her sister. Either way, John was too far out of it to care either way. As he continued pounding her and imagining that this is what the inside of Joan’s velvety pussy must feel like he felt himself losing all control.

He could feel the pressure building in his balls and the familiar hardness of the head of his dick, telltale signs that he was about to blow. He grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way against him and felt himself disappear deeper into her than he thought possible. Those creamy white hips belonged to his wife, but in his mind they were her sister’s and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Ropes of hot, white cum shot out of him and into Mary. As psychologically whipped as he was it was all he could do to not cry out Joan’s name.

He pumped shot after shot into her and only after he was sure he was empty did he release his grip on her hips and fall on his side on the mattress as the sweaty, quivering mass of flesh that he was. He got off so hard he couldn’t even hear and as he lay there his thoughts turned to Christmas. He didn’t know what would happen at Christmas, but he knew he couldn’t wait to find out. In the meantime, those panties would be used again and again.

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