Lady Charlottes Journal Page Six

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(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s)
Page Six:
Tuesday July 8th 0800Hrs
Dear Journal: I had had the weirdest of dreams during the night and like a lot of dreams couldn’t remember it completely. The knock on the door brought the dishy steward in with the breakfast trolley and while he laid out the breakfasts we all took our time getting up and sitting at our table to eat. When he left we were all laughing as we were all just in our underwear and had noticed his erection straight away. We decided we would slip ashore for some nice clothes and anything else that might be useful in our next project.

The launch that brought us aboard was going to fetch the dignitary and his family so we hopped on board to be ferried to the marina, the day was sunny and warm but quite humid. Having arranged for it to pick us up at 1500hrs to take us back we set off to hit the shops. First on the list was a cocktail dress for Di with shoes and clutch bag. Di was nervous having money spent on her but both Izzy and I wanted our friend to have a makeover.
It was one of my favoured malls we went to first which had designer clothes at what I thought was reasonable prices. After Di had tried on several of the dresses and didn’t like any the young assistant called over the older lady sitting near the till. She came over and explained that her daughter ran an exclusive designer shop where she felt sure that Di would find exactly what she wanted. We agreed to try it and thanked her for her help, but she asked us to wait while she called a taxi who would take you right to it. The taxi driver came and we got into the back as he drove towards the outskirts of the city, then suddenly turned into a side street with a smallish shop and stopped. We paid the man and entered the dress shop.

The old woman was right we all found something we liked but continued to look at their lingerie which was very good. Pretty soon Di had picked out a nice dress in black along with some black underwear and stockings. They were so shear they just tinged Di’s arms with the black pattern of the hold ups. Pretty soon we were all asking the sales assistant where we could try them on. She turned the open sign on the door to closed locked it then lead us to the back. She said at present they only had this room, as the dressing rooms were not ready yet but that if we didn’t mind changing in this room she would take 10% off at the tills. We told Di to change first as she was the one that needed the dress the most.

Di undid her clothes and placed them on a chaise long then taking the underwear, took of her old stuff and pulled on the new. While she was doing this Izzy and I were watching the shop girl and she never took her eyes away from Di. Sometimes licking her lips and sometimes crossing and uncrossing her legs. Di was too busy trying on the few dresses, we had found for her to notice. As we found the perfect dress for Di she removed it and turning to face the shop girl, noticed how intent she was staring at her.

Di was the most forward of us three and standing there in just her new lacy thong, sheer black holdup stockings and black bra she looked so sexy. She moved towards the shop girl placed her hands on her waist and leant in to kiss her. The shop girl moved towards Di and soon they were in a full on embrace we could see their tongues penetrating each other’s mouth’s. As we watched getting all worked up the shop girl who we later on learned was called Chantal, ran her hands over Di’s body till they touched her bra covered breasts and sliding around the straps unloosened it and eased it from her letting it fall to the floor.
We couldn’t just watch any longer and were soon almost as stripped as Chantal and Di. Di not one to let others be the leader soon had Chantal’s outer clothing joining hers on the chaise long till they were both just in their panties. I have to admit I couldn’t watch what they were doing as Izzy and I were making love on the other chaise long and we were almost in a 69 position. It was the power of Di’s orgasm that stopped us dead in our tracks as she was shouting

“Don’t STOP OMG YEEESSssssssssss

We turned our heads and watched Chantal as she pushed a pink vibrator into Di while sucking on her clit. It seemed so powerful, the buzz coming from it we got up and moved toward the couple. Di was just laying now, not moving her legs akimbo as Chantal eased the vibro out of her and started to suck Di’s juices from it.
We both looked at each other and then taking Chantal’s arms pulled her backward onto the other chaise long leaving Di sprawled on her sofa. Izzy questioned Chantal as we held her down across the empty chaise as to where she got the vibro from.
Chantal showed fear and quickly told us she kept them secret in a room just off where we were. I went over, opening the door and switching the light on found loads of vibros on shelves in packets. We asked why she had so many to which Chantal said it was a side-line for their special customers. Izzy told her to stay where she was while she had a look.
She found one of the packets was like a belt that went around her and it had a small oblong like an egg attached to it on both sides. The writing was foreign so she took it and asked Chantal what it was. Chantal laughed saying it was a specialised strap on the little egg protrusions were made to take one of the vibro sleeves. Izzy found two of the sleeves a short fat one and a black huge one which was long and thick.

“How do you use it?”

“Simple, pick the sleeve you want to insert into yourself and force it onto the egg shape then slide it inside yourself and pull the straps tight. When you have done that take the sleeve you want to fuck your lover with and push that over the egg on the other side. There is a small button on the belt that the wearer can press though no one else can. Insert the cock into your lover and press the button as you fuck!”
Izzy came back to Chantal and opening her legs ran the long black cock like sleeve up and down Chantal’s slit before slowly sliding it into her. She was fucking Chantal saying she was disappointed with it as she felt nothing when Chantal told her to press the button on the straps.
Di and I sat watching them when as Izzy pressed the button they both suddenly clung to each other and with very little movement both started to cum. Izzy managed to press the button off and they literally rolled apart juices running from their cunny lips.

Izzy moaned, “You have to try this. It would make you orgasm whether you wanted to or not.”
Chantal came around and said,

“She had a number of the belts and quit a big mix of the sleeves.”

I thought about the price but Izzy just told Chantal she would take 12 different sleeves and 6 belts along with the dresses we all had and the lingerie that we had all picked out. They each had two dresses with different lingerie to go with it except for Di who we had to cajole into taking 4 along with new underwear and 2 bikini’s each.
Chantal busied herself totting the stuff up on her shops till and then came up with the bill of €3469 less the discount of 10% €3122.1. Di was ultimately shocked working out they had just spent slightly under $4000 but it didn’t phase Izzy whatso ever, she just handed over the black centurion American Express Card and after it was processed through the machine took the receipt and her card put them away then lifting her bags bidding farewell to Chantal we left the shop. The taxi seemed to arrive as we closed the door and we jumped into it telling him to go to the marina.
I have to admit we were all tired, well I know I was and we agreed we would have a lay down prior to getting ready for this evenings dinner. The launch was waiting for us when we arrived at the marina. We disembarked the launch and telling her father we were shattered after walking around the shops were going to lie down in our cabins.

Tuesday July 8th 1500hrs
Dear Journal: I have quickly written our exploits in you and it is almost 1600hrs now so am closing.

Tuesday July 8th 1800hrs
Dear Journal: Well I have just had a cup of coffee brought me by that dishy steward and have had a quick shower and done my hair and makeup while I drank it. The girls would be coming to collect me shortly. I decided I would wear the white dress which fitted me like a glove showing my curves, but with a ankle length skirt with buttons down the front, I left three buttons at the top and two from the bottom of the skirt meaning I was showing a lot of cleavage and leg. Looking in the mirror I looked and felt a million dollars. Di hasn’t told me of her plan to get her own back on that stuck up woman so it will have to wait till we get back to our cabins.

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