Lady Fitness Ch. 03

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Tuesday morning dawned clear and crisp, my opened bedroom window was misted in the chill. I glanced beside me half-hoping that I would see Mandy lying there, wishful thinking I guess and remembered that she had left me in a post-orgasmic bliss late last night. “Damn” I murmured under my breath, I really would like to explore her body before my day begins. I had invited her to join me this afternoon at Lady Fitness, thinking that maybe I would involve her and Sara in a lusty threesome.

This afternoon? Oh, oh, I have to do my technical presentation to the client’s management team this morning and I’ve still got some changes to make! I sprang out of my bed and dashed into the living room turning on my portable before heading to the kitchen to start some coffee brewing. A quick visit to empty my bladder and I was back at my keyboard to turbo-edit my slide presentation. I have a knack for understanding the subtext of a client’s concerns or questions and I knew that just a few changes would satisfy the IT Director and present the right viewpoint to the senior management team. If I got the client approval for this project it would mean a large bonus on top of my already generous salary. That bonus was the difference between a new set of wheels and a new set of WHEELS, you know something fast, with lots of leather and walnut?

Fortified with caffeine and the feeling that this was the right presentation that would seal the deal I dressed in my ‘meet the bosses’ conservative suit. Charcoal grey with a light pinstripe the jacket was tailored to accentuate my figure while presenting a pure business appearance. The skirt was knee length and I matched it to a pair of dark grey pumps, grey stockings and a feminine black purse. No one would know that I wore thigh high stockings and no panties! A girl’s got to have a little fun, even in a business situation, besides I didn’t feel that anyone would be looking under my dress at the management meeting!

Striding through the lobby to catch a cab I ran into Mandy who was also leaving for her morning appointment. “See you after lunch darling, say 2 o’clock?” I murmured as I passed her and grabbed the next cab in line. “Hey, you stole my cab!” she complained, with a broad smile on her face.

The morning presentation was tough, both the IT Director and I were grilled on various aspects of the project. We handled every query, objection and concern with ease and I made sure that he appeared to be the focus of this presentation. All of the senior management, including the President, agreed that this plan appeared to offer the benefits and savings that the company felt they needed to become the leader in their market segment. The President signaled for quiet and he said; “Wendy, Mark, on behalf of the management team I want to thank you for today’s presentation. You have presented a project proposal that will deliver on all of the key corporate objectives and I can give you the unqualified support of the management team. Congratulations and let’s get going!” Mark and I were applauded by everyone in the room and I knew that this trip was the success that I had imagined it would be.

“How about a decadent lunch to celebrate our success Wendy?” Mark asked. I readily agreed but pointed out that he would have to choose the location as I didn’t know the city at all. “I’ve got just the right spot, exquisite food and privacy too!” Privacy? Hmmm, I looked slyly sideways at Mark and thought to myself; why not, he’s a good looking man and I haven’t had a ‘real’ cock for quite a while. “Ok Mark, can I make a quick stop to freshen up?”

“Sure, I’ll call the Forest Inn and make the reservation, the executive ladies room is right through that door.” he said pointing at a door across the hall from the boardroom.

Twenty Esenyurt Escort minutes later we were being shown into a private dining room in a restaurant that looked like it was right out of a medieval story. There was a large seating area that while open offered discreet space between tables so business conversation couldn’t be overheard. Private dining rooms occupied the second floor balcony, each one could be curtained off from the balcony and had a discreet door to the hallway. Mark and I were shown into a room with a table for two, a comfortable leather couch and our own wet bar. “What would you like to drink Wendy?” Mark asked. “I’ll have a vodka martini please.” I replied.

I touched the rim of my glass to Mark’s and toasted; “Here’s to a successful project, our partnership with your company will make you number one in your field!” Mark graciously accepted my toast and replied with his own; “Cheers and thank you for your help and support, you made me look like it was all my idea this morning.” I told Mark that it was his project and he would be the one who had to drive it forward, we would be providing the product expertise and consulting experience to implement his vision but that it was his vision not ours. I think that this struck the right chord with him and he beamed a huge smile.

“You know that we will have a full time project manager assigned to this to be your window onto our company don’t you?”

“Oh, I thought that it would be you Wendy.” Mark replied in a more subdued voice. “No my job is to match the technology to the ideas to arrive at a potential solution, I don’t have the product skill to oversee the development and implementation of this project.” I replied seeing that Mark hadn’t even considered that I wouldn’t be there cradle to grave. “We have a top-notch PM assigned, Elizabeth Porter, who will make sure we are both successful. I’ve worked with Elizabeth for a number of years and she can deliver this project with her eyes closed. And by the way she is absolutely beautiful as well.” Mark looked at me and asked; “More beautiful than you Wendy?”

“Oh yes, I look like a larvae to her butterfly! Thanks for the compliment though.”

A knock at the door announced our waiter and we were presented with the days specials. Mark appeared to be quite the gastronome as he took charge and specified salad, soup, entree and dessert along with several bottles of different wine to compliment each course. He did invite my opinions in case there was something I was ghastly afraid of or had an allergy to but I didn’t need to concern myself with that possibility – his choices were excellent.

We were left alone and while waiting for our salad to arrive I decided that it was a good time to determine whether Mark was interested in a little sexual sidebar. I removed my suit jacket revealing a silk blouse with a nearly transparent body to it. Mark’s eyes bugged slightly and he said; “It’s a good thing you didn’t take your suit coat off during the board meeting you might have caused several heart attacks Wendy.” I could feel my nipples hardening under his gaze and decided to brazen this out to it’s potential conclusion. “I wouldn’t want to have that happen.” I chuckled. “I like to show my body not kill with it!” Mark laughed deeply and raised his glass in another toast; “Here’s to a body that could kill. Maybe I should ask you to help me kill off the management team!” I smiled and replied; “Anything you want Mark.”

God I’m such a tart, but I had just assured my company of a very lucrative contract, I have been complimented on my good looks by a man who is delicious to look at himself and I felt that I owed myself a little treat right now. This line of thought was interrupted by the arrival of İstanbul Escort our salads and we adjourned to the table to enjoy the meal. Each course was fabulous, tastes and textures were subtle, matched by the wines Mark had chosen. I never appreciated the affect the right wine had on a particular food, Mark was opening an opportunity to learn a new skill. We didn’t finish any of the wines, a good thing too or I would have been 3 sheets to the wind! When we had swallowed the last of the Creme Brule and pushed ourselves away from the table I groaned; “I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week, in fact the airline may charge me for being overweight!” Mark laughed and said; “Let’s relax on the couch, they’ll clear up the table and leave us to enjoy a liqueur.”

We reluctantly left the table and our waiter quietly appeared and removed all of the signs of our gluttonous repast. Mark said to him; “We’ll just enjoy some liqueur’s Maurice, give us a half hour or so before you bring the bill.” With a smile Maurice bowed out of the room and pulled the door closed behind him. Mark asked me what I wanted and I chose Courvoisier cognac, this is the smoothest drink in the world in my opinion. We settled down on the couch, this time quite close and sipped at our chosen drinks. I looked at Mark and decided that now was the right time to ask; “Mark, I wonder if I might ask you for a favour?”

“Sure Wendy, what is it?” Mark replied. “Well I don’t normally have a boyfriend, I prefer the company of women, but I enjoy being with a man from time to time. Can I suck on your cock?” I blurted out, blushing furiously. If he didn’t accept my request I could be in real trouble here I thought to myself.

“Wendy, you can have anything you want from me. I’m flattered that you would even consider sex if you are primarily a lesbian.” Mark said with more than a touch of awe in his voice. “Well I do enjoy a real cock from time to time. The rubber ones just don’t satisfy all of a girls needs.” I murmured as I reached out to stroke an obviously growing cock in his suit pants. “Can I suck on this please?” I pleaded in my little girl servant’s voice. “Yes, ah sure.” came the reply in a lust -strangled voice. I quickly unzipped Mark’s trousers and liberated his cock from his silk boxers. “My god Mark, your cock is beautiful!” I said gazing at a thick beautiful cock nearly 9 inches in length.

Sinking to my knees between Marks legs I helped him pull down his trousers, taking them off one leg so he could spread his legs to accommodate me. I gently stroked my hand up and down the shaft and carefully squeezed each ball in a shaven sack. I moistened my tongue and began to lav his manhood, applying as much saliva as I could produce to the head and shaft of this wonderful penis. I carefully ran my tongue around the edge of his cock head, this is particularly sensitive on most men and I was rewarded with a deep sigh from Mark. I continued to gently stroke the length of his cock as I sucked and licked its head, applying just the right amount of pressure to the shaft encourages it to engorge, stiffen and lengthen. With my other hand I gently stroked and squeezed his testicles encouraging them to swell as well. I was rewarded in short order with several drops of pre-cum that I quickly spread on Mark’s cock head with my tongue.

Mark wasn’t just laying back and peacefully accepting my attention, he was beginning to move his hips, pistoning his cock in my hand and had the presence of mind to plead; “Wendy, take me down your throat please, I need you to suck my whole cock!” I quickly positioned my head so that I could drive his cock into my mouth and down my throat swallowing as I did so to minimize the gagging sensation. I buried my nose in the patch of pubic hair that Beylikdüzü Escort remained at the root of this magnificent cock, I could feel my whole throat filled by this thick, rigid muscle and it felt great. I began to bob up and down in his lap, slipping him out until the head nearly popped out of my lips then driving it all back down my welcoming throat. I noticed that as I drove back down this fleshy post Mark’s hips moved to help drive his cock into my throat.

Groans became pants, pants became a mindless jabbering; “Wendy…that feels sooo good, my God I’m going to cum. Please let me cum in your mouth. Unh…aahh…aaaaah!” he croaked as I felt his balls tightening in preparation to the launch of a full scale semen attack. I quickly slid his cock out of my throat so that the head remained in my wet and welcoming mouth, I prefer to feel the spurts of cum on my tongue and the roof of my mouth rather than wasted down my throat. My timing was impeccable Mark began to jet incredibly hot and very salty semen into my mouth, I swallowed once, twice, three times and caught the final squirts of a fourth mouthful. I saved this last mouthful to savour his taste and the texture of his semen having let the exhausted organ slip from my lips to lie twitching on his stomach. I swirled his juice around my mouth, liberally coating my teeth, gums and tongue; my eyes were closed in my own ecstasy. I finally swallowed my white gold and looked up at him licking my lips and purring; “Mark that was fabulous you cum as much as any man I have ever sucked and you taste fantastic!” I gently took his now flaccid cock and squeezed a last drop or two from it to paint my lips with. “Thank you I needed that.” I stated with a satisfied tone to my voice.

“No Wendy, thank you, I don’t think I’ve had a woman ever who has given me so much attention and pleasure while sucking on me. Frankly I don’t cum nearly that much but your style and effort encouraged a huge orgasm.” Mark was genuinely appreciative of my cock sucking and had that just fucked (sucked in reality!) look of contentment on his face. A gently knock on the door and a quiet; “Monsieur, would you like the bill now.” brought us quickly back to reality and had Mark grabbing at his suit pants and silk boxers to dress as quickly as he could. I sat back down on the couch and sat primely with a self-satisfied smirk, licking the remainder of his semen from my lips. The waiter came in and gave us both a kind of inquisitive look that took in the nearly cross-eyed man and the woman licking her luscious lips and immediately jumped to the correct conclusion. “There won’t be anything else Monsieur?”

“No, Emile thank you we’ve finished here.” Mark replied, a little blush creeping across his cheeks to confirm the waiter’s conclusion.

As we left the restaurant arm in arm I looked at Mark and said; “Thank you for everything Mark. This project will be successful for your company and ours and I can probably tell you that Elizabeth enjoys the same kind of recreation that I do!” Mark laughed and steered me into our cab; “Well then I can tell right now that this project will be successful! What are your plans for the rest of the week Wendy?” I replied; “I think that I’ll enjoy the city, I met some people that I’d like to spend some time with and I don’t have to be back at my office before next Monday.”

“By people do you mean women?” Mark inquired. “Yes, actually I do, I met a very nice young lady at the fitness club the hotel set me up with and I met another woman sales person at the hotel who I like. Don’t worry though, if I can be so bold I’d like to call you in a day or two to get together again, maybe this time at my hotel so we can take our time and you can satisfy me too!” Mark smiled and replied that he’d like that very much. He dropped me at my hotel and I promised to call him Wednesday or Thursday to set our date.

(This is the end of part 3 of the Lady Fitness series. Wendy does enjoy the occasional cock and I hope that you have enjoyed this hetero chapter. Love and orgasms – Wendy)

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