Lady Gambler Ch. 08

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Rachael walked hurriedly through the busy airport terminal looking for her driver, Glenn. Her high-heels clicking as she walked on the hard, terrazzo floor. Even she noticed the uneven tempo, her steps quick, then slow. Her legs were shaken, having just stepped off the plane after attending Michelle’s funeral in Phoenix. Rachael’s shoulder bag felt like it weighed a ton, her whole body was tired.

“Rachael! Over here!” Glenn shouted, waving his hand in the air.

Rachael forced a smile to her drawn face, waving back to acknowledge his presence.

“Car’s out front.” He stated. “I’ll get you luggage and meet you.”

“No, I’ve got to sit down.” She responded, grabbing his arm. “I’ll wait on you. I really need a drink.”

Glenn quickly retrieved Rachael’s suitcase from the conveyor and guided her to a bar in the busy terminal. Sitting at a table away from the bar, he ordered two double scotches.

“You shouldn’t have gone.” He muttered to Rachael, sitting across from him.

“I had to go.” She replied. “I had to say good-bye to Michelle. I’d never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t.”

“Was it a big funeral?” Glenn inquired. “How’d she look?”

“Maybe a dozen or so people.” Rachael answered. “It was a closed casket. They had a picture of her beside it. God, she was so young and so beautiful!”

“She would have been 24 next month.” Rachael added. “That’s too damn young to die!”

“How did her family take it?” Glenn asked.

“Her family!” Rachael exclaimed. “There wasn’t any of her family there, not one God damn person! Her boyfriend was there. They finally had to take him out of the room. He was such a mess. I think everyone was crying as much for him as they were for Michelle.”

“I met Charlene, Michelle’s secretary and her boss’s bodyguard.” Rachael added. “They were handling it pretty well, all things considered. Charlene made arrangements to have Michelle cremated. She said that‘s what she would have wanted.”

Rachael couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Putting her hands to her face, she broke down. Glenn rose and walked around to her side, comforting her. After a few minutes, Rachael was able to regain control of herself. Her face was puffy and her make-up a mess. She rushed into the restroom to make repairs before leaving the bar. Glenn drove Rachael to her desert home, neither of them saying a word. Rachael welcomed the silence, not wanting to discuss Michelle Gray‘s death any further.

Six months have passed since the untimely death of Michelle Gray. Rachael is still operating her weekend high-stakes poker games at her desert home, less than a half hour from the bright lights of Las Vegas. Rachael’s net monthly income is almost a quarter of a million dollars. Still apprehensive about making investments using her own judgment, Rachael is putting the money in certificates of deposit and money markets. The interest rates are low but the risk is minimal.

It was mid-afternoon on a Wednesday when the phone rang at Rachel’s home. Rachel was lounging by the pool, enjoying the sun. Juanita, the Hispanic servant girl, brought the cordless phone out to her.

“It’s some lady from Phoenix.” Juanita stated. “Says her name is Charlene Stevenson.”

Rachael anxiously took the phone.

“I just wanted to call and see how you were getting along.” Charlene said.

“I’m doing good.” Rachael replied. “How’s things down in Phoenix?”

“Still busy.” Charlene answered. “Trying to get the last of George Ferris’s estate and holdings taken care of.”

“How’s his son doing?” Rachael asked. “Wasn’t his name Rick?”

“Rick’s not doing too good.” Charlene responded, sounding very disappointed. “He won’t talk or return my calls. He’s still working at that ranch near Prescott.”

“He’s never going to ever get over Michelle.” Rachael said. “There’s times I can’t stop thinking about her myself.”

“I know what you mean.” Charlene stated. “It’s been difficult for everyone.”

“The reason I’m calling is that I’m in town, staying at the Monte Carlo and was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me this evening?”

“Yes! Yes, I would!” Rachael exclaimed.

“Great! How about 7:00?” Charlene stated. “I’ll meet you at the front desk.”

Rachael was happy to hear from Charlene. Although she’d only met Charlene at Michelle’s funeral, she felt like they were close friends. Michelle Gray was their common bond.

Arriving at the Monte Carlo a few minutes before 7:00, Rachael spotted Charlene talking with the desk clerk. The two hugged briefly instead of shaking hands.

“I was wondering if you’d care if we ate in my room rather than one of the restaurants.” Charlene suggested. “It would be so much quieter.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Rachael answered.

Arriving at Charlene’s room on the twelfth floor, the two shared a glass of chilled wine. After ordering from the room service menu, Charlene gestured for Rachael to sit down at the small table in the corner of the room. Charlene set her attaché case on the foot of the queen-size bed, unzipping the main compartment. Escort Çankaya Taking a file folder out, she placed it in front of Rachael.

“Michelle would want you to have this.” Charlene said. “She just finished working on it the day before she was killed.”

Rachel opened the file folder, her hand slightly shaking. It was an investment proposal for some ranch land in southern Colorado. Rachel glanced up at Charlene before reading the document over. Memories of Michelle clouded her eyes, making it difficult to read. In her hands she held one of the last things her close friend had touched. Rachael’s fingers brushed across the document. Tears fell from her cheeks, staining the paper. Charlene handed her a tissue to wipe her eyes. Memories of Michelle, their intimate time together and their friendship crossed her mind.

Eating dinner was difficult for Rachael. Her eyes kept glancing at the file folder. Finally, after finishing their meal, Charlene pushed the cart out into the hallway. Pouring two more glasses of wine, the women continued sitting at the table. Rachael picked up the investment proposal and read it thoroughly. Owning a ranch in Colorado stirred an excitement in her she’d never realized. To Rachael, it was more than a business proposal; it was Michelle speaking out to her.

Smiling at Charlene, she boldly stated. “I want to go with this. I really do!”

“I thought you might.” Charlene responded. “Michelle and I looked at it but decided on the larger acreage for Mr. Ferris and Rick.”

“The 640 acre ranch is a little off the beaten path and it’s been on the market for almost a year so we might be able to get the land for much less than the asking price.” Charlene added.

“How do I go about purchasing the property?” Rachael inquired.

“I can handle everything for you including the closing.” Charlene responded.

“How do I go about paying for it?” Rachael asked.

“When we get ready to close, you can do an electronic transfer.” Charlene replied. “I’ll get the documents to you right after.”

“It all sounds so easy.” Rachael said, smiling. “Michelle had that same manner.”

“You just need to give me the official go-ahead and I’ll get things underway.” Charlene said, with a sense of authority.

“You’ve got it! Let’s do it!” Rachael exclaimed. “Just keep in touch and let me know what I need to do.”

After a long chat, reminiscing about the past, Rachael phoned Glenn to pick her up. Charlene stood in the lobby with Rachael waiting for her driver. The two women hugged good-bye when Glenn drove up.

The following Wednesday afternoon, Charlene phoned Rachel at her home. The sellers had accepted a lower offer than their original asking price. She told Rachel how to go about making the electronic transfer and a power of attorney statement. Late Thursday morning, Rachel received another call from Charlene.

“It’s a done deal.” Charlene gleefully stated. “I’m going to FedEx the documents to you.”

“Why don’t you fly back to Vegas and bring them.” Rachael suggested. “We can have a little celebration. If you‘d like, you can stay here a few days before going back to Phoenix.”

Charlene eagerly agreed, stating she would change her flight plans. Late Thursday night, Glenn picked her up at the Vegas airport. The two talked briefly about her trip during their drive to Rachael’s home. Rachael greeted Charlene at the door. The two women were happy to see each other, embracing for several moments.

“I’m so glad you came.” Rachael said. “I’m anxious to hear about how things went.”

Charlene and Rachael sat out on the terrace, talking about the ranch purchase. Glenn joined them, bringing out a chilled bottle of French wine. The three toasted Rachael’s successful investment.

“To the one who made it all possible. Michelle, we love and miss you.” Rachael toasted.

Charlene handed Rachael all the paperwork for the ranch purchase. She scanned through the multiple pages of each document.

“I’ll look it over later, when I’m not so excited.” Rachael stated.

“Are you still interested in making more investments?” Charlene asked. “When I haven’t been working on Ferris’s estate, I’ve been working on some investment strategies.”

“I’m interested.” Rachael eagerly responded. “I just want to keep the risk as minimal as possible.”

“Yes, I remember Michelle saying you were only interested in long-term investments with as low a risk as possible.” Charlene stated.

“Michelle felt service industries and real estate were your best options.” She added.

“That reminds me, I need to pay you for your services.” Rachael said. “Michelle and I had agreed on a ten percent investment fee. Is that alright with you?”

Charlene hesitated before answering. “Yeah, that’s alright with me. But not on this one, maybe future investments.”

“Are you sure?” Rachael questioned. “$60,000 is an awful lot of money to turn down.”

After lengthy coaxing, Charlene reluctantly accepted the money, stating she’d make sure it got to the right hands. Rachael Çankaya Escort didn’t quite understand Charlene’s remark but she didn’t want to ask her to explain it.

“What ever happened to Ferris’s bodyguard?” Rachael asked. “Is he still in Phoenix?”

“No…………he’s working as a bodyguard for a woman in Taos, New Mexico.” Charlene replied. “We still call each other several times a week, just to stay in touch.”

“He’s the one who shot the guy who killed them isn’t he?” Rachael asked.

“Yeah. He shot Frank Henderson in the butt twice.” Charlene answered. “Should have shot the bastard dead and avoided the trial!”

Rachael, Charlene and Glenn sat out on the terrace till late in the evening.

“I really should be getting to bed. It’s been a long day and my neck and shoulders are killing me.” Charlene stated.

“I’ll show you to your room.” Rachael said. “Maybe a good massage is what you need. I’m sure Glenn wouldn’t mind.”

“It’d be my pleasure.” Glenn quickly remarked.

Charlene lay stretched out, face down on the massage table, covered with a large white towel. After pouring some massage oil over her back and shoulders, Glenn’s strong hands worked the oil into the tense muscles. Charlene felt relief almost immediately. Charlene’s face was mere inches from Glenn’s crotch. Her mind wondered what his real connection was with Rachael Coulter. Was he just her driver or was he one of her lovers.

“You’ve got great hands.” Charlene murmured. “It’s been a long time since anyone’s given me a massage.”

“Rachael taught me.” Glenn responded. “She’s quite the masseuse herself.”

After massaging Charlene’s neck and shoulders, Glenn’s hands worked slowly down her back, pushing the towel back till it barely covered her butt. Charlene wasn’t objecting in the slightest. Glenn’s hands felt wonderful. Rachael entered the room, standing next to the table.

“He’s got the greatest hands, doesn’t he?” She said.

“He sure does!” Charlene answered. “I haven’t felt this relaxed in years!”

Rachael poured some warm massage oil down the back of Charlene’s legs, gently working it in. Glenn excused himself, leaving the room. Rachael’s hands worked their way upwards from Charlene’s ankles, over the back of her knees, coming within inches of her pussy. Charlene was almost asleep, feeling completely relaxed. Rachael’s fingers gently brushed over Charlene’s pussy, causing it to blossom. A low moan, escaped her throat.

Noticing Charlene offered no resistance to her intimate touch, Rachael continued massaging her pussy. Charlene’s legs spread slightly apart, allowing Rachael’s hand to further explore. Inserting her middle finger just inside her pussy, she gently moved it in a circular motion. Charlene’s pussy sucked on her finger. Rachael continued working at Charlene’s pussy till she got her off.

“Why don’t you turn over on your back so we can get your front?” Rachael whispered.

Rolling over on her back, Charlene saw Glenn standing at the foot of the table. His muscular body totally revealed. He was completely naked; displaying the biggest cock she’d ever seen, not only long but also extremely thick. Glenn stroked his cock slowly, teasing Charlene.

“My God!” Charlene exclaimed, grinning. “I hope that’s for me!”

Glenn pulled Charlene’s butt to the edge of the table, spreading her legs and supporting them in the crook of his arms. Rachael guided the enormous head of Glenn’s cock between the wet folds of Charlene’s pussy. Pressing against her hard, he spread the lips open, forcing his cock into her. A loud gasp escaped Charlene’s lips, feeling her pussy stretched to its limits. Glenn took his time, not forcing his cock. Hurting Charlene was the last thing he wanted. Working his cock slowly in and out, he managed to fully penetrate her.

Rachel’s well-oiled hands worked over Charlene’s breasts, pinching her nipples. Glenn stroked his cock slowly in and out of Charlene’s pussy. She was in pure ecstasy. Rachel’s lips softly kissed Charlene‘s, their tongues wetting each other’s lips. Glenn’s tempo increased gradually. He was fucking his huge cock in and out of Charlene’s lustful pussy. Her loud moans along with Glenn’s filled the room. Rachael held Charlene’s hands tightly. Charlene’s orgasm was rapidly building.

“OH Goddddddddddddddd Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeee” Charlene cried out.

Glenn fucked into her hard, his huge balls slapping against her ass, lifting her off the table. Charlene’s incredible orgasm ravaged her body. Glenn gripped her legs tightly against him to keep her on the table. Her body shook for almost a minute till the orgasm slowly started to subside, leaving her weakened. Glenn fucked her hard, harder than ever, till his cum exploded inside Charlene. Glenn stood paralyzed for several moments before he slowly withdrew his cock. Thick cum dripped out of Charlene’s pussy, pooling on the tile floor. Glenn supported Charlene’s legs, slowly lowering them till they dangled off the table. Charlene had almost passed out from her orgasm. With Rachael’s help, Glenn pulled Charlene Çankaya Escort Bayan to a sitting position at the edge of the table. Holding her against him, he kissed her softly on the lips.

“How about a quick shower before bed?” Glenn asked, smiling.

Rachel led Charlene to the shower. Charlene’s arms were around Glenn’s neck to help steady herself. The warm spray of the shower on her back almost put her to sleep, feeling totally spent. The two showered, stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.

Entering the bedroom down the hallway, Rachel was turning the bed down for them. Her smile, the sign it was alright for the two of them to sleep together. Charlene slipped into bed, stretching out alongside Glenn. Rachael left the room, turning off the lights and closing the door. With the room in complete darkness, Charlene could feel Glenn’s warm body holding hers close. Their sleep interrupted one time during the night for another lovemaking session. Glenn fucked Charlene doggie-style till their bodies lay collapsed on the soaked sheets. Charlene slept till late morning, waking up alone.

Showering and getting dressed, Charlene descended the stairs to the main level of the house. She heard voices coming from the kitchen. Glenn and Rachael were standing in the kitchen discussing plans for the night’s poker games. Glenn poured Charlene a fresh cup of coffee.

“Why don’t we go out on the terrace?” Rachael suggested. “Breakfast will be ready shortly.”

The trio sat outside under the shade of a large umbrella. Juanita wheeled their breakfasts out on a large serving cart.

“Any chance we can talk you into staying the weekend?” Rachael inquired. “We’ve got alot going on this weekend.”

“I would but I really should be getting back to Phoenix.” Charlene replied. “The trial starts Tuesday and I’ve got quite a bit of work to get done. Maybe I’ll come back when I can stay longer.”

“You’re always welcome to come anytime.” Rachael responded, smiling. “I hope you’ll come back often.”

Late Friday afternoon, Charlene boarded the short flight to Phoenix. Glenn sat with her in the waiting area at the airport to keep her company, giving her a soft kiss before they parted.

Charlene phoned Scott when she got back to her home in Phoenix. The two talked about the upcoming trial. Scott was the prosecutor’s star witness, having been the closest to the scene and the one who brought Henderson down with two shots. He hoped the trial would be brief and not drag on for weeks. Henderson’s attorneys, hired by the investment firm, would probably use every trick in the book to get him off.

“I’m sure the DA will probably call on us first.” Charlene stated. “I just wish the whole thing were over with.”

“I should have aimed a little higher.” Scott responded. “Two shots in the back would have dropped him for good. It’s just not the way I was trained in the military.”

“Make sure we sit together in the courtroom.” Charlene said. “We’ll need each other for support.”

Monday dragged by slowly. Scott flew in from Taos late in the afternoon. Staying at one of the hotels near the courthouse, he invited Charlene to dinner. Rick, George’s son and the upcoming trial were the main topics of discussion.

“How’s Rick doing?” Scott inquired. “Have you seen him?”

“I still can’t get him to return my calls.” Charlene responded. “I hope he’s alright.”

“He’ll be at the trial tomorrow.” Scott stated. “Henderson’s defense attorneys subpoenaed him.”

“I feel so bad for him.” Charlene muttered. “He’s lost so much.”

The courtroom was almost filled, few seats remained. Frank Henderson was led into the crowded courtroom by three sheriff’s deputies. Sporting a fresh haircut, he wore a light gray suit with a dark blue tie. Everyone stood when the judge entered the courtroom and took her seat. Charlene gripped Scott’s hand, squeezing it gently.

The clerk read off the charges against Frank Henderson. Instead of Scott being called as the first witness, the defense attorneys asked to approach the bench. Both the defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys approached the judge for a private conversation. They looked back over their shoulders at the filled courtroom several times. After returning to their respective tables, the judge ordered the entire courtroom be cleared including the jury.

Charlene and Scott managed to work their way through the crowded lobby outside the courtroom to where Rick was nervously standing. A smile appeared on his face when he saw them approaching. Shaking hands with Scott and giving Charlene a hug seemed to calm him.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hold up through much more.” Rick murmured.

Charlene held his hand, saying. “I know, I know. This has all been a hell of a nightmare.”

The bailiff came out of the courtroom, announcing everyone could reenter. Rick sat next to Charlene and Scott. Frank Henderson and his defense attorneys were not present at their table. The DA and his team sat quietly, not looking back at the crowd as they filed into their seats. After the doors were closed, the crowd quieted down. The judge announced that Frank Henderson had changed his plea to guilty of murder on one count and manslaughter on another. His defense team had plea-bargained his sentence down to life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

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